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Contents ScopeDisk1

AddIcon1.0 - This is a little utility program which will 'create' (actually
	'clone') icons for files which do not already have one.  The icons
	which are used as the templates are stored in a directory which MUST
	be named AddIcon_Icons.  These icons may be changed, replaced, or
	deleted at will.  The default tool and the tooltypes stored in the
	.info file will be carried over to the new icon.

B.A.D - This is a demo and does not do all the regular prog does. BAD
	cleans up the a disk and then writes it to a new disk. Icons an all
	appear a lot quicker. Also lessens the graunching noises drives can

CommTut - a long and detailed tutorial on comms.

Rainbow - various tunes with various instruments. Plays with DMCS.

FlipText1.2 - a print formatting prog for an Epson printer. Prints in
	groups of 48 or 60 lines of 255 characters sideways on the printer.
	Various options.

DNet - An Alpha release of a Unix utility mainly for getting Amigas to
	talk to each other over phone lines.

Files - a file cataloging utility by Matt Dillon.

FreeRam - lists to stdo where exactly all free ram lives with addresses.

GetOpt - another progamming utility. The function getopt() returns the
	next option letter in argv that matches a letter in optstring.
	Optstring is a string of valid option letters; if an option letter
	is followed by a colon (:), that option is expected to have an argument
	that may or may not be separated from it by white space.  Optarg is set
	to point to the start of the option's argument on return from getopt();

Kurta - more C source this time with intuition etc.

Resident - little utility that prints out all names  of devices, libraries
	etc that are resident.

Semaphores - The Autodocs on message & signal semaphores seem to be a
	little bit lacking. These notes might clarify the use of them just a

BtoA - is a filter that reads anything from the standard input, and
	encodes it into printable ASCII on the standard output.  It also
	attaches a header and checksum information used by the reverse filter
	_a_t_o_b to find the start of the data and to check integrity.

Cd - is a replacememnt for AmigaDos cd but this time adds a note to the
	menu bar saying what the current path is.

Colour_Twiddler - First, you can experiment with different colour
	combinations by actually specifying numeric parameters for Red, Green,
	and Blue. You can also do the same with numerous programs which use
	"slider gadgets", but I include the capability for completeness. Note
	there's also a slider-gadget option in this program which you can
	enable at compile time.
Contents ScopeDisk2

AutoPics - will call your viewing program to display all the pics in a
	directory having the user-specified extension (such as .pic or .ham).
	In essence, any picture viewing program will become a slideshow
	without the bother of a script.

ShowAnim - A program for the playing of ANIM files. The usage for this
	program is simply: Showanim <filename>

VT100_2.8 - The famous VT100 emulator terminal prog with Kermit and XModem.

Conman1.1 - ConMan is a replacement console handler that provides line
	editing and command history for any program that uses CON: windows.
	It runs under AmigaDOS V1.2 and is completely transparent to other
	software.  After ConMan has been activated, all CON: windows opened
	by AmigaDOS will automatically use the ConMan handler.  This includes
	command windows opened by NEWCLI as well as any data input/output
	windows that your program may use.

Introducer - create your own scrolling demos! Use your own pictures, your
	own sounds, and of course, your own text files.

Vac1.5 - a neat little hack that will `cleanup' your workbench when it gets
	too cluttered.

Music - Sound of Silence and Scarborough Fair. Plays Ok with DMCS

Breaker - This song requires the instruments on the data disk that comes
	with Sonix 2.0 plus the instruments included here.	Enjoy the song.

LaceWb - LaceWB will toggle LACE mode of the workbench screen WITHOUT
	re-booting the system. Runs from both CLI or Workbench.

LLsort - This assembly language program is a very good replacement for
	the AMIGADos SORT utility found in c:.  It performs in-memory sorts
	of ASCII text files whose records are terminated by the linefeed
	character (0A hex., 10 decimal).  For those familiar with the Shell
	environment, LLSort has its Pure bit set and may be made resident.

Browser1.2 - Browser provides a less flashy but more useful (at least
	for programmer's and other power users) adjunct to the Amiga Workbench.
	It also radically reduces the need for directory utilities.
	It emulates most of the features and capabilities of the Workbench
	in text-only windows. All files in the system are accessible... not
	just the ones that have icons associated with them.	Supported features
	include: executing, copying/moving,	renaming, and deleting files;
	and examining, copying/moving, renaming, creating, and deleting
	directories. Unsupported features: formatting, renaming, and making
	raw	copies of diskettes.

VBoot1.01 - This program provides a convienient way of examining the boot
	block of a disk to determine the presence of a 'virus'.  The program
	presently checks for the existance of the AEK, SCA, LSD, and Byte
	Bandit viruses.  If the virus check itself is defeated, the program
	still allows you to view the boot block of a disk in an ascii format
	to check for character strings that may alert you to the presence of
	a virus.

Beyond_Icon_ed - is a file containing commands for creating and editing
	icons beyond what can be done with IconEd.  While all these commands
	can be found in the public domain, I have never seen them all together
	in a file that explained how to use them in relationship to each other.
	 Basic to using these commands is Deluxe Paint which takes the place
	of IconEd.

Sonix-Player - PLAY is that program you've been patiently waiting for
	that'll let you listen to Sonix tunes without Sonix itself.  Not
	only can you play scores, but you can also create PLAY scripts that
	play multiple scores, one right after the next.  This allows for
	continuous music which is desirable for slide shows and the like.
	 This is possible since PLAY can start a score playing, while
	preloading the next score.  In addition, PLAY may be used from either
	the Workbench or the CLI.

Undelete - The only problem with undelete is that you **MUST** know the
	name of the file you are attempting to undelete. The syntax for
	undelete is: undelete.XXX <filename>   [where .XXX is the appropriate
	extension] After the file is undeleted, you will find it in the
 	selected drive. Also undelete renames the file by appending the
	block # on the end of the orig.filename.

Contents ScopeDisk3

Digitizing - a general howto on digitizing with considerable detail by
	Ralph Reed.

Fontfacts - a even more detailed and long article on Amiga fonts.

MouseCMd - MouseCMD is a utility that allows you to execute commands or
	enter text at a click of the mouse button. This is done by introducing
	simulated keystrokes into the input stream, appearing to the system that
	commands are being entered from the keyboard.

VirusX_1.21 - One of a growing band of virus zappers.

WhichFont - by Rob Peck that asks AvailFonts() to make a list of the fonts
	that are available and makes a list of them, then opens a separate
	window and prints a description of the various attributes that can
	be applied to the fonts, in the font itself.  Notice that not all
	fonts accept all attributes (garnet9 for example, won't underline).

A68k - by Charlie Gibbs. This assembler is based on	Brian R. Anderson's
	68000 cross-assembler published in Dr. Dobb's Journal, April through
	June 1986. I have converted it to produce AmigaDOS-format object
	modules, and have made many enhancements such as macros and	include

Access! - One of a new generation of Comms progs for the amiga. Full
	colour with many options but no zmodem or scripting.

Gif2Ami - These two programs were developed for Compuserve to enable
	different types of computers to exchange pictures.  The majority of
	GOOD pictures are done on the Amiga.  When the pictures are displayed
	on an Amiga you can very easily tell if they were done on an IBM or
	MAC (the quality just is not there). The program Giffy is used to
	display GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) pictures and the program
	IFF2GIF is used to make GIF files from IFF files. Note how much less
	disk space is used by GIF files.  To display GIF files on an IBM
	(EGA recommended) use the program CSHOW which is floating around in
	the IBM section on many BBSs.

Display - a selection of screen hacks. Play around and have a surprise.

Amiga_Early_Days - a talk given by R.J. Mical at Boston Computer Society
	in Cambridge Massachusetts. 6 Pages of notes.

Structures - 2 progs, Xplor scans all the system lists that start in
	ExecBase and prints out their names and the addresses at which they
	start. Also Structure Browser for which there are no notes.

Contents ScopeDisk4

ForEach - as in "foreach #?.c compress -v" which will run compress
	(with flag -v) on all files matching #?.c.

UpDate - a replacement for AmigaDos Copy that retains the date along with
	pattern matching, optional 'to' and 'from' qualifiers, copy directories
	and lots lots more.

Icons3 - by Jeff White. Several icons to look at.

CramIcon - yet more icons.

KPointers - about 25 different pointers but cannot be seen without using
	the Prefs programm supplied.

MacFont - a conversion package for ,well, converting Mac fonts to Amiga

PS-IFF - a utility for converting Commodore 64 PrintShop Graphics to
	brusg files for DPaint.

MagIcons - This is a collection of original Icons and a pointer for
	your Workbench Disk, plus three extra Disk Icons-- Dem.info and
	Comm.info, and File.info. Dem.info is intended for an Amiga demos
	disk, such as one containing the Juggler, Robocity, Boing, and other
	demos which show off your Amiga's talents.  The Comm.info icon is
	intended, of course for a communications disk, and File.info for
	a file disk.

Wp-Ps2 - WP-PS is a file conversion program that enables Word Perfect
	users to transfer files more easily into PageSetter textfile

Patch - This is a port of the UNIX patch program to the Amiga.
	Patch is an expert at updating source files by applying context diffs
	to them (context diffs are produced by the BSD UNIX program diff).

Scalc41 - A relativley simple version of the old Unix Scalc with Amiga
	bits and pieces added. Quite usable.

AmiCron - This is a (no longer) crude but effective version of the Unix (tm)
	program known as "cron" modified to run on an Amiga.  For those
	who aren't Unix knowledgeable, cron is a background task which
	uses a disk-resident table to automatically run certain tasks on a
	regular basis.

Pri - Sets the priority of the specified process to pri. These have to be
	CLI	processes; pri won't change the prioirity of programs started from
	the WB.

Multisco - a user definable `Kaleidoscope' program. Very nice.


ICONLAB1 - this shareware program provides an unusually nice icon
		manipulator.  It will allow you to change the type of any
		icon to any other type, to change the tooltypes, etc., to
		view each part of an animated icon.  The viewing window is
		large, so you can use it with oversized icons that will not
		fit into IconEd.

DISKSALV13 - an update to the indispensable DiskSalv from Dave Haynie.  The
		new version will rescue disks from either old or new file
		systems, from floppy or from hard disks.  It can be used
		selectively to rescue only certain programs.  The features
		are far too numerous to list, because this disk is nearly

EW12 - Exploding Windows is a cute little screen hack, but it does so much
		to dress up the Amiga that I thought you'd want to see it.
		I use it most of the time.  It takes up a little time, but
		is just too attractive to dismiss.

FASTDISK - A program from Germany, with documentation in both German and in
		a translation to English.  The program optimizes disks for
		faster access, and it works by copying your disk to a fresh
		one, reorganizing as it goes.  It is said to make directories
		from three to five times as fast as normal.

LESS1.3 - This update to LESS has all the features of the UNIX version, has
		a manual and a help file, and offers many extensions to the
		popular file reader we've used for a long time.  The source
		came with this file, but would not fit on this disk.  It
		is on Fish #14.

SHELL2.10 - Matt Dillon's latest update to his shell.  There have been
		several bug fixes and additions.  Not only has the Delay(0)
		bug been circumvented, but SETENV and PRINTENV have been
		added.  These permit you to have global variables that will
		apply to all shells running in the system.

FLOAT - A nice little utility that will make any icon a "noposition" icon.
		It is extremely easy to use:  Just click on the "Float" icon
		then double-click on the non-floating icon, and it will
		be changed.

ACCESS1.4 - This terminal program grows more and more useful.  It now has
		a "read" facility, a view buffer that can be saved, and
		supports PAL, MoreRows, interlace, etc.  If you use this
		please do not put the menu that contains "Quit" at the top
		of the screen.  That is being fixed, but the fix is not
		available yet.  The program works fine if you take this
		precaution.  Shareware from Keith Young.

SHOWFONT - With this one, you can look at every character in a font without
		having to load the font into memory.  It will open a window,
		read the font from disk and display the full character set,
		and then go away when you click the close gadget.

HANDYICONS - I think it very likely that this one will become indispensable
		to almost everyone with a hard disk, if not to everyone
		else.  It makes an extra menu on the Workbench disk.  You
		can then store all your most necessary tool names in that
		menu and select them just as you would select anything else
		from the regular menus.  To add a new tool, type the path
		to that tool into the ToolTypes blank for HandyIcons.info.

SHOWIZ - Why another slideshow program?  This one has more than twenty ways
		to present a picture, and it will do them without a script.
		A script can be written if you want to fancy things up,
		but ShoWiz will work without one, and will make an interes-
		ting presentation with minimum work.

Contents ScopeDisk6

CPU2 v2.0 - Displays CPU type and presence of a maths co-processor.
	Also displays video type and wether system clocking is internal or
	from a genlock. Author Thad Floryan.

MakeData - Turns any file into a series of data statements for 68000 code.
	Author David Ashley.

ReSource - A demonstartion version of ReSourcean interactive disassembler
	for the Amiga. Three functions are disabled in the demo version.
	"Save.asm", "Save partial.asm", and "Save.RS". Author Glen McDiarmid.

CTutor - A tutorial of the 'C' language by Brian Kernighan. Many source
	code example in a large tutorial.

ExtractFont - Will take any standard Amiga font and create a C source
	file so that the font may be used without having to appear in the
	users Fonts: directory. Compile and link into your own program. An
	example with code is included. Author Gregg Tavares

6809XASM - An Alpha version of the 6809 cross assembler for the Amiga.
	Included is the source test file usewd to help debug the program.
	Author Dave Casler

Arexx - A set of Arexx example programs. NOTE these require Arexx support
	library and the program. Author Larry Phillips.

Enough - Tests for the availablity of enough Ram to do the job. 2 example
	are provided one of which is for Matt Dillons shell.
	Author Eric Kennedy.

IncRev - Will automatically increment the revision number of a program
	every time it is recompiled. Creates its own object module Rev.o.
	which contains a global symbol called Revision which is a longword
	variable. Get access to this in C by inserting "extern long revision;"
	in your code. Author Bryan Ford.

AToolsm2 - A collection of simple to use audio routines that enable the
	user to queue up several sounds and have the audio device play them
	sequentially while your program continues doing what it is doing,
	without going directly to the hardware.
	Author Rob Peck with Modula 2 conversion by Anthony Bryant

Contents ScopeDisk8

A68k121 - If you are an experienced 68000/68010 Assembly language
	programmer, you will find much of this material useful in
	understanding assembly language programming on the AMIGA. If you are
	an experienced AMIGA assembly language programmer, you may find much
	of the material boring, and will only want to use this as a reference
	document. If you don't know assembly language, then this document will
	not teach it, so you may need to get one of a number available
	reference books on MC68000 assembly language programming.

ASG - ASG is a simple compiler that allows you to define windows, menus,
	gadgets, and requesters in a simple manner.  It allows you to supply
	only the information you feel is relevent and it will supply the rest.

ASM - various assembly routines.

DeBug - a debugger geared towards the heavy duty hacker.

Hunker - This program was written by Terry Fisher.  Its purpose: to fix
	some of those nasty programs that were written before people started
	using fast memory. Now, it can also be used as a valuable 'C'
	development tool, similar in function to the Assembly language Atom
	utility.  By running this program on your executable, you can avoid
	having to copy image data into chip memory.  Simply put 'Hunker
	<file> d=c' into your Makefile, and all initialized data will be
	 loaded into chip memory automatically.

IA - An early but effective iconmaker Use in conjunction with a paint prog.

MenuBuild -   There is a difficulty in building menus, this program will
	automate the process.  This program will take a simple text file  and
	generate a C source file with all the needed structures for producing
	an AMIGA Menu.

PtrData - The Intuition function SetPointer() allows you to attach a
	custom pointer to a window by specifing the Window, Sprite, height,
	width, xoffset and yoffset. The Preferences program allows you to
	design your custom pointers but it saves them as a preferences
	structure in the devs: directory as a file system-configuration.
	This program will read the system-configuration file and then generate
	the C data needed to use the SetPointer function.

Qint - A Matt Dillon special on Interrupts etc.

SmallLib - This is for all you who program the Amiga in 68000 assembly
	(Both of you... :-).  It works just like Amiga.lib except it's only
	11K instead of over 88K.  What's missing??  All those mangy C language
	stubs you don't need anyway.

SuperLib - a general C support library often used by Matt Dillon.

Contents of ScopeDisk9

AMIGANTT - Gantt charts, designed to help executives or others who must
	coordinate large projects and keep them moving smoothly.  This appears
	to be an extremely useful program for anyone who tries to organize
	 group efforts.

FONTFIXER - a program that will rebuild the xxx.font file after sizes have
	been added or deleted from the file.

ALERT2 - an update to the SetAlert program, which is needed by some A2000
	and A500 machines in order for the system alerts to work properly.

TITLEBAR - an AmigaBASIC program that will let you change the title bar
	pattern from the normal five lines to other patterns.  Several sample
	patterns are included.

DMOUSE106 - Matt Dillon's DMOUSE, has a sunmouse, screen blanker, mouse
	accelerator, window and screen depth arranging, other utilities.

SOUND - permits the playing of almost any sound from a workbench icon or
	from the CLI.

IA - Changes an IFF image to assembly code icon - simple images only.
	Does not change icon type

MEMCLK - bar clock with memory display, hidden gadgets.  Uses 9K memory.

UD - a screen hack, similar to FLIP.

DWRICONS - two new drawer icons for your workbench.  One has a real bang to

STAYLIVE - game.  You can have 1 player against the computer, or two
	players, and can adjust the winning score.   Has instructions, but I
	found it difficult to make it quit.

ZING! - a patch program for owners of the Zing! utility program that makes
	it easier to use.

JOURNAL20 - version 2.0.  This is a program for keeping up with accounts of
	various kinds.  It is suitable for a small business or for the home,
	and appears to have many useful features.

MICKEY - an AMIGABASIC toy for very young children.  The author's child
	is 3 and can play with it.  What?  A mouse factory, of course.  Needs

ICONIZER - will iconize pointers so that you can open a drawer of pointers,
	click on the one you want to use, and it will become your current
	pointer. Create the pointers in Preferences, or get them by the
	diskful from some BBSs.

MARQUEE - creates rolling text in very large letters.  Create your text
	file in ED or any text editor.  Very simple to use.

ROST - Report on Storage, Report on Tasks.  Gives you info on the tasks that
	are running, and on the memory left

Contents  ScopeDisk10

ASG - Amiga Structure Generator, will take an IFF image of a window, etc.,
	and create C code for the structures needed to put it in your program.

IXECUTE - allows you to execute a script file from an icon, no typing.

ICONZ - two icons for programs

BLITLAB3 - the latest version of Thomas Rokiki's Blitlab, with
	documentation.  This is recognized as the best documentation
	demonstration, and instruction on the blitter that can be found.

MADMOOSE - similar to MACH or DMOUSE, but has different utilities.
	Especially strong on cycling/changing colors, etc.  Emphasis on giving
	keyboard replacements for the mouse movements.

AMIC58E - the last freely distributable version of this terminal programs
	before it goes commercial.  Many features.

NEWONES  - a collection of icons of various types.

REN - a program that renames fonts, and that permits you to put just the
	xxx.font file on the boot disk, with the remainder of the font file on a
	separate disk.  The program will prompt for the fonts disk when needed.
	Very useful.

DFW-FRQ72 - the public list of broadcast frequencies used by various Fort
	Worth-Dallas area businesses, etc.

ASIA - three pictures, Asian themes

TREASURE - detailed hi-res picture of a well-guarded treasure

REX - an Arexx interface for Matt Dillon's DME editor

CLKDCTR - this program checks the clock for viruses, according to the
      .txt file.  This was uploaded to a BBS without documentation or
      source.  Author unknown.

HD34_4 - neither documentation nor source given.  This program was said to
      be a utility for the 2090 hard disk controller.

MAKEARC - shareware (no amount specified) by Bryan Ford.  This utility will
      read a directory (or entire disk), rename any long names to "Xfile.?",
      remove files from subdirectories and delete the subdirectories, and
      will create at the same time an EXECUTE.ME file which will rebuild
      this directory structure and rename the files to their original
      names.  This programs prepares something to be arced, but does not
      compress the program.  You must run arc to do that.

DISKX21 - by Steve Tibbetts.  (Send him anything - even a letter.)
      Latest update of this excellent disk editor.  This version works
      correctly with hard disks as well as floppies, and can be used with
      interlace if you desire.  It will also let you save specified blocks
      to a file, so that (for example) you can disassemble them for study.

FFSMOUNT - by Tony (?) (SARGE* on PLINK).  Mountlist entry and some documen-
      tation that will let you set one of your 3 1/2" files to use the
      new 1.3 fast file system.  Be warned that it is incompatible with
      current disks, so don't get them mixed up!

CPROF12 - by Michael Purcell.  This program will keep a record of the
      execution counts and function elapsed times of C programs.  It is
      designed for study and debugging of programs, and for rating their
      efficiency.  Documentation and source included.  Nov. 87 version.

PS2 - an "advertisement" for the IBM PS2 family of computers.  Hires

SCREENX21 - by Steve Tibbetts.  (Send him anything, almost.)
      This utility has several features for managing screens:  cycle screens
      so you can get to those that are hidden behind programs without
      depth gadgets; save a screen to IFF file; send a screen to the
      printer; a clock, and some other gadgets.

