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Most of the times the ID of a crunched file are the first bytes of the file, in this case Offset is 0. Sometimes the ID is in a different place in the crunched file, then Offset is >0. If the ID is the last bytes of the file, then Offset is EOF (End Of File).

Crunched file IDs
IDOffsetCruncherUsed in
$000000000[Original ID: "RNC",$02]Amiga game: Bill's Tomato Game
$0100001Amiga: Squeeze Box [Data]CDTV firmware: CDTV ROM V2.30
$0100011Amiga: Squeeze Box [Picture]CDTV firmware: CDTV ROM V2.30
$01,"LOB"0LOB's File CompressorAmiga games: Monster Business, Chambers of Shaolin, Trex Warrior, Amberstar, Wings of death, The last Ninja Remix, CD³² game: Chambers of Shaolin
$02,"LOB"0LOB's File CompressorAmiga game: The last Ninja Remix
$04000Amiga game: Indiana Jones 4 (Arcade)
$05000Amiga game: Indiana Jones 4 (Arcade)
$083Amiga: StoneCracker 2.70, 2.71, 2.80, 2.81 [Efficiency 0]
$08090A080Amiga: StoneCracker 2.92, 2.99 [Efficiency 0]Amiga demos: 9 Fingers/Spaceballs, End of the misery/Sagazity
$08090A0A0Amiga: StoneCracker 2.92 [Efficiency 1..3], StoneCracker 2.99 [Efficiency 1..2]Amiga mags: Headline #1, R.A.W. #3, R.A.W. #5
$08090A0B0Amiga: StoneCracker 2.92 [Efficiency 4], StoneCracker 2.99 [Efficiency 3]Amiga mag: R.A.W. #3
$08090A0C0Amiga: StoneCracker 2.92 [Efficiency 5], StoneCracker 2.99 [Efficiency 4]Amiga mag: R.A.W. #3
$08090A0D0Amiga: StoneCracker 2.92 [Efficiency 6], StoneCracker 2.99 [Efficiency 5]Amiga mag: R.A.W. #3
$08090A0E0Amiga: StoneCracker 2.92 [Efficiency 7]
$093Amiga: StoneCracker 2.70, 2.71, 2.80, 2.81 [Efficiency 1]
$0A3Amiga: StoneCracker 2.70, 2.71, 2.80, 2.81 [Efficiency 2..3]Amiga demos: D.O.S./Andromeda, Decaying Paradise/Andormeda
$0B3Amiga: StoneCracker 2.70, 2.71, 2.80, 2.81 [Efficiency 4]
$0B090A0B13Amiga games: Full Contact, Alien Breed Special Edition '92, Miami Chase
$0C3Amiga: StoneCracker 2.70, 2.71, 2.80, 2.81 [Efficiency 5]
$0C090A0C13Amiga game: Miami Chase
$0C4C0A0A,$D0D050900[Encoded PowerPacker format]Amiga game: Dynatech
$0D3Amiga: StoneCracker 2.70, 2.71, 2.80, 2.81 [Efficiency 6]
$0E3Amiga: StoneCracker 2.70, 2.71, 2.80, 2.81 [Efficiency 7]
$0E0C0B094Amiga game: Time Lock
$0F0D0B094Amiga game: Time Lock
$180519730[Original ID: "CrM2"]Amiga game: Fears
$1F8B080GZip [Deflate] See also: algorithm.doc, RFC1952
$1F9D0UNIX CompressAmiga application: TurboPrint 5
$1F9F0Freeze 2.x
$202020200[Original ID: "CrM!"]Amiga game: K240
"!GC!"0[Original ID: "PP20"]
$290753370[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga PD disk: Time 20
"*FUNGUS*"EOFAmiga games: Switchblade, Zool, Elf, Venus Flytrap
"----"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga game: Karamalz Cup
"-AD-"0[Original ID: "CrM!"]Amiga demo: 40kb Track-tro/Arise
