Review by Chris Seward

SameGame was a small file which I noticed on the Aminet and was the reason why I downloaded it. In an archive of only 7k lays an lovely game that will entertain most people

At first I thought the game would be terrible because of the size. The game features many options which you can alter in the tooltypes. Most of which include where you want the game to open, on the WB, on its own private screen or on any named public screen. For best viewing I opened it on the original set in its own private screen as it will give full colours as shown in the picture at the bottom of the review.

The idea is simple. You have a board full of coloured balls.... waits as the reader laughs childisly ;) - which you have to match and click to make them be removed. The game really tells you which balls can be removed because it will group them with ticks and all you have to do is click. I played it for quite a long time and none of the time I couldn't not win.

It seems really easy to me because the computer shows you what you can and cannot do and by the time you are at the last balls they all seem to match up anyway so you complete it. The game is really a thinking mans game because the more balls you remove together the more points you get and this is how the game works. It is a who can get the higest score type of game.

Overall its a nice puzzle game for those who like puzzle games. If you want something small but interesting then download this. The graphics look great even though basic and the actual downloading time will be a few seconds due to its size. On the other hand if you don't have the time to think or won't be bothered then this isn't the game for you.

Available from: Aminet:game/think/SameGame.lha (Download This)

Graphics      : 76%
Sound         : --%
Playability   : 66%
Lastability   : 81%

Overall       : 75%