FILEMAP1 - D. J. James has added features to Leo Schwab's filemap program.
      The program will display the sectors used on a disk graphically.  You
      can enter the name of a program and it will display the sectors
      associated with that program.  This version has track numbers, etc.
      displayed at the top of the screen.  Run from CLI only.

TEXTED - by Michael Sinz.  This was a commercial program in 1986, but has
      now been released to public domain by the author.  It has many
      features that ED lacks, and the price is right!

MEMOCAL - modified May 88 by Ron Charlton.  Displays a calendar on the
      screen.  Has an option to display memo options for current month,
      if you have made a file of those memos and have them stored
      where the program can reach them.

WARP12A - recently updated version of WARP, a program that will compress an
      entire disk and prepare it to be uploaded or downloaded.  Using WARP
      at the other end will then reconstruct the disk to its original
      structure.  This version will refuse to compress a disk containing
      any of several known viruses, and has other small updates.

MAKEANIM - will take a series of IFF pictures made with paint programs or
      with some of the animation programs, and will compress and then
      create from them an animation file that can be played back with
      ShowAnim, the Director, or other such display programs.  Author's
      name not given in docs.

MESHUGNEA - by Michael Lebow  A VT220 terminal program with documentation
      and an INSTALL script.  The program works with 80 or 132 columns,
      and contains several fonts.  It supports many text features, and
      supports VT100 and VT52 as well.

Nagel - a picture of ......a female with black hair etc  by Patrick Nagel

Contents ScopeDisk12

FINANCA - a set of programs to do calculations for home finance, such as
	mortgage payments, annuity values or payments, growth of savings, etc.

Abel0531 - May list of orderings by the ABEL mail order firm (one that has a
	reputation for honest, good service and low prices.)

POPFUNC - utilities such as screen/window shuffling, screen blanking, hot
	keys, run program in background with a keystroke, others.

SDX - simple document extractor - will read a C-source file and extract the
	documentation found there, placing it in a separate file.

CONTROL - puts a control panel on the screen from which you can set a number
	of printer functions, such as type size and type.

UTILMAS67 - Update to a popular directory utility with many buttons.  Seems
	to do almost anything needed.

SHANIM - the BBS said it was new - but it looks very much like the same
	SHOWANIM we have been using for the past several months.  An upgrade?

RESTRING - permits you to find and replace a string in a file without using
	a disk editor.

PSPOOL - print spooler, many features

TFL-6-88 - THE FINAL LIST, actually a list of all the Amiga BBS numbers
	available to people who have PC-Pursuit.  Can be used as the phone list
	for several popular terminal programs, such as AMIC or COMM.

CONTOURA - a 3D graphing program.  The author said you could use it to
	design shirts, among other things, but I wonder???

Archa1.0 - This program is a utility that provides considerable help to the
	user in various archival functions.  It will handle the 9 functions:
	in a dirutil like format.

Contents ScopeDisk13

MASK1 - hi-res picture of a mask.  Nice colors and detail.

M2DU360 - latest update of the Modula 2 directory utility program.

PEEL - views successive IFF images by picking up a corner and peeling off
	the old one.

MALEGUENA - DMCS music, arranged by Barbara Cramer

MAKEML - makes a mountlist from the tables held in memory.  Can be
	redirected to a file if needed.  Handy if your list is damaged.

RUNTIME - another DMCS music arrangement by Barbara Cramer

CYCLER11 - a viewer that cycles the colors for you.

MAYNEWS - a rumors, tips, and humor column downloaded from a network.
	Magazine format.

FRACGEN - must be put on a separate disk to work properly.  This program
	generates interesting fractal designs, and allows you to draw a simple
	design of your own which it will then turn into a fractal scene.  Very
	fast and interesting.

MG2A - full-featured text editor, modelled after the GNU editor.

Contents ScopeDisk14

HAMKLIDO - a kaleidoscope in HAM mode.  Colors move smoothly through the
	whole 4096 colors, lowres screen.
	 Public domain, by Greg Searle.

DOSKWIK2 - said to be an update to the DosKwik on the Fish disk.  It will
	save RAM: or VD0: of any size to disk(s) in a non-standard way, and
	Will then read them back about 2 to 3 times the usual speed.  Saves
	much time when rebooting.

CC - a frontend for Lattice C compiler.  Originally by Fred Fish, but
	modified by MWM (??) to work with 4.0.  Source only.

Mach22 - yet another revision and update to this popular program

C64EMU - a semi-emulator of the C64 for the Amiga.  It emulates the screen,
	complete with screen editing, and accepts most of the commands used
	on the 64, but sometimes the results....are, well....interesting!
	Written by Eddy Carroll, Wicklow, Ireland

TCELL - virus killer, said to detect and remove four kinds of virus.

RunBack2 - an update to the RunBack program from several months ago.The
	program lets you start things running from a script, but letting the
	CLI detach itself.  This update causes the c directory of both drives
	and of ram to be checked for the program before giving up.

EpsStp - Enhanced process status and set task priority programs.

SuperMrt - figures a number of amortization, principal and loan problems.
	Colorful, easy and friendly to use.

Orbit3D - a space game that can be played with 3D glasses (if you have
	them), or without them if you don't.  Instructions and many options.

DU194 - update to the popular directory utility.  This one surely does every
	thing anyone could want from such a utility!

Arexx - some text that tells you what Arexx is all about and why people
	are finding it so useful.

Contents ScopeDisk15

QRT - Quick Ray Tracing program.  The program requires three steps to obtain
	a ray-traced image.  All necessary programs are included, and has a
	sample picture. Written by Steve Koren.

KCKFONT2 - allows you to replace the Topaz fonts (both sizes) with a font
	built into this program.  Installation is as easy as running a program.
	Do use a COPY of your kickstart disk.

NEWZAP31 - a file or sector editor.  NewZap, by John Hodgson, is easy to
	use, with most of the features being intuitive.  This new version
	provides keyboard equivalents for almost all of the mouse movements.

AMIGAONLINE - First issue of a disk magazine for the Amiga.  This one has
	reviews of Flight Simulator, Jet, Interceptor and Harrier, of the
	Phasar accounting system, the WordPerfect Library, late news about
	WordPerfect updates, etc., and extensive information on the new
	CompuServe software.

AMIGATRE - text files.  Amagatre.2 and Amigatre.3 contain two installments
	of the Starship Amiga adventures, starring all those folks who make
	and keep the Amiga going.  One of these involves a fellow named Fish
	and the Amiga viruses; the other, Amiga and the Marketroids.

FLIRP - a screen hack.  This program will take a textfile and will put the
	letters on the screen in a random pattern.  Interesting - but useful???

SCT - Set Color Table.  This utility lets you set the colors of any screen.
	It pops up in a small window and you can adjust the colors with sliders.
	Written by A.K.Levin.

SNOOP - by Martin J. Laubach.  This is a "poor man's snoop" utility.  It is
	something like the "Snoop" in the developers' material, but this one
	sends its output to a file instead of to a separate terminal, and it
	is a subset of the facilities in the regular snoop.

CLICK - by Peter da Silva.  Run a program in a Workbench environment, but
	from the CLI.  Just type click program name and the program will run
	as though clicked on the Workbench, then return you to the CLI.

5.25DRV - instructions and a schematic for making an IBM drive into a 5 1/4"
	drive that will work with the Amiga.

WP - an example of WordPerfect macros.  This one converts a WordPerfect text
	file into a document file.

Contents ScopeDisk16

ISpell - a port of the GNU Ispell for the Amiga.  This spelling checker is
	one that is in use on the computers at MIT, and was ported to the
	Amiga by one of the MIT students. It appears to be a very full-featured
	program, but is not Amigatized very much.

ARRAYS - requires AmigaBASIC to run.  It is a small program that determines
	the amount of memory required for a set of dimensioned arrays.

MRBackup - Mike Rinfret's hard disk backup program.  This is a recent
	version with some improvements and bug fixes.

ABEL0708 - a price list from Abel mail order firm.  Good for deciding
	whether a product is available, or if a rice is reasonable, even if
	you prefer your local dealer.

HUMBIRD2.0- an improved version of the cute hummingbird pointer.  This
	version includes source.

ARCHA11 - version 1.1 of the program that decompresses any kind of file in
	current use on the popular BBS circuit - it will ARC, PAK, or ZOO files,
	and will also UNARC, UNPAK, or UNZOO them.  All by point-and-click -
	no CLI needed.

CW11 - this is a utility that will replace characters in a file with a
	string of your choosing.  Includes documentation and source.

Contents ScopeDisk17

BShell - a small, simple shell that allows you to do command editing
	and a few other things such as assign function keys.  Requires ARP.

Tiles - Graphic puzzle/game.  Figure out the pattern that lets you
	clear the board of all the tiles.  NOT EASY!

QLens - enlarge any part of your screen with this magnifyer

Spuds hi-res picture of your favorite dog.

QMouse10 - another of the mouse utilities that provide sunmouse, screen
	blanking, and other utilities.

Benz - impressive picture of a Mercedes-Benz.

Lotto - visually attractive random-number generator

TunaJune  - another of the humorous text files about the Amiga crew and
	their Trekkie adventures.

Nasty - an example of a "nasty blitter"

Gotcha - A screen hack.  Didn't try this one.  Try at your own risk.

du361m2 - another version of the Modula 2 directory utility.  All kinds
	of assistance with file handling, disk management, etc.

SCS1 - Construct slideshow scripts easily.  Run and display your
	favorite pictures.

PPTool1 - a tool to help with the fonts for Professional Page

DTutor - disk tutorial.  This covers disk layout and also explains how
	to used a track and sector editor.

Iceman - high resolution graphic of a plane

DMCSpec - reads a DMCS file and makes a list of the instruments needed
	to play it.

Stand - The music and special instruments needed to play "Stand By Me"

Contents ScopeDisk18

Plug2.0 - is a program designed to allow you to create ARexx scripts
	that can be run under the workbench by using project icons.

Fixtxt - is a small utility for cleaning up text files that are littered
	with binary. The output file will contain text and linefeed chars only.
	Tabs expand to spaces. Tabstop allows an optional tab position setting.

LDebug2.0 - Demo version of a neat source level and symbolic debugger for
	the Lattice compiler. It allows you to load your program and trace by
	individual source line or 68000 instruction.

MoreIcons - another selection of various icons.

Muncho - some fun sounds that can be run from the cli. Hear your Amiga eat
	a disk and say thank you, or sneeze when a disk is ejected.

Raisin - a movie showing a raisin waving its lil ole arms around on a stage
	Gross!!! (this doesn't work on an A3000)

RedHood - a picture of a woman with a red hood.

AVi1.0 - The program avi is a workalike version of UN*X vi for the Amiga.
	It is intended to provide vi users, who tend to be a rather hardcore
	lot, with their favorite text editor. Version 1.0 implements only a
	subset of standard vi, has a few intentional changes, and many (minor)
	unintentional changes.

Contents ScopeDisk19

NagTiger - Nagel's picture of a tiger, digitized  No credits given.

Chicago - Macfont called Chicago, cleaned up with kerning and spacing
	improved.  Done with Calligrapher 1.05, so should be fixed.

KKSol - Compiled AmigaBASIC game.  Solitare played on 4 x 4 square Colorful
	hi-res screen, fast play.  Offers several levels of difficulty.

Eliza - assembly source included.  This is rewritten for the Amiga                by the author of the original 6502 version of Eliza, but
	based on the 1965 game written for mainframes at MIT. Requires ARP 34+
	(Eliza is a psychologist who will talk with you about your troubles.
	AI demo.)

Display - Animation and IFF viewer.  This is an update. Includes a sample
	file that illustrates use of all commands.

IBMJoke - Inspired by Eddy Carroll's C64 emulator, with new twists by
	different authors here.  Source NOT included.  Some entertaining and
	clever touches.

Blinker - AmigaBASIC linker.  Links sub-programs to main program.
	Instructions, several modules included.

OnLineMag - Issue #3 of AmyReport, the online Amiga magazine placed on
	CompuServe by Henry Colonna and others.  Reviews of Manx, SDB,
	WordPerfect LIBRARY, new 24-pin printer, several games.  This magazine
	has good content, but lacks polish in spelling, grammar, etc.  Reviews
	are nicely written, and show thoughtfulness.

Startup2 - allows use of different batch files so that you can have your own
	 choice of custom startups for different situations.

EyeBall - a picture of an eyeball - not a real one.

Mach2.3 - a versatile utility for screen blanking, turnoff pointer, set
	funckeys in many ways and much more.

Contents ScopeDisk20

CHECKERS - an AmigaBASIC game.  You can play against the computer, or
    against another player.  Use the mouse to choose a piece to move,
    and click on the place where you want the piece.  The game protects
    against illegal moves.

SHOWIZ - a really good program for displaying pictures and textfiles.  It
    will display one or a directory-full or a disk-full.  If you want to
    write a script-file, you can.  Otherwise, it will display each picture
    or textfile as it comes to them, moving on after 30 seconds.  This is
    a VERY nice program  Shareware, $10 and $15 suggested.  Has 23 choices
    of ways to move the frames onto the screen!

LIBCAT12 - uses the Dewey Decimal System to help maintain records of a
    library (personal or otherwise).  There are many options to the
    program, even including the option to print spine labels.  Options
    permit searches and printed reports based on searches.  Except that
    it uses the Dewey Decimal System, now largely replaced by ISBM numbers,
    it appears to be a most useful and capable program.

BMAT - came with no documentation at all.  This appears to be a version of
    BFormat, a program that will format disks on which there is a bad spot
    by marking whole bad tracks as used.

CRAPS - written in TrueBASIC, then compiled.  Simulation of the casino Craps
    game.  There seem to be quite a few options, but someone who gambles
    more than I will have to explain them.  It is colorful and appear to

IBELIEVE - a SONIX tune of the same name.  This will need to be moved to
    a disk that has the Player program for SONIX, or else to be used with
    SONIX itself.  It will not play as presented here.

VICHECK1 - a virus checker from Germany, said to detect the SCA virus or all
    non-standard boot blocks.  No source given.  Use at your own risk.

DISKPERF - checks the speed of disk drives.  It checks for a number of
    items, number of seeks, speed for each seek, time to load in a file,
    etc.  Sample times for floppies and several hard disks are included
    in the documentation file.

VIRUSX1.5 - Steve Tibbet's latest assault on the virii.  This one was
    written to add a new strain of the Byte Bandit virus that had come
    to his notice. Comes with both source and a makefile.  RECOMMENDED.

Contents of ScopeDisk21

NEXTSCRN - A utility that makes it as easy for you to cycle through screens
    as it is to cycle through windows.  Uses a L-Amiga key sequence.

DMOUSE19 - update to Matt Dillon's popular Dmouse program.  The program
    offers a number of utilities packaged into one:  sunmouse, screen
    blanker, disappearing pointer when it is not in use; screen
    cycling, and more. This one uses a handler, which allows the
    program itself to take up less memory than some.

SPUDCLK -  A clock for your Amiga that will speak the time at intervals set
    by you.  You can set it for the starting time, the interval to
    be left between warnings, and the time it is to quit.  Nice.

LESS2 -  An upgrade to the less program used on all of the Fish disks.
    This version of Less has search paths, the ability to call up
    an editor, and literally dozens of new abilities the old one did
    not have.  It is said to have just about all of the features
    found in the Unix "Less" program.  There is an extensive manual.

ACCESS1.4 - Keith Young's update to his popular Access terminal program.
    This one was designed especially to work with the WHAP! software
    for CIS access, but it has many new features that work
    everywhere.  Among other things, it supports a file reader,
    morerows, PAL screens, chat mode, and QuickB protocol.

HAMHAF - an AmigaBASIC program.  Forgive - I have not run this program.

SOMEICONS - several of these icons are very attractive.  There are about a
    dozen, of various sorts - drawer, tool, etc.

DUTIL204 - the directory utility that never seems to be finished!  In
    addition to bug fixes, there are several new features here.  One
    very nice feature is that when it unarcs, it will do a number of
    files at once, putting each into its own subdirectory.  You can
    then just rename the directory.  It will also attach a drawer
    icon if you make sure there is an "Empty.info" file available to
    it before you start.

PICS - some pictures to show off the machine.  This file contains several,
    including one of Roger Rabbit riding in a taxi; Yogi bear; and
    one called DuckDodg.

BUBBLES - this is a screen hack - and screen hacks are always best if left
    for the viewer to discover for himself.

SHOWIZ -  a remarkably nice slide viewer.  It has about twenty or so
    different wipes, fades, etc.  It can be controlled with a
    script, but will also show all of the pics in a directory
    without one.  The instructions are shown using ShoWIz itself.

PELIHACK - three screen hacks.  Just run and enjoy.  Only problem is - they
    are a bit hard to get out of, so run them when you can reboot
    if you have to.

Contents ScopeDisk22

EW12 - neat little utility, hack, or whatever.  It causes a very
    attractive emphasis on each window when it opens or closes.
    Rather extensive use has not produced any other effects

Tactic - this is an article written by Chip Orange.  Chip is blind, and
    is a professional computer programmer.  This article tells
    about some of the things computers can do for the blind, and
    also discusses some uses of the ATALK2 program which is also
    on this disk.  Very interesting!

Boingpt - An animated pointer - a Boing ball that constantly rotates
    as you use it.  The pointer can be started or stopped by
    clicking on its icons.

Atalk2 - This program causes the Amiga to speak each thing that is
    printed on the screen.  It also has utilities that permit
    the use of the keyboard instead of the mouse.  The program
    was written to make the Amiga accessible to the blind, but
    it is useful to the sighted, as well

Moria2 - An update to the popular Moria game.  This is an adventure
    game in which you can set up and describe a rather large
    number of the characters and other features.  See MoriaDocs
    for instructions.  This is a truly outstanding game - so
    much so that it was given a multi-page review in the newest
    Commodore magazine (arrived yesterday).

GWPrint - One of the nicest utilities I've found lately!  This provides
    excellent control of printed output from a panel on the
    screen.  You can set the font, the mode, the line lengths,
    the page lengths, the type size, etc. here.  The program will
    skip perforations, provide top and bottom margins, print a
    title, page number, and the date - all kinds of very nice
    features.  It even works on my STAR SG10 - a rare quality indeed!

ScreenX22 - This is a screen-grabber.  It permits you to capture any
    screen to a file, in IFF format.  You use hot-keys for this
    so it will work with any program you are running.  There
    are various other features to this program, but this is the major one.

Contents ScopeDisk23

FastDisk - This is a freely distributable, fully working program which
    will optimize your disks so that they load more smoothly and
    (in some cases, at least) about 50% faster.  Icons and
    directories are copied first, so that they are easily and
    quickly accessed, and all files put where they require the
    smallest possible amount of head thrashing.

Lunar - Digitized picture of a lunar landing.  Nice work.

Drive - This is an animation of RedLotus

Clerk - At last!  A very nice accounting program for the Amiga, and
    in the public domain.  This one has several modules,
    including  Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.  The
    programmer owns a small remodelling company, and wrote this
    program to keep his own records.  NOT SHAREWARE, but PD.

Mars - This is a set of space pictures, all viewable by just
    clicking the mouse on their icons.

FastMouse -  Want to speed up mouse movements without all the extra
    features of MachII or Dmouse?  This one just speeds up
    the mouse and blanks the screen.  That's all.  And thus
    it takes very, very little memory.

AugPtrs -  A set of new pointers to dress up your Workbench.  To change
    from one to the other, you just type "Prefs pointername".
    Fun and easy to do.  Enjoy.

Contents ScopeDisk24

IconLab1 - One of the nicest icon utilities to come out.  This lets you view
    any icon - both images in case of animated ones - and change the
    type of the icon to any type you desire.  You can also use it to
    set the tooltypes, stack, and other items usually accessible
    only from "Info".  Very nice and easy to use!

AmyCal - This is a port of the UNIX Cal.  It will print a calendar for
    any month you specify, no matter what year.  My thought - how
    neat for a genealogist - "hmmm - this ancestor was born on Oct.
    15, 1788, eh?  Gee, wonder what day of the week that was.  Ah,
    CAL told me!"  But it works for business appointments, school
    holidays - all those other occasions when you need the odd
    calendar for a sec.

QRT14  - These two files contain the programs, samples, documentation,
QRT14SRC  and source to the latest update of this quick raytracing

Icons - This set of icons was uploaded by a CIS member last week.  Most
    of the icons are unusual, and are animated.  Several have a
    real surprise when you click them.

Trix - Trix is a game, played with a joystick.  You are to paint at
    least 60% of the screen before you are hit by any of the baddies
    roaming the screen.  It isn't as easy as it sounds!

LJPrnt - Laser Jet Print - a program to make it easier to use the H.P.
    laser jet with your Amiga.  It adds several niceties.

ClipIt - Think of it as a graphic version of SnipIt.  With ClipIt, you
    can use the mouse to "lasso" any rectangle on the screen and
    to save that rectangle as an IFF file.  It can then be
    loaded to any screen in which you wish to place it.  Not whole
    screens, please.  This is for smaller parts of a screen.

