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1k×4 SRAM used in Commodore and Amiga equipment

IC function
4 kbit (1k×4) SRAM
Related components
4 kbit (1k×4) SRAM with four chip selects, 1 kbit (256×4) SRAM

Component documentation
IC numberManufacturerDocumentation
2114IntelNot available
MM2114National SemiconductorNot available
MCM2114MotorolaNot available
SY2114SynertekNot available
MCS2114, MPS2114MOS TechnologyNot available
µPD2114NECNot available
LC3514ASanyoNot available

Component versions
IC numberPackageAccess timeVersion
MM2114J18-pin Ceramic DIP450 nsNormal
MM2114N18-pin Plastic DIP450 nsNormal
MM2114J-L18-pin Ceramic DIP450 nsLow-power
MM2114N-L18-pin Plastic DIP450 nsLow-power
MCM2114C-4518-pin Ceramic DIP450 nsNormal
MCM2114P-4518-pin Plastic DIP450 nsNormal
MCM21L14C-4518-pin Ceramic DIP450 nsLow-power
MCM21L14P-4518-pin Plastic DIP450 nsLow-power
SYP211418-pin Plastic DIP450 nsNormal
SYP2114L18-pin Plastic DIP450 nsLow-power
MCS2114-4018-pin Ceramic DIP400 nsNormal
MPS2114-4018-pin Plastic DIP400 nsNormal
MCS2114L-4018-pin Ceramic DIP400 nsLow-power
MPS2114L-4018-pin Plastic DIP400 nsLow-power
MCS2114-3518-pin Ceramic DIP350 nsNormal
MPS2114-3518-pin Plastic DIP350 nsNormal
MCS2114L-3518-pin Ceramic DIP350 nsLow-power
MPS2114L-3518-pin Plastic DIP350 nsLow-power
C2114-318-pin Ceramic DIP300 nsNormal
P2114-318-pin Plastic DIP300 nsNormal
C2114-L318-pin Ceramic DIP300 nsLow-power
P2114-L318-pin Plastic DIP300 nsLow-power
MM2114J-318-pin Ceramic DIP300 nsNormal
MM2114N-318-pin Plastic DIP300 nsNormal
MM2114J-3L18-pin Ceramic DIP300 nsLow-power
MM2114N-3L18-pin Plastic DIP300 nsLow-power
MCM2114C-3018-pin Ceramic DIP300 nsNormal
MCM2114P-3018-pin Plastic DIP300 nsNormal
MCM21L14C-3018-pin Ceramic DIP300 nsLow-power
MCM21L14P-3018-pin Plastic DIP300 nsLow-power
SYP2114-318-pin Plastic DIP300 nsNormal
SYP2114L-318-pin Plastic DIP300 nsLow-power
µPD2114LC-118-pin Plastic DIPLow-power
LC3514A18-pin Plastic DIP

Component part numbers
CBM part numberCBM part description
901453-012114L-30 RAM
901453-026114 RAM
901453-042114 Static RAM
901453-07MEM SRAM 1K X 4 Bit 200 ns 2114
901453-08MEM SRAM 1K X 4 Bit 200 ns 5114-2 CMOS
901453-09MEM SRAM 1K X 4 Bit 150 ns 2114-15
901453-10MEM SRAM 1K X 4 Bit 120 ns 2114-12

DevicePositionsPositions (not installed)Access time
4k PET board assy 320132, 320137UJ5, UJ6, UJ7, UJ8, UI5, UI6, UI7, UI8, UC3, UC4UJ1, UJ2, UJ3, UJ4, UI1, UI2, UI3, UI4
8k PET board assy 320132, 320137UJ1, UJ2, UJ3, UJ4, UJ5, UJ6, UJ7, UJ8, UI1, UI2, UI3, UI4, UI5, UI6, UI7, UI8, UC3, UC4
PET board assy 320351UF7, UF8400 ns
40 column PET board assy 8032090, 8032080UC4, UC5UC6, UC7
80 column PET board assy 8032090, 8032080, 8032030UC4, UC5, UC6, UC7
VIC-20UD2, UD3, UD4, UD5, UD6, UE1, UE2, UE3, UE4, UE5, UE6300 ns
VIC-20CRUE1, UE2, UD2300 ns
C64U6300 ns
C64C B-3 boardU6200 ns
C64C E boardU19200 ns
SX64 CPU boardUE7300 ns
2031 HPU3B, U3C, U3D, U3E
2040 digital boardUC4, UD4, UE4, UF4, UC5, UD5, UE5, UF5
1540, 1541UAB2, UAB3, UB2, UB3
8050, 8250 digital boardUC4, UC5, UD4, UD5, UE4, UE5, UF4, UF5300 ns


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