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There  are  two  versions  of  this  Jeff  Minter game on the disc - a 1
megabyte version and a 1/2 megabyte version.  You basically must control
your  Llama  and  shoot at everything that appears to gain access to the
next level.  You can collect goats for extra power.  Nice game with lots
of flashing colours.


This disc contains a wide selection of programs:  Biorhythm - life cycle
program,  Starchart  -  calculates star positions in the sky, Conquest -
star wars game, Shanghai - old Chinese tiles game, Cycles - light cycles
game, Othello - board game, Rock Slide - Boulderdash style game and Life
3D  -  simulates  living  cells.   Plus  users  please  note:-  Load Via


Four  games  on  this disc:  Peter's Quest - A fairly good platform game
with  sampled  sound  and  nice  large  graphics, Shoot Out - High speed
shoot-em-up,  YachtC - computer version of the popular game and TrainSet
-  build a train track and watch the trains go round!  Plus users please
note:-All but train set will load from the Cli.


Another  5  different games on this dsic:  Billiards - simple version of
billiards,  Drip  -  fantastic  graphics and sound in a Pipe Mania style
game,  Chess  -  a  good  version  of chess (play against the computer),
Nakamoto  - simple platform game, Tontestel - strange ice-skating Gnomes
game.   Plus  users  please  note:-Billiards, Drip and nakamoto will run
from workbench.

Seven Tiles
Alpha Flight

This  is a game not unlike the famous SpeedBall game.  The game features
great  graphics and music and fantastic, fast gameplay.  If you are into
games  then  theis disc is a must as this is a top quality Public Domain

Classical Music 1
Rob Baxter

Rob  Baxter  presents  music by J.  S.  Bach.  Music on this disc is the
Brandenburg  Concerto  No.3 and No.4, Prelude and Fugue No.7 and Toccata
and  Fugue  in  D minor.  All the music has been produced with Sonix and
Synthia.  If you like classical music then get this disc!

Classical Music 2
Rob Baxter

Yet  more  music by Rob Baxter.  This time he presents 'Sinfonia Arrival
of  the  Queen  of Sheba' and Allegro Deciso from Water Music by Handel,
Badinerie and Air (on a G String), Gavotte and Brandenburg Concerto No.5
by Bach and Canon and Gigue by Pachelbel.

Classical Music 3
Rob Baxter

More music by Rob Baxter this time by Debussy.  Pieces on te disc are La
fille  aux  Cheveux de hir (Girl with the flaxen hair) and Arabesque No.
1.  As always they are of a very high quality.

Classical Music 4
Rob Baxter
Please  order  disc  DV10  when ordering as this is a two disc set.  Rob
Baxter  this time presents Vivaldi's complete Four Seasons on the Amiga.
The music has again been produced with Sonix and is extremely good.

Rob Baxter

Yet  more  classical  music  by Rob Baxter.  This time the music is from
Mozart  and the pieces on the disc are Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Allegro,
Romanze,  Menuelto  and  Rondo and the Horn Concerto No.4 - Rondo.  Very

Fillet The Fish

This  is  a  very  funny cartoon on a disc featuring Fillet the Fish.  I
won't  give  the story away as it would spoil it.  The way this disc has
been produced is very good and the animation is brilliant.  Quite a long
story.   There  is  also  a  cameo  appearance  by Puggs (from the other
cartoon-on-disc Puggs In Space).

Star Trek Game
Tobias Richter

Please  order  disk DV14 as well as this is a two disc set.  This is the
best  Star  Trek  game  to  appear  in  the  Public Domain.  It features
fantastic gameplay, great sampled sounds and brilliant graphics.  If you
are  a  Trekkie  or  like  space  games  then  get  this.   You won't be


Very  handy  disc  for creating and manipulating WorkBench icons.  Tools
included  on  the disc help you to draw icons and turn IFF pictures into
them.   There  is  also a nice selection of icons on the disc for you to
use.  Very useful.

North 'c' Compiler

This  is  a Public Domain version of C.  I can not write in C so can not
say  much  apart from the fact that this disc is not for people who want
to  learn about C.  This disc is only for people who know how to program
in C.

Frantic Freddy

Very  nice platform game.  Guide Freddy, helping him to collect the pies
but  you  must  avoid the baddies at all costs.  Nice graphics and music
make this a must to add to your PD games collection.

Master Virus Kill

This virus killer does absolutely everything.  It will check hard disks,
check  for  viruses on files, copy bootblocks etc.  It is the only virus
killer you will need.


This  is  a very good role playing game which is set in variable terrain
between  warring  robots.   It  is  a  complex game and features lots of
possibilities  for  different  settings.  If you like role playing games
then I am sure you will enjoy playing this game.


This disc contains Blizzard and some small pieces of music.  Blizzard is
a  very fast horizontal shoot-em-up not too different from Uridium (that
brings  back  memories).  The music on the disc is a collection of small
pieces  but  are  very  good  never the less.  There are 9 in all.  Plus
users please note:- Type exec start from Cli.

Wraithed 1

This  disc  contains  two versions of Quiz Master, Genius 1 and Genius 2
editions.  Quiz Master is a simple quiz game like the ones found in Pubs
etc.   Also  on  the  disc  is  a fairly amuzing story about Crumpet the

Education 1

There are 5 programs on this disc.  GERMAN - a program designed to teach
the  basics of the German language, SPTOY - a program that lets you play
around  with  the  Amiga's voice synthesiser, LEX - performs analysis of
text files in various ways, TUTOR - a program to help you remember words
and  phrases  etc.  and STUDY - a card file program to help you remember
questions and answers.  Plus users please note:- Load Via workbench.

Education 2

Another 5 education programs.  CAPITALS - helps you remember place names
in  America!,  GLOBE  -  creates and spins a globe on screen, ELEMENTS -
information  on  the  periodic  table of elements, DRAWMAP - draws world
maps  and globes and GEOTIME - shows different times in varying parts of
the world.  Plus users please note:- Load Via workbench.

Education 3

There  are  an  amazing  9  programs  on  this  disc.   EVO  -  displays
information  and  maps  on  the  evolution  of man, FORMULA - creates 3D
graphs from formula that you put in, CLOUD - creates 'fractal surfaces',
EVOLUTION - shows bug evolution and adaption, FUNC2D - draws graphs from
equasions,  WORM  - displays worms on the screen moving around!, UNITS -
convert  one unit into another, CALCKEY - pop-up screen calculator, CALC
-  pop-up  scientific  calculator.   Plus  users  please note:- Load Via

Education 4

Four   more   education/utility  programs.   THE  WEATHER  -  calculates
sunrise/sunset  and  forecasts  the weather, GRAVSIM - simulates planets
spinning,  GRAVITY  WELL - simulates the motion of 20 bodies in Newton's
universe  and  AIRFOIL - calculates and simulates air flow over objects.
Plus users please note:- Load Via workbench.

Education 5

Another  5  top  quality  programs.   WORLD  DATA  BANK - calculates and
displays  world  maps  with countries etc., PLOT - displays 3D graphs in
multi-colour,  WAVEMAKER  -  generates  sinewaves etc., CALENDAR - makes
calendars for any year - prints out also, SHERLOCK - examines text files
and  calculates  the probability that they are by the same author.  Plus
users please note:- Load Via workbench.


Disc  crammed  full  with  the  most  useful  utilities:   3RD  Day (pic
grabber),  A500  Test, Boot Any Drive, BootGirl II, Disk Salve, DosHelp,
Emulator,  Mem  Check,  Menu  Maker,  NewZap  3.25,  Packer, ST_Utility,
Undelete and Virus Expert.


Three  games  on  this  disc:   PACMAN87  - not a bad version of PacMan,
RETALIATOR - a Shoot Em Up Construction Kit game (blast everything) nice
graphics,  SORRY!   -  computer  version  of the board game.  Plus users
please note:- Retaliator will load from workbench.