Hermit  - THIS one is for saving entire screens to an IFF file.  Want to
    save something from your terminal?  From your word processor?
    The screen to a game?  A particularly interesting Mandelbrot?
    Just hit the designated hot-keys and off the screen goes to
    a file.  There are other features, but this is its main
    attraction.  I tried it.  It works.

MoreIcons - A second set of icons from the same person who did the file
            described above.  Keep your Amiga interesting.  Try new icons.

OurMag - This is an IFF picture showing OURMAG on Top!

ShowAnim43 - This latest version of ShowAnim will display animations that
    use HAM - and any other animations you have, as well.

LinkB  - This one is untested.  It is the software needed to set up an
    Amiga bulletin board.

FrenchWP  - Written in C for speed, this file will take a WordPerfect file
    and make the necessary changes to let you print French
    characters with the right accents, etc.  With the source
    included, it is easy to adapt it for any other language.

CAAUGP - Have a look at this really neat pointer!  It was made expecially
    for the Cleveland Area Amiga User's Group, is animated,
    maybe even ray-traced.  At any rate, it is pretty special.
    Start and stop it with its own icon.

Contents ScopeDisk25

Storage - A small program that will tell you how much room you have	left on
	every device in your Amiga - how much on each disk,	including hard
	disks; how much of each kind of memory, how much in your RAM: disks
	- everything.

VirusX20 - Steve Tibbets' latest Virus checker.  He found out about some new
	ones, including one that is quite vicious.  This version was completed
	about Sept. 5

Toccato - An entire toccato and fugue, for your enjoyment.  You will need to
	supply your own player, since that is not included on this disk.

AniPointer - A rather large set of animated pointers is included in this
	file, along with the program that allows you to create your own.  Each
	pointer has an icon to start it and another to kill it.  A few are
	really interesting.  Check out the Amiga Check-mark, for instance.

PKAd - PKad was written in BASIC, then compiled.  It is a simple CAD
	program, and contains all the symbols needed for setting up electrical
	schematics.  There is a program with which you can create your own
	objects for other kinds of designs

Museum - Easily the nicest ray-traced picture I've seen lately.  The picture
	gained this title because its objects appear to be displayed in a
	museum-like atmosphere.  Extremely nice work.

Contents ScopeDisk26

Float - Do you prefer your icons to be placed in the next available
	slot, rather than stacking on top of each other?  Click on the icon to
	Float - then on the fixed icon.  It will now be a "no-position" icon
	that will fit into the next convenient slot.  No more cleanups needed.

XpressEditDemo - This is a mostly-working demo of a planned commercial
	product.  Try it out, make suggestions to the programmers, see how you
	like it.  The price is right!

MDu365 - Latest upgrade to the constantly improving directory utility from
	the Modula 2 group.

AToday22 - One of the on-line magazines that appear on several of the large
	networks.  They contain product reviews, articles, graphics - whatever
	can be found.

Space - See how much space you have - wherever it might be!

CoComm5 - This popular Term program has just been improved. It has many
	nice features.  While it was originally planned to support the
	conferences on CompuServe, it is very good as a general purpose terminal.

SeeMenu - Full-screen cartoon, made with the latest Digiview software.
	It shows just how good Digiview 3.0 is at digitizing black and white
	line drawings - and is sort o funny, too.

FunIcons - Another set of icons - all designed to be humorous. This set has
	been very popular on CIS, and here it is for you.

NewFonts - Quite a collection of new fonts - an IBM font, a "real computer"
	font, a "ooooooooooo..ohh! scary!!!" font for your Halloween fun, a
	Nostalgic font.  Try them out!
Contents ScopeDisk27

Icons3 - This file contains several animated icons:  seven drawer icons and
	three project icons.  All are animated, and are more meaningful than
	most.  For example - for mathematical things, a drawer icon that is a
	picture of Keplar; for travel, a drawer icon that is a familiar road

ClickDos - Want a small directory utility that does the simpler things,
	but doesn't take tons of room on your workbench?  This one should fit
	the need.  It handles the basic copy, makedir, etc (about eight
	functions), its window can be iconified so you can leave it in place,
	and it takes up less than 30K

Toing - Screen hack.  This is yet another hack that uses the Boing balls.
	 It is cute, and it will start from an icon and go away with a click
	of the left mouse button.  Enjoy.

DuH27 - Hermes has made yet another improvement to his directory utility.
	 This one now has three pages of buttons, and will do almost everything
	except type in the data for you.  Instructions are included, and you
	can add many, many tools.  Additions are easy to make; just edit a file
	with any editor - following the pattern already set in the file.

HopaLong - This is a mathematical program.  It will make pretty patterns
	on the screen, and is based on a mathematical recreation suggested in
	the Scientific American magazine.

ToggleWB - A small utility that lets you toggle between interlace and a
	regular workbench screen. This utility runs ONLY from its icon, and will
	work only if all windows except Workbench windows have been closed.

Cramden - The first of a set of promised "Cramden Utilities".  This contains
	two small utilities similar to two from MS-DOS.  One, FF, will find a
	specified file on a disk; the other, SI, gives you a wide range of system
	information.  These are passed along to you untried.

FigList - This is an early version of the program.  It is designed to
		poll the system and return information about all devices, expansion
	boards,	etc. that are in the system.  For this version, the author asks
	that users	please use it to interrogate their own system and send him
	information so that he can complete the program.  He wants it to know
	about the codes of	all manufacturers of add-on equipment, and will post
	the results so it will be available to programmers who might need it.

RzsZmdm - A stand-alone Zmodem utility.  The documentation says it can
	work with almost any terminal program, but it comes with a simple term of
	its own, just in case your particular term is incompatible.  Zmodem is a
	great deal faster than Xmodem; here is a chance to try it.

2000PR - preferences icon for the A2000 that SAYS A20000.

Postcard - This is said to be a beginning toward a HyperText system for the
	Amiga. Currently it works on one card at a time rather than a stack.
	There are instructions for making cards and for using them, but no
	sample data with which to try it out.

PW25 - This is a demo only version of Power Windows 2.5 from Innovatronics.
	This version of Power Windows has just been released, and the
	demo will show you what it can do, how it works, but won't save
	your data for you.

ReMap - Change your pictures from one format to another with remap.  Hi-res
	to MedRes, Ham to Hi-res, etc.

Anim2IFF - Use this utility to separate animations back to the original IFF
	drawings from which they were made.

RamCar - Use an icon to set up a RamDisk.  This works under 1.3, and sets up
	the Recoverable Ram Disk, or restores it after reboot, just by clicking
	on the icon.

DiskCheck - Untried, sorry.  The program is said to check a disk and report
	to you any bad spots on the disk, even in the parts of the track that
	do not have active data on them.  In other words - it checks the gaps

Contents ScopeDisk145

Travail - This is a small, assembler version of avail.  Source is included,
	for those who would like to study or modify the program.

Demon - An outstanding sound and graphics demo for the Amiga, but be warned,
	no one has found a way out without rebooting!

Qmouse12 - yet another mouse accelerator, screen blanker, POPCLIer, Sunmouser,
	and more.  This one, however, is written in assembler and requires
	only about 3K of memory - and less disk space, too.

Swirl - this is an animated pointer.  I think I might have called it Ying-Yang,
	but it *does* swirl.....

RdPrt12 - Two ways to read files, one to print them.  There are many features
	to each of these utilities.  The print utility, in particular, gives
	a great deal of control over the appearance of the output.  It also
	has the ability to distinguish between binary and text files, and to
	print only those that are text, so you can tell it to print dirname *
	and it will print all the textfiles in the directory.

DoTil37 - This directory utility does most all of the things you need to do
	with files - copy, delete, move, rename, etc.  It will copy filenotes
	and will let you add notes, can be iconized to save memory and space,
	and has many other nice features.

ShowFont - When you click on the icon for SHOWFONT, it will read the fonts:
	directory and display the fontnames found there.  Choose a font and
	a size, and SHOWFONT will show you every character in that font.
	Very useful for seeing what fonts look like on screen!

AmiDex - simple database program that is designed to work like CardEx.  It
	is set up to store addresses and telephone numbers, to print labels,
	and to easily manage an address and telephone list.

Fonts - several new fonts for you to try.  At the time of writing, this file
	contains two fonts - ANSI 8, and Amigafont.

Pipeworx - Game written in AmigaBASIC.  You are to solve the puzzle which
	involves the making of a disk-magazine.

Play8SVX - this utility is needed in order to play some of the sounds now
	being used in demos, etc.  So here's your copy.

DanSpool - Print spooler.  It gives you a bit of control over what is being
	printed while you do more interesting things on your Amiga.

MrPrint - Print utility from Mark Rinfret.  This one lets you control most
	of the printer commands from a workbench or cli environment.

Lace - set up your interlace screen from this program.

GetFil - a file requester routine that you may include in your programs.

Contents ScopeDisk29

Xicon2 - This is an update to the earlier Xicon, the program that lets you
	run execute files and CLI-only programs from a Workbench icon.  There
	are many features other than these.  An excellent utility!

OnlyAmiga - The icon will NOT run this!  I haven't tried it myself, but it
	was described as a fantastic animation.  You must have ShowAnim to run

EarthQ - Cute little screen-hack.  It will perform, then go away.  Enjoy.

SysReq - System requesters you probably never saw before.  A joke set of
	requesters.  Written in AmigaBASIC, but compiled for easy running.

Lists - This simple database program is currently set up to handle
	videotapes but you can change the names of the fields to store any
	kind of records	you might need.  Not powerful, but small and easy for
	small jobs.

NZap318 - Update to the excellent disk editor FileZap.  This is an extremely
	nice and useful program.  For example:  some program driving you nuts
	because it always asks for RAM: when you prefer VD0:?  Use
	NZap to find all instances of RAM: in the file, and change them. No more

Batcher - This little 218 byte assembly language program will let you run
	script files without the use of RUN.  The example given is to write
	a script that will compile a C program.  Then use Batcher to change
	it to a "xxx.bat" file named "cc.bat", and after that, compile by
	typing "cc progname".  Write whatever script you need, of course.

LabelB - DPaint templates from which you can make really nice disk labels.

Contents ScopeDisk30

DiskSalv13 - This update to the indispensable DISKSALV offers many enhance-
	ments to a program that was already one of the best ever offered
	in Amiga public domain.  It now works on hard disks as well as
	floppies, and on the regular file system as well as FFS.  If you
	use ANY kind of disks on the Amiga (does any one not?) you need
	this program.  DON'T MISS IT.

Shell210 - Another program that no one should be without!  This update has
	fixed almost all of the bugs found in older versions.  Any version
	prior to 2.07 is disastrous!  Shell will permit you to recall
	commands previously used, to set often used commands to function
	keys, to screen edit, and far more.  It works with Conman to give
	an extremely nice CLI environment.  If you EVER use the CLI, you
	need the SHELL.

TextView - Ever wish for a text viewer/reader that had all of the normal
	window gadgets?  Here it is.  Sizeable, slider bar for moving
	through the text, and with front/back and close gadgets.  Works
	like a charm.

Fonts - These are very large fonts for titling.  Some are color fonts with
	shadows and shading.  I looked at the regular large fonts, but
	not at the color ones, so it's your guess just like mine!  I've every
	reason to believe, though, that they are as nice as the regular ones.

Pplane - Here's one for the kids, whatever their age.  Paper airplanes are
	fun. This file has several hi-res pictures that show how to make them,
	how to fold them, and one screen has clipart to decorate them.

Kickfont2 - If you have an A1000 (like me) you can use this program to make
	an extremely nice font your default.  It is far more attractive and
	readable than the normal Topaz - but only for A1000 owners, and
	only under 1.2 <<sniff!!>>.

Dazzle - for fun.  This is a kaleidoscope program, and makes some very
	attractive designs.

UDH -  For those who hate CD, but have to use it sometimes.  Run this
	program	after CDing to something and it will return your machine to
	"fresh-boot" condition - automatically accepting df0: as the current
Contents ScopeDisk31

Clerk3 - This accounting program was written by a businessman in Florida and
	is in use for his own business.  It includes modules for accts.
	receivable Accts. Payable, and General Ledger.  You cannot run it from
	this disk. Make it a disk of its own, and follow the setup instructions
	in the file.

AZComm - Zmodem for Amiga - This is the 1.34 Comm program with added features
	in that it now has  Zmodem receive, Zmodem send protocols.  Since Zmodem
	is much, much faster than Xmodem, this is an excellent addition to our
	set of term programs.

TexF26 - an updated version of the program that can convert TeX fonts to
	Amiga font format.  There are many TeX fonts on one of the Fish disks
	and many have access to them from other sources. This version works well.

XMake - will go through the source to large programs and locate all of the
	function calls, then make a sorted list of all function calls, their
	size, and the module in which they are located.

Pearl - Yet another cleanup of a very popular small font - one frequently
	used as a replacement for Topaz 8.

Doodle - To use this program, you must put it in a directory with AmigaBASIC
	and the FD program from the Extras disk.  It is worth it.  This is
	a really nice little paint program, and makes very nice pictures.  Even
	better pictures if you have a bit of talent!

QuadPrint - This program will print your pictures across four pages of paper
	which can then be put together to make a poster 17 x 22 inches.  Neat
	tricks, no?  Khalid has done several very nice printer utilities, and
	this is his latest.

Scenery -  Fractal scenery, that is.  This is a very quick form of fractal
	generator, making "Mandelbrot-like" scenery.

ShowAnim53 - latest update to this program needed for almost all animations.
	This one handles HAM, and has some other enhancements.  It is necessary
	for some of the latest animations coming out.

DskLabel - Hi-res screen with a template and some graphics/text to dress
	up your disk labels.  Use from DPaint.  These labels are really nice.

Gazer2  - Update to StarGazer.  This astronomy program is an outstanding
	contribution to the freely distributable library.  You can choose
	many of the parameters and get a view of the sky at a particular
	viewpoint, time of day, and part of the world.  Good stuff!
Contents ScopeDisk32

ArexRd  - this is a script, written for AREXX, to read a file with your
	favorite file reader.  Good example script.

BB1 - BlockBuster is a disk editor.  It has some advantages over the others
	and some of them have different advantages.  This one includes a rather
	nice tutorial on how to use disk editors.

BSave - Very small program, written in assembler, will let you save a block
	of mory to disk.  This was written because most of the debuggers
	available do not have a "save" command.  Useful for disassembling or

BTree - B-PLUS is a versatile, carefully designed module for C programmers
	who need a fast, efficient program for indexing data files.  B-PLUS
	allows data records to be retrieved based on a key value without regard
	to their position in the data file.  The data records can also be
	accessed in sequential order in either a forward and reverse direction.

DSZam - You asked for it here it is:DSZ compatible Zmodem for Amiga.The
	programs will not work with Online!,Comm,GT,Atalk III,Diga!
	Maxicom,Aterm,Access or most others. It willwork with Dave Weckers'
	VT100 v2.9.  With the others, you have to exit the terminal program,
	then enter "run rz or sz".  It gives you much faster up- or downloads.

NoBord - if you want a clean, 80 x 24 display, without the customary window
	gadgets, this is for you.  The gadgets are still available - just
	hidden.  If you move a window, the gadgets all reappear, but you
	can just run NOBorder again to get rid of them.

AmyToday - Reviews, gossip, etc. from another of the Amiga's free on-line

XCadUtil - For those who have X-CAD from Haitex - this program will make
	menus from IFF files, and will translate HPGL to XCAD for you.
	These files were uploaded by Harry Evangelou from Haitex.

HDB - simple hard disk backup utility.  Since I have no hard disk, you'll
	have to tell me if it works.

Access141 - One of the very best of the shareware terminal programs. It is
	colorful, easy to use, has many nice features.  This one includes
	a file reader, has some scripting ability.

UtilMa69 - Directory utility with so many features they cannot possibly
	be listed here.  It can work with Access if you use interlace -
	Utilma69 on the top half of your screen, Access on the bottom half.
	It can handle all of your disk housekeeping chores without resorting
	to the CLI.

ExecCli- This is a very small program that runs from CLI only.  Use it to
	see what is running in your system and where they are located.
	Interesting for studying the internals.

VirusX201 - the latest version of VirusX, which seems to be bugfree.

FONTS - A very clean font called 2001, size 8 x 8, so it works with SetFont.
    Another, Boxy, comes in all three standard sizes (8, 9, 11) and can
    be used with the FF command in 1.3, and a third is a 26-point font
    called Pirate.

DIRK - This program lets you fine tune your screen colors.  It can run from
    a startup sequence if you prefer, and is a CLI program only.

RXENV - This is a set of AREXX programs that work with Lattice C, making
    it easier to edit and compile programs.  Three programs are included,
    along with instructions.

CONMAN13 - The included ConMan.doc file has a full description of how to
    install and use ConMan, but here's a brief summary of the standard
    features -
     	-- Powerful line editing using control and arrow keys
     	-- Adjustable-sized command history buffer
     	-- Window control keys F1/F2 ... shrink or "zoom" the window
     	-- Fast command search keys F5/F6
     	-- Select window gadgets and attributes like borderless or backdrop
     	-- Fully compatible with any software using CON- (console) windows

   	Features and improvements new to ConMan version 1.3 include ...
     	-- CND- handler ... allows "invisible" (non-blocking) type-ahead
     	-- CNX- (extensible) handler ... an AUX--type handler for any device
     	-- Much-improved editing for lines longer than the window width
     	-- Improved shrink/zoom ... no more problems with rapid toggling
     	-- Support for "S*" screen ... opens a window on the front screen
     	-- Support for superbitmap windows

ICN2BRU - Many utilities convert brushes to icons.
    This one converts. Icons to brushes so you can edit them with your
    favorite paint program. You can then use one of the other utilities
    to turn them back to icons.

SHOWBRD - This is a small program that will search the system for all
    mounted boards, etc., and report back information about them.
    Written by a developer of hardware for the Amiga.

TEXTRDR - Will read and copy text from a window.  As you move the mouse
   	across the text, it will appear at the cursor.  Useful - saves

FORTUNE - A very small example of an AREXX program.  This one will read
   	a datafile of fortunes, adages, etc., and print them out at
   	random times on the screen.  Datafile not included - sorry.

BILLIARDS - This is a very nice game.  A billiards table is shown on the
   	screen, and you control the stick.  You can vary the force and
   	direction with which the ball is hit, using the mouse to control
   	it.  I like this one.

LEDGER - This is a program for keeping up with accounts of any kind -
   	home records, or those for a small business or a club.

XOPER11 - a tremendous program for snooping out and/or controlling
   	tasks, processes, and all other structures in use in the
   	system.  It will display the start address of anything in use
   	in the system, and in most cases, you get some measure of
   	control over them.  VERY nice.

ROCKET - A drawing of rockets - an especially nice one.  This is an
   	artist's rendition of rockets, inspired by the recent space
   	launch.  Overscan picture, so you may have to have a program
   	that will scroll pics in order to see all of it.

STAT11 - A manual translation of James M. Synge's stat.c to assembly
   	Synge's stat is more useful to programmers than the AmigaDos or ARP
   	status commands because it shows where each command is loaded into
   	memory.  All variable storage is on a stack frame so the code is

DUTILS - This file contains several utilities from Matt Dillon.  Each is
   	very small, and the source is given.

DIR -	 A very small utility that enhances the DIR command.  Among other
   	things, it will give you a five-column directory.

KICKFONT3 - This is exactly like the KickFont 1000 users have been using for
   	a while - comes from Greg Browne just as the other did, but this one
    works on a 1.3 Kickstart.  The new font is VERY nice.

ICONS -  The icons included are-  Box.info,Envelope.info, File.info,
    Left.info, Middle.info, and Right.info.  All are WorkBench fonts.

DMOUSE11 - The popular mouse utility from Matt Dillon, once more improved
   	and enhanced.  Sunmouse, mouse accelerator, pointer blanker, screen
   	blanker, popcli, etc.
Contents  ScopeDisk34

SLATE - Slate! will do the following.
    Display a slate (surprise!) with the following items: Title, Scene,
    Client, Director, Editor, Comments, Date, and Time
    All items may be changed at any time, indivudally or together.
    Display video Black for Initializing a tape for insert editing.
    Start a reverse 10 count (with beeps).
    Automagic Tape preping (10 sec slate w/ cal tone,5 sec black,10 count)
    Audio Calibration Tone Toggle.

NNETMT - The program Neuron.c simulates a SIMPLE stable state neural network
    reporting on both input and output states and energy levels after each
    iteration (namely set up for 8, though usually the network stabilizes
    after about 4). The program demonstrates a very straight-forward method
    of programming a content-addressable memory and receiving output from
    that memory. This program is based on a BASIC program developed in
    Ed Rietman's book "Experiments in Artificial Neural Networks" published
    by TAB Books copyright 1988.

PICS - A collection of pictures from various sources.

ATMCLK - AtomClock will dial the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington D.C.,
    readthe 1200 BAUD time signal their atomic clock puts out and set the
    Amiga system clock accordingly.  It runs from Workbench or CLI
    (distribution archive is "SUPERFRIENDLY").  The default configuration
    will work with a Hayes-type modem but parameters can be adjusted for
    just about any modem. Good example of serial port access and reading
    icon TOOLTYPES.

