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ADV101, VP101 used in Commodore and Amiga equipment

IC number
ADV101, VP101
IC function
Triple 8-bit video DAC
Related components
ADV7120, STV8438 (video DACs), MS176, SAB82C171, ADV476, BT458 (RAMDACs), LM385B (Voltage reference)

Component documentation
IC numberManufacturerDocumentation
ADV101Analog DevicesWeb page, Datasheet (PDF)
VP101GEC Plessey Semiconductors (now: Zarlink semiconductor)Web page, Datasheet (PDF)

Component versions
IC numberPackageInternal referenceSpeedCBM part numberCBM part description
ADV101KP3044-pin PLCCNo30 MHz391422-01IC, Video DAC, Triple 8-bit, 30MHz, 44-Pin PLCC
VP101-3BA44-pin PLCCYes30 MHz391422-02IC, Video DAC, Triple 8-bit, 30MHz, 44-Pin PLCC

A1200U30ADV101, VP101PLCC30 MHz
A4000TU460ADV101PLCC30 MHz

PinTypeNameSignal name
1..2PowerGNDVideo GND
3..6InputB0..B3Connected to B0..B3 of LisaConnected to B0..B3 of Lisa via R263
7InputCLOCKConnected to C280 of Lisa via E132
8..11InputR0..R3Connected to R0..R3 of LisaConnected to R0..R3 of Lisa via R261
12..15InputG0..G3Connected to G0..G3 of LisaConnected to G0..G3 of Lisa via R262
17AnalogCOMP+VID via R216 and C216
18PowerVREFConnected to the LM385
19AnalogFS AJUSTVideo GND via R217
20..21PowerGNDVideo GND
24OutputISYNCAG via R232BVideo GND
25OutputIOGAG via R232B
26OutputIORAR via R232A
27OutputIOBAB via R232C
28PowerGNDVideo GND
29InputSYNC_Connected to pin 6 of U23+VID
30InputBLANK_Connected to pin 12 of U23Connected to BLANK of Lisa via R265
31..34InputG7..G4Connected to G7..G4 of LisaConnected to G7..G4 of Lisa via R262
35..38InputR7..R4Connected to R7..R4 of LisaConnected to R7..R4 of Lisa via R261
39..42InputB7..B4Connected to B7..B4 of LisaConnected to B7..B4 of Lisa via R263

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