Med V3.0

The  latest Public Domain version of the best music editor around.  This
program  is  a  little  gem  to  use  and  included on the disc are some
samples,  sound and example music files for you to play around with.  If
you want a music editor then this is the one for you!  Plus users please
note:- Will load from workbench.


This  is  a  very  complicated  role playing game that is extremely well
presented  but  takes  ages to complete.  You start off by building your
character  then wander around a village buying things and then make your
way into the caverns.  Very good game.

Golden Fleece
Jim Macbrayne

This  is  a  fantastic  text only adventure.  Everything has had so much
detail put into it including the parser which is very good.  If you have
ever  played one of Jim's adventures you will know that there is no need
for  graphics  as everything is described so well and in so much detail.
If  you  are  an adventure buff then this is for you.  Plus users please
note:- Use from workbench, will work with perseverance.

Holy Grail
Jum Macbrayne

This  is  another top quality adventure by Jim MacBrayne.  This time the
search is on for the Holy Grail.  Again there is no need for graphics as
everything  is  described  so  well  in the text.  The game is extremely
atmospheric and the humour in places is very good.  Again this is a must
for  adventure fans everywhere!  Plus users please note:- Will work from
workbench with perseverance

Puggs In Space

This  is extremely funny.  It is basically an animated cartoon on a disc
but  is  very,  very, very long!  It follows the adventures of Puggs who
lands  on  Earth  and  gets  in  all sorts of trouble.  The animation is
superb  (especially when he electrocutes himself).  This disc is so good
you will want to play it over and over again.


Now  here's  a  game  based on an old idea but with a modern twist.  The
game is basically a BoulderDash clone but instead of collecting diamonds
you  must collect bottles of your favourite tipple!  The games music and
graphics  are  superb  and the gameplay itself is lightning fast.  There
are  lots  and  lots  of  levels to keep you amused for ages.  Game fan?
This is a must!

Messysid 2.1

SID  is  a  CLI  alternative.   Basically it allows most operation to be
performed  without  the  use of the keyboard, just by using the mouse by
pointing  and  clicking.   It  also  contains  lots of commands that are
normally  not available in the CLI such as ARCing etc.  This version has
been  coupled  with  MessyDOS to allow you to use MS-DOS format discs in
SID  so  you  can  read  text files, copy files etc.  to and from MS-DOS
discs.   This  is  a very nice program and if you want to make your life
easier  I  suggest  you buy it!  This is the latest version of this very
useful program.


This  disc  contains the Colossus adventure and a very complex adventure
writer  that  is  in  no way suited to people not suited to the Amiga or
adventures.   It is not very easy to use.  The disc also includes a text
adventure called World.


Very  good  BreakOut  game with all the modern tweaks such as expandable
bat, lasers, slow up etc.  as well as some pitfalls such as compress bat
or  explode!   The  game  is  very  well  presented  with good music and
graphics.   I  know  many  versions of BreakOut have been programmed but
this one stands out from the rest.


This  is  an improved version of workbench that includes options such as
iconising windows, better and more comprehensive menus along with a host
of other options.  Also included on the disc are some nice utilities.

Chinese Checkers

This  is  a  brilliant  computerised version of the old Chinese Checkers
board  game.   Basically the board is a six pointed star and you have to
move  your  checkers over to the opposite side of the board first.  Very
enjoyable  game  to  either play against the computer or against 5 other

Board Games

There  are  three  popular  board  games that have been converted to the
Amiga.   The games are Klondike, Cleudo and Monopoly.  All the games are
very  good  copies  of their board game counterparts.  Plus users please
note:- Cludeo works from the Cli others need Amiga basic.

Necronom Demo

The  disc contains a rolling demo of the forthcoming game by Linel.  The
demo  features  brilliant  sound  and  graphics  showing  how  good  the
scrolling  shoot  em up will be and it does look impressive.  Try before
you buy!


StarFleet  is  a  simple  game written with the Shoot Em Up Construction
Kit.   It is basically a simple blast featuring some quite good graphics
but the game is not technically amazing!


Very  professionally  presented disc featuring Mayhem.  Mayhem is a flip
screen  game  in  which you must guide your ship safely through caverns,
deactivating  doors  on  your  way etc.  The graphics and sound are very
good.  Also on the disc is a vector demo and instructions on playing the


Five  great  games  on  this disc.  Breaker - another Breakout clone but
this  time  with  a nice level editor, Welltrix - this is a variation on
the  popular  game  Tetris but this time in 3D, China Challenge - remove
all  the tiles by matching pairs, Mechanoid - this is a spoof version of
asteroids  in  which you shoot faces and Quattro - a fairly nice version
of Tetris.


This disc contains three Shoot Em Up Construction Kit games.  WolfBane -
space shoot-em-up, 109 - World War II shoot-em-up, Death - another space
shoot-em-up.   It  must  be  said that the quality of these games is not
very good as SEUCK was not a very good package in the first place!


Five  classic  games  have  been  converted to the Amiga to make up this
disc.   The  games are Cleudo, Othello, Klondike, Cribbage and Canfield.
Quite a good collection of games.

Wizzy's Quest

Whizzy's  quest  is  a  very  proffessional platform game featuring nice
graphics,  animation  and  sound.   The game is very nice to play and is
full  of  humour.  The disc is worth it for this game alone but there is
also a graphical adventure called Castle Of Doom on the disc which isn't


There  are two games on this disc.  Metagalactic Llamas, a conversion of
a  Jeff  Minter  game, is a strange game where you have to shoot spiders
coming down from the top of the screen with your Llama!  Paranoid is yet
another Breakout game (when will it all end!) with a level editor.  This
is extremely fast.

Speccy Emulator

What  can I say?  All of you who have been dying to turn your Amiga into
the height of modern technology now is your chance.  I must admit though
it  is  a good program and emulates the Spectrum very well.  Also on the
disc is a very nice disc copy program by D-Mob called D-Copy.  There are
lots of different copy modes.


This  is a very old role playing game and the graphics aren't up to much
but  if  you are a fan of role playing games then you will love it as it
is very in-depth.  I have been playing it for ages and there are lots of
places to explore.  Even though this is old it is still very enjoyable.


There  are  nine  (yes  9)  games crammed onto this disc.  The games are
Number   Fumbler,  LadyBug,  Bug,  Paccy,  Galaxians,  Shootout,  Tetris
Metallica,  Pharaohs  Curse  and Cosmoroids.  Most of the games are very
well presented and all of them are very enjoyable.  This is an essential
games disc.


Three well presented old classic games on one disc all selectable from a
novel  menu.   The  games are:  REBOUND - a BreakOut game (how original)
with  a  level  editor  (played  horizonally instead of vertically which
makes  a  change, INVADERS - a nice game in the style of defender on the
old  Atari  console  and  GRIDRUNNER - another nice version of a classic
game.  Very fast.  Good games disc.

Sys Checker

This disc contains a full system checker to check your computers memory,
disc  drives, audio capabilities, graphics and clock etc.  This could be
quite  a  useful  program  to  check  to  see if everything is in proper
working order.

Ham Lab
Dreamer Of Whizzcat

The program on this disc converts IFF-ILBM pictures from any computer to
the  Amiga.   This  is  a pre-release version and some options have been
disabled.   The  program  is  Shareware  and  you  are asked for a small
donation and in return you will receive the full version.


This  disc  contains  many picture convertors from one format to another
for example from Commodore 64 to IFF, IBM to IFF, ST to IFF and also GIF
convertors.  The disc also boots up into MessyDOS allowing you to access
MS-DOS format discs.

Beginners Bench

The  disc  boots  up  into  a modified WorkBench environment with better
menus  containing  lots  of  useful utilities for example Perfect Sound,
Power  Packer,  Set Key and Tetra Copy to name but a few.  The disc also
contains  virus  killers  and  document  files for some of the programs.
Very useful.

Insiders Club

This  is  a Stockmarket game in which you have to make money and control
companies.  If money allows you can also visit the Insiders Club to gain
'inside'  information  to  help  you.   The  game  is Shareware and full
instructions  are  included on the disc.  Quite a good game.  Plus users
please note:  Will load from workbench.