"-CJ-"0[Original ID: "Ice!"]Amiga slideshow: Forgotten/Mirage
"-afx-"2Atari: XPFX 2.1K
"...",$010[Original ID: "RNC",$01]CD³² game: Total Carnage
"0815"0Amiga game: Der Produzent
"1AM"0[Original ID: "S300"]Amiga game: Reunion ECS
"2AM"0[Original ID: "S401"]Amiga game: Reunion ECS
"=SB="0Amiga: LhA 3.0 converterAmiga games: Kingpin Bowling, Alien Breed 3D 2: the Killing Grounds
">DATA COMPACTION (C)1989 A.R.BOND<"EOF[ByteKiller based format]Amiga game: Shadow of the Beast I
"ACE!"0[ByteKiller based format]Amiga mag: Resident #1
"ACMP20"0Amiga: Audcomp 2.0
"ALC0"0Amiga game: Cedric
"ARP3"0Amiga: Action Replay III freeze file [ByteKiller based format]Amiga game demo: RedZone
"ARPF"0Amiga: Action Replay II freeze file [ByteKiller based format]Amiga game demo: WarZone
"ATM5"0Atari: Atomik Cruncher V3.5 - V3.6 Amiga: IAM Packer 1.00 Amiga demo: Behind The Window
"ATN!"0[Original ID: "IMP!"]Amiga: A lot of Team 17 games
"ATOM"0Atari: Atomik Cruncher V3.3Amiga game: Jim Powers, Amiga game demo: Jim Powers
"AU5!"0Atari: Automation Compacter V5.0.1 [Pack Ice 2.31 - 2.40 based format]
"AU5$"0Atari: Automation Compacter V5.0.1 [Chunk packer] [Pack Ice 2.31 - 2.40 based format]
"AUT$-LSD"0Atari: Automation Packer V2.51 [Chunk packer, Amiga format] [Master Cruncher 3.0 based format]
"AUTO-LSD"0Atari: Automation Packer V2.51 [Amiga format] [Master Cruncher 3.0 based format]
"AYS!"0[Original ID: "S404"]Amiga demo: High Anxiety/Abyss
"Ace?"0Amiga game: Pinball Obsession
"BDPI"0[Original ID: "IMP!"]Amiga game compilation: Dizzy's excellent adventures
"BH"0Amiga: DragPack Pro 2.52
"BH72"0[Original ID: "S404"]Amiga game: Megablast
"BHC3"0Amiga: Blue House Cruncher
"BIQ1"0Amiga: BlockImageQuantizer
"BRLE0001"0Amiga: BRLECompressor
"BZh1"0BZip2 [block size 100k]
"BZh2"0BZip2 [block size 200k]
"BZh3"0BZip2 [block size 300k]
"BZh4"0BZip2 [block size 400k]
"BZh5"0BZip2 [block size 500k]
"BZh6"0BZip2 [block size 600k]
"BZh7"0BZip2 [block size 700k]
"BZh8"0BZip2 [block size 800k]
"BZh9"0BZip2 [block size 900k]
"CD³¹"0[Original ID: "CrM2"]Amiga game: BiFi 2
"CHFC"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga game: Sky High Stuntman
"CHFI"0[Original ID: "IMP!"]Amiga game compilation: Dizzy's excellent adventures, Amiga game demo: Bubble and Squeak
"CP"0Amiga game: Viro Cop AGA
"CPic"0Amiga: CPic
"CRNC",$A0B0C0D00[PowerPacker Data based format]Amiga game: Basket Trainer
"CRNC",$90A0B0C00[PowerPacker Data based format]Amiga game: Basket Trainer
"CRND"0[ByteKiller based format]Amiga games: X-Out, Killing Game Show
"CRUN"0[ByteKiller based format]Amiga game: Dominium
"CRUNCH2A"0Amiga game: Street Gang
"CRUa"0Amiga: Crunch 1.3, Crunch 1.4
"CS91"0[BHC2 based format]Amiga demo: Crystal Symphonies
