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Last update: 2 February 2002

Warning: it is possible that the mentioned CDs contain more or other viruses. If you want to be sure if a file does not contain a virus you'll have to check it yourself.
It is also possible that there are false detections. These will be removed as soon as the xvs.library is updated.

The lists contain all files detected by the xvs.library. This includes viruses, trojans, virus installers, bootblock viruses and other dangerous programs.

Viruses found on Amiga CD-ROMs
CD-ROMPublisherChecker versionsVirus list
17 Bit Phase fourAlmathera33.
17 Bit The fifth dimensionAlmathera33. found
17 Bit Software Level 6Epic Marketing33.
Amiga ClassixEpic Marketing33.3110.039.121.85List
Amiga Classix 2Darkage Software, Epic Marketing33.
Amiga Developer CD V1.1Schatztruhe33.2510.039.121.83None found
Amiga FD inside!Ultramax Design33. found
Amy Resource European Edition Vol1Interactive33. found
AnimaticGeuther33.2610.039.121.85None found
(Best of) The Scene ArchivesAPC&TCP33.
Black-zone BBSBlack-zone BBS33.2410.039.121.83List
CATS Developer CD V2.0Commodore Amiga33.2610.039.121.85None found
Decade - Dr. AwesomeBj0rn Lynne33.2610.039.121.85None found
DemoMania 1Computer Corner33. found
Demos are foreverSchatztruhe33.3410.039.131.85List
En toen was er... AmigaHVB Digitaal BV33.3410.039.121.85List
Fresh Fish 10Amiga Library Services33.2610.039.121.85None found
Meeting Pearls 1Schatztruhe33.3410.039.131.85None found
Meeting Pearls 2Schatztruhe33.3410.039.131.85None found
Meeting Pearls 3Schatztruhe33.2410.039.121.79None found
Meeting Pearls 4Schatztruhe33.2410.039.121.79None found
Mods Anthology (4 discs)Schatztruhe33.2610.039.121.85None found
Network CD 1Weird Science33.
Network CD 2Weird Science33.2410.039.121.79List
Saar Amok IIKreativ Marketing33.2410.039.121.79List
Scene Xplorer 2Cruel Brothers33.2711.039.131.85None found
The AGA Experience 1SAdENESS SOFTWARE33.3410.039.131.85List
The AGA Experience 2SAdENESS SOFTWARE33.2410.039.121.79None found
The demo collectionAlmathera33.
The demo 2 collectionAlmathera33. found
The Global Amiga ExperienceLogic Creations33.3410.039.131.85None found
Workbench add-on volume 1Schatztruhe33.2711.039.131.85None found
World of AmigaUS Dreams Inc.

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