3D Demo

A  1  megabyte Real 3D demo (ray traced in HAM mode) featuring the words
Real Pinball and some balls bobbing up and down in water.  The animation
and the effect achieved in it are very impressive.


A utility disc containing XOPER - a system tracker, MANDEL MOUNTAINS - a
3D fractal program, BOOT BLOBK CHAMP, TEXTRA - text file editor, BEZSURF
VIRUSKILLER, MACH - speeds up the mouse, GFXmem - displays memory in the
form  of  bars  +  others.  All programs have documentation and most are
very useful.


Disc  containing four games:  WordPuzzle - word search game with lots of
different   searches   to   be   completed,   AirAce  -  well  presented
Shoot-Em-Up-Construction-Kit game with nice graphics, Mosaic - tile game
in  which  you  have  to  aim to connect colours as much as possible and
StopWatch - a timer with lap facility etc.

Harlequin Demo

Two  versions  of this demo are on the disc - a 1 megabyte version and a
1/2  megabyte version.  Basically it is the word Harlequin on the screen
many  times  in different colours and the screen rotates.  Not extremely

Text Programs

Lots  of  text  manipulation  programs  on  this  disc.  There are spell
checkers, mail managers, mail mergers and house keeping programs.  Quite
a useful disc.

War Game

This  War  Game simulates the Napoleonic War.  There are no graphics but
the  game  is highly detailed and is quite complex.  Good game but would
take a long time to complete.


Lots   of  utilities  on  this  disc,  mostly  aimed  towards  graphics.
Utilities  are Filemaster, RRP, TDraw, Virus Check, Fix-Disc, TextPaint,
LoadImage,  Disc-Opti,  Image_Ed,  MyMenu, Mandels, Dope Intro Maker and
Rainbow Writer.  Good selection of utilites.


8  games  on this packed disc.  Jumpy - Platform game with level editor,
King  -  card  game,  Raps - board game, FiveInALine-a Connect4 variant,
CRobots  -  a game based on 'C' programming, Death - shoot-em-up, SB - a
version  of  breakout and Tiny!  - a small screened workbench version of


This  disc  contains  3 different card games.  The games are Harp, Plait
and  Queens and are very well presented and easy to play.  There is also
a game called push on this disc which is not too unlike Pukadu.

Block It!

A  weird  game this one.  You control a little character and you have to
shoot  different  type  of  blocks  at a square made up of these blocks,
getting  rid  of the same block type!  Sounds simple eh?  Well it is but
the  game  is  extremely playable and very addictive.  Nice presentation


This  is  a  complete  Ray-Tracing  package containing scene editor, ray
tracer  and  animation  programs for Public Domain release.  On the disc
are  full  instructions and some examples of what can be produced.  This
program  is  a  lot  easier  to  use  than  other commercially available
products  and  results are brilliant especially considering this is a PD

Crossword Creator
Brian Moats

Lots of puzzles are already included on this disc in varying grid sizes.
Puzzles  can  be  loaded,  saved,  printed  or conerted to IFF pictures.
There  are  lots  of  options  to  help you including renumbering, clear
letters  etc.   If  you like creating crosswords then you will love this

Slideshow Kit

Shareware program.  Creates 'scripts' for displaying pictures.  Includes
a  variety of screen wipes.  The actual program is icon driven and after
reading the instructions you will find the program a joy to use.

Virtual Worlds

This  is a very nice 3D demo featuuring 3D spheres.  Very smooth vectors
with  good,  realistic  movements.  Includes a 3D Poi-Poi demo (remember
the  demo).  2nd part is a story with fantastic graphics and 3D effects.
Very long demo with nice graphics and music.

Vector Designer
TSB - The Special Brothers

Very  impressive  3D vector creator bt it must be said that this program
is  not  for  novices  as  it is very complex to operate.  Includes many
options   for   example   3D  filled  vectors  and  bob  vectors.   Full
instructions  are  included  which help alot.  Also included on the disc
are demos of what has been created and some sample objects.  Results are
very good.

C64 Emulator

For those of you who have been dying to turn your Amiga into a Commodore
64  here  is  the program to do it.  Not much can be said about it apart
from  it  emulates  the  C64  very  well and I suppose is a nice novelty


Eight  nice games on this disc:  Train Set - Build a track and watch the
trains  go  round,  Yawn!   - Put numbered tiles into the correct order,
World - Text adventure, Montana - Solitare card game, AmigaWorm - Nicely
presented version of a classic game, Pipeline - Like 'Pipemania' let the
oil  flow  through  the  pipes,  Bounce  -  Strange  game which involves
bouncing  into  crystals  and  Mines  - get through a minefield by using


Eleven  games  on  one disc (yes 11!):  Drip - fantastic game of rusting
pipes,  Bally  -  color  in  sections  of  the screen, YahZee - computer
version  of the classic game, TicTacToe - simple O's and X's game, Stepz
-  logic  game involving moving arrows around, Amoeba - great version of
invaders, Othello - good version of the old counters swapping game, Tron
-  light cycles, Chess - don't think this needs explaining, Tiles - good
version of Shanghai and Daleks - simple game of avoiding Daleks!

Bits & Bats

A  bit  of  a  mixed  bag  this disc.  WonderSound - harmonic instrument
design  tool,  Swish - makes the screen float!, AmigaTration - match the
cards  in  this Amiga version of Concentration, Conquest - war simulator
similar  to Risk, CheatSheet - lots and lots of game cheats, SolitareX -
card game of Solitare, Memmon - shows memory available.  Nice collection
of programs.

Mixed Utils

Approximately   30   utilites   on  this  disc  most  of  which  include
documentation.   Highlights  on  the disc includes:  Diskmaster 3.0, Qed
0.19,  PowerPacker  2.3b, Diskopti 1.2, Coot Block Champ 3 and TetraCopy
(copy a disc and play Tetris at the same time).

Intercostal Utils

Another  collection  of  around  30  utilities  again  most of then with
documentation.  Highlights on this disc include:  Red Sector Demo Maker,
Semtex Utility Boot, Setkey 2.0 and TwilightCopy 1.0.

600 Letters

This  disc  contains 600 different business letters covering such topics
as  Legal,  Accounting  and  Sales  etc.   All  can  be loaded into your
favourite  word  processor  and  amended.   Useful  if  you  run a small

Rsi Drums & Pipes

A  very well presented disc of music and graphics.  There are 8 songs on
this  disc:   Crosslock,  Swift,  Enola Gay, X.M.F.T., SewerSong, Peters
Friday,  Saddam's  Fun and Theme From Drums & Pipes.  Another good music
disc to add to your collection.


This  is  a  different  Workbench which works some ten times faster than
normal  and  does not require the boot disc to be left in the drive once
Workbench is loaded.  Quite a useful disc.

Larn 12.06

This  is  another old role playing game played and looking much the same
as  Hack.   The  graphics aren't too brilliant but the game is large and
complex  and  allows  for hours of playing.  If you like games like Hack
and Moria then you will probably love playing this game.

Amivision Utils 9

Yet  another  LARGE  collection  of  utilities  this  time  without  the
documentation.   There  are,  however,  about 48 utilities on this disc.
Highlights  are:   BurstNibbler,  Master  Cruncher  1.1,  IFF Convertor,
Showiz and Boot Saver 1.0.

Super 'c' Tools

This is a very large collection of utilities all on a bootable Workbench
disc.   None  of the utilities have icons and must therefore be run from
the  CLI.   There  is  a certain amount of documentation on the disc and
also  a  list  of  all the tools on it.  All the normal CLI commands are
also  included  so  you  can  use it as a work disk.  Nice collection of
small programs.

Assassins 6

A  nice  collection  of  four  games:  Downhill Challenge - downhill ski
game,  PacMan87 - early version of Pacman, MetaGalactic Llamas - strange
Llama  shooting  game,  Welltrix  -  variation  along  the Tetris theme.
Although  most  of  the  games don't have stunning graphics they are all
highly addictive.