PCPATCH - Along with this file you should find two programs called 'PcC3.5'
    and 'PcF3.5'. They are made to patch PCCopy and PCFormat respectively
    from the 'EXTRAS 1.2' disk, to allow reading/writing/formatting 3.5 inch
    360k (2 sides/40 Tracks/9 sectors) MS-DOS disks. In order to make the
    programs work, put PcC3.5 and PCCopy, PcF3.5 and PCFormat into the same
    directory. Patches are always applied in memory and not on disk, so you
    may copy them directly into the Extras:PCUtil directory.

RADIO - This is an example of how 'radio buttons' could be implemented using
    gadgets. I use the GadgetID and UserData fields of the gadget structure
    to keep track of each set of radio buttons. When the user clicks on a
    radio button a variable is set and an optional function is called with
    the variable as an argument.
Contents  ScopeDisk35

SURF - BezSurf (or Surf for short) is a program for producing bezier
    surfaces of revolution. It produces awesome pictures of wineglasses and
    doorknobs, and other objects one could turn on a lathe. BezSurf
    includes the capacity to map iff image files onto any surface that it
    can draw.

GRAPHITE - This is a 9-point font.  Just copy this into your Fonts:Directory

PATHDEV  - This is a program that will search your directories for you,
    making PATH do more than it was intended to do!

APLOT13A - Amiga Plot is a three dimensional mathematical function plotter.
    It takes a function, parses it into a partially compiled form and then
    calculates coordinates to be placed in the xyz system. AmigaPlot uses
    hidden line removal based on a principle known as the painters
    algorithm. The use of color in the plot can produce very pleasing
    effects especially when a feathered pallet is used. The idea of
    AmigaPlot is to provide an artistic approach to the sometimes dry
    subjects of Analytical Geometry and Trigonometry.

MOUSEZOOM - This is MouseZoom, a mouse accelerator for the Amiga. It doesn't
    try to do everything under the sun (ala Mach16), it only speeds up the

SS - This file contains the following : GrabViews, a one-shot screen save,
    TimeSave, a timed screen-save program, and Memview, which scans memory
    for bitmaps.  This will save screens that are held in memory even though
    they are not currently being displayed.

FIND11 - Will locate all instances of a filename (or wildcards) anywhere on
    any currently mounted volume. Will search for a string in any file
    system-wide, or in specified directory(s). Partial wildcarding of
    directories to search/exclude.

ROBOTS - Two ray-traced robot pictures by Louis Markoya.
Contents ScopeDisk36

FRIEND - This is a screen hack - with a note hinting that it will give
    your pointer some friends.  Try it for yourself!

PLAYER - This is the most recent player for animations created with

SEARCH - The fabulous C128 has a very handy built-in debugger with a
    lot of commands. The public domain debuggers  from Amiga sources can do
    a lot, but they don't have a decent Hunt (Find, Search) command that
    could salvage "lost" files in memory after an accidental delete or
    reset. SEARCH will let you reset the Amiga after a crash, search through
    memory until you find your data (it does the searching), and then you
    can save it to disk, reload it and go on with your work.

FREPAINT - This is a rather full featured, totally PD paint program.  It
    has a toolbox and permits you to do some rather nice work.  And the
    price is certainly right.

SHOWLOCKS - ShowLocks, show all locks on a volume.  This file contains
    both the source and an executable for a utility to show all of the locks
    on an AmigaDOS volume.  Type showlocks volume: or showlocks all to
    run it.

MBRAIN - MBrain is a game, similar to MasterMind.  It is attractively
    presented, and can take up LOTS of your time!

SPINNER2 - A ray-traced animation, very attractive.  Use it when you
    can afford to power down.  The file says you can get out with
    Control-C, but I have not found this to be reliable in all cases.

TEXTER - A text formatter.  It will strip, add, or swap CRs and LFs,
    Strip spaces and/or tabs, remove REMarks from BASIC programs, Remove
    or add blank lines, number pages, add or remove line numbers, put text
    into two columns, reformat, format for BBS-PC, and will undo the last
    action. Needs AmigaBasic from the Extraa disk.

WOF - The Wheel of Fortune game.  We had an earlier version of this
    game, which did not work very well.  This one DOES work from the
    supplied icon.  Enjoy.

TICKER - Ticker will open an Intuition window which consists of a close
    gadget, two depth gadgets and a drag bar.  The current system time will
    be continuously displayed upon the drag bar in twelve-hour format.  The
    window can be conveniently placed upon the Workbench Screen drag bar
    where it will be out of your way.

Contents ScopeDisk37

TAROT - Tarot is a conversion from the Commodore 128. Though the program
    lacks the graphics for the cards it still is a nice program and well
    worth the port.

Access - This is version 1.42 of the popular Access! terminal program.
    It is colorful, and has many features such as a review buffer, a file
    reader, a simple scripting facility, auto dialing, repeat dialing, and
    many, many more.

Shell2.11 - Matt Dillon's update to the shell program for which he is
    quite well known.  It provides screen editing, history, programmable
    keys, and other needed features.

AZPtchD - Another terminal program.  This is really the simpler Comm1.34
    with a patch that handles z-modem for extra speed.

Pics - Three pictures from various sources.

Extract - This program will extract font data and put into C-source
    so that it can be compiled into a program, thus eliminating the need
    to include a special font, and the complicated instructions telling
    your user how to install that font.  Also, no need to clutter up the
    user's font directory.

Storage4 - This will report on the amount of free storage for every
    device in the Amiga - disks, RAM:, etc., and will give a warning when
    the amount remaining reaches a low level.

FlIcon - There are three icons in this group, and their full name
    is "Florida Icons".  They are nice.

Dicons - These are disk icons, and are not readily 'viewable'.  To
    see them, copy "iconname.info" dfn:Disk.info and then remove and
    re-insert the disk.  It will now have the new icon on it.

Bandit - This is a working demo of Greg Campbell's terminal program.  An
    earlier version of this terminal was called GT.  It is colorful, many-
    featured, but quite cryptic.  Not for the novice!  But good.

CONTENTS - ScopeDisk38


DiskX22 -This is the most recent release of Steve Tibbetts' excellent disk
    editor. Use it to repair disks, or to snoop out interesting
    things that might be hidden there.  Instruction are included.

NoKlickStart - For A1000 owners who hate clicking disk drives.  This
    will patch your KickStart disk so that the click is eliminated (if you
    have the right kind of drives.  SOME A1010 drives will not respond to
    this program, but it does work for most.)

SuperView2 - A favorite IFF viewer, updated, given many new abilities,
    and working well with 1.3.  SuperView will support overscan,
    color-cycling, will show a whole directory of pictures at one time,
    many things it would not do in the earlier version.  This is a VERY
    nice program!

FFSdsch - If you absolutely insist on using the FFS on your floppy
    disks, this program is said to make the drive recognize that the disk
    has been changed, something that does not happen without it.

UE24C - A VERY recent update to Rick Stiles' popular text editor - the
    shareware version.  This is a subset of his commercial version of the
    program, and it is one of the most popular text editors, in either

Clerk - The fourth version of this accounting program.  It is actually
    in use in several small businesses.  It handles accounts payable,
    accounts-receivable, general ledger, and some other bookkeeping chores.
    It must be placed on its own disk in order to work, but instructions
    are included.

CONTENTS  ScopeDisk39
AMAZE11 - This program will generate cute little mazes for you to solve, and
    you solve them by moving the mouse along the path to the end.
    Cute - not very hard, and a seemingly endless variety.

PICS - This is a drawer full of pictures that have appeared during the
     month. Included are a very fine picture of a violin, one of a
     forest scene, some flowers, and a page of flags.  All are
     of very high quality - many done with the scanner from ASDG.

AMIGANTT2.01 - AmiGantt was designed to create a simple, interactive
    method of outlining the tasks required to complete a particular
    project, using the GANTT chart as the input format.  This is a fine
    tool for project management, and version 2.01 is greatly enhanced over
    the one on an earlier disk.  Requires ARP library.

CHESS - A chess game, with graphics, written in BASIC.  The BASIC code is
    included, so you can make changes if you wish.

ICONLAB2 - This utility will change any icon from one type to another, such
    as changing a tool icon to a disk icon.  It will let you split
    alternate-icons into two separate ones, or it will take two icons
    and join them, or will take two DPaint brushes and make icons from
    them to make a first and alternate.  It has a really large window
    so you can view extremely large icons.  Other features as well.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk40

Musician -  This program will show you a picture of a keyboard, on which
    you can actually play, using the music system in the Amiga.  You
    can have piano, or drums, or both.  Music can be saved or loaded
    and a help screen is included as part of the program.  Nice
    graphics, and fun to play.

Showfont31 - An improved version of the ShowFont program on an earlier disk.
    This program will open a window, read your fonts: directory into
    a requester in that window, and you may select any font which
    will then be displayed in the window.  No need to load a paing
    or DTP program to view the characters in a font.  Nice.

AmigaForth - The file says, AmigaForth.blk, and is an implementation of the
    Forth programming language for the Amiga.

WBDepth  - This program will change the number of planes assigned to your
    WorkBench screen, and can do it 'on the fly'.  With one bitplane,
    you get two colors; two bitplanes, four colors, three bit-planes,
    eight colors, etc.  Interesting program!

m2du371 - This directory utility is extremely capable, and has been revised
    since the release of 1.3 so that it now handles the script and
    pure protection bits properly.  If there is anything this utility
    cannot do, there are extra gadgets you can set up to your own
    taste - and it is PUBLIC DOMAIN, not shareware.

CR20 - ClickRead was designed as a text file reader for the ".doc' files
    that often accompany programs.  It is a small program, suitable
    for keeping in the C: directory, but has nice features such as a
    slide gadget for positioning in the text, buttons for scrolling,
    a search mode, and a 'park' mode that gets it out of the way.  A
    very nice little utility.

SpToy - The original SpeechToy, written by Dave Lucas, has been enhanced
    by Rob Peck.  It can now read and write its own icon with the
    defaults you have set, has a menu item to save the current
    speech settings, can be started from either WB or CLI, and
    can read the default values in the icon even if run from the CLI.

ZoePlay - A PD-player for the new animation program, ZoeTrope.  This player
    will be necessary to view the animations for those who do not
    purchase the program.  Lessee now - you need a player for each of
    the animation programs, and I think that is up to about six.
    Shall we make a disk of players?

SMORSE -  This file contains the source, but it is sparsely documented.  I
    know only that it sends Morse code, and I think it sends it through
    the sound channels from input at the keyboard.  An adventure
    for you - find out how it works!

TETRIX -  This game originated in Russia.  It is available in PD forms for
    several computers, and the source is in public domain, but there
    are commercial versions from Spectrum HoloByte for the IBM and the
    MacIntosh.  This is an Amiga port of the public domain code.

WARP2.0 - The author of Warp is unknown, but the program will make an
    archive of an entire disk, preserving the exact structure in
    much the same way as making a backup will do.  It is simple
    to use:  To read it, type "WARP 0 79 Name", and to write
    the archived version out, "WARP write name".  Can be used for
    less than a full disk, too, by specifying the tracks to be
    read or written.

KICKTOYS -  This set of three programs will let you study the kickstart
    routines.  Here are some tools to use for exploring the mysteries
    of the kickstart-
    Kickunload --------- reads the kickstart disk and creats a file ks.bin
                     which you can peruse with newzap.
    Kick_snatch -------- reads the kickstart image resident in memory
                     and creates a file ram:ks.bin
                     which you can peruse with newzap.
    Kick_split  -------- divides the 256k file into 4  64k X 8  files,
                     suitable for programming into 27512 eproms.

LS21 -  A Unix-style list utility that permits various types of sorts
    and other options that give many of the features of both LIST
    and DIR.  A very nice replacement.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk41

Stock - StockChart is designed for investors who want to perform
     technical analysis on stocks.  The current version provides you
     with the facilities to input the high, low, close, and volume of
     stock prices on a daily basis; display the data for the latest
     six months; rescale the charts; and draw trend lines.
     Additionally, information on short -term trends in the market can
     be tracked through use the put -call ratio graphs.

HDemo -  This is one of those European demos that do marvelous things with
     Copper lists and such.  This one behaves a bit better than some,
     and you can put your own text into a file and have it display
     your text in its strange and marvelous ways.

AmiBug - Screen hack.  This one has a little bug that crawls across the
    screen at random intervals.

Xoper12 -  A system monitor to end all monitors!  It will report to you
    about almost anything that is operating in the system, and with
    extensive information about each. It can cancel a task that has died
    on you, change the priority of anything in the system, and much more.

Ledger12 - The Ledger provides  a  simplified  approach  for  your financial
    record  keeping  requirements.   You  can  use  the  system for a
    variety of purposes, such  as  keeping  track  of  bank accounts,
    credit cards, accounts  recievable,  accounts payable, and income
    and expenses for your  club.   You  may  establish  any number of
    accounts (limited only by disk  space)  and enter debit or credit
    transactions as  they  occur.   As  transactions  are  entered, a
    running balance is provided  at  the  bottom  of  the screen.  An
    option is provided that will  allow  you to print a statement for
    any given account.

cahd   -  The latest Commodore hard disk device.  For some hard disks,
    this is an absolute necessity.

FlySnuff   -  A game    - snuff out the flies.

SnipIt12   -  This is one of the most useful programs to come to me.  With
    a keystroke, it snips text from any window that is open, and lets
    you paste it into any other window that is expecting output.  How
    about snipping a directory from the CLI window and pasting it into
    an editor, such as this?  Or text from a terminal window, pasted
    to an editor for saving?  Or keyboard input that you don't want
    to type repeatedly?  Great program.

HandyIcon   -  Another of the "neatest things of the year", this one adds
    an extra menu strip to the Workbench.  Once installed, you can
    click the icon of any program and the icon for HandyIcon, and it
    will add that program to the menu.  After it is added and saved,
    you can just select that item from the menu without having to
    open all those extra windows on the screen.  This version has
    been patched to work properly with 1.3 ROMs.

Pics - Two nice pictures two gaze upon.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk42

MCAD126 - mCAD is an object-oriented drawing program.  It has a small
    set of graphics primitives (like "line", "box", and "text") and
    a small set of editing functions (like "move", "size", and "rotate").
    While drawing and editing, the user can call on other functions
    to modify the display.  There are several printer drivers
    including one for the StarSG-10.

STUD - This is a stud poker game written by Griff Jackson of Plano.
    Written in AmigaBASIC, then compiled for easy use and speed.

ULTRAP -  Shareware - $15.  This is a paint program, and appears to be quite
    capable.  It has most of the features one would expect a paint
    program to have, such as boxes, circles, fills, zoom, etc.  The
    save function is disabled in this demo, but will be on the disk
    you get if you send the $15.

HANDSHAKE212A - Shareware terminal program.  This program has one of the
    best implementations of Vt100/52/102 according to many who use
    those terminals regularly.  It also supports Kermit, XModem,
    YModem, and Ymodem batch.  It has an autodial, phone directory,
    and other handy features frequently not found in programs that
    support these protocols.  Very nice program!

EXTRACTFONT12 - This program will extract the data from any standard Amiga
    font and create C source from it so that it can be linked with
    a program.  This eliminates the necessity of requiring a user to
    copy a specific font into his fonts - directory in order to use your
    program.  The font becomes an integral part of the program itself.
    Included are a sample font to be changed to source, and a sample
    program that will use the font.  If you are going to require a
    user to have a specific font for your program PLEASE do it this
    way!! Our fonts - directories and boot disks are too full to keep
    adding and adding and adding.

XMASCARD - A Christmas Card picture, just for the season.
CONTENTS: ScopeDisk43

ALPHASTAT -  AlphaStat is a program that performs a variety of statistical
    functions on a user-created database. It is designed to perform
    descriptive,bivariate, and multivariate analysis on databases both small
    and large.While I have tried to make the package useful for anyone who
    might need to add a little number crunching power to their Amiga, it was
    really put together with social science research in mind. AlphaStat will
    probably be most useful to students, social workers, and others who have
    a need for computer analysis of large bodies of data. And while
    AlphaStat doesn't have the features of the higher end statistical
    packages (conical rotations,advanced factor analysis, etc.) it can also
    serve as a limited aid to more serious researchers.

DISKSALV132 -DiskSalv V1.32 is a disk recovery program for all Amiga file
    system devices that use either the AmigaOS V1.2/V1.3 Standard File
    System or the AmigaOS V1.3 Fast File System.  DiskSalv will scan a bad
    disk volume for anything that can be recovered, and will restore these
    items to any AmigaDOS volume.  It does not make any attempt to fix the
    bad device in place; thus, any file that can't be restored with DiskSalv
    might possibly be restored with an alternate method.
    Several bugs were fixed since the last version.

DISKX22a -This special edition of DiskX adds a "bootsave" feature that will
    let you store boot blocks of protected commercial software, to protect
    them should a virus attack the original.
    DiskX lets you view the disk in a block-by-block format.  It also lets
    you find strings of text anywhere on the disk, find the first block of
    any file, to view each block either as the mass of hex numbers it really
    is, and to view the block as what it represents to AmigaDOS (i.e., file
    header block, user directory block and such.  The different block types
    there can befound in the AmigaDOS Manual by Bantam Books.

EFJ -  ESCAPE FROM JOVI is a joystick controlled agility-based game,
    featuring multilevel, editable levels, real inertia and gravity
    effects, two-way, hires scrolling, animated sprites, digital sound,
    and high scores saved to disk.  EFJ works only from CLI.  Read the
    included documentation to set up the disk so it will work.

EGYPTIAN RUN -It seems the pyramids have come alive and are out to take over
    the world ! You are the world's only hope !  Can you get past the
    pyramid missiles with the bumps to contend with and get in range to fire
    your guided missile at the control pyramid ?  But even then your missile
    is damaged and hard to control.  Requires a joystick in Port #2.

SCREENX22 -ScreenX's major functions are -   It provides a small clock and
    memory counter if you want to use it; cycles screens so you can get
    to those that are behind, even if the front screen has no depth
    gadget;   and provides an easy way to save a screen to an IFF file
    or send it to the printer.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk44

BOOTUNE -      The purpose of Bootune is to put an easily recognizable
    boot track on your disk, which would be a likely target for a virus.
    Thus, when you don't get the standard boot tune, you know the workbench
    (or whatever) is infected. Of course, this won't work on programs which
    need their own special boot tracks (either for copy protection or
    just out of a structural need). Bootune also flashes the screen from
    time to time in case you don't have the audio connected.

BOUNCE -  This is an animation done with TurboSilver.  To run the animation,
    cd to this directory and type
    player Bounce.ani

FONTS -  This file includes a number of large headline-type fonts, useful
    for desk-top publishing, titling, and many other purposes.

MAGICSQR -   This is a game, based on one of the electronic games from
    MERLIN.  The object of the game is to select a sequence of pattern
    changes that will result in generating a magic square.  Instructions
    and suggestions are included.

WRITUTILS -  This is a collection of small utilities from Matt Dillon, each
    designed to do one specific task, such as add a carriage return at the
    end of each line, to remove carriage returns from the ends of the
    lines, to find a file, to compare two files and report the
    differences,and one or two others.
CONTENTS  ScopeDisk45

STRIPES - Stripes is a program that will create a multi-shaded
    effect for your workbench screen. With the program you have
    complete control of the effects that you want.

DLABEL - DLabel is a simple but useful utility for printing 3.5" disk labels
    with an IBM compatible printer.  Its use is self-explanatory  --
    simply click on the CLEAR gadget to erase the startup text, enter
    your data, and click the PRINT gadget to send it to your printer.
    *** Note that DLabel works only with IBM compatible printers!

EDIBLE2 - This program will do many things to modify a file in order
    to make it EDible.  First, it will remove all characters that ED
    cannot handle.  It will also remove the CR/LFs of many files as when
    using ED, only LFs are needed and CR/LFs will leave lots of messy
    double spacing in the file.    To get usage of the program, just type
    EDible.  An optional third comment may be added if you like.  This can
    be a number from 0-255.  It will tell the program the maximum line
    length you want.

RULER3 - Opens a borderless WorkBench window in which is contained a ruler
    for the purpose of aligning or constraining text; the default ruler
    is 30 characters intended to help prevent entering too-long filenames.
    The program will automatically adjust itself to fit your personal
    screen configuration (ie. MoreRows).

MFFCIS - These are some AREXX programs to help you manage Compuserve data
    libraries using Microfiche Filer and AREXX. These will take WHAP TAPCIS
    ".CAT" files and put them into a MFF database. Duplicates may be
    deleted.  Also included is a MFF database of the AmigaTech library with
    uploads from July to mid-December -- Art Steinmetz

PICS - Just to look at !! Includes the AMY500 pic.

