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6500/1 (6570, 6571) used in Commodore and Amiga equipment

IC numbers
6500/1 (6570, 6571)
IC function
8-bit microcontroller
Related components
6502 (same processor core), 68HC05 (keyboard processor used in A1200)

Component documentation
IC numberManufacturerDocumentation
6500/1 (6570, 6571)MOS Technology / CSGCSG Product guide

Programmed components
IC numberPackageCBM part numberCBM part descriptionPart description
40-Pin DIP252609-02CPU 6500/1Remote control input converter
6570-3340-Pin DIP328191-01Keyboard processor (A1000)
6570-3640-Pin DIP328191-02Keyboard processor (A500, A3000)
6571R6PD40-Pin DIP315107-01Keyboard processor (CD-1221)
6571R4PL44-Pin PLCC391079-016571R4 KEYBD UP 44PIN PLCCKeyboard processor (A600)
6571R6PL44-Pin PLCC391079-01Keyboard processor (A600)
40-Pin DIP325340-01IC MPS 6500/1Plotter main processor

A1000 keyboard PCB6570-33DIP
A500 keyboard PCBIC16570-36DIP
A3000 keyboard PCB6570-36DIP

DIP package pinout
PinTypeNameSignal name
CDTVA1000 keyboard PCBA500 keyboard PCBVIC-1520
1PowerVRR+5VD+5V+5V via FB3VCC
2I/OPD7unusedconnected to pin 1 of 74LS123connected to pin 8 of U4
3I/OPD6POT0Xconnected to keyboard matrixconnected to pin 7 of U4
4I/OPD5POT0Yconnected to keyboard matrixconnected to pin 6 of U4
5I/OPD4FIRE0connected to keyboard matrixconnected to pin 5 of U4
6I/OPD3XB1connected to keyboard matrixconnected to pin 4 of U4
7I/OPD2YA1connected to keyboard matrixconnected to pin 3 of U4
8I/OPD1XA1connected to keyboard matrixconnected to pin 2 of U4
9I/OPD0YB1connected to keyboard matrixconnected to pin 1 of U4
10InputXTIconnected to X3connected to crystalconnected to Y1
13I/OPC7unusedconnected to keyboard matrixconnected to pin 2 of P4
14I/OPC6POT1Xconnected to keyboard matrixunused
15I/OPC5POT1Yconnected to keyboard matrixunused
16I/OPC4FIRE1connected to keyboard matrixunused
17I/OPC3XB2connected to keyboard matrixunused
18I/OPC2YA2connected to keyboard matrixunused
19I/OPC1XA2connected to keyboard matrix_UP
20I/OPC0YB2connected to keyboard matrix_DN
22I/OPB7CPCP3connected to Caps Lock LEDconnected to pin 5 of P3
23I/OPB6CPCP2connected to left Amiga keyconnected to pin 4 of P3
24I/OPB5CPCP1connected to left alt keyconnected to pin 3 of P3
25I/OPB4CPCP0connected to left shift keyconnected to pin 11 of U2
26I/OPB3AUS2connected to ctrl keyunused
27I/OPB2_KBSEconnected to right Amiga keyconnected to E3
28I/OPB1AUS1connected to right alt keyconnected to E2
29I/OPB0AUS0connected to right shift keyconnected to E1
30PowerVCC+5VD+5V+5V via FB3VCC
31I/OPA7unusedconnected to keyboard matrix_DATA_IN
32I/OPA6unusedconnected to keyboard matrixNRFD
33I/OPA5unusedconnected to keyboard matrixATTN_ACK
34I/OPA4unusedconnected to keyboard matrixunused
35I/OPA3PRDTconnected to keyboard matrixunused
36I/OPA2_KBCLOCKconnected to keyboard matrixunused
39Input_RESconnected to pin 2 of U58connected to pin 9 of NE556connected to pin 8 of 74LS27connected to pin 12 of U2
40Input_NMI_CRW+5V+5V via FB3VCC (via RM1-3)

PLCC package pinout
PinTypeNameSignal name
3I/OPD6connected to pin 15 of CN13
4I/OPD5connected to pin 16 of CN13
6I/OPD4connected to pin 17 of CN13
7I/OPD3connected to pin 18 of CN13
8I/OPD2connected to pin 19 of CN13
9I/OPD1connected to pin 20 of CN13
10I/OPD0connected to pin 21 of CN13
11InputXTIconnected to Y621
14I/OPC7connected to pin 22 of CN13
15I/OPC6connected to pin 23 of CN13
16I/OPC5connected to pin 24 of CN13
18I/OPC4connected to pin 25 of CN13
19I/OPC3connected to pin 26 of CN13
20I/OPC2connected to pin 27 of CN13
21I/OPC1connected to pin 28 of CN13
22I/OPC0connected to pin 29 of CN13
25I/OPB7connected to pin 4 of CN13 via R621, Q621 and R622
26I/OPB6connected to pin 14 of CN13
27I/OPB5connected to pin 13 of CN13
28I/OPB4connected to pin 12 of CN13
29I/OPB3connected to pin 11 of CN13
30I/OPB2connected to pin 10 of CN13
31I/OPB1connected to pin 8 of CN13
32I/OPB0connected to pin 6 of CN13
35I/OPA6connected to pin 7 of CN13 and pin 2 of U36
36I/OPA5connected to pin 5 of CN13
37I/OPA4connected to pin 3 of CN13
38I/OPA3connected to pin 2 of CN13 and pin 1 of U36
40I/OPA2connected to pin 1 of CN13 and pin 13 of U36

Fix - A1000 Keyboard

IC 6570-36, part number 328191-02 is now in stock. The 6570 is a specially programmed 6500 series chip which is used to transmit a byte of keyboard data into the serial shift register of the 8520, one bit t a time. This version, -36 is used on the A500.

This IC, 328191-02 can be used to replace the 6570-33 used on the old style A1000 keyboard with the following modification.

Disassemble keyboard, remove defective IC.
Note: if you insert a 40 pin socket you will not be able to reinstall shield correctly.
Refer to page 1-19 Amiga keyboard schematic, in yout A1000 component level service manual, PN #314038-02.

Reverse KCLK and KDAT signal lines. KCLK connects pin 3 of keyboard cable (white lead) to pin 38 of IC. KDAT connects pin 4 of keyboard cable (green lead) to pin 37 of IC.
Note: Keyboard is an OEM product, please use your VOM to confirm signal path before reversing green and white leads.

Source: Commodore Techtopics 18/3-4.1

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