Assassins 2

Six  top quality games all squeezed onto one disc!  Yes it's true!  Girl
Action  -  version  of  Galaxians, Missile Command - nice version of the
classic, Maze Game - guide yourself through a 3D maze, Invaders - need I
say  anything?,  Bally2  -  sequel to the screen painting game and Think
Ahead - a logic tile game.  Great presentation throughout, lots of fun.

Assassins 1

Five  more  games  brought to you by Assassins.  Tanx - aim your missile
and  destroy  the  opponents tank, Rollerpede - very nice version of the
classic  Centepede,  Amigoids - good version of Asteroids, Cave Runner -
very  fast Rockford type game and Avatris - three people can play Tetris
at once with this game!

Assassins 5

There  are  three Shoot Em Up Construction Kit games on this disc so all
the  gameplay  is  basically  the same.  The games are Go Looly - a cute
Shoot-Em-Up,  Retaliator - War plane Shoot-Em-Up and Raid - a helicopter
blast.  The graphics, however, on all the games are very good.

Assassins 7

Another four top quality PD games for you to play.  Destination Moonbase
- moon landing game (difficult), Trix - colour in parts of the screen to
advance to the next level, Nightworks - a Fruit Machine simulator, Claus
Runner - a veriation along the Frogger theme.

Assassins 8

Yet  more PD games for you to play and enjoy.  Air Ace 2 - a Shoot Em Up
Construction  Kit  game  with  nice  graphics, H-Ball - another Breakout
clone  (when  will  it end?), Number Fumbler - re-arrange the numbers in
the square into the correct order and Snake Pit - a centipede type game,
eat the mushrooms to get longer.

Windows Bench
A  nice program this.  Once loaded yo will have the look of an operating
system  more  akin to the IBM Windows software but will operate the same
as  a  normal  Amiga.  Also included on the two discs are many utilities
and  their  documentations.  If you are interested in a new look or just
want some nice utilities then get these discs.


an  IBM  Emultor  which resembles the IBM very well and you can load and
use IBM programs.  Full instructions are included on the disc.

Lights Out

This  game is similar to 'Master of the town'.  You have to smash street
lights and windows to progress through the game.

Rhapsody In Blue
Rob Baxter

This  is another excellent Rob Baxter version of a musical classic, this
time  he  has  chosen  George Gershwin's Rhapsody in blue.  Very nice to
load, sit back and listen to.


This  program  generates crosswords automatically or you can create your
own via the menu.  There is also an option to print out puzzles, you can
also  save  puzzle if one is too hard to complete in one session.  There
is also a dictionary on disk.

Baby Sittin' Boogie

This  disk  contains two whole minutes of digitised music.  Just put the
disk in the drive to hear this golden oldie.

I Got A Wife

Another record digitised and put on disk for your enjoyment.

Assassins 11

This disk contains 5 very good P.D.  games.  They are Dad,Connex, Towers
of  Hanoi,  Reversii  and Trippin.  Dad is a tile sliding game where you
have  to  move  one  large  tile  from one end of the grid to the other.
Connex  is  a four in a row type game.  Towers is a logic game where you
move  disks  from the first to the last peg without putting a large disk
on  top  of a smaller one.  Reversii is a traditional Othello type game.
Trippin is a pipe line type game where you connect electronic switches.

Assassins 12

There  are  four  games for you to play.  They are Car, Llamatron, Power
pong  and  Xfi.   Car is a car racing game.  Llamatron is the now famous
'Jeff  Minter'  classic  blast'em  game.  Power Pong is a fast ping pong
game.  Xfi is a tron clone where you control a line which you guide to a
target before your opponent reaches it.

Assassins 13

This  disk  contains  six  more  P.D.  games.  They are Ball, Asteroids,
Twintris,  Blockout, Squamble and Amigatration.  Ball is a breakout type
game.   Asteroids  is a version of the classic asteroids game.  Twintris
is  a  2  player tetris type game.  Blockout is a sideways breakout type
game.   Squamble  is  a plane arcade game.  Amigatration is a pairs type
game with several levels of complexity.

Assassins 14

There are two games on this disk.  They are China challenge II and Amiga
columns.   China  challenge  is  a  chinese  puzzle game, good graphics.
Amiga  columns  is  another tetris clone but this time you have to match
blocks of a pattern inside each block.


This  game  was written withthe '3D con kit'.  It is a graphic adventure
where  the aim is to disarm the warhead before the computer launches the
missile.  Looks like a very good game.

Asi Tools

This  is  a  disk  full of utilities put together by the Assassins team.
The  programs are varied and include such things as, Text engine (a very
good  text editor), calendar factory and loan calculator.  Full Docs are
supplied on disk.

Crunch And Copy II

This  is  a disk full of crunchers & copiers for you to use, a very good
value for money disk!

Text Engine V1.3

This  is a very classy looking word processor/text editor, which is very
easy  to  use.   The options are called from the top menu bar with icons
for  the  most  often  used  functions.   You can change the text style,
define  macros, use word wrap and even count the words in your document,
plus many more features.  VERY good value for money.

Text Plus

This  is  a word processor with many features including justify, centre,
mark block, etc etc.  The program is Shareware as the annoying requester
keeps  on  reminding you!  Useful program if you need to write and print
letters or a book, but cannot afford a full-price processor.

Prototyper V1.1
Derek Pell

Prototyper  is  an  electronic  CAD tool specially designed for defining
'Vero'  strip  board  layouts  similar  to  those  found  in  electronic
magazines.  Protyper is icon and menu driven making it very easy to use.
The  program  uses a library of component packages which are pasted on a
section of vero board of 38 matrix hole down and 63 across maximum.  The
program  also  offers  several powerful editing features that pen, paper
and rubber could never compete with, making it an essential tool for any
Amiga owner who dabbles in electronics.  This is a Private-ware program.
The full version is available from the author, who is also the author of
Electro  CAD.  Full details on disc.  (Thanks to Derek for providing the
description for this program)

Amivision Utilities 10

This  is  another disk full of utilities from Amivision with a couple of
games thrown in to keep you amused.

Paul Dodd

This  is  a  kiddies art package giving plenty of colours and facilities
for  kids  to  draw  and  colour  pictures.   There is speech throughout
telling the child what colour he/she has selected and what tool they are
using.  This proram is Shareware.

Sinclair Pic Converter
Ramage Software

This  Shareware  program allows you to convert pictures from Sinclair to
Amiga format.  Nicely presented program.

Zip V1.0
Ramage Software

This  shareware  program is a picture ripper.  Nicely presented and well

The New Superkillers

This  is  disk  contains  virus  killers that will ensure that your disc
collection  stays  free  from  the  latest virus problems.  This version
updated January 1993.

Amiga Fox

This  is  a  DTP  package  which  will  allow  you  to  try out Desk Top
Publishing  without  robbing  the  bank!   It has full text and graphics
editing facilties and comes complete with full manual on the disc.

Hints Disc

This is an adventurer's hints disk.  Read the file wiith an Ascii reader
to  learn how to access these hints.  You can also use the hint maker to
write hints for other people.

Jam Disk 2

This is the famous Printer Driver colection as released by JAM magazine.
Very  useful  and is the disc recommended by many computer magazines for
those  of  you having trouble finding the right driver for your printer.
Contains  Canon48  -  the  driver  needed to get the most from the Canon
BJ10-e series.

Andy Whiteley

This  is the pretiest Tetris clone I've seen.  It's perfectly suited for
beginners and kids as it's not as fast as some other versions - well the
first  three  levels  anyhow!  The display shows a 3-towered castle, the
game  drops  shapes in the two gaps between these towers.  In the single
player game, the second space gives game statistics, ie how many of each
shape  has been given.  The central tower shows the game score and lines
completed.   At  the top of this tower there are two tiny doors, one for
each  player.   A  lttle  man is shown here and if you pause the game he
leans against the doorpost and tosses a coin to amuse himself until play
restarts!   A  very  nice  touch.   This  game  is written with Amos and
compiled.  It is in this section as there was no room for source code on
the disk.  Recommended.