AMY500 - This is a picture of the Amiga 500 from the INSIDE. Shows the main
    board, chip locations, and board layout. This picture comes from one of
    those "Utility" disks from Europe called "The Firm", so the original
    artist is not known. I just captured the picture, added the 68000 CPU
    which was missing, touched up Fat Agnus a little, and added the labels.
    Let me know if the labels are not right because its been awhile since I
    have opened up a 500. John Gager

SIMPLE - A very simple ARexx macro for TxEd+ to show beginners how to go
    through a file doing things until the file is finished.  Highly
    commented I deleted the comments and resaved it as Template.txed, so I
    can use it as a starting point and memory-jogger for the few occasions
    when I need to write a macro. For beginners only.
    // Jim Ventola

DSDELUXE - Disk Storage Deluxe displays more info about floppies, hard disks
    ram, etc. than you every need to know.  Its window will pop up on ANY
    screen.  Warns you when free storage in any device drops below a
    specific level by flashing, beeping, a requester, or speaking!  This is
    the 'Deluxe' version of the old Disk Storage with many new things and
    it is very robust now.  Definitely something you shouldn't miss.  Get
    it!  Khalid.

MAXCLI - For those of you who don't know, AmigaDOS has a ceiling of 20 for
    the maximum number of CLI's you can have open at once.  Well, this
    little utility that fits nicely at the top of your s-s changes that to
    255, which is more than even the most memory-rich user will probably
    ever need.

FONTS - Four more fonts Florence,San Diego,ST and Steelbrush

A3000 - A "what-if" sketch of the way someone else would have designed it!!

COLOURTEXT - This program wedges the standard Amiga Text() call to provide
    support for ColorFonts(tm).  ColorFonts(tm) is the multi-colored Amiga
    font standard developed by Interactive Softworks.  ColorFont(tm)
    characters can have from 2 to 16 different colors, and are generally
    created by using InterActive Softworks Calligrapher program.
    The ColorFonts(tm) standard has been adopted as part of the V1.4 Amiga
    Operating System.

FILETYPE -  Identifies the type of files by examining the first 512 bytes
    and using heuristics (i.e. it guesses). For instance, it distinguishes
    C programs from Assembly from Modula II from Smalltalk from English text
    it knows about the different icon types, device drivers, libraries,
    Aztec file types, arc, zoo, IFF files, etc. I did my best to have it
    recognize every file type I could get my hands on. Currently works only
    from the cli.

REXXARP21 - This is for now the last release of rexxarplib.library. A
    couple of new functions, a few were extended, and one or two were
    slightly modified.The nicest new feature is the ability to display IFF
    files. For this you will need Christian Weber's iff.library, though. It
    is available on BIX as iff153.zoo: I have not included it in this
 CONTENTS  ScopeDisk46

TVUtil - This program allows you to create your own schedule for TV Sports:
	Football if you get tired of the "standard" schedule on the original
	disk or if you wish to create a schedule for an NFL season as yet
	unplayed or a season of the past.  The editor gives you the oppor-
	tunity to change several aspects of any league disk for TV Sports:
	Football. It holds several advantages over the editor in the
	original game. One advantage is that it is much faster than
	the editor in the game, which is very slow responding to keyboard
	input.  Another advantage is that you do not have to concern
	yourself with the "rank" of each player. Any player can have any
	ability rated from 1 to 8.  The most significant advantage is that
	you can change the jersey colors of teams if you prefer one over

MJ-PGS -  The programs in this group are in AmigaBasic and designed to
	generate and plot Mandelbrot and Julia sets. The time-critical
	iteration routine of the generator (MJ.Gen_T) is written in assembly
	language by Martin F. Combs.  An addition innovation by Martin is
	that the ML program operates on long integers which are derived by
	multiplying input parameters by 2^28. As a result, the pro-
	gram is extremely fast (about 3 times as fast as the usual
	Mandelbrot programs written in C, available as PD or Shareware).

LOCKS - This is a tiny program that will remove any unneeded locks retained
	in the system.  Have disk icons hanging around even after you have
	reformatted the disks?  Locks will let them go away.  System keep
	demanding a disk you no longer have, or a directory you have deleted?
	use Locks. Type "LOCKS" in a cli window for usage.

FLIP -   Flip is a screen hack, but not the same as the one that was popular
	a year or so ago.  This one resides in a tiny window in the tile bar
	anmd flips the screen from time to time - random sequence.

BATMAN -  The Batman composite picture was created by modifying the
	"head.scene" that came with the Sculpt 3D program, ray tracing the basic
	scene from five different angles mostly in "snapshot" mode, and then
	combining these pics into one picture using Digi-paint.

SCSIDOS3.0 -  This will be useful to anyone who has a C-Ltd. hard disk. This
	is the latest version of low-level formatter for those disks, and
	was said to have cured many problems.

ICONS  -  Icons for many of the most-used items of Amiga software - things
	like DPaint, Meshugnea, and about ten others.

VTONT -  VTOT is a collection of effects useful when recording Amiga output
	onto video tape.  It can run in the background, and the commands
	are available at any time.  There are three types of commands -
	Display, Effects and Miscellaneous.  the DISPLAY commands give control
	over colors, etc.  Effects will negate colors, or do flips and fades.
	Miscellaneous commands give control over window size and display modes.
	These tools were written by Mike Berro of MicroIllusions, and placed
	in public domain.

MEd24 -  Version 2.4 of a freely distributable editor.
	Med is a text editor written e specially for the Amiga. Uses
	the features of the Amiga with a view to make a programm user-
	friendly.  It works with the mouse and menus, and can edit up to
	36 texts at one time.

Packit - A file packer for disks. Type "PACKIT ?" in a cli window for usage
	Main task is to take all files and pack into 1 for use with a modem.
CONTENTS, ScopeDisk48

3D-ICONS - The author of this file was impressed with the icons on the NeXt
	machine.   He made these for his Amiga.  You'll find a number of
	icons for each "type" and "name" disk device you have.  Simply
	copy the appropriate .info file to the disk and rename DISK.INFO
	as you copy it.  To aid in seeing what each icon looks like, I've
	included a picture file.  View it with any IFF ILBM picture
	viewing utility.

AUTO13 - This patch is for those of us without auto-config.  The patch is
	added to the Kickstart disk, performing the ADDMEM function whenever
	a "cold boot" is performed. The Kickstart execution of ADDMEM
	should eliminate the problems some RAM experience with ADDMEM and
	recoverable RAM disks (RRD, VD0- , Survivor, etc.).

CAT&MOUSE - Cat & Mouse is a game of hand/eye coordination.  The aim of the
	game is very simple-  STAY ALIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. BUT (because
	there always has to be a BUT) as in real life, the more you eat the
	slower you will go and that's what your deadly opponents the Cats
	are hoping for. Also, if you don't eat enought you will loose your
	reserves of energy and either die or get caught.  Also like in real
	life, you only have one life to live...

DISKSTICK - This is a program designed for printing labels for 3 1/2" disks.
	It opens a window, reads the directories, provides for editing,
	offers a choice of print pitch, multiple or single column, and
	automatically prints the disk name and label.

DST11 -  This is a small program that will run from either the WB or CLI.
	It will display a list of ALL currently mounted devices, including
	hard disk partitions on the Workbench screen, i.e. it does not
	have its own window, so you have no way of communicating with it.
	That also means that it takes very little memory (no chip mem at
	all) and very little processor time.

EASYMENU -  This is a programming routine that will create a menu
	to be used in your own programs.  Very short, source only.

HELPWP -  WordPerfect Helper  -  this will put a bar on the bottom line of the
	screen showing the Function Key definitions for WordPerfect.  Press
	one of the qualifier - keys and the display changes to show what the
	function key does with that qualifier.  Saves lots of searching
	on that tiny template they send you.

RUNBACK3 -  This is an altered version of Rob Peck's fine program, RunBack.
	RunBack, similar to Run, allows you to startup a CLI program and
	let it run in the background.  Unlike Run, however, RunBack allows
	the original CLI to be closed.  Run would hang the CLI if you did this.
	Also unlike Run, the old RunBack did not search your command search
	path; you always had to specify the complete pathname of your command.
	This new version eliminates this hassle  -  -  it searches your path.

SCREENHACKS - Two of them - CloseMe, a window that just won't close, and
	some other tricks, besides.  Also, EW14.  You saw Exploding
	Windows a few months ago, and now it is better.

SETFONT2.5 - This is an update to Dave Haynie's popular SetFont program.
	SetFont V2.5 is a public domain program designed to allow the system
	font of the Amiga to be changed in various different ways.  The
	program is called from a shell or startup - sequence script, and has
	the form -    SetFont [fontname [point [places]]]
	Almost any diskfont of suitable size can be used.

SHOWFONT32 - December 88 update to this program, which will display all
	characters of a diskfont in a window on the screen.  It works
	quickly, and its window goes away after you are through.  It
	puts a requester on the screen, from which you may select the
	name and size of the font to be viewed.

QuickLens - QuickLens v2.03 is a program that magnifies portions of any
	screen. It demonstrates some very fast bit manipulation techniques.
	Written by Mike Berro, it is based on "Lens" by Ned Konz.  v2.03 has
	Magnify and NextScreen gadgets.  QLens automatically vacates any
	closing screen.

TTT - a 3-dimensional tic-tac-toe game on a board of 4 levels each board
	has 16 squares all displayed in perspective.

Asteroids - Asteriods loads all of its images from a single IFF/ILBM
	file called "template.ilbm".  If you don't like any or all of the
	shapes of the asteroids or ships just edit this file.  The images
	must remain the same size as before and be roughly circular
	(collision detection is based on circular objects).  Sounds are
	loaded from a set of IFF/8SVX sound files which you can also change
	to your liking.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk49

UEDIT24GS - Uedit is an editor for technical users.  It has many
    wordprocessing features.
    In developing and enhancing Uedit, the aims have been for the user to -
    o Be able to work without bumping into limits of power and capacity;
    o Be able to automate repetitive work, eliminate tedium, save time;
    o Be rid of the irritation of wasted keystrokes and stodgy performance;
    o Be able to customize the environment fully;
    o Be able to create, on the spot, new capabilities that are needed.

TILES - Tiles! is your basic no-frills Shanghai-type game.  A board is
    covered with a set of 144 tiles, 36 different suits of 4 identical
    tiles, each with a picture on it.  The object is to remove all the tiles
    2 at a time, by matching pairs of identical tiles.  Select one tile and
    it becomes hilighted.  Select another matching tile and they both are
    removed from the board.  The catch is that you can only select tiles
    which are on the end of horizontal rows.  Some rows are on top of other
    rows, but you can match tiles on different levels.

GARYICONS -  This is a large set of icons. Includes term prog icons.
	General interest, a bee?, some music and others.

EETART -  This file contains a number of pictures drawn by artist Jim
    Williams, who prefers to be called 'Eet'.  Eet was born in Hurst, and
    lived in one of the north Dallas suburbs before moving to Iowa.  These
    pictures include several cartoon types and some logos.  These are all
    original art - not digitized.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk50

BAM12 -  This program is a complete setup for a SuperBASE PRO database
    program.  The author wrote this program to fill a specific need he had
    to manage the individual checks that he deposit into the bank.  He is a
    freelance musician, and his income is from many different sources.  He
    needed a way to keep track of what he has and has not been paid for.
    BANK ACCOUNT MANAGER was born from this need.

BROWSER16 -  This is one of the most useful programs I have found in public
    domain - though it is released this time as shareware, no specific
    amount suggested.  It permits you to have your directories onscreen in
    a text window rather than an iconic one.  It lists ALL files, not just
    those that have icons.  You can use the Workbench utilities for copying,
    deleting, renaming, etc.  This updated version permits you to make
    additional pull-down menus, and to start programs by selecting them from
    the menus. These can be set up as you work, or can be stored in your
    startup sequence and be ready always.

CORSAIR -  Very nice picture of a Corsair - especially nice use of the
    cycling feature of DPaint to imitate animation.

DIRARC -  If you have arced files on disks, this is a must for you!  This
    will read directories or disks of arced files and prepare DirMaster
    compatible files.  You can then read the file into DirMaster to find,
    list, print, and otherwise manage your arced library.

DMPATCH -On January 1, 1989, the popular disk utility program 'DiskMaster'
    developed a problem. It would display any date after Dec 31 1988 as Dec
    99,9999. Although all files were date stamped correctly, this was an
    annoying problem.  DatePatch will correct this problem on all version
    1.0 DiskMaster programs.

DPLAZ -  This one came without any documentation, but is said to prepare
    your IFF pictures for printing with a postscript printer.

EARPLAY -   This is a fairly simple, MIDI keyboard-controlled ear training
    program EarPlay currently gives practice in the recognition of melodic
    intervals only, i.e. hearing and identifying intervals in sequence. When
    you begin the actual practice, the program will play a sequence of one
    or more intervals. After hearing the sequence, you should then play on
    the keyboard the notes you think you heard.

GEOTIME -  Geotime actually consists of two separate programs, Geotime_m
    depicts a earth map with day and nite sides shaded. You'll be able to
    observe the earth's shadow scroll across the map in real-time based on
    the system clock.  The other program, Geotime_g is a workbench clock,
    and shows the earth as a globe with day and nite sides. Like the map,
    the shadows will progress in real-time showing the current phase of the

NAKAMOTO -  This is a Jumpman-type game, and you can edit or make your
    own screens with the included editor.

PRINT -  Print will open a window, and show the complete status, during the
    printing, like....
    1) Indicates the name of the file and exact length of the file.
    2) Indicates the exact amount of the file (bytes sent) that was
    received and verified by the printer.
    3) A status bar (scale) that indicates the percentage (0% to 100%) of
    the file that is printed so far.
    4) And an 'Abort' gadget to abort the printing of the file.

SORRY -  This is the Amiga version of the board game, Sorry!  The graphics
    are nice, and the game works well.  From 1 to 4 players can participate.

STMP -   'Stamp' will rename a file to the same name but with a date/time
    stamp. This program is very useful when you want to keep files that
    always get written over by a program.  In programming, you could use it
    for source code files or for executables, or any other use, like online
    capture files, etc.

ZERG -   An adventure game, similar to Ultima.  This is a role-playing
    adventure in which you set up characters and explore with them.

ZPATCH -  This is a patch that repairs the broken date function in
    ZOO2.0.  If the dates in ZOO are a problem to you, this will fix it.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk51

COLORLAB -This program will let you take a color picture in any resolution
    except HAM, modify the picture to show how it will appear in black and
    white,and then let you print it on your printer.  Useful for making
    printouts of color pictures on a b/w printer, but it will also let you
    modify the colors in an IFF image.

WPUTIL - Utilities written by WordPerfect Corporation for use with
    WordPerfect. One is a file converter, that converts text from other
    word processors to WordPerfect.  The other is a macro-editor, making it
    easy for you to set up macros to make WordPerfect easier to use.  A
    number of extremely useful macros are included.  I especially like the
    one that lets you change the default directory without reloading.

DPLAZ - An earlier version of this one was called CLAZ.  It lets you
    control a laser printer from the Amiga, giving you considerable control
    over the output. DPLAZ is a primitive (very primitive right now)
    typesetting^M program for the Amiga. It will allow you to arrange and
    print IFF pictures on a POSTSCRIPT laser printer. Currently the user
    interface is somewhat unfriendly, but functional. This program is
    similar in nature to "CLAZ",

FASTDISK - This program will copy your disk to a blank one, and while
    copying it will rearrange the disk to make it work faster.  Directories
    may be from three to five times as fast after using FastDisk.

MACH25 - This is an update to the popular mouse program MACHII.  The new
    version has a "SETMACH" program to set up your configuration(s), which
    will then be loaded by MACH when you use it.  A window shuffler has
    been added, as has the ability to change your preferences from the MACH
    program.  The other abilities include mouse blanking, popcli, screen
    blanking after non-use, hot keys, sunmouse, mouse acceleration, and

SRT - This program installs a wedge into AutoRequest for the purpose of
    replacing the text of standard system requesters.  If your replacement
    text for "Software error - task held" is "DEBUG", SRT will replace those
    useless Software Error requesters with a full width display of the PC,
    SP, registers, task address, and name of the task/command/process that
    crashed.  A sample file of replacement text is included, but you can
    replace the error messages with any text you want.

WCS - This is an adventure game WilliConstructionSet, with an editor for
    creating your own screens and levels.  It was recently featured in INFO
    magazine in an article by Harv Laser.  This is an updated version with
    faster operation and more new features, plus some bug fixes.
CONTENTS  ScopeDisk52

A68K24 - Version 2.4 of Charlie Gibbs' freely distributable assembler for
    the Amiga.  This assembler has been constantly groomed and enhanced,
    and is now the assembler of choice for many who consider it to be better
    than the commercially available ones.  It does not have the includes,
    of course,but those come with all compilers.  You can use SMALL.LIB
    from the Butterfield Assembler disk in our library, or you can order
    the includes from Commodore for $20.  This is a VERY nice assembler!

ADD21K - The 21K is added by removing all but two colors from your
    workbench screen.  If space is really tight, though, it might let you
    run something that would otherwise be impossible.

APP - APP is a preprocessor for the 68000 assembler that comes with Aztec C
    for the Amiga.  It will probably work with other 68000 assemblers.  APP
    provides structured programming constructs for the assembly language
    programmer.  Specifically, APP provides support for IF-THEN-ELSE-
    ELSEIF- ENDIF constructs and for DO-WHILE-UNTIL-ENDDO constructs.

ONEPLANE - This program is very similar to the ADD21K, from a different
    author.  It reduces the Workbench to a single plane, making it have only
    two colors, but reducing the amount of memory required.  Could be very
    useful in tight memory times.

TETRIX - Version 1.1 of the Russian game, Tetrix.  There is a commercial
    version of this game, called Tetris.  The game consists of a 'pit' with
    blocks falling into it.  Your job - keep the pit from filling up.  You
    do this by aligning the blocks so that no empty spaces are left.  When
    an entire row is filled, that row is removed, leaving extra space at the
    top of the pit.  This game can be very addictive!

TS - The utility provided here will request the correct time and date from
    TimeSaver and update the internal Amiga Clock.  This utility will work
    in all situations and with any combination of settings activated within
    TimeSaver.     The Tickler will get and set the time properly even if
    the TimeSaver is totally turned off.

TUTOR - To use this, you must first make a Workbench disk to hold it and
    then copy this file to the Workbench.  This Tutor will teach you to use
    the CLI commands.  The screen will be split, with the instructions in
    one half and the practice in the other, so that you can practice the
    commands and see them work as you go through the lessons.

XLISP - XLISP is an experimental programming language combining some of
    the features of Common Lisp with an object-oriented extension
    capability. It was implemented to allow experimentation with object
    oriented programming on small computers.  There are currently
    implementations of XLISP running on the IBM- PC and clones under MS-DOS,
    on the Macintosh, the Atari-ST and the Amiga.  It is completely written
    in the programming language 'C' and is easily extended with user written
    built-in functions and classes.  It is available in source form to non
    commercial users.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk53

GO - The object of this games is to claim territory by surrounding
    it with your stones. Stones are removed from the board  when
    all adjacent (but not necessarily diagonally adjacent)
    positions are occupied by the opponent. One point is
    awarded for each point of territory and for each captured

HUMBIRD1.3 - There is however one catch,  You must have a NewShell window
    open with "AmigaShell" as it's window title, since this is the
    window title we key on to find out how to change the pointer.
    Not the greatest, but it works!!!

KLONDIKE20 - Card game writtin in BASIC by David Addison, enhanced by John
    Everett.  This warning came from John's documentation -
    I told my wife I was going to warn everybody that this game was
    addicting.  Her comment - "I don't think its addicting.  I've been
    playing it 14 hours a day for three weeks now, and I can quit anytime
    I want to!"

MOREROWS - An update to a much earlier disk. Enables more rows and columns
    to be displayed on the screen than is otherwise posible.

MultiVue - This prog will read graphics files in various formats including
    Amiga IFF Amiga ACBM (Amiga continuous bitmap), Atari St (DEGAS elite
    and NEOchrome), Macintosh and some specials ALSO it will write the same
    formats AND create giant icons.....

LPlayer - Will play a digitized sound sample that is bigger than the normal
    800k that can be got on a standard disk.

Time - Displays the time in its own tiny window and has close and drag
    gadgets. Time was written in assembler and was optimized for speed
	and size.

CloseMe - A display hack that comes up in its own screen. Otherwise...
	This program opens up a screen of its own unless you run it
	from the CLI with a -w switch on the command line.  For some
	reason, it bogs down horribly when running on the Workbench
	screen, and steals some memory that it never gives back,
	although it behaves itself when run in a screen of its own.

AutoMount - Will automatically mount all the entries in your devs mountlist
    file. Should speed up the startup-sequence. Yawn.

Pics - Picture of 2 US Airforce  F14 Corsairs flying over a dserert
	terrain. Digitised by the look of the pics. Very nice.

Sh - The program knows four simple sh commands: echo, cat, sed, and exit.
	The version of sed that I've implemented is SEVERELY limited, but does
	manage to unshar all of the shar files I've seen which use sed. If sh
	finds any other commands, it ignores them.

ClIcon - Basically an Icon executer for Cli programs. All created icons
	must be Project icons, not Tool or other icons. If you don't have a
	project icon handy just use say NotePad from your WB disk.

ReSource - A demo of an interactive disassembler for the Amiga. Adds
	labels and generally translates assembler into something meaningful.
	Useful when its the other guys code.

