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ARUG1 (ARP 1.3)
The AmiPan 0.80 utilizes the workbench to access the disks offerings;
the new 1.3 ARP commands. In opening ARP 1.3 you will find `Wildcards'
for use in conjunction with ARP and CLI, `Environment Variables' plus
all the enhancements of ARP 1.3.  The AmiPan utility does however use
a combination of the Italian and English languages in terms of the
documents.  Although the CLI commands are international anyway.

ARUG2 (Master Driver)
This is a utilities disk containing ARC PK232 host driver.  PK232 is
essentially a driver for sending communications signals along serial
lines. The utilities on the disk enable you to install printers, print
files and obtain graphic dumps.  This disk operates through workbench
or CLI.

ARUG3 (Utilities and Games)
This is actually the first disk by the Amiga Amateur Radio User
Group. Contained on the disk are several utils and also a few games,
Maze, Tower and Peg Puzzle.  The disk is both, well documented and

ARUG4 (SatLoc/Fax)
SatLoc is an orbit map program for educational use and Fax is a fax
receive program.

<Withdrawn according to the catalogue, but we've got it anyway!>

ARUG6 (Yaesu FT-757GX driver)
The program is documented re ts function, you can enter frequencies,
edit, list and store things for retrieval later.  You can `read-in'
channel's and progressively make the radio scan a 100 channels.  The
program will drive a Yaesu FT-757GX or similar.  An RS-232 interface
unit is needed.

ARUG7 (AmigaSat/Satellite Predictions)
AmigaSat was converted from a series of programs written on an IBM.
The program is from Australia and has full numbers.  AmigaSat allows
you to update satellite elements and has several forms of output -
batch output, realtime output (one satellite to multiple satellites).
The program also has ground station parameters which can be set.

ARUG9 (Amateur Radio 1)
This disk has various utilities included plus plenty of documentation
for you to read about Morse Code, Propogation, Amiga BBS, Logging,
Satellite Tracking etc.  The utilities include Binary to ASCII
converter and vice versa.  The `read-me' files on this disk are
intended as ample descriptions of ARUG software which is useful -
workbench needed.

ARUG10 (Amateur Radio 2)
This disk is similar to ARUG 9 containing further documents and
utilities. Workbench is needed for this disk also.

ARUG12 (Amateur Radio 4)
Further newsletters, documents, utilities and banter, workbench

ARUG13 (Amateur Radio 5)
This disk has two further programs this time:  TA-TERM.AMT-1 and
TA-TERM.DK232, fully documented as usual.  The programs allow you to
set BAUD rates, transmit and receive.  The screen display is in HAM
mode and the program also has speech.

ARUG14 (Amateur Radio 6)
This disk contains `THE AUT', the definitive Amiga AFSK Video
Tranceiver in Fax, Black and White and Colour.  The program is fully

ARUG15 (Access! - Modem Software)
Access! is a full program written by Keith Young for use with
communications with your Modem.  The program is functions are
plentiful and will provide a good feature for anyone remotely
interested in Communications.

ARUG16 Access V1.4 + NoVirus
Access! V1.4 is contained on this disk along with NoVirus V1.49.

ARUG17 (Amateur Radio)
This disk contains an image sent and received using AmigaFax. This
image is in HAM and is very good quality for a transmitted image.
This disk also contains Amiga Beacon, Terminal 1.2 and further

ARUG18 (Morse-Snap)
The Morse-Snap shareware program was written by Jerry Fitzpatrick
using C, the software has several features along with several

ARUG19 (AmiPac 1.51)
Contained on this utilities disk are AmiPac, Start SLF with full

ARUG21 (Utilties)
A disk just brimming with utilities including; ImageLab, CBBS,
No Click, Fix 68010 and Image-Ed.

ARUG23 (Satellite `Tracker')
Another satellite tracking program, there are two programs, Tracker 8
and Tracker 9.  Tracker 8 for 1Megabyte and Tracker 9 for .5Megabyte.
These programs display satellites in real time.  The programs work by
menus. Full documentation included.

ARUG24 (Comms Utilities)
TaskControl,Xoper, TurboBackup plus documentation are included on this

ARUG25 (Amateur Radio Utility Disk 2)
The Amiga Amateur Radio User Group disk 2 includes full documentation
via a special program selector with news, reviews, utilities,
documents, newsletters, more utilities plus other articles.

ARUG26 (Utilities)
Quickdate, SpaceLog, Life Cycles, Orbit, GeoTrace and HP II are the
programs on this disk.

ARUG28 (Amiga Satellite Programs)
Various satellite programs with documentation.

ARUG29 (I0GO mini BBS (Utilities))
Further utilities, mini BBS (unfortunately in Italian), CommA and R9.
Again fully documented.

ARUG30 (Access!)
Another version of Access communications software.

ARUG33 (Logbook)
This disk contains a radio log program that can store, save and
retrieve the dae, callsign, time, frequency, name, etc.