This  is  a  shareware  version  of the ever popular Invaders game.  The
graphics are very nicely done and very colourful.  This version would be
nice  to  add to a child's collection of classic games as it is possible
for  even  a  novice  like  me  to get a decent way into the game before
dying!  This game was written with AMOS.


Needs  GPD124.   This  is  a  data base of who did what and when in just
about  all  the  cult  Sci-Fi programs ever made.  It includes Dr.  Who,
Saphire and Steel, Blakes S7 etc.

Bhagavad Gita
Known Only To Krishna
This contains the complete book Bhagavad Gita which I assume is the book
used  by  the  followers  of Krishna.  It also contains the addresses of
centres around the world.

Operation Lemming V1.32
Chris Foote

This  is  a  charity  disk, all profits are sent to the RNIB.  Blast the
little creatures off the screen just for fun!

J. R. Evans

This  shareware  game is a fast car race with a choice of courses.  It's
fast and furious and has been tested by our own computer test driver who
thinks it's great.  The display is 3-D and you feel as if your rocketing
through the fire and water as you try to complete the course.

Which Way Out
Mike Wellman

This  game  is  for  ONE MEG CHIP RAM OR MORE!!!!!  It is a game written
using  Aaron  Fothergill's TOME and compiled.  You have to travel around
on  a  scooter  to  complete  the  quest.   The  source-only  version is
available in the APDL for those of you who own TOME.

Copper Colourz V2.3

This  is  a  new Shareware Copper Editor which the author says is set to
rival  Rainbow Warrior.  It looks good and is easy to use with very many
extra  features.  This is the latest version of Yazoo's program, updated
July 1992.  This program was written and compiled using AMOS.

Super Sound II
David O'Reilly

This  is  a  PD  version of a really great sound sample editor.  It does
everything  you'd find in a full priced package, and it's really easy to
use.   You  can mess about with sounds to your heart's content, changing
the octave, cutting bits out, fading in and out, brightening the sample,
making  it  metallic,  and lots more besides.  It does the whole job bar
making the coffee.  A good way into the world of Sound Editing.

G. Sparks

This  game  comes  from Australia and was written using Amos and machine
code.   It's  a  great game with Egyptian-style graphics, it's a sort of
4-way  block-matching  game  where  you have a pattern of tiles that you
have to eliminate by matching each one with the tile that appears on any
one  of  the  four sides of the grid.  The tiles are matched by pressing
Fire  when  the  correct tiles are in line.  This description doesn't do
justice to the game which is well recommended.  Shareware.


NEEDS  GPD133 as well.  Fanatix have sent us their FIRST GAME.  This is
a  departure  from the very popular demos which have been on the library
for  over  a  year.   It  has  been  put into this section as it doesn't
contain  the source code, but it was written with AMOS.  This is a space
game which is very professionally produced.  There is an excellent intro
which tells you the story before you are taken to the options.  Here you
have  the  choice of 3 levels of play, the harder the option, the better
the  reward  on completing the game!  It's a space game where you have a
different  task  to  complete in each level before getting to your goal.
In  level  1  you  have  to  dodge the asteroids...  wow, is it fast and
furious!   I've  not managed to get past this yet, but I'm sure the rest
is just as action packed.  Well worth the price of two disks!

The Punishment

This  Syntex  demo  has been around for a while, so I hear, and now it's
here for you all.  It is, of course of a very high standard and features
superb  animations  and  effects.  A must for Syntex Fans.  Written with
Amos, no source.

Amos Games Disk 1
Andy Platts

This  is  a  games  disk which contains six games, many of which will be
familiar  to  you.  They include Glassback (a platform game) Snake Byte,
Minefield,   Lightcycles   &Life  Expectancy.   This  is  a  shareware
production, well worth the registration fee.

GPD136 & GPD137 & GPD 138
Megademo 7
Please  note,  this is a 3 disk production, you must order GPD137 & 138
as  well.   This  Demo is in this General section as it does not contain
source  code although it was written with Amos.  Fanatix have provided a
wealth  of  demos  showing  lots  of effects from scrollers to real time
plasma  screens.  Choice of which to view is made by moving the joystick
up  and  down the list.  If you have just 1 meg of memory, then you must
disable  your second drive, if you have one.  For those with 2+ meg, 2nd
drive is accepted.

Battle Beyond Infinity
Mark Potter

Mark has contributed much to the APDL.  This is one of his latest games,
and  is  a  space/strategy program.  It can be played by 1-3 players who
must  buy ships, position them and the choose which weapon to use to try
and  blast his opponents away.  The interesting feature here is that the
order  of  play  is created randomly, so that player 1 does not have any
advantage  over  player 3 when the firing stage is reached.  A good game
that  must  have  taken  a  lot  of  planning.  The author is willing to
customise  the game to your requirements for a registration fee, details
are on the disk.

David Hilditch

This  is an Amos version of the Lightcycles/tron games that were popular
a  while back.  This one caters for up to four players.  Each 'race' has
four  runs,  after  each  of these you are taken to a shop where you can
spend  your winnings on extra features like bombs, invisible trails etc.
There  are  five  levels  and  after  each  race you are shown two score
tables,  one  shows how the bikers fared in that race, the second is the
overall championship table.  Nice presentation of an old game.

New Canon Printer Drivers

This is an official drivers disk from Canon.  Load via Workbench.

Canon Bubblejet Drivers

This  official  Canon  drivers  disk  contains  drivers  for  Bubble Jet
printers.  Load via Workbench.

daniel fowler

This  is  a  disk  catalogue program which was written using Ncommand to
create  its  interface.  The style is WB 2, and it looks very efficient.
This  program  is  shareware  and  your registration fee gets you a much
improved  version  with enhanced features.  This is a very user friendly
way to store the details of your disk collection, and will show you what
can be achieved with NCommand.

Harbinder Singh Ghag

This  is  a  text  editor  that  will  give  you  all  the features of a
commercial  text  editor.   It's been tested and works really well, just
the  thoing  you  need  to  write into the APDL or to TA!  It saves as a
TurboText    file   or   as   Ascii   which   will   load   into   other
processors/editors.  Well recommended.

Paul Berkey

This  is  a  disk full of proggies written in Amos which was reviewed in
Amiga  Computing  a  couple of months ago.  It has now reached us and is
available  for  your  use.  Picturesque is a shareware art package which
you  can  use  just  as you would DPaint.  For a registration fee of ten
pounds  you will get a version that you can run at the same time as Amos
so  that  you  can  flip from one to the other.  AAlso on the disk is an
early  version  of  Daisy  Paint which is a paint & draw program for the
younger  artist  and  a  Smiley slide puzzle game.  The programs are all
well  presented  and worth having.  Full docs are on the disk, as is the
source code for the Smiley puzzle.

Electronic Cad Demo
Derek Pell

This  demo  replaces all previous E-cad and Protyper demos.  It contains
the new price list.

Jamez Newcombe

This  is  a  light show demo which is best viewed in the dark to capture
the  best  effect.   It  does  come  with a health warning, serious, the
flashing  lights  can  trigger fits in people who are affected by bright
lights.   No source, but a very effective display nevertheless, from the
author of Cyad and Cyadonia.

System Disorder

This  is  the latest demo from FANATIX.  All the coding was done by Jag.
It  is,  as  usual,  of  a  high  standard and contains some interesting
routines  for  you  to  look  at  and try to emulate.  The inter-section
screen  rolls  on  and off and the commentary is in the form of a circle
scroll.   There are yin yangs flying around, a wavy rotating bar , ghost
vectors,  3-D filled vectors, (no Amos 3-D) more bobs and an interesting
scroll  effect.   As  well  as  this  there  is  a coppersplit bob and a
transparent  light  sourced cube.  All this is topped off by the credits
and messages.  By the way, it's reset protected, so you have to turn off
your Amiga when you've finished watching the demo!  Good value for money
- lots of things to watch - and all on one disk!