MemMoMeter - Based on an earlier proggy called Frags. This one is 3 columns
    showingchip, fast and slow'fast' mem. Like the gauges on the usual
CONTENTS ScopeDisk54

FOLD - A simple hack that breaks lines into multiple lines
    eg fold -20 <file> will take all lines and break them
    (at a space or tab) into multiple lines.

BldDir11 - Generates multiple drawers with icons. eg mkddir ram:test
    dh1:dog+dh0:stuff, generates directories with small icons ram:test and
    dh1:dog generates directory with big icon dh0:stuff

SGKEY - A minimal hypertext implementation for the Amiga. Click on
    underlined words to get from one place to another. Includes an
    adventure game.

ICONTYPE - A useful utility for changing the type of an icon after editing
    with iconed.

WORLD - A text adventure game in the style of Zork and about as large.
	Its a Sci-Fi game somewhat like the commercial Planetfall or Starcross
	only much larger.

ARCHA12 - A utility to arc, zoo, pak and unarc, unzoo, unpak all by
    clicking on gadgets etc.  Useful if you use BBS a lot.

PLOTXY - A 2-D plotting program that plots X and Y points from a file on
    several types of graphs.

ANSIPAINT - Lets you create ONE screen of text including ANSI backgrounds
    any embellishment (underline, boldface, etc) using any background or
    foreground colour.

SPRITEMASTER -  Enables much larger than normal sprites to be used and
    lots more of them.

DiskCh - Check scans the filesystem specified by "volume" for
    inconsistencies. All errors in the file structure, including any
    found in the AmigaDos redundancy information are reported.

AddIcon -   This is a little utility program which will 'create' (actually
   'clone') icons for files which do not already have one.

UnDelete - undeletes a file. You MUST know the name of the file you want to
	undelete. After the file is undeleted, you will find it in the selected
	drive. Also undelete renames the file by appending the block # on the
	end of the orig. filename. Oh yea, one other thing. If you use the
	VDK: or VD0: version, make sure that the device is present before
	trying to undelete to that device.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk55

PROJDPARAM - This is a list of the programs that can be successfully copied
    with the current parameter list from ProjectD.

CAPITALS - States and Capitals provides a challenge for one or two players.
    Compete with your friends or children!  While you brush up on
    your state capitals, the map provides a mini geography lesson.
    This game was created with the Directory.

CHAOS - This program illustrates an interesting property of seemingly
    random points when given a set of limits ( the three corners of the
    inverted triangle ).  This is all public domain ( exe & src ) and
    written under Manx C v3.6a.

DIRK2 - This program uses the colors of the WBench to show you the state of
    the system.  The workbench background color changes from blue through
    purple to red as the amount of free memory decreases.
    The workbench detail color (the color of text and Workbench
    window borders) changes from bright white to gray as the
    number of system tasks increases.  Further, the yellow
    content of this color is increased according to the number
    of active tasks.

EXTBAL - This is an AmigaBASIC program that does computations for external
    ballistics.  You must load AmigaBASIC before you can use the program.

GALAXY - This program was based on an article in Astronomy magazine.
    The program represents two galaxies in collision.  The galaxies are
    presented with graphic screens, and computations are made according to
    the number of stars actually placed on the scr

HERBICON - This is a collection of three icons.  One is a bank, one a camera
    for video stuff, and one is a bowling pin.  Enjoy!

WARHAMMER - This picture was digitized from a drawing on page 13 of the
    Warhammer FRP game book.  It was done with Digi-View in B/W 640x400x4
    mode, then touched up a tad with PixMate and DeluxePaint II.

SHOWFONT3.3 - Look at all characters of any font in your Fonts - directory
    without having to load a paint program or the NotePad.  ShowFonts will
    display them easily and speedily.  This new version Fixed a bug that
    caused ShowFont to lump similiarly-named

SHANIM54 - Latest in a series of players for animations.  This one can be
    operated from an icon, and a doc file tells you how to set the
    tooltypes for the icon.  It is said to accept more than one file name
    now, and to play the animations sequentially.

LANDSCAPE - Two ray-traced landscapes. Very sci-fi and looks like a bad
	case of something from a comic.

MUSERIAL - Bryce Nesbitt posted this material to Usenet.  It describes the
    way multiple serial ports will work under 1.4, and suggests some ways
    of making use of this new feature.

TUNNEL - Unusual visual effects of a spiral coming towards you with colors
	cycling- truly reminds one of a tunnel.
CONTENTS  ScopeDisk56

ATODAY73 - This is a recent issue of an online magazine.  It contains some
    product reviews, wild rumors, and a couple of good articles.  One on
    the writing of scripts is quite good.

CHOOSE - You may choose between two startup-sequence paths.  Choose will
    pause long enough for you to request the alternate path.  If no
    response is given, it will automatically take the default path.

DSD11 - This is a small program that will run from either the WB or CLI.
    It will open its own window and display a list of ALL currently mounted
    devices, including hard disk partitions.   In this update, Khalid has
    added two major new items - Save Config and Save Devices. Also, DSD has
    been improved to run around 5 times faster. One of the nicest features
    of DSD is that it will warn you when storage space reaches a point that
    you have previously determined.

HIDDENKEYS - This is a text file that tells you how to use the CTRL-J and
    CTRL-X keys to make your CLI life easier.  The CTRL-J was new to me!

PCDISK - Two .BAT files for your bridgeboard make it simple to transfer
    files between the Amiga and the IBM-side.

PMGRAPHICS - This file was uploaded to Excalibur by Stephen Schaub of our
    club.  It is a file of clipart for the PrintMaster program -Included in
    are clipart collections dealing with the history of the U.S., history
    of modern art and writing, historical technological innovations, and
    pictures dealing with U. S. politics.

RMAND - You might say this is yet another Mandelbrot program, but it is an
    especially fast one, The main purpose of this program is to speed up
    the computation of the Mandelbrot set, especially when the iteration
    counts are high and there is a lot of "black" on the screen (the
    "black" represents the points within the set).

TEMPLE - Here is a ray-traced picture, made with Turbo Silver, showing the
    columns of a temple and other scenery.

UNDELETE - There was no documentation with this program, but it is supposed
    to be a different undelete program from the one we had a few months ago.
    Anyway, we all need to ability to undelete a file sometimes, so here

VIRUSX32 - The virus makers have been very busy, apparently.  VirusX32 was
    released mainly to correct a bug in the last version, but in the
    meantime more virii surfaced, and this one now protects you from about
    16 of them.
CONTENTS  ScopeDisk57

514DRIVE - Here are a text file and a schematic that show you how to adapt
    any IBM 5 1/4" drive to work on your Amiga.  Requires a bit of skill,
    but this tells you how, parts needed, etc.

EXPAND - The source and executables are included here.  This is a program
    that is compatible with COMPRESS, and is said to be far more efficient.

EXPCPY - ExpressCopy is a new harddisk backup utility - but it is also
    useful for copying any directories, disks, etc.  It can copy about 1M
    per minute, and can alternate between up to 4 drives.  It does not
    compress the data, so the backup disks are still usable normally in
    case of emergency.  This is a working demo version of the commercial

FONTS - This is not a collection of fonts, but is a font utility.  It will
    give you a list of all the fonts in the system (memory or disk) and
    all of the information the Amiga has about those fonts.  You can
    select the information you want to know by parameters at runtime.

IPC -  You need a compiler to make this one work, but this is a version of
    the IPC software that the Usenet group have been working on for a year
    or so.   These procedures provide a mechanism for independent processes
    to communicate with each other through "IPC ports".  This is similar in
    some ways to the popular commercial product AREXX.  Works differently,
    but similar purpose.

IVIEW -  "IView" is the first "show" program for the Amiga which can display
    normal IFF/ILBM standard or overscan pictures, in addition to RGBN
    pictures generated by Turbo Silver (all versions) AND "3DPX" Stereo 3D
    pictures that are generated by Turbo Silver-SV and Haitex X-Specs

NATURE - This is a stereoscopic raytrace picture rendered with Turbo Silver.
    It can be viewed with either the Haitex X-Specs 3D glasses or the new
    Turbo Silver-SV Sega interface.  The picture depicts two insects,
    some leaves and ferns.

PDMAKE -  Another one for those of you with C compilers.  This is a public
    domain MAKE utility, but you must compile it before it will work.

PEEL2 -     Peel is a program which takes a lo-res IFF picture and peels the
    image off the screen, while showing the back side of the image.  Like
    tape being pulled off glass.  This peeling starts in the lower right
    corner and leaves the background (Color 0) behind.

TREKTRIVIA -  Test your knowledge of StarTrek!  This is a game that asks
    you questions about the series, and gives you a score at the end. There
    are 100 questions in this file, and information is given for obtaining
    new question files from the author - who lives in Garland, Texas.

XOR2HC - This program will take NFL team files in the Xor "ROS" format and
    convert them for use in Head Coach.

XOR2TV -  This program will take NFL team files in the Xor "ROS" format and
    convert them for use in TV Sports.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk58

ADJCLOCK - Adjclock will print out information that will help you if you
    are trying to adjust the trimmer capacitor for the battery backed
    clock. Adjclock needs to be run from the CLI with a fairly large
    (<-precise technical term) window open.

AREXXLOG - The logon.rexx and logoff.rexx programs support a log record for
    any number of users, one at a time, to record computer usage
    sessions, generating a log file showing all logon events per date
    and time, elapsed time until logoff, and accumulated time over any
    number of sessions. This program requires ARexx to be installed on
    your system.

B1SUBS -  Part 1 of a (possible) series of sub-routines which either extend
    the power of AmigaBasic, or just save a lot of typing. They were
    gleaned from magazines and books or constructed from bits and pieces
    gathered from everywhere.  Most of the sub-routines are presented as
    free-standing programs which can easily be stripped to their essentials
    and incorporated into you programs.

CM -  CM is a Celestial Mechanics simulation tool. It allows you to
    construct a layout of Masses (called Bodys) and specify various
    parameters concerning both the bodys and the simulation. All input
    is accomplished through a fully intuitionized interface. CM then
    proceeds to animate the bodys according to the laws of gravational
    attraction ( F = Gm1m2/r^2 ).  Setups may be saved to disk to allow
    you later re-inact interesting scenarios.

CWAR111 -  Circuit War is a 2-4 player strategy game that involves a great
    deal of strategy!  The game requires the victorious player to crush the
    opposing CPU's by draining their energy levels to below zero, & only a
    collision with a gridrunner accomplishes this.

DFC2 -   This is dfc, a disk copying and formatting utility written by
    Radical Eye Software.  This program is in the public domain.  Version 2
    released on 4 Febuary 1989.  Supplied default `Empty' name  on format
    if no name given.  Automatically retries first cylinder to avoid
    `errors' because of too-late diskchange.

GEOVIEW -  GeoView is a geoPaint viewer for the Amiga.  GeoPaint pictures
    can be viewed in either low resolution (320x200) or high resolution
    (640x400).  GeoView can also print out the whole picture or the
    portion of the picture that is visible on the screen.  It can be run
    from the Workbench or CLI.

IFFEXISTS - IfExists corrects a problem with the IF EXISTS construct as
    used in batch files or your startup-sequence.  The problem was that if,
    for example, the line IF EXISTS DF3 - were used in the startup-sequence
    and DF3 - were not mounted, a requestor would appear and the
    startup-sequence would stop and wait for a click on Cancel.

JGAMES - There are three strategy-type games inj this set -  15 - you must
    align the squares so that the numbers are in sequential order 1-15,
    moving only one square at a time. (2) Concentration -  match the same
    picture hidden behind two squares to get a hint toward the 5-letter
    word you are trying to recognize.  (3) Tower of Hanoi - move the blocks
    according to the rules in order to stack the blocks on the opposite

KBENCH13 - Finally, KickBench arrives for AmigaDOS 1.3!  The files included
    in this archive will convert a copy of KickStart 1.3 into a combination
    KickStart and WorkBench disk.  In addition to the included files, you
    will need a program called WARP which is available from just about any
    BBS system, Fred Fish, your favorite Amiga users group or from a
    friendly Amiga dealer.

KPTR -  Kaleidepointer replaces your pointer with a grid of moving
    pixels. The first argument, if given, is taken as the width, in
    pixels, of the grid.  The second, if given, is taken as the height.
    The default width is 16, and the default height is 14.

MD - MD is a simple memory diagnostic program.  It allocates as much
    memory as it can, writes a value to it, and reads the value.  If the
    value read is not the same as the value MD wrote MD reports an error.
    It repeats the process until each byte of memory has been tested with
    four test values - 0x00, 0xff, 0x55, and 0xaa.  The error report
    identifies the address where the bad value was found, the value found,
    and the value expected.

SHOWPATH - ShowPath was written out of my frustration to get a fully
    qualified file listing which I could edit and use as an EXECUTE script
    file to cleanup my hard drive. Shows path to every file on the disk.

WPDESK -  This is a printer driver for the HP Deskjet to use with
    WordPerfect.  The author of the program converted the driver that HP
    supplies for IBM-WordPerfect owners, and here is the Amiga version.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk59

GURUMED - Jot down the left-hand guru number in your alert and, after
    reboot, let GURU interpret it for you.  Usage -   guru GURU.NUMBER -
    the program will then tell you the meaning of the guru message.

LOADIFF - This ARC file only contains the IFF.LIBRARY, the FD file and the
    BMAP to use the IFF.LIBRARY from Amiga-basic. There is a short demo to
    load a picture. The demo doesn't check for the size of the picture, but
    you can add that.

METRO - In this strategy game, you are in charge of the transportation
    system of a city. You decide where to put parking, bus lines, etc.,
    according to the statistics provided in the game.  Your score depends
    on your skill at making transportation available to the right places at
    the right time. It might take a bit of practice to get good at this one.

MOVIE13 - This is an update to Eric Graham's movie, an animation player.
    You can use it from CLI, or use it in the tooltypes of an icon to set
    an automated demo.  This update was released in February.

MPLAYER1A - Gold Disk's MOVIESETTER makes most impressive animations.  This
    is the freely distributable player for those animations.

SBASIC - SuperBASIC is a set of subroutines for use with AmigaBASIC - or
    most any of the other BASICs available for the Amiga.  There are bits
    of code here that do most of the more things that are advanced or more
    difficult to code.  With these, writing in AmigaBASIC can be very fast

JRCOMM - This communications terminal program seems to have everything.
    file transfer protocols are included.  A phonebook that can store an
    almost limitless number of directory entries, and most other facilities
    that would be wanted in a good term program.

CR21 - Want a file reader that will always be available, yet be unobtrusive
    and out of the way when not needed?  Fast, and with nice features like
    going backwards as well as forwards?  This one can shrink to a square
    only a few pixels big until you need it, then click to a full window
    for reading.  It has lots of features, and deserves a trial.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk60

SUPERBREAK - One of the first computer games was called BreakOut.  Various
    forms of the game continue to appear and to be popular.  This file
    contains the classic BreakOut. Play with mouse.

NOAH - This text file is written to give advice to Amiga newcomers about
    the machine, the software, how to get started, etc.  It has a very
    chatty style, so prepare to spend a bit of time with it - but there is
    some good (if opinionated) information here.

WRAP - This program simply makes your pointer WRAP AROUND the screen, so
    that if it moves "past" the left edge of the screen, it will wrap
    around to the right, and vice versa. If it moves "past" the top edge of
    the screen, it will scroll round to the bottom, and vice versa.

WORKJERK - Another in the seemingly endless set of Amiga screen hacks.  Now
    you wouldn't want me to tell you ALL about it, would you?

ICADDEMO - A demo version of the commercial IntroCad program.  This has
    enough capabilities to give you a feel for the program.  If you have
    never used CAD (as opposed to a draw or paint program) this one will
    let you know whether you could use such software.  Altogether, I feel
    it is worth the space, even though it is a crippled, demo version.

CLERK - This set of accounting programs keeps getting better.  It has the
    ability to keep books for a fair-sized small business, and has modules
    for accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and a file
    system that handles small database types of things like phone numbers
    and addresses. This is just about the only public domain accounting
    software for the AMiga.  It must be put on its own disk to run.

MOCAL - An appointment calendar.  You can keep your appointments here, even
    to setting up things that happen regularly, such as meeting a certain
    person every third Thursday.  If you choose, you can set it to give an
    alarm fifteen minutes before each appointment.

    Last time, you saw the patched version of the original HandyIcons.
    This is the official release from the author of the original.  It has
    some enhancements, in addition to being fixed to run with 1.3.
    This is a truly neat addition to the Amiga.  While of use to all, it is
    especially useful to those with hard disks.  Store all your software
    paths in Handy, and you can just select them from a workbench menu from
    then on. VERY useful.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk61

ARCHIE - Archie is an AREXX program that will copy all files that don't
    have the archive bit set from a SOURCE and it's subdirectories to a
    DESTINATION directory (or directories)  . If these directories don't
    exist in the DESTINATION, Archie will try to create them on the fly,
    thus preserving the original structure.  After the file has been
    copied, it's archive bit will be set.  Requires AREXX.

ASCII2PS - This is a new version of a2ps, a program to format an ascii file
    for printing in a postcript printer.  Several improvements have been
    added in the Unix version, and this is a port of that version to the

BINDNAME - BindNames is designed to do all of the logical name
    assignments you need at once.  BindNames will read all name files before
    making any assignments, and it can figure out dependencies, so it
    doesn't matter how you order the names.  It will create directories that
    it can't find, such as RAM:Env and RAM:T in the above example, and it
    will generate warnings for name assignments that it can't resolve.
    Dave Haynie.

Cosmo2 -  Cosmo-roids2.0 is the latest version of the popular arcade game
    'asteroids' for the Amiga. It is distributed as ShareWare. Version 2.0
    has sound effects and can be played with either keyboard or Joystick.

DChecker -   DiskChecker will read every sector on a disk, reporting any
    read errors found.  DiskChecker will print statistics about the device,
    and then read through each sector on the disk. It will report any errors
    encountered by error number. In addition, if the error is a valid
    trackdisk.device error, DiskChecker will print a descriptive error
    message also.

DiskFree - This is a utility that checks for free disk space and reports how
    much room you have left.

DME - Matt Dillon's editor, version 1.35.  This editor has an AREXX port,
    is almost totally configurable.  It will work with Workbench or with
    CLI, has menus, etc., and the documentation is quite extensive.  Source
    is included.  This is not a word processor, but is a programmer's
    editor, designed for other programmers.

Dperf2 - Update to the original dperf (by Rick Spanbauer).  This one, by
    Khalid Aldoseri, has fixed some bugs in the original.  It leaves no
    locks lying about, is faster in operation, and gives more information
    about the performance of your hard disk.

Giffy2 - This version supports the entire GIF specification.  This includes
    Multiple images, extension blocks and colors more than 32.  It will show
    all the GIF files in a directory just by typing "GIFFY2 #?'  It will
    ignore all non-GIF files in the directory and show the GIF ones.

InTouch3 - This is a modified Comm1.34.  It supports both VT100 and ANSI.
    The VT100 emulation is based on Dave Wecker's VT100 program.  There is
    an automatic dialer, split screen that is configurable, phone book, and
    other nice features.

LoadIff - This file contains the IFF.LIBRARY, the FD file and the
    BMAP to use the IFF.LIBRARY from Amiga-basic. There is a short demo to
    load a picture.  The demo doesn't check for the size of the picture.

CONTENTS  ScopeDisk62

FILEMAP -  This little toy is designed to allow you to examine the
    sector allocation on your disks.  Instead of using th DOS to find files,
    it uses the trackdisk.device and examines the sectors directly,
    traversing the filesystem "by hand."  Unallocated sectors are the
    background color; file control blocks are rendered in color 1; data
    blocks are color 2; and sectors allocated by other things show up as
    color 3.

GLIB -  a Generic LIBrarian and editor for synthsglib (one syllable) is a
    text-screen-oriented librarian AND editor.  It is structured in an
    attempt to make it easy to add support for new synthesizers.

GRAF -  Graf is a program originally meant for graphing multiple functions
    of one variable entered from the keyboard. A calculator mode was so easy
    to add that it is included also.  The inspiration for graf came from the
    graph sketching classes we had in intro calculus. I wanted a nice and
    quick way of checking my work.

JUMBLE -  JUMBLE is a program that will provide all possible arrangements of
    any input text.  Just give it a word and let it go.  All you have to do
    is pick out an answer from the list produced.  What could be easier?
    There is one small problem, though.  JUMBLE gives you 'ALL' possible
    arrangements of the input text.  The larger word you give it, the longer
    the list of anagrams. And the list grows fast!
    Example - 2 letters = 2 words, 3 letters = 6 words,4 letters = 24 words,
    but 9 letters = 362880 words.

MFR -  MIDI File Recorder  This program (written in JForth and target
    compiled), receives MIDI input and records it timestamped in the
    standard MIDI file format approved by the MIDI Manufacturers
    Association. MFR uses Bill Barton's PD midi.library, so it can receive
    MIDI from the serial port or any other executing process that also uses
    the midi.library.  Also included is a program called  MidiClock, a
    settable timer.

MYMENU -  MyMenu is a program to allow you to create your own menus in the
    WorkBench to run your own commands.  This can save the hassle of opening
    up lots of drawers to get to the command you want.  MyMenu will allow
    you to execute both CLI and WorkBench programs, and is configured with a
    normal text file.  Be warned that there are probably a few Amiga
    programming rules violated, so this program will break unker 1.4.