"CSFX"0Amiga game: Alien Breed 3D 2: the Killing Grounds
"CSII"0[BHC2 based format]Amiga demo: Crystal Symphonies II
"CWS"0Compressed Macromedia Flash SWF File [zlib based format]
"CoMp"0Atari: Resident Compressor
"CrM!"0Amiga: Crunch Mania [CrM-Normal]
"Crm!"0Amiga: Crunch Mania [CrM-Normal, Sample]
"CrM2"0Amiga: Crunch Mania [LZ-H]CD³² game: Gloom
"Crm2"0Amiga: Crunch Mania [LZ-H, Sample]
"CºOM"0Amiga: Crunch-O-Matic
"D&S3"0Amiga: DS-Packer V1.4
"D815"0Amiga game: Der Produzent
"DCS!"0[Original ID: "CrM!"]Amiga demo: Sonic Attack/DualCrew-Shining
"DEN!"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga demo: Crossroads
"DHp2"0Amiga game: Tearaway Thomas
"DMP0"0Amiga: DiskMaster II internal packer [lh.library based format]
"DP"0[Defjam Packer based format]Amiga demo: Project Megaran
"DSC3"0Amiga game: Black Viper
"DXS9"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga games: Hopp oder Top, Punkt Punkt Punkt
"EDAM"0[Original ID: "IMP!"]Amiga game: Indy Heat
"EDP1"0Amiga game: Black Viper
"FALH"0Amiga: P-Compress2 V2.1 [FastC]
"FAST"0Amiga: FAST3 2.1c
"FAST"0Amiga: FAST4 2.1d
"FIRE"0Atari: Pack Fire 2.01Amiga games: Second Samurai, The Simpsons, McDonalds Land, Elf
"FLA0"EOF[ByteKiller based format]Amiga game: X-it
"FLS0"0[lh.library based format]Amiga game: Uropa2
"FLV0"0Amiga: ANC Cruncher [ByteKiller based format]
"FORM"0[Original ID: "CrM2"]
"FUCK"0[Encoded PowerPacker format]Amiga game: Arabian Nights
"FUCK"; "MARC"0; EOF[ByteKiller based format]Amiga games: Sensible Soccer V1.1, Alien World, Yogi's Big Clean Up
"Fire"EOFAtari: Pack Fire 1.0Atari game: Enchanted Land
"FullView Compression © Copyright 1989 by Jonathan Potter"3Amiga: FVCompress
"GAZ!"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga game: Amiga Tanx
"GB",$11,"87a"0GifBlast [V1.1 format, GIF87a file]
"GB",$11,"89a"0GifBlast [V1.1 format, GIF89a file]
"GB",$20,"87a"0GifBlast [V2.0 format, GIF87a file]
"GB",$20,"89a"0GifBlast [V2.0 format, GIF89a file]
"GC!",$000[Original ID: "RNC",$01]Amiga game demo: Patrizier (from coverdisk CU #61)
"GC!",$020Amiga: Some game demos on Amiga Power coverdisks
"GC!",$030Amiga: Some game demos on Amiga Power coverdisks
"GK91"0Compression by George KirkhamAmiga game: Jet Set Willy II
"GP"0Amiga game: Apidya
"GP11"0Amiga: Gnu Packer V1.1, Gnu Packer V1.2
"GR20"0[Bytekiller based format]Amiga: Games created with GRAC V2.00
"Gary Symons "EOFAmiga game: Robin Hood
"H.D."0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga game demo: F1 Challenge (from coverdisk CU #61)
"HILH"0Amiga: P-Compress2 [Super-Compression]
"HUFF"0Amiga game: The last Ninja II
"ICE!"0Atari: Pack Ice 2.31 - 2.40, Amiga: IAM Packer 1.0Amiga shareware game: Fatal Mission II, Amiga game: Highway Patrol II, Amiga demos: Impossible Possibility/Mystic, Infection/Mystic