Assorted Programs
Volker Stepprath

This  is  in the utilities section as 3 of the 4 programs are utilities,
the  last  is  a game.  The utes are as follows:- NotizBlock - this is a
calendar/diary  program  which  will allow you to enter appointments for
any  hour  of  any day.  It looks great and will be a useful addition to
your  collection.  AIFFPaint is an art package, again nicely done, Ambos
V1.29 is an upgrade of an earlier release, it's a Cli mask.  If you want
some  entertainment,  then  have a go at Magic Turn which is a strategic
puzzle  game,  which will get your greycells working!  Docs are provided
in English and German.

Monstrattak V2
Raphael Borelli

This  is  a  game,  written  with  Amos,  from  France.   Raphael kindly
translated  the  instructions  in  English  for  us.   It  is a sideways
scroller  shoot'em up.  Great graphics add to this excellently presented
game.   It  has 5 levels and an end of game animation.  There are plenty
of  control  options - jumping to any level - the graphics are different
per level - fill up your energy meter - use shield etc.  This is a great
addition  to  the library, the code is not provided as Raphael wishes to
do more to the game.

Fumble Demo
Frederic Calendini

This  is  the first demo from a new French demo crew.  They have lots to
look  at  in  this demo which is really very good.  The action is smooth
and  there  are plenty of routines which British crews will try to beat,
I'm  sure!   My Amiga has 2 meg, but I still had to disable Df1:  to get
this to run!  Should not be a problem on 600's or Plus's.

Wonderland Demo

A new demo from Paul Harthen.  A great demo to get you thinking "How did
he do that?"

Account Master V2.0
Martin Platt

This  program  will  keep your home accounts in order.  You enter in the
transactions and the program will sort out the balance for you.  You can
even  put  thing  in  in  advance  so  that you do not forget them, then
activate the transaction at the right time.  A very handy well presented
program which will be of great use to those of us who can't wait for the
monthly  or quarterly statement!  Sorry, it cannot arrange overdrafts or
hack into your local bank!  Well recommended.

Superleague '93
Gary Pollock

Here  we have a football management game where you can be the manager of
Falkirk  or  Man  United.  Buy and sell your players, pick your team and
sit back and read the commentary as the match gets under way.  Make your
team the champs with this well presented game.  (Compiled Amos)

Quiz Time
Gary Pollock

This  is  a  collection  of  Quiz  games done in the style of Pub Trivia
machines.  The subjects are varied and the games play really well.  This
is  a  very  playable  disk  which  is  a  good  addition  to  any games
collection.  (Compiled Amos)

Vectors R Us Christmas Pack

This  is  the  final  demo from Fanatix.  This is a superb demo from the
boys.   It  is  really  smooth and has some fantastic effects for you to
look  and  marvel  at.   We#re sorry to see the end of Fanatix, but wish
them luck in the future.

Spaced Out
Sudden Impact

This  is  a sideways scrolling shoot'em up and is S.I.'s first game.  It
is  very  playable.   Shoot  the aliens down to get onto the next level.
(Compiled Amos)

Paul Watson

This is a bomber type game with really souped up ideas.  You are allowed
to choose your weapons and you will earn better weapons as you progress.
The graphics are lovely and the gameplay excellent.  (Compiled Amos)

Music Demo #1
Sudden Impact

This  is a group new to the Amos scene.  The five tracks are played from
a  compiled  player.   There are 5 pieces of music to choose from all of
which are on the gentler side of computer music, I love it!

Music Demo 2
Sudden Impact

This is the second music demo and contains 4 upbeat tracks played from a
compiled player .

Music Demo 3
Sudden Impact

This  is  the third music demo containing a further 5 tracks from Sudden
Impact.  The styles of music on this demo are varied.

Games Disk

This disk contains 3 games - Arena, Card Sharp and Robot Sumo.  Arena is
a space shoot'em up, Card Sharp is a card playing program and Robot Sumo
is  a  sumo wrestling game where robots battle to get theur opponent out
of the ring.

Spaced Out 2
Sudden Impact

This  is  a  playable  demo of a forthcomming release from SI.  It's got
great  promise  and  is  very  useable  as it is.  It looks nothing like
Spaced  Out  1,  although the gameplay is the same ie sideways scrolling
shoot'em  up, but it looks so much better as it will be set in different
scenarios in different levels.

Grafic Reality

A  new demo from Grafic reality.  It's nicely done with some interesting
effects  which  may  not be original, but nevertheless are worth looking

GPD171 & GPD172
The Intruder

This  is  a  2  disk demo from Syntex sent to us by a French PD Library.
Syntex  have  apparently  turned  to  Assembler for most of their recent
demos,  which could explain why we don't get them direct any more.  Kill
df1:  to run this demo.

Mutants Dreams

A single disk demo from the Famous French crew.

We Are The Lamers

Good  demo  from  Syntex,  nevertheless  a  mickey take of 'lesser' demo

Roach Motel!

This game was sent to us from Playfield!  which is an Amos newsletter in
Florida,  USA.   It was written for the magazine and this is an enhanced
version   which   spots  PAL  or  NTSC  and  adjusts  the  screen  depth
accordingly.   The  idea  is  to  make  the man walk around the platform
screens  killing  the bugs and collecting spray cans.  There are various
other  features  like acid rain which kills you, and a magic toupe which
protects  the  wearer  from  some of the nasties!  Good stuff, I hope to
form a link with this group to bring some American programs to you.

Dynamite Sums/ Amos Base
From Australia

Complete  the sums before the dynamite explodes!  The second prog on the
disk is a database.

From Australia

A  disk  of  music  for  you to listen and use from the Aussie Amos club

From Australia

A disk of fonts to add to your collection.

Printer Utes & .iff Fonts
From Australia

Useful printer utils and some fonts to add to your collection.

Assorted Progs

This disk contains three very different programs.  Stuart Taylor sent in
'TABMASTER' which is a guitar program which if you enter a musical note,
will tell you where to play it on the guitar.  It can be set so that the
note  is  shown on any of the 6 strings.  John Kinsella gives us 'HECTIC
II  ' which is an addictive puzzle game for 1 or 2 players.  The playing
screen  is  a  grid  containing red and green numbers, 1 player can only
move  horizontally,  the  other  vertically.   If  you  click on a green
square, the number is added to your score, a red square deducts from the
score.   It's  hard  to  explain,  but  it's a great game!  Last but not
least,  My  Dairy  is  presented  by  David Meager, age 13.  It's a well
presented  program  which you use to make notes as you would in a diary.
This is a good VFM (Value For Money) disk.

AddressPrint V3
Paul Lathwell

This program will run on 1/2 meg machines, but only just, but if you are
reading  this,  you  must  have  1  meg  anyway!   This ute will take in
addresses  from  a  database  and  use  the information to print address
bels.  There is a second version on the disk which is specifically for
Star printers.

Troni-cad V1 Demo

This  demo  program  was  sent into us from France to show what the full
version can do.  It allows you to design electrical curcuit diagrams and
print out the results.  The output is very professional.  the program is
easy  to  use and would be useful to anyone who needs decent diagrams of
this type.

Assorted Games

Derby  Day  by  Leslie  Wigmore.   This is a horse racing game where you
choose  your  horse, place your bet and watch the horses run.  You start
with  10 pounds, if you are lucky, you end up rich, if not, it's best to
go  home  and  try your luck another day.  Drawmore by Cybornetics.  Did
you  ever  play  the kids' party game where 1 person draws the head then
folds  the  paper over, the next draws the body, the next the legs, then
you  open  up  the paper to see the result?  Well this is the electronic
version  and it is good fun.  There1s a mini art package to aid drawing,
and  you  can  even print out the result.  It's not exactly shareware as
Rob  asks only for PD disks as payment, Well worth it!  KI by S.  Teague
this  is  a  midi program which allows you to store the instruments from
your keyboard.