PIPE203 -  I have completely re-written my PIPE - handler from scratch.
    The PIPE - device now supports bi-directional connections through a
    single file-handle, dynamic buffer sizing, signaling capability, and
    several other options for supporting virtualterminals
    (i.e. slaving a CLI). (Matt Dillon)

PLAY11 - This is version 1.1 of Mark Riley's "Play" program, for playing
    Sonix scores.  Since there is as yet no new documentation for the new
    version, the version 1.0 docs are included in this archive.  This
    version is supposed to deal more gently with low memory situations, and
    has an added "fade" or "F" option to fade out a score.

QUICKLIB -  quicklib.bas is a little routine to allow quick bmap-loads for
    AmigaBasic. What it does is ask you which routines from the library
    you're using, and then writes a subroutine (which you later merge into
    your main program) which will create a tiny .bmap file on the fly in
    RAM -, and then load it in with an appropriate "LIBRARY" call.

RUS -  Rus is a program to read BBS buffers or any other text file. It is
    page and/or message orientated. You can read text files using either the
    keyboard or mouse.

SHELL203 -  Shell provides a convient AmigaDos alternative command
    interface. All its commands are internal and thus does not rely on the
    c - commands for any functionality.  Major features include - command
    line editing, -shell & Amigados search path support, -simple history,
    redirection of any command, piping, aliases, variables & variable
    handling (embedded variables), file name expansion via conventional wild
    carding, conditionals, source files, many built in commands to speed
    things up.

VT1002.08A -  This archive contains a vt100 emulator with KERMIT and XMODEM
    file transfer protocols.  Original work by Dave Wecker, V2.7-V2.8A by
    Tony Sumrall. This is the standard VT100 emulator by which all other
    Amiga implementations are measured.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk63

BACK202 - Version 2.02 of Matt Dillon's hard disk backup program.  It has
    many features such as incremental or complete backup.Backup and
    Restore (same executable, just renamed) allow you to back up any
    directory tree with optional compression, and later extract all or part
    of the tree.  The protection, date, and file comment is saved with
    each file.

CHECKERS -  This is a computer-controlled checkers game, played on the
    screen, and controlled by the mouse.  It follows the standard rules -
    and no cheating allowed! Requires AmigaBasic.

DISK2  -  This is a disk icon.  You cannot see it until you copy it to a
    disk.  Type -  copy ScopeDisk63/disk2/Disk.info newdiskname -Disk.info
    A replacement for the WorkBench disk icon. Not brilliant.

PICS -  Here are two pictures for the fellows who just really need more
    images of girls.  One is called 'Jill' and the other is 'Montage".

SIMREQ -  SimpleRequest is a requester-maker for your programs that use
    Intuition (ie, that open windows).  Check out the sample program, and
    the "Specs" (which has more-or-less a proposal at the end, and some
    more info on the function).  To just see what it can do, run "ReqTest".

SPICE_M  -  This is a pair of files to be used with the Spice circuit
    analysis program that was on several of the Fish disks.

THINKER -  This is a demo version of Thinker, with most features such as
    save and print disabled.  It will let you see what Thinker can do,
    however.  By combining elements of text processing, outline
    processing, and hypertext, Thinker becomes an Idea Processor.  The
    future of Thinker includes links to sound files, WYSIWYG print
    formatting, use of the  Amiga Clipboard, and more.

XOPER13 -  New commands - [S]=Stack usage, Sort, Hide, Hidden, Header,
    Window,InputHandler. Added - Support of startup-scripts, I/O
    Interrupts/second, 'Kill' an alias for 'Cancel'.  Xoper can show you
    information about everything running in your machine, and can close
    windows, kill tasks, unlock locks, and do all sorts of wondrous things.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk64

BLK -  Blk generates C code for declaring requesters.  It automatically
    formats borders and text and generates the declarations for them.  The
    requester can contain boolean, string and proportional gadgets.  This
    code is provided by Stuart Ferguson, and has been highly acclaimed.

DBW_uRAY -  (micro raytracer) is a small raytracer developed for my own test
    purposes and made available to anyone who wishes to play with ray
    tracing algorithms. It runs on several different machines in many
    different configurations.  It can generate pictures in 24-bits
    (16 million colors), and up to 1024 x 1024 in size.  This is an update
    to DBW-Render, Dave Wecker's ray tracing program.

MOCAL -  It is an appointment calander that allows you to enter appointments
    on a one time or on-going basis. (i.e. beer blast every third friday)
    It can also be run with a -d option in background and will remind
    you 15 min before any scheduled event. In foreground you and Post, Scan
    Edit events or 'Q' to quit.  This is a port of a calendar program for
    Unix machines.

QMENU -  Here's a little quick menu creation code I put together for making
    menus for Modeler 3D.  The instructions are in the comments.  Included
    are the main code itself in a module and an example program.  The code
    compiles under Manx 3.6, but I can't see why I wouldn't compile equally
    well elsewhere.

FTEXT2 -  This is the first revision of Darren Greenwald's new FastText()
    code which can be linked in, and included within your programs.  These
    new routines utilize the blitter, and speed up rendering of
    fonts of any height, and of 4-16 pixels in width.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk65

ARP13 - This is the release version of the AmigaDOS Replacement Project's
    1.3 version of ARP.  This file has all of the C directory commands
    but they are written in assembler, are faster in many cases, and in
    other cases they have added features that make them more consistent
    in syntax, etc.  An excellent installation script is included.

DPPlay - The Player utility lets you play the animations you created with
    DeluxePaint III.  You can boot the utility from the Workbench or
    use CLI arguments to start the Player.  There are many options to
    control the animation.  This player was released by E. A. for free
     distribution, but retains their copyright.

DSALV14 - DiskSalv V1.40 is a disk recovery program for all Amiga file
    system devices that use either the AmigaOS V1.2/V1.3 Standard File
    System or the AmigaOS V1.3 Fast File System.  Several bugs in the last
    release have been fixed, and there are new enhancements not available
    in the older version.  If you EVER have to recover a disk, you need

EASYBANK - This program will keep track of all your banking transactions
    if you will take the time to enter them.  It has categories for just
    about anything you might do with your account, and maintains the
    records in a database it sets up for you.

BFort302 - Is a game that simulates combat between two or more giant robot
    like machines. To enjoy the game you must put yourself in the cockpit
    of a battle Mech.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk66

EXECUTE - This is a small file that does most of the things in the larger
    Execute program included with WorkBench.  If you are very tight for
    space, it might do exactly what you need!

GIFTOIFF -  There are thousands of pictures around in GIF format for IBM
    computers.  We have had IFF2Gif converters, but this one goes the
    other way - it converts GIF to IFF, though it goes through a second,
    temporary file on the way.  It offers some choices on the methods used
    for changing the number of colors, etc.

ICONMEISTER - The time has come to throw IconEd in the TRASHCAN!  Now
    there's IconMeister, THE paint program for creating Icons. This program
    was designed for making Icons of all types, sizes, and colors.
    IconMeister is packed with features for creating interlace, 8 color,
    and dual icons. IconMeister has twice the features of IconED packed into
    the same size code space. This is a MUST GET for all Icon masters!

MIDISMUS -  I haven't tested this program, but it is said to convert MIDI
    files to SMUS format.  The author says there is some distortion in
    the converted files, and asks for more files to check.  Still - it
    should be worth a look if you are into MIDI - shouldn't it?

MOVE - Move is a file utility for use in your c - directory. It simply moves
    a file from one place to another. It takes the place of a copy and
    delete.  Version 1.0 does not support any wildcards. Renaming any
    given file is allowed.

MPRI -  MemPri is a handy tool for Amiga owners with a mixture of 32 bit
    and 16 bit memory.  MemPri will let you adjust the priority of each
    of your memory types thereby allowing you some control over where
    programs load.

PALFIX - Palfix and Palfix2 are custom made system-configurations for the
    Devs directory of those Pal games you need to fix.  Amigas in the
    USA need this fix so that they can see the bottom of the screen.

PBG - PointerBeGone.  If you like having the mouse pointer disappear during
    times when you are not using it, but don't want all of the other
    utilities that come with programs that do this - here you are.  This
    one, written in assembler and source included, does only that one
    job of blanking the mouse when it is idle.

QMOUSE152 -  The most recent version of this popular utility that adds
    hotkeys, provides a popcli, speeds up the mouse, provides a sunmouse
    feature, blanks the mouse when idle, blanks screen when idle, and
    a host of other features.  This one fixed some bugs in earlier

QRT15 - Here is a a new release of the QuickRayTracing program that has been
    very popular.  It is based on the first freely distributable ray
    tracer by Dave Wecker, but this one has been improved many times.
    this file contains sample pictures, complete docs, and many other

REXXARP22 - There are a few new options in a couple of the functions. A few
    documentation deficiencies were fixed. The rexx directory only contains
    a few new examples. Updates to the SLAC rexx programs that were in the
    previous releases may be forthcoming in a separate archive. The
    screenshare library is now included in the libs directory, since
    rexxarplib needs it.  Previous archives assumed that you had it already.

REXXMATH13 -  The RexxMathLib has Arexx scripts for many of the math
    functions.  This version has been recompiled especially for use
    with the 1.3 software - and is only about half the size of the version
    needed for 1.2.
CONTENTS ScopeDisk67

SDECIGEL - This is a short utility to make the MC68010 and MC68020 more
    nearly compatible with the MC68000. It's based on the Public Domain
    program DeciGEL, but it is more effective - it does NOT disappear
    when you reset the computer!

SETPATCH - Use this one at your own risk!  This definitely shows that it
    came from Commodore - copyright built into the program, etc.
    But Commodore people say they have not released the new SetPatch
    and that they know nothing of this one.  It seems to correct a
    problem with trackdisk and one with layers.

SMARTICON - This program puts an icon beside the other screen gadgets.
    Clicking on that icon causes the screen to be saved to RAM -  It
    will work on all screens open at the time the program is run, or
    on all windows opened before or after running the program.

SSUR1_1 - Small Simple Usenet Reader.  This file will present Usenet
    messages to you one at a time.  There may be more features, but
    the program comes with source - no docs.

TAPESTRY2 - Tapestry is a utility for attaching a picture
    to your normal workbench display.  Any 1 bitplane (2 color) IFF
    picture can be loaded, though you may want to use one which has
    roughly the same dimenstions and pixel aspect ratio as your Workbench

TURBO - This program speeds up the computer by turning off the bitplane,
    sprite, copper, and audio DMA.

UNZIP - 'UnZip' is a small Zipfile extract utility.   It is written to be
    as small and portable as possible -- ideal as a starting point for
    handling .ZIP files in non-IBM environments. Source code is provided.
    This is an Amiga port of the unzip utility, and worked on sample
    .ZIP files.

VLT3656 - VLT is both a VT100 emulator and a Tektronix emulator, currently
    in use at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). Although the
    VT100 part was originally based on Dave Wecker et al.'s VT100, many
    enhancements were made.  This update differs from the previous one
    in a few bug fixes - the implementation of the insertion/deletion of
    characters is now done correctly, a problem with macro file requesters
    was solved. All beeps everywhere in the program now correctly

Tunes - by a Dutch programmer by the name of DJ. Cannot be used with Sonix
	Apparently can only be used on an A500 or 2000. 1000 owners cannot use

TPL0489 - The Pursuit List April '89. A list of USA bulletin boards and
	other guff. Really huge list.

Contents Scopedisk68

FuncKey -  is  a tool that  will put an  end to the uselessness of
	the ten function keys sitting atop the Amiga keyboard.  This
	'hotkey' utility allows each  function  key to be  programmed
	 with  up to five  different  keyboard equivalent  strings,  each
	string  able to hold up  to 79 characters and may contain control
	escape	sequences as well as left- and right-Amiga sequences.
	The five possible strings are accessed by combinations of Shift,
	Alternate, Left-/Right-Amiga, and the function keys.
	Please note that FuncKey requires at least version 1.2 of AmigaDOS.

CtoMod -  is a program designed for those who would like to translate
	C source code into Modula-2 source code.  This program should help
	in the translation process.  C keywords are translated into Modula-2
	keywords, as well as most of the punctuation type characters, i.e.,
	"{" are converted to "BEGIN", "}" to "END", "=" to ":=", "==" to "="
	etc.  Indentation is also added to the output, as well as the beginning
	and ending "MODULE" statements. Module name is taken from the name of
	the input file.

BlitLab  - is a program which lets you experiment with the blitter to
	your hearts content, in relative safety.  It opens up a workbench
	window with gadgets for all of the registers of the blitter, and allows
	you to manipulate individual registers and perform blits on a magnified
	bitmap.  This documentation is sketchy, but it probably won't get much

SCalc4.1 - is a look-a-like version of a simple supercalc which was ported
	from Unix. No great hopes here.

GreekFont - This is a full Greek alphabet font.  EXECUTE install.exe to
	install the fonts into the Fonts: directory of the disk with which
	you have booted. The Lord's Prayer file is a Notepad file that you
	can load in Notepad after you have installed the fonts to see it in

MMF - a demo of Microfiche Filer, a commercial program similar to thee
	popular fiche filers seen in many offices.

SCSI - a DIY documentation including graphics of how to build a SCSI
	interface for the A500. Masses of notes and info.

Calendar2 - programs are designed to be used as part of a 'startup-sequence'
	They provide an easy way to update the system time and date.  Calendar
	also will list short memos for the current month as an option.

Cmd4 -  redirects serial.device or parallel.device output to a file.
	This allows you to capture the printer output of many applications
	(including screen dumps) in a file.

IconMaker - Iconmaker builds icons for files that were created without them.
    However, if the program does have an icon file available, then it is
    a rather simple matter to clone it. Iconmaker takes this approach.

CONTENTS ScopeDisk69

AmiModem - This file is designed to help people who have the U. S. Robotics
    HST modem.  It will set the NRAM, and will describe the correct dip
    switch settings to get the most out of the HST when used with an Amiga.

DuHerm28 - This update to the Hermes directory utility has a number of bug
    fixes and additions.  The major reason for the update was to fix a
    problem with the files, but other things were fixed or added as well.

AmiZip86 -  The latest compression scheme is called ZIP.  This method is not
    yet implemented for the Amiga, but many of the files for IBM and MAC
    have been ZIPped.  This file will unpack them for you.

AprTuna -  An online newspaper, with reviews, articles, jokes, etc.  One of
    the most popular of these newsletters.

CCLat -  A unix-like front end for Lattice C compiler.  It has many options,
    but you can follow the Unix commands to compile your programs.

BVal -  A better VAL program - lets you have many more options in your
    evaluations.  It even includes trig functions.

JLib20a -  This is an extension to AmigaBASIC.  It has lots of additions to
    the language, among which is the ability to address libraries without

DumbBell -  This is a game, similar to the 15 game, where you are to
    complete a picture by sliding tiles around on the board.
    Warning -  it isn't easy.

gold - Similar to DumbBell.  Another game you solve by sliding tiles, but
    a different set of tiles.

Contents Scopedisk70

Cooo - Here is a screen hack that is fun until you want to make it
	disappear.  It makes copies of your pointer and they trail after
	you as you work.  If you find a way to end this program, please
	tell us!

DiskTools - Two files are included:  DiskOptimizer will copy your disks,
	rearranging the files on the disk for maximum speed when you use it
	later.  DiskView gives a graphical view of the blocks used on the
	disk.  It can have different colors for directories, files, etc.
	Author:  Claude Abraham.  Binary only.

FixIntu - Jim Mackraz reported on Bix that there is a problem with
	switching interlace screens.  This is a quick fix for the problem
	and should work until a full fix is released.  Author:  Roger ??
	(not given)	Includes source.

Jeopard - This is a classic strategy game.  The object is to conquer the
	whole world by occupying every territory on the screen.  There
	are, of course, a few obstacles in the way....

Magus110 - This is a set of Arexx scripts that control your printer -
	a print	spooler. You will need Arexx and RexxArpLib2.1 installed.
	Author:  Dan Schenk Rexx scripts included.

MenuMgr - These Arexx scripts set up a Workbench menu from which you can
	launch programs or commands by using the mouse - similar to any
	other menu, such as those from HandyIcon or Browser.  Author:  Dan

RGS - RGS is a public-domain real time digital synthesis program written
	by Howard Lowengard.  One thing it can be used for is creating IFF
	samples to use with M (or other music software).  Author:  Howard
	Lowengard.  Binary only.

ShowFonts - This program will show you all of the characters in any font
	currently available to the system.  Excellent for seeing the
	shapes of all those characters without having to load down your
	system with all the fonts.  Select the font from a requester that
	handles large numbers of fonts.  Excellent program.  Author:
	Arthur Johnson, Jr.  Binary only.

SkinnyFont - A new font for your collection.  Size 8 only.  There are no
	instructions but you will need to copy the parts to your fonts
	directory on your system disk before use.

Sunriders - A graphic demo from West Germany.  If you can read all this
	text, you are better than I - but it is an interesting demo all the
	same. Run from the Cli only.

SuperView21 - This is my favorite file viewer, and is the one included
	on the SCOPE disks.  It can show almost any kind of graphic made for
	the Amiga, including the ACBM format used in AmigaBASIC.  Shows a
    single frame, or a whole disk full. Improved, updated version.

Whereis2 - fimds any file if its in a path & now reports the exact
	path and spelling (including Capitalization) of the files it finds.
	It also reports the size and last change date and time.

PKax - is a FAST! archive extraction utility that extracts files from
	an archive and restores them to their original name, size, time and
	date.  It is completely compatible with all other ARC type programs

Nag08 - is an electronic appointment calendar for the Amiga. In
	addition to keeping track of your appointments, your anniversary, and
	your mother-in-law's birthday

Edible - a small filter prog that strips out al unnecessary LF's etc etc so
	that a prog  that cannot normally be read with AmigaDos `Ed' now canbe

PCalc - a programmers calculator: does base conversion: binary, octal,
	decimal, hexadecimal, bit level logic functions: AND, NOT, OR, NOR
	NAND, XOR, left-shift and right-shift functions (shift one bit)
	choice of working with signed or unsigned numbers, math functions
	including MOD (remainder after integer division) etc etc.
Contents Scopedisk72

SQUARES -  This simple program takes TWO arguments from the CLI (integer
	values), and outputs the specified range of squared values for the
	numbers.  The two arguments are the 'Start' and 'End' points of
	the output range.  NOTE -  The function of this program is an
	example of HOW to pass arguments from the CLI to the main()
	function of your program, not in its utility.  by Michael S.

TAG-25 - TAG-BBS is an online message and file handling system written
	by Patrick E. Hughes specially for the Amiga Released as TAG 2.01
	by Chuck Maier, and currently maintained by him.  This is revision
	2.5, released in May of 1989.

TICTAC - This is a very challenging version of tic-tac-toe, a 3-
	dimensional version that should challenge almost any player.  It
	is well done, but I was not able to determine whether this version
	(just appeared on the BBS) was the same as the one we presented
	last year.

TITLCD - The purpose of this program is to put the current directory
	into the Title Bar of your CLI window(s).  The program sits in the
	background, watching all your CLI's, and if you change the current
	directory in any CLI, that window gets updated with the new
	current directory.

TRUNCANIM - This program was written in response to a request by a local
	DPaint3 user.  When you create an ANIM file in DPIII it appends
	the first 2 frames of your anim to the end, so that it will loop.
	This is fine except when you don't want the ANIM to loop there is
	no way to kill this "feature". This program does that.

UHSr91 - Greetings fellow Amiga-ites! Here is the much touted and highly
	acclaimed Amiga Reader for the UHS hint files. Now you can have a
	quick hint for your favourite game at your fingertips (oh what
	sweet temptation!)  just by having this Reader and the UHS hint
	file for that game.

UNIX -  These are some UNIX-like utilities that will be most useful to
	you if you have a piping shell like ARP's 1.3 AShell or Bill
	Hawe's WShell.  Utilities are c, cut, nl, rand, rev, sh, tail, and
	uniq.  Brief docs.

UTILMA - Here is one of the best of the PD/Shareware directory utility
	programs.  It will do almost all file manipulation you need to do,
	simply by clicking the mouse.

VPOKER - VideoPoker simulates the electronic poker machines found in Las
	Vegas casinos, but with an important added feature; it provides
	guidance on proper playing strategy. The program is self
	documenting and can be run from the Workbench using the included
Contents Scopedisk73

Haven - This is a demo version of a most interesting form of solitaire.
	The demo is fully playable, but allows only four starting
	arrangements.  The real game costs $15, and the startup is truly

NumFum - The graphics are really outstanding on this version of the game
	of 15.  Play is a bit slow, maybe, but that is because of the

RunBack6 - This version of Runbackground uses the NULL - device, so that
	the window opened by the program to be run in the background will
	really go away.

SimGen - With SimGen you can create real pictures in several colors to
	use as a backdrop on your Workbench screen.  Several sample pics
	are included.

NewSetFont -  SetFont 1.5, from Dave Haynie.  Set your favorite font as
	the default font for your system.

Oria - This is a very nice picture, complete with a waterfall that flows
	(thanks to color cycling), and you can scroll around in the
	oversize pic.

Scan - Scanner will read every intuition structure in the system and
	make commented C code for each structure it finds, complete with
	pointers to the other such structures.

PPCon - The creators of Photon Paint were featured in a formal
	conference on CompuServe recently.  This is a transcript of the

Req2 - Here is a requester that you can use in your own programs. You
	can see this working by running the program from a cli window.
Contents Scopedisk84

UUshut -  This file contains the programs necessary to unshar and
	uudecode software taken from Usenet.

Zonx -  This is a maze game.  Move with cursor keys.  There are little
	squares along the maze which you capture to get points.  But there
	are also green dragons trying to eat you!  Good luck.

MPaint -  Here is a very simple paint program for you to use if you do
	not have something like DPaint.

JrComm94a -  The very latest revision of this extremely popular terminal
	program.  It offers almost any protocol you could possibly want,
	along with a host of other features.  Certainly worth a try.

Yar170 -  This is a digitized picture of Lt. Yar. Comes straight from
	a TV series.

TitleG -  A title generator for video productions.  Will make scrolling
	credits like those you see on TV, among other features.  Very nice.

Visa -  Digitized clipart - a picture of a Visa card, ready to use
	wherever you might need such a picture.

Animal -  Digitized sounds of a cheetah, elephant, monkey, and grr??
	Made with Perfect Sound digitizer, in 8svx form.

wtfptc -  This is a patch that fixes the WindowToFront bug, a bug that
	often causes the machine to lock up when a program's window pops
	to the front.

MakeSn -  This is a sound editor.  Save your edited sounds in raw format,
	IFF format, or as C source code ready to include in your programs.

Oria -  Since the "Oriaquia" picture is bigger than the normal screen,
	you must use the "SUPERVIEW" show utility in order to be able to
	view it. You can use the mouse to scroll the picture around while
	holding down the left mouse button.

Contents Scopedisk75

INTER -  This file tells you how to set your computer for the least
	possible amount of flicker when using interlace screens.  It also
	has some tools such as IconType, SetPrefs, and SavePrefs which
	make it easy for you to set and save your own configuration.

ISPELL -  This is a huge and very capable spelling checker.  It is the
	one in use at MIT on the mainframes there.  The dictionary of
	words fills a large part of this disk, and the program does LOTS
	of work for you.
Contents Scopedisk76,

ANTEP - This is a large adventure game with many commands available.  You
	can fight the enemy, find the jewels, look at the maps, and have lots of
	other fun - and the price is right!

3DPRO - This is a group of pictures made with a soon-to-be-released graphics
	program called 3dProfessional.

JOKER - This is a picture of the Joker from Batman. Just double click
	on the icon to see this.

DIRUTIL - A very nice directory utility to help you manage your disks.
	Has it own config file and needs to be set up properly for the best

Contents Scopedisk77

JEOPARD -  Jeopard is a classic strategy game for 2 to 8 players. The
	object is to conquer the world by occupying every territory on the

VLT4036 - VLT is a VT100 terminal emulator and a Tektronix emulator. This
	program requires ARP1.1 Author Willi Langveld.

SuperView21 - SuperView is a program that will display IFF pictures of
	all types on the Amiga.  The program supports the following features -
	Multiple files on one command line.  WorkBench (icons) are supported.
	All display modes supported.  Auto Overscan Color Cycle ( DPaint and
	GraphiCraft types) CRNG CCRT AmigaBasic ACBM type files Author chunk is
	supported Displays the first cell in a ANIM file Written in Assembly,
	PURE code that can be resident under 1.3

BatBench - When you boot your Amiga, you will see Batman above the city
	in place of your regular Workbench backdrop and hear the words "I'm
	Batman over your sound device. Cor!

VTime - Growing tired of depth arranging windows and screens to find
	digital or analog clocks on the WorkBench screen, I decided that a
	talking clock would be an easy way to remedy this situation. I also knew
	that there were a few blind computer users' out there using the Amiga on
	a daily bases, and that a program that spoke the time would be well
	received in their community.

TurboBackUpV1.00 - TURBOBACKUP is the fastest, safest way we know to do
	backups of unprotected standard AMIGA-Dos-floppy disks on an Amiga with
	Kick1.2 or higher using two or more disk-drives and working with

WBKaleidoscope - Isn't a plain blue Workbench background so BORING?  Here
	is a solution. This program will set up another playfield in back of
	your Workbench screen and draw a slowly-changing pattern.  Since the
	screen is dual-playfield, the pattern does not disturb your Workbench at
	all--Workbench doesn't even know it's there.

BTutor - The following tutorial is for the use of AmigaBASIC
	programmersboth novice and intermidiate programmers can benfit from this
	tutorial.  Part 1 (this tutorial) contains information which is quite
	useful so if possible, read this file with a program that can let you
	print your current screen so that you can create yourself a quick
	reference card.  The following tutorial will cover the following - How
	to access libraries in AmigaBASIC How to use CLI commands. How to
	interface I/O with your modem How to create a console window in

ZapMap - ZapMap13 contains the equivalent of AmigaDos 1.3 .bmap files
	(accounting for it's size). Running the program is all that a BASIC
	programmer will need to use the Amiga's LIBRARY Functions.  You can
	throw away your 1.3 .bmap files if you choose (NOT recommended!) as you
	will not need them to either use this program or to use the LIBRARY
	functions in your own BASIC programs.  It can also be used with Absoft's
	AC-BASIC (and other BASICS that require the use of .bmaps to make
	library calls) enabling you to create TRUE stand alone programs!

Contents Scopedisk78

Speedup - Apparently works on the A1000 but will probably on the A500 &
	A2000. Speeds up the disks drives.  Author John Sylvester

Sub - Emulates subliminal messages that are usually found (??) on TV or
	movies. Sub will flash your messages, in order, for a SINGLE frame, once
	a minute.  So if you have 5 messages, they will repeat every 5 minutes.
 	You can have a maximum of 20 messages.  Author Steve Tibbet Version 1.0

Tbar - This short (564 bytes) program will change the intuition pattern
	used in the title bars of all windows.  Put it in your startup-sequence
	and dress up your windows!  It will change the current window
	immediately and all others as they are selected.  The code is pure and
	may be made resident (can't see much use in doing that - except maybe
	while playing with new patterns). There are five patterns built in, or
	you may define your own pattern.Calling tbar with no arguments will
	restore the default pattern.  Author John Everett Version 1.0

RxSlides - An IFF picture server controlled through AREX.  RxSlides
	(load-and-stay-resident) program which can pop up a picture upon
	command.  It will also make a transition from one picture to another,
	and has several types of transition.  Author Dean Bandes

SetCPU - SetCPU V1.5 is my third program designed for identification and
	modification of system parameters roughly related to different versions
	of the Motorola 68000 family processors.  The program will identify the
	various types of processors and coprocessors in any 680x0 system up to
	68030/68882 systems.  It also makes an attempt to correctly identify an
	incorrectly designed but still functional 68020 system, several of which
	are known to exist as Amiga coprocessor boards.  It contains MMU code to
	locate kernel ROM in write protected 32 bit ROM, with several optional
	patches to that ROM.  Author Dave Haynie Version 1.5

GPrint - Black and White Graphics Print Utility for Epson FX printers.
	Author Dave Cherna Version 2.03

SD - SD is a replacement for the AmigaDOS command CD (Change/Current
	Directory). SD stands for S[earch] for D[irectory]. SD is functionally
	identical to CD in every way. Use it as you would CD. You can even
	rename or alias it to CD and you, nor any programs that call it, will
	know the difference. Version 1.01c

Start - Lots of information about starting with your Amiga. Useful if u
	r a beginner (and maybe not)

Tapriska - This is a utility program for your Amiga computer.  Its
	purpose is to identify the tasks which are currently running on your
	machine.  Besides the various CLI and background executable programs,
	these tasks include your hard disk drives as well as the various
	devices.  Author Hermes Version 1.1

Thinker - Combines elements of text processing, outline processing, and
	hypertext, Thinker becomes an Idea Processor.  Version 1.03 Demo

SeahavenTowers - Patience card game played against a backdrop of a
	castle. This is Demo version only.

ToolBox - The Tool Box provides a COST EFFECTIVE method of expansion for
	the non A2000 owner and at the same time provides the dealer with
	another market for A2000 type expansion cards. Notes author Richard
	Taylor Expansion Technologies USA.

Contents Scopedisk79

Musician3 - Play music on the screen/keyboard, save it, play it back, more.
	Ever since I first had my Amiga, I always wondered why there were
	no music-pianos for it in the PD.  It seemed to me that it woulnd't be
	too difficult to make a piano-keyboard on screen that would play back
	the proper sounds like a piano.  I also wanted to be able to record live
	music playing, and none of the commercial music programs (that I know
	of)  can do this. So I got to work, and  now I have completed a new
	version with many additions.

PCPatch2 -PcPatch is a bunch of utilities to enable PCCopy and PCFormat from
	the Extras 1.2 (or Extras 1.3) PCUtil drawer to read, write and format
	any kind of MS-Dos style disks, including 720k/3.5" diskettes. Included
	is a format editor, so everyone can customize PCCopy to fit his needs.
	Two sample format entries have been added, AtariSS and AtariDS.

PCBTool - Printed Circuit Board Tools - excellent CAD program from
	Australia specifically written for the design of PCB's.

RushHour - Game.  Outdrive the evil red car, collect lots of points!
	By writing malignant bit patterns into various little known and very
	obscure hardware registers, this program turns your normally user
	friendly Amiga computer into an evil force bent on totally destroying
	you and taking over the world, in that order.  (Note, complete world
	domination requires at least 4 megabytes of expansion RAM. With 512K
	it can take over, at most, the left half of your desk. (So, please do
	not leave RKM or any programming manuals there - if it ever learns to
	program itself we could be in trouble)).

PlotXY - 2-d graphing program, makes many kinds of graphs PlotXY is a 2-D
	plotting package that plots X and Y data points from a file on several
	types of graphs.  PlotXY was written completely in C using the Manx
	Aztec V3.6a C compiler.  PlotXY was compiled using the +fi option for
	the IEEE Double Precision Floating Point Emulation and linked using
	the mal32.lib for access to the Amiga's library.

Dnet.Handler - handler for Dnet from Software Distillery. This is
	pre-release version and may have a few bugs.
Contents Scopedisk80

Protecta -  This presents a requester that lets you easily change the
	protection bits and comments for any file.  Nice utility.

LoadIFF -  Here is the IFF.library, along with the FD file and the .BMAP
	needed in order to use the library from AmigaBASIC.

Woodland -  From Louis Markoya.  A ray-traced picture, WoodlandII.  Was used
	as a TRANSACTOR cover recently.

Zmodem -  Here are the official specifications for the Zmodem protocols.
	Intended for systems programmers and the like!!

Loan1.4 -  This is an update to TinyLoan from another disk.  It opens a
	window onscreen and lets you give the details of a loan, then prints out
	an amortization schedule either to the screen,to a file, or to a printer

Ymodem - the official documentation for YModem protocols. Is also intended
	for telecommunications managers etc.

Lire -  This is a French name meaning "to read".  So - this is a very small
	and very nice file reader that lets you move by lines or by pages,
	forward or backwards through a file.

MusicBox -  Here is a music player that you can use from Workbench, and with
	three songs included for playing.  Just click the icon to hear the music
	and the music is worth hearing, too.  VERY nice.

MT -  This file contains MD, a memory diagnosis tool and MQ, a memory
	quarantine tool.  MQ will mark off the bad memory so it cannot be used.

Contents Scopedisk81

SportsText -  allows you to quickly display over 100 different titles for
	overlaying  on top of external video (using the Amiga genlock).  This
	is particularly useful for identifying players in a sports video
	have up to five completely seperate startup-sequences and there
	is no limit to what they can do, Startup works with ALL dos commands

BrickBat - game based on this (in)famous old early pub game. Sound and
	decent graphics.

Movie - is a freeware utility which may be used to play back animations
	created by Sculpt Animate 3D.  Movie was written by Dr. Eric Graham,
	author of SCULPT 3-D and Sculpt Animate 3D.

WKEYS -  is a program that allows you to manipulate windows through the
	use of keyboard function keys rather than by using the mouse.move them
	from front to back and vice-versa, and move screens from front to back
	all without having to move your hands from the keyboard, and without
	having to move windows around so that you can see their depth gadgets.
	It also lets you move windows or screens that do not have depth gadgets.
	WKEYS knows how to perform twelve different window and screen functions.
	 The key bindings are user definable, so you can make any key (or keys)
	perform any of the functions that you want.

Du-Hermes2.5 - A dirutil prog with an awsome number of user definable keys.
	Not bad but a bit long in the tooth.

ArpCls - This is a 164 byte CLEAR SCREEN ($0C) program for use by those who
	have the arp.library (vers. 31.00 or higher) available. If you do not
	have the library, the program will simply exit.

FileCat - File catalogue utility with many options for catting files etc.
    The author is Matthew Dillon so it should work fine.

Backer - A backup prog for your hard disk which uses the archive bit. This
	primarily allows selective backups of files etc. Again this prog is
	getting on a bit.

Planet - this program will map any IFF picture around a sphere (hence forth
	referred to as a planet).  The planet is then shaded based on the
	location and size of a light source. The mapping is done by equating
	constant latitude and longitude lines around the planet with constant
	horizontal and vertical lines on the map.  The planet view is computed
	by applying a transformation based on inputted planet rotation angles.
	The result is displayed using HAM mode in lo-res interlaced resolution
	(320 x 400).

AsmToolkit - a series of assembler toolboxes which helps interface between
	asembler and AmigaDos.
Contents ScopeDisk82

Classix1 - This is the first Classix disk by Rob Baxter.  All tunes
   by J.S.Bach and include Brandenburg concertos, Toccata and Fugue
   in D and Prelude and Fugue No 7.  Music produced with Aegis Sonix
   and sounds with Synthia. Hook up your hi-fi and enjoy. Boot from
Contents  Scopedisk83

WRAP -  This short program lets your mouse pointer wrap around the screen if
	it touches the top or the right side.

INTER -  Contains text explaining ways to get better results from interlace
	screens, and programs to change from interlace and back.

BEEP103 -  Assembly language program that uses the audio-device to make a
	simple beeping sound.

EMINES2 -  New scenery or levels for Emerald Mines. Of course you will need
	to have the game itself to hand.

POPCLI4 -  Update to the original "newcli/screen blanker" program.  Now has
	AREXX port, and other additions.

NIB -  PD release of a nibble copier, later to become commercial.  NOTICE -
	When you execute the EXECUTE.ME file, it will format and create a master
	disk, so have a blank disk handy.

ZMODEM -  This is an external zmodem protocol that can be used with terminal
	programs that do not have zmodem.

QVIEW11 -  Qview is a tiny (about 4K) file viewer, very fast, written in
	assembler.  I think you'll like it.

FREE -  Reports the amount of free space on the disk in bytes, not blocks.
	Source included.

QMOUSE15 -  Yet another update to QuickMouse, screenblanker, newCLImaker,
	screen cycler, etc.

RADIOII -  Sculpt4D animation of a radiometer doing its thing.  Needs MOVIE
	to run.

STARLINK - Text files to explain STARLINK, a service that lets you call long
	distance over telenet lines, but at significantly lower cost.  Somewhat
	similar to PCPursuit, etc.

KEYMAPED -  This is a keymap editor - so if you want your keys to do
	something different, use this to edit them.

KLONDIKE -  A nice game of solitaire with nice graphics. An easy way to
	pass the odd five minutes!

DivZero - prevents gurus caused by "division by zero" error. Put the
	program in the c directory and call it in your startup-sequence.

ShamUp - Sliced Ham update - fixes some bugs in SHAMVIEW. Contains two
	files -updater and -unlace.

2ProPage - ToPP a converter from PROWRITE and EXCELLENCE formated text
	files to the textual input format of Professional Page.

Clixe - will execute a batch file in your s/startup-sequence ONLY if you
	are holding down the left mouse button during startup

Seiko - driver for the Seiko 5300a printer. You will need to copy the
	driver to your list of printer drivers in the DEVS directory.

PerfTest - tests the speed of read/writes from your disk or hard disk
	This is version 1.1 of my hard disk PERFormance TEST.  It is a CLI based
	program, so don't bother trying to use it from WorkBench. This program
	was written because I needed some way of evaluating hard drive
	performance.  Basically, I wanted a program that would see just how
	fast a hard disk & controller would transfer raw data, and I wanted to
	see how much effect an overscan screen would have on the same system.

CheckFit - determines the size of the file and the free space remaining on
	the given device.  The device can be a floppy drive, hard disk, or the
	recoverable RAM device VD0:, however it will not work on the RAM: device
	because that device does not return a proper value for the number of
	blocks available.

Toggrx -  The program is of use to PAL owners mostly. The program will
	toggle the NTSC or PAL mode for you, report the current grafix mode or
	force to one mode or the other.

NotBoingAgain - The original images were generated using Sculpt 3D, a
	commercial ray-tracing program. There are 135 images total, which is
	about 14 megabytes of information in the uncompressed form. After
	compression and assembly with Byte-by-Byte's public domain sequencer,
	MOVIE, the finished animation file is 394450 bytes long, which will run
	easily in a 1 meg Amiga. The sounds were digitized with Perfect Sound
	fron SunRize.

Mandlpic - Mandelbrot picture. What can one say. It looks nice if you are
	appreciative of the subject.

ClockDr3 - Will reset a clock that is stopped or speeding. Checks for
	clock virus symptons i.e. stopped or very sl...ow.

Timer - replaces your prompt with a timer showing the no. of seconds
	required to complete a task.
Contents ScopeDisk85

Scripit - A script language that allows you to automate actions you would
	normally have to do manually. Either from mouse or keyboard. Also has an
	AREXX port. Very powerful features.

Ultracard - These are the UltraCard Browser stacks. These stacks, along with
	the UCBrowser comprise a browser/player	version of the UltraCard product.
Contents Scopedisk86

Pics - A comical pic of a toilet and a 3½" disk in alien surroundings.
    Superview is included in the c directory for these pictures.

AMI3270 - Ami3270 is a terminal program based on Jez San's Argoterm. I
    wrote it to provide a way of logging on to IBM mainframes running a
    VT100 to 3270 protocol converter; the two protocol converters Ami3270
    supports are SIM3278 (a software protocol converter) and the PCI
    protocol converter. All the VT100 emulators I have tried have at least
    one - and sometimes more -problems. The usual one is scrolling of the
    display when the bottom line is reached; this is a problem with
    SIM3278. Ami3270 avoids the annoyance.

AMIGABBS - his is a program written in Assembly Language for the Amiga
    computer to run PACKET radio as a backround task.  It uses the Amiga
    Serial port to interface to a Terminal Node Controller (TNC).  The TNC
    is connected to the Amiga thru a RS-232 serial cable, and to a VHF or
    HF radio thru Receive audio, Microphone audio, and PTT lines.

ATREE - Atree is a disk utility which imitates similar utilities widely
    available on IBM compatibles (PC Tools, XTree, QuickDos, etc.). The
    intent is to allow the user a graphic representation of the entire (or
    any portion of the entire) directory structure on a disk device,
    including the files in each directory, and the capability of moving
    quickly through the "tree" to a directory to access its files for
    purposes of copying, deleting, moving, viewing, editing, etc.

DISKOPTI - This program will copy all the files on a disk making sure
    that the data blocks for each file are consecutive. Depending on the
    number of directories and files on a disk, the process can take up to
    6 minutes to complete.

FINDDISK - This is a simplified cataloging program for your disks.  It
    is meant to be small and easily managed, but will handle a large
    number of disks.

FIXDISK - FixDisk is a program to recover as much as possible from a
    defective disk.  I don't claim it is better than 'Diskdoctor' or
    'DiskSalv', but it has some features the others don't have -  first of
    all it can recover damaged (unreadable) tracks, it has functions to
    check file integrity, to check the directory structure and functions
    to undelete, copy or show (even defective) files, fix corrupted
    directory pointers etc. Werner Guenther.

FONZ - This program is similar to SetFont, except that it sets the font
    for programs that open their own custom screens.

FUNPAINT - If you enjoy Amiga graphics but you don't want to invest in
    a professional paint program, then Fun Paint is just the thing for
    you.  It allows you to create and edit paintings quickly and easily in
    all the Amiga graphic display modes with up to 4096 different colors.
    It opens and saves Interchange File Format (IFF) paintings so its
    compatible with many other Amiga programs.

IM_EXAMPLE - This is just a very short piece of code that shows how to
    open a window and draw into it.

ISPOOL13 -  IAMSpooler 1.3 consists of three programs that allows
    programs to send printer output to disk for subsequent printing on the
    printer. The printing is automatic and in most cases does not require

MAZE12 - The simple little maze game grown up!  This one has very
    simple mazes for level 1; quite difficult ones for level 2; those I
    did not even attempt in level 3.  Have fun!

MOUSETRAP - Another maze program.  In this one, you can create your
    own maze, and then have your "mouse" run through it.  The graphics are
    nicely done in hi-res.  A number of options are available.

Joplin - A selection of famouse