Websites in English and/or Dutch


Amigascne (en)
Download Amiga demos
Aminet (en)
Download Amiga software
Discogs (en)
eBay (en-US) / eBay (en-GB) /eBay (nl)
gnoosic (en)
A special kind of search engine for music that you don't know about, based on music that you like
Google (en) / Google (nl)
Search the web
Google Groups (en)
Web-based access to usenet newsgroups
Marktplaats (nl)
Advertisements for buying and selling goods and services
PayPal (en) / PayPal (nl)
International electronic payment system
Wikipedia (en) / Wikipedia (nl)
ExoticA (en)
Download Amiga music files, Amiga game and demo information

Favourite webshops (en-US) / (en-GB) / (de)
Shop for books, music, movies and games
Apple (en-US) / Apple (en-GB) / Apple (nl)
Computers (nl)
Shop for books, music, movies and games
Bruna (nl)
Shop for books
Conrad (en) / Conrad (nl) / Conrad (de)
Shop for electronics
Dixons (nl)
Shop for computer products
Domino's Pizza (nl) or the iPizza iPhone app (nl)
Pizza (nl)
ECI (nl-NL) / ECI (nl-BE)
Shop for books, music, movies and games
Electronica Online (nl)
Shop for electronics
Elektroshop (nl)
Shop for electronics
Free Record Shop (nl)
Shop for music, movies and games
Fonq (nl)
Department store (nl)
Shop for computer products, electronics, software, home appliances (nl)
Shop for all kind of cables
Maplin (en)
Shop for electronics
Multivlaai (nl)
Limburgse vlaai
MyCom (nl)
Shop for computer products (nl)
Shop for networking products
Office Deals (nl)
Shop for office supplies (nl)
Shop for books, music, movies and games
That's IT! (nl)
Shop for older new and used computer products (nl)
Shop for spare parts (en)
Direct selling manufacturer of computer connectivity solutions
Ventishop (nl)
Professional ventilation equipment
Vesalia (en)
Amiga and other retrocomputing products
Wehkamp (nl)
Department store
Shop for music and movies

Family & friends' websites

Mikka Art (nl)
Graphic designer, artist and photographer Mariska Offerman
Jurgen van Dijk (en)
Jurgen van Dijk
Lex Offerman (en)
Lex Offerman

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