Lateral Quizzes 1 & 2
Dr John Foley

These  2 quizzes are compiled, parts 3,4 & 5 are in the APDsection (APD
475)  If  you  liked  Catchphrase on TV, then you will like these.  Each
quiz  can take about 30 minutes to complete, but you can choose to start
at a point 1/2 way through if you wish.  Our kids love these disks, some
questions will beat an adult's warped sense of humour, but on the whole,
even a 10 year old can get a lot of fun solving the puzzles.

George's Quest For A Nose
Greg Malcolm

Shareware  -  only  2.50p  for  the  map  editor,  which  is  well worth
registering  for!   The  story behind this platform game is weird to say
the  least,  but  it  boils  down tothe fact that there are people whose
noses  have  been turned into trumpets, due to being forced to watch too
much  Coronation  Street.  George has escaped and has to find his way to
the  only nose replaceent centre which is in Birmingham.  It really is a
great  game,  I  enjoyed  it,  and  managed to get past the first level.
Joystick  controlled.   Well  worth  adding  tando your game collection.
This  is  a  good  and  fair  shareware  disk,  so  please  support  the

Ian Williams

Another  value Shareware game a mere 2.50p for the full version!  It's a
puzzle  type  game  where you have a grid with bones, children and other
things  scattered  on  it.   The  Gobblers  are hungry beasts who gobble
anything  they  walk  over,  so  your job is to protect the children and
guide the Gobblers to the bones.  The Gobblers can only move in straight
lines and so you can force them to move towards the bones by taking away
squares.   It's a bit difficult to explain, but believe me, it's a great
game.   This  version  has 8 levels and if you enjoy it, then it is well
worth 2.50p for the ful version.

Heavy Battle Tank
Mark Potter

Another good game from Mark.  This time we have a tank battle game where
you have to blast your enemy's position.

Wayne Morris

A very nicely presented game where you are a warship whose mission is to
clear  the area of submarines.  At the same time the enemy is bombarding
you  with  an  air  attack.   Quite addictive and pleasant to play.  The
number of Subs to bomb increases with each level.

Gaters Gallery

This  is a tutorial disk for DPaint.  Gator is German and so the disk is
bilingual.   The  English  is  very  good  and although quaint in places
presents no problems.  The tutorial uses DPaint 3, mainly because v4 was
bugged  when  it  was produced.  Gator deals mainly with the creation of
logos  for demos, but I am sure that there are verry many handy hints on
the  disk  which  will  be  of  great use to all potential artists.  The
picture screens are .iff, so can be loaded into Dpaint and played around
with.  This disk comes highly recommended by Peter Paton, a Totally Amos
member, who sent it into us.

ASI Vol 37

Klaktris, Pod, Packer and Ghostship

ASI Vol 38

One on One, Skyflyer 2, Baldy, Transplant

ASI Vol 39

Blue  Moon, Cardsorama, Seahaven, Amiga Solitaire, Cribmaster, Klondike,
Blackjack, Spades, Streets & Alleys, Power Poker

ASI Vol 40

Puzzle  15, Gold, Rush Hour, Dumbell, Flying, Cobra, Bunny, Get My Goat,
Wordhai, Rabbit

ASI Vol 41

Pacman Deluxe, Leap II, Tractorbeam, Hellzone 1, Hellzone II.

ASI Vol 42

Galaga '92, Dogs in Space, Invader Alert, Our Catalogue (Assassins_)

ASI 43

Detothello, Roulette, Cross Maze, Interlock (AMOS), Leapfrog Puzz, G-Boy

ASI Vol 44

Galaxy '89, Mouse Impossable, Rollon, Rollon (Puzzle), Nibler,

ASI Vol 45

Ditris, The Brain 2.2, Teserae, B-castle, Parcheese, Kastle Kumquat

ASI Vol 46

Amiga-Q, Checkers, City, Ouch!, Isolation, Atom Smasher

ASI Vol 47

Elevation (AMOS), Furmyre, Crave (AMOS), Arena

ASI Vol 49

Crazy Sue 1, Crazy Sue II, Deathbringer in Space, Assault

ASI Vol 50

Euphorion, Roach Motel (AMOS), Balders Green

ASI Vol 51

Lamers, Fighting Warriors (AMOS), Shapes

ASI Vol 52

Rockslide, Mouthman, NU

ASI Vol 53

Supercube, Power wars, Mastermind, Velcro Grub, Venus Invaders, Quadung,
Splash, Kings

ASI Vol 54

Serene, Car Wars, Serene II

GPD207 & GPD208
Megademo 8

Fanatix  have  revived themselves and are now back in action on the Amos
Demo  scene!   This  is  their  comeback production and contains lots of
routines  which  you  can try to emulate in your own demos.  THIS IS A 2

Allen Webb

If anyone has played 'Minesweeper' on the PC (Windows 3.1) then you will
know  how  addictive  this  game  can  be!  This is a long overdue Amiga
version  which  plays  really  well  and  is  just  as  addictive.  Well
recommended, well presented version of the original game.

Games & Demos

The  Games  on  this  disk are:- Pyromania & Mean Genie by Frank Dudley,
Light  Bikes  by  Aaron  McCormick.   The  Demos, All by Derek Piper are
Colour  Rave  Demo,  Funline  Demo and Hardline Demo.  In Pyromania, you
have  to fly around lighting candles as they move around the screen.  In
Mean  Genie,  you  are  on a magic carpet and have to bomb ghosts whilst
avoiding  snakes.   Light  bikes  is a 1 or 2 player version of the Tron
game.   The  Demos  are  all colourful and should give you some ideas to

Lateral Quizes 6-10
Dr John Foley

This  disk  contains  the  compiled  versions  of  John the Doc's latest
quizes.   These  will keep you well amused on a rainy day!  Suitable for
all ages!

Numtris Demo

This  is an educational version of the now classic Tetris.  As you might
have  guessed,  the  game  involves numbers.  There are three difficulty
levels,  level 1 isn't too bad, but Level 3 will tax everyone who hasn't
got a calculator for a brain!  In this game you have to build up columns
of bricks each of which has a number to make up the target number at the
bottom  of the screen.  The hard part is remembering the existing totals
for  each  column so that you can out the next brick in the best place -
if  you  exceed  the  target  number, then that colomn is 'dead' until a
'zap'  brick  comes  along  which  will  allow you to wipe out the whole
column.   Getting  the exact target number will give you a new number to
create.  500 and 1200 compatible- there are two speeds set and basically
whichever Amiga you choose will alter the speed.  Shareware registration
will  get  you  the  full  version, this one trips out before a level is

Guitar Tuner Utility
Lee Gillett

Another guitar utility to add to your collection, this program helps you
to  tune  up  your  guitar  properly with on screen diagrams and sounds.
Very stylishly presented by Lee.  This is shareware, the registration is
a  mere 2 quid and for that you will get a voucher which will give you 2
quid  off  the  professional guitar video produced by Lee.  Full details
are  available in the ads on this disk.  Lee sent us a copy of his video
and  it  was  dutifully  tried  out  by  our 10 year old who has a small
knowledge  of  guitar playing and she found it extremly useful.  All the
chord  for  the song are shown before you start a song then you can play
along with the video as it shows each chord change and the song is sung.
The  disk is well recommended, the video also, although you will have to
send to Lee for that!


This  is  the first demo from Karl Roberts, Icky.  and contains a wealth
of  new  effects for you to look at.  I'm told that if you would like to
know  how  a  particular routine was created, then all you have to do is
contact Karl at the address on the disk and he will help out.  This disk
is very full!

Substance Demo

This  demo  was  produced by Shockwave as a Fanatix release.  It has the
usual  high  standard of effects expected from this group.  Look out for
Nick's routines in TA12 and onwards!

Cool Copier
Someone In Australia!

This  is  a  very good disk copier which was sent to us from Australia a
while  back.   A  useful addition to your utilities if you do not have a
disk copier.

