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EMI filter used in Commodore and Amiga equipment

EMI filter

Component documentation
Component numberManufacturerDocumentation
DSS306-55Y5101MMurataNot available

Component versions
Component numberTypeVoltageCBM part numberCBM part description
DSS306-55Y5101MThree-terminal capacitor390297-02EMI filter, 100pF, with ferrite

DevicePositionCBM part number
A2000 rev 6EMI1208, EMI1311, EMI1312, EMI1313, EMI1314, EMI1315, EMI1316, EMI1317, EMI1318, EMI1319, EMI1320, EMI1321390297-02
A3000TEMI380, EMI381, EMI382, EMI383, EMI384, EMI385, EMI386, EMI387, EMI388, EMI389, EMI390, EMI391, EMI392, EMI393, EMI394, EMI420, EMI421, EMI422, EMI454, EMI455, EMI456, EMI458, EMI459390297-02
CDTVEMI1, EMI2, EMI3, EMI4, EMI5, EMI6, EMI7, EMI8, EMI71, EMI72, EMI81, EMI82390297-02
PC40-IIIEMI101, EMI102, EMI103, EMI104, EMI105390297-02

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