"IMP!"0Amiga: File ImplodeAmiga: A lot of games
"Ice!"0Atari: Pack Ice 2.11Amiga games: Brutal Sports Football, Terminator 2, Psyborg, Road Rash
"Ice!"0Atari: Pack Ice 2.20, Atari: JamPacker V4.0 [ICE]
"Ice!"EOFAtari: Pack Ice 1.13Amiga games: Armalyte, R-Type 2, Dragon Breed
"Iron"0[Original ID: "CrM2"]Amiga slideshow: Sun/TRSI
"KDUB"0[Original ID: "PACKV1.2"]Amiga game demo: Push Over (from coverdisk AmigaPlus 9/92)
"KWAJ",$88F027D10PC: MS-DOS 6.20 Install disks
"JEK!"EOFAtari: Jek Packer V1.2(d) - V1.3, JamPacker V1 [Bytekiller based format]
"JEK!"EOFAs above but with a modified header [Bytekiller based format]Amiga game: The seven gates of Jambala
"JHSD"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga demo: The Jochen Hippel Sound Demo/Axis
"JR"0Amiga game: Epic
"LH"0Amiga: P-Compress V1.x
"LH"0Amiga: P-Compress V2.x, P-Compress2
"LPv1"0Amiga: LightPack 1.5
"LR88"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga game demo: Jungle Strike
"LSD!"0Atari: Automation Packer V2.31 [ST format] [Master Cruncher 3.0 based format]Amiga game: Beast Busters
"LSD$"0Atari: Automation Packer V2.31 [Chunk packer, ST format] [Master Cruncher 3.0 based format]
"LZH!"0Atari: JamPacker V3.0 - V4.0 [LZH]
"LZW!"0Atari: JamPacker V4.0 [LZW]
"LZWH"0Amiga game: Detroit AGA, Amiga game demo: Detroit
"LeCr"0Amiga game: The Killing Machine
"M.H."0[Original ID: "IMP!"]Amiga game: Georg Glaxo
"MARC"EOF[ByteKiller based format]Amiga games: Mercenary III, Flimbo's Quest
"MD10"0[ByteKiller based format]Amiga mags: McDisk #1, McDisk #2
"MD11"0[ByteKiller based format]Amiga mag: McDisk #3
"MD12"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga mags: McDisk #4, McDisk #5, Amiga shareware game: Statix
"MDCS"0Amiga game: Darkseed
"MI10"0Amiga: games by Mental Image
"MICK"0[Original ID: "Ice!"]Amiga game: Oscar ECS
"MLDC"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga game compilation: Dizzy collection
"MSS!"0[Original ID: "CrM2"]Amiga demo: Infection/Mystic
"NJMP"0Amiga game: WingCommander
"Okm0"0Amiga: modCRUSH [Mode 0]
"OkmC"0Amiga: modCRUSH [Mode 1..4]
"P-0-1"0Amiga: HugePack [Byterun]
"P-0-2"0Amiga: HugePack [Huffman]
"PAC",$010[Original ID: "RNC",$01]CD³² game: Gulp
"PACK"0Amiga: Soundtracker packed song
"PACK"0Amiga: TrackMaster [lh.library based format]
"PACK"0Amiga game: Pepsi
"PACK"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga game: Erben der Erde (ECS, AGA), Amiga game demo: Testament
"PACK"0[Original ID: "CrM!"]Amiga mag: Deadlock #6
"PACKV1.2"0Amiga: MasterCruncher 3.0Amiga game: Tiny Skweeks
"PAL!"0Amiga game: Dennis AGA
"PCR4"0Amiga game demo: onEscapee
"PIcd"0Amiga: Packit V1.0 [Data file]
"PIco"0Amiga: Packit V1.0 [Object file]
"PM20",$090A0B0B0[Encoded PowerPacker format]Amiga game: Diamonds & Rust
"POPI"EOFAtari: Pompey Prirates Packer V1.9a
"PP20",$090909090Amiga: PowerPacker 2.0 - 4.0 [Efficiency Fast]
"PP20",$090A0A0A0Amiga: PowerPacker 2.0 - 4.0 [Efficiency Mediocre]
"PP20",$090A0B0B0Amiga: PowerPacker 2.0 - 4.0 [Efficiency Good]
"PP20",$090A0C0C0Amiga: PowerPacker 2.0 - 4.0 [Efficiency Very Good]
"PP20",$090A0C0D0Amiga: PowerPacker 2.0 - 4.0 [Efficiency Best]
"PP20"0[Original ID: "Ice!"]Amiga demo: Tag/Jetset
"PP2O"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga: RMS Katalog, PD disk series German
"PPFIBMOD"0Amiga: SubPacker
"PPLS"0Amiga: PowerPacker [LoadSeg]
"PPbk"0Amiga: Some AMOS games
"PSR1"0Amiga: The Ultimate Packer [BOOT file]
"PVC!"0[ByteKiller based format]Amiga: VideoTracker
"PX20"0Amiga: PowerPacker [Encrypted]
"PaCK"0[Original ID: "CrM!"]Amiga game: Stardust
"PaK0"0Amiga game demo: Tearaway Thomas, Amiga game: Dithell's Wonderland
"Pac.Pic"12Amiga: AMOS 1.3 picture compactor extensionAmiga: Many AMOS games
"Pack"0[Original ID: "S404"]Amiga game demo: Slamtilt
"QPAC2-JMP(C)1989"0Atari: QPAC v3.2
"RA",$00020Amiga game: TFX
"RDC9"0[Original ID: "IMP!"]Amiga game: Telekommando 2
"RLE",$000Amiga games: First Samurai, Second Samurai, CoolSpot
"RMX0"0[Encoded PowerPacker format]Amiga CD-ROM: Megahits 7 (used with RMS More V1.6)
"RNC",$010Pro-Pack 2.08 [Method 1]Amiga: A lot of games
"RNC",$020Pro-Pack 2.08 [Method 2]Amiga: A lot of games
"RPck"0Amiga game: The Cycles
"RVV!"0[Original ID: "PP20"]Amiga game: Hoi AGA Remix
"S300"0Amiga: StoneCracker 3.00Amiga demos: PointBlank/Andromeda, MindRot/Andromeda, Mirror/Andromeda
"S310"0Amiga: StoneCracker 3.10, 3.11b
"S400"0Amiga: StoneCracker pre_4.00
"S401"0Amiga: StoneCracker 4.01Amiga demos: Dream Trippin'/Digital, Delirium/Complex
"S403"0Amiga: StoneCracker 4.02a (stc.library 2.0)Amiga mag: Headline #2
"S404"0Amiga: StoneCracker 4.10.2, 4.10.3 (stc.library 3.303, 3.322)Amiga: A lot of demos
"SA"0Amiga game: Lotus II
"SA"0Amiga game: Lotus III
"SA"0Amiga game: Crystal Dragon
"SC"0Amiga games: Lotus II, Lotus III
"SF"0Amiga games: Kid Chaos, Lotus II, Lotus III, Crystal Dragon
"SFCD"0Amiga: PowerplayerMusic Cruncher (PMC) V2.x
"SFHD"0Amiga: PowerplayerMusic Cruncher (PMC) V1.0 [lh.library based format]
"SHE!"0[Original ID: "Ice!"]Amiga demo: Overload 2/Jetset
"SP"0Amiga games: Kid Chaos, Lotus II, Lotus III, Crystal Dragon
"SP20"0Atari: SpeedPacker V2Amiga demos: The Ultimate Madmax Sound Demo/The Firehawks, World is Crazy/The Firehawks
"SPv3"0Atari: SpeedPacker V3Amiga game demo: Hustler
"SQ"0Amiga games: Kid Chaos, Lotus III, Crystal Dragon
"SSUR"0Amiga games: Robocop 3, F-29 Retaliator (one disk version), Epic
"STC",$000Amiga: Sound-tracker Cruncher 1.0
"SZDD",$88F02733,"A"0PC: Microsoft (R) File Compression Utility V2.00PC: MS-DOS 5.0 Install disks
"SiCr"0Amiga game: Sky Cabbie
"TMM!"0[Original ID: "Ice!"]Amiga demo: Numb/Movement
"TPWM"0Turbo Packer by Wolfgang MayerleAmiga games: Mr. Nutz, Turrican 3, Pro Tennis Tour 2, Battle Isle, Amiga game demo: Apidya
"TRX V2.5"0Amiga: Tronix Cruncher (TRX Cruncher)
"TSM!"0[Original ID: "Ice!"]Amiga games: Oscar AGA, Trolls, Elvira, Winter Super Sports '92
"TTW!"0Amiga: IFF Cruncher 2.0Amiga slideshow: 17 bit "Best of submitted artwork" Vol 1
"TUC M.Friedrich"12Amiga: TheUltimateCruncher V1.16, DOSManager V1.0 internal packer
"TUC!"4Amiga: TheUltimateCruncher V1.16
"TXIC"EOF[ByteKiller based format]Amiga games: Chariots Of Wrath, Striker Number 9, Fighter Command
"T.S 2.00"0Amiga: TurtleSmasher 2.00 [lh.library based format]
"UMBYSOFT"0[PowerPackger Data based format]Amiga game: Italian Night
"VDCO"0Amiga: Virtual Dreams CruncherAmiga games: Breathless, T-Racer
"VOL1"0[Original ID: $01,"LOB"]Amiga game: Chamber Of Shaolin (Disk)
"ViS1"0[Original ID: "CrM!"]Amiga game: RoadKill
"ViSL"0[Original ID: "CrM2"]Amiga game: RoadKill
"Vice"0Amiga game: Double Dragon
"Vic2"0Amiga games: Final Fight, Kamikaze, Godfather, California Game II
"XPKF"0Amiga: XPK libraryAmiga mag: R.A.W. #6
"XPKZ"0[Original ID: "CrM2"]Amiga: X-treme racing data files
"Z&G!"0[Original ID: "S403"]Amiga demo: Switchback/Rebels
"ZULU"0[Original ID: "S403"]Amiga demo: Whammer Slammer/Rebels
"ajkg"0Amiga: Shorten
"crM!"0Amiga: Crunch Mania [CrM-Normal, Encrypted]
"crm!"0Amiga: Crunch Mania [CrM-Normal, Sample, Encrypted]
"crM2"0Amiga: Crunch Mania [LZ-H, Encrypted]
"crm2"0Amiga: Crunch Mania [LZ-H, Sample, Encrypted]
"data"EOFAmiga: ByteKiller Pro 1.0 [ByteKiller based format]
"mjm1",$00060[PKWare Data Compression Library (DCL) compressed format]PC game: Cadaver
"mss!"0[Original ID: "Crm2"]Amiga demo: Infection/Mystic
"pack"0Amiga game: Naughty Ones
"pack"0Amiga game: Ultimate Pinball Quest
$76FE0CP/M: Crunch
$76FF0CP/M: SqueezeAmiga game: Amiga Karate
"xVdg"0[ByteKiller based format]Amiga: Used in compiled AMOS programs
"xVgd"0[ByteKiller based format]Amiga: AMOS Updater V1.36, EasyAMOS installation disks
$789C0ZLIB Compressed Data [32k window, default compression level, no preset dictionary] See also: RFC1950
$800Amiga games: Targhan, WindSurf Willy
$810Amiga games: Boston Bomb Club, Ishar AGA, Ishar 3, TransArctica, WindSurf Willy, Crystals of Arborea, StarBlade, Amiga game demo: Boston Bomb Club
$A10Amiga games: Ishar AGA, Ishar 3, TransArctica, StormMaster, Amiga game demos: Metal Mutant, Boston Bomb Club
$B6B2AFCB0Amiga demo: Sequential/Andromeda
$C00Amiga game: Targhan
$C10Amiga game: StarBlade
$FF0LhEncode, ScrunchPro 1.0d beta [lh.library based format]

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