Compiled Amos Games

This  disk  contains  programs  which  were  sent in, or requested to be
distributed as compiled versions.  Space invasion is from Kev Gallagher,
and  is  an  Amos  version  of the classic game.  Invaders is a slightly
different  invaders  game  where  the aliens move horizontally in single
rows  while you zap them, this is by David Christian.  Ben Addis sent us
in  Amigaclock which is an alarm clock proggie - full explanation given.
Fabrizio Bazza gives us the last 2 progs on this disk.  Mefistofele is a
card  game  and  Nag  is  a snake in a maze game where the bad snkes are
hell-bent on eating you a segment at a time!

John Scott

This  is  a  dungeon game where the aim is to free the princess from the
nasties  who  live underground.  Easy to control with plenty of fighting
and  treasures  to  find  before you find the heroine.  There is another
version  of the game available which I'm told is a bit 'naughty' but not
offensive!  See the docs for info!

Tele Titler 2

The  lowres version of this program can be found in the APD section.  It
is, as the name suggests, a titling utility which has loads of features.

Kieran Miller

This  program  was  written  with  Amos Pro and is a version of the Logo
language used by schools etc.  There are ful instructions on the disk and
a  Help facility which can be called up at any time.  I haven't had time
to put this to much of a test yet, but what I've seen, looks good!

Compiled Amos Games

Quasi,  by  Paul Young, is a hunchback game where Quasi Modo has to walk
along a wall collecting bonuses and avoiding hazards to ring the bell at
the  other  side of the screen.  In the Target is a game from Italy.  It
is a shoot'em up where you have to line up ships, planes etc in your gun
sights  and  shoot'em.   Bonuses  are also available in this game set on
three  levels of ability.  Works rather fast on a 1200.  Suicide Mission
is  from  David  Christian.   Here  you are a helicopter pilot trying to
shoot  down  the  enemy  and  avoiding  getting shot down yourself.  The
source for this game is on an Amos progs disk.

Tetrix, Underground, XFI
From Australia

Tower II
From Australia

An   excellent  demo  version  of  an  isometric  adventure  games  from
Australia.   There  is  a  fair  bit  of play in the demo version and it
includes some rather crude effects!  Naughty, but funny!

Assorted programs

Akira Demo, Dogfight 1, Full View

Various Progs
From Aussie Collection

Picturesque,  Revolution!,  Robbie to the rescue 2.  An Art package, and
two games.

Assorted Progs

Lottoadvantage,  MazeGen  Demo, People Squasher.  Another Aussie proggie
to  do  with  the national lottery, a maze generator and a gruesome game
where the idea is to squash pedestians as they walk along the street.

From Australia

Demos & Game
From Australia

Headstrong Demo, Invoice Demo, Pacman. Two demos and a game.

Dithell In Space
Demo Version

Darren  Ithell has sent us his Shareware game to distribute as PD demo.
The  game  and graphics are very impressive and the full version is well
worth the registration fee which is less than a fiver.

Animal Land 1
MD Wilson

This is an educational memory game with animals as its theme.

Ben Ashley

Ben has decided that this proggie is to be PD after holding onto it for
ages!   It's  an  Ansi writer.  If you do not know what this is, it is a
utility  which  allows you to `paint' using characters from the keyboard
to  create  coloured  messages/pictures such are seen on Bulletin boards
etc.  It's easy to use and useful for those wanting to design messages.

ZOG-Fonts 1
J Auslebrook

Demo showing big Fonts for Ctext, available as shareware

In the Target
Michele Berionne

This  is  a  game  from Italy where you have to shoot at targets using a
cross-hair gunsight.  Not the greatest graphics, but the game is good as
a first effort.

View Tools
Paul Compton

Utilities  disk  which  allows you to view lots of things!  Programs are
called  Viewdisk,  Viewphone,  Viewtree and convert.Disk comes with full
docs and Hard drive versions.

Assorted Compiled Programs

Various programs from the USA plus EasyBase and Text Convertor

Paul Young

This  game is a very colourful platform game where you choose your level
from a rotating menu.

Classified Demo

French  Demo,  very  stylish  demo  from  this  French  group  which has
impressed  Cubic  enough  to write a review of it for Totally Amos Issue

Another Boring Year

Syntex are still alive and producing Demos! This one is as impressive as
ever, but has everyone wondering if it is done in pure Amos!

ASI Virus Killers

Thanks  to  Brian  of  Vally  PD  for  supplying me with a disk of Virus
Killers which work on the A1200! Several Killers plus full docs.

GPD240 & GPD241
Necessary Roughness

This  is  a two disk American football management game written in Amos.
It  looks  very impressive, but as I don't have a clue about the game, I
find it hard to describe!

The Dragon Compilation
Michael Wilson

14  year old Michael has sent us in his first shareware game compilation
disk.   It  contains  3  games,  Dragon  Sim, which is a flight sim view
dogfight  game where you, the `pilot' are seated on the back of a dragon
instead  of  inside  a  plane.   Sewer is described as a mindless stress
reliever  where you have to use your mouse by shooting the alien bugs as
they  come  along the sewerpipe.  It might relieve your stress, but your
mouse  will  need  a  rest  at a health farm to recover!  Dragon 2 is an
isometric  two  player  dogfight  type  game.  Good fun for two players,
difficult for one!
Also on the disk are a couple of demos and vista pics.

Lee Bamber

This  is  a  demo  version  of  a  Licenseware  game  distributed  by F1
Licenseware  of  Devon.   It  is  an  Amos version of Megalomania and is
excellent.  This demo version gives you 10 minutes to have a look at the
kingdoms  and  their  stats  and also to do battle with one neighbouring

Paul Young

A  shareware  game  set  in space where you have to shoot down the enemy
ships  before  they  are close enough to damage you.  It atarts of easy,
but gets faster and faster.

Paul Young

Another  shareware  game from Paul Young.  In this one you are the pilot
of  a  fighter  jet flying above the jungle.  You have to shoot down the
enemy planes as they come towards you.

Michael J Wilson

This is a very nice shareware disk which will inform you about Roman
life. This disk deals with Architecture and entertainment and is packed
with facts and pictures. It is very informative and if you choose to
register you will get the full version which includes a self test
This is a very interesting way of learning History.
This  is  a  kiddies art package giving plenty of colours and facilitiw

Bill Tribble

The  program  on this disk is properly named Bill's Magic Colour Cycler.
It's  a  series of coloured patterns which change and gyrate in the form
of  a  slideshow.   It's something you could use as disco lights!  There
are  options  to  adjust  brightness  etc  to make it blend in with your
colour scheme if you so wish.  The comment on the disk label says `Don't
leave earth without it!' - As if I would!
Fren >  Headstrong Demo, Invoice Demo, Pacman. Two demos and a game.

Mr Shark Goes Racing
This racing game won a prize at the 1994 FES show in London. It is a
good program and is a shareware demo with more tracks etc available for
a fee.

This is a platform game with a fishy theme. Jump & collect the items
while looking out for the baddies! Recommended.

Paul Overy
This is the best Amos racing game around to date and shows what can be
done with Amos using the Turbo extension. Well worth looking at if you
enjoy this type of game.
oung.  In this one you are the pilotu

Sonic Drum Kit v1.5
Malcolm Lavery

This   is   a  demo  version  of  a  tracker-type  program  for  budding
percussionists.   There  arre four tracks which can be filled with beats
from various effects situated at the top of the screen in your drum kit.
You can cut and paste rythms, change instruments and load in a couple of
previously  saved  scores  to  hear what this program can do.In the full
version,  available  from  Malcolm for a fiver, there is a choice of kit
which  will  make  things  even more fun!  There are lots of facilities,
some  of  which have been disables in this version, but there are plenty
here  to  give you an excellent idea of how much fun you can have.  This
program  is very well presented and is easy to use and does what it says
it  will!   Have  all the fun of being the next Phil Collins without the
expense of a full drum kit!