To install the game, simply extract the file and drag it into a place on your HD. That's it really! No installer is needed here.

The objective: The object of this game is simple really, you just need a little patience, and a little luck! Some good eyes and a settled mind!

See, they call it SameGame, probably because it seems that even if you play it once, the second time will be the 'same game'.. but that's not true! On startup a window opens (either on WB or using its own screen - change this via the PUBSCREEN tooltype) containing a board with balls, which are divided up into 3 different colors.


There are red balls of the fiery furnace just waiting to get put out of their hot and burning devastation of being put together with such a clan of other type of balls! This is where the colaborating of the mind is in hence the key to getting ALL other types of balls to come together as one! There are yellow balls of the cowardy contraption that need to stick together and man the peace between them, however, the mind of the player is at risk of taking a cowardly ball of yellow, and turning it into a clash between the 'species' of balls, the red ball may burn them at the stakes of becoming a yellow coward himself. If the mind of the player can think of a way to get these colors together without any segregation, then he will be the ruler of his mind, and of himself!

There are blue balls as well. These balls are the sadest of them all, and getting to be as a team with the other colors is on the blue balls mind all the time.... depressed and bothered, the blue balls set out to get together with all other colors after they have found it in their hearts to come together as the species they are! Last thing, is that the "SameGame" has a moral that should be visualized by all species of balls, and that being a lone color, is no place to be!!

So to sum it up: the more balls of the same color you can remove at once, the more points you get.

Some features of SameGame are as follows: systemfriendly for you guys that don't like to have your Miggies freeze while multitasking! I've had no probs! You can save your highscores and choose different boards. can open on your WB, this is indeed great! Last but not least, this game isn't very big at all!

The game play is good, and you need not to have fast reflexes or anything like that, but a keen eye, and a relaxed mind is all you need!

The gfx of this game is good and light, but that shouldn't stop you from realising the potential behind this game! There is no sound in this game, but you don't need any really, because that would distract you from obtaining your goals to get the balls together in these hard times! This game is really addictive for me, and it's fun, so you guys at least check it out!?!

Score: 9/10
Author: Ronald van Dijk
http: SameGame website
reviewer:Kevin Hansen
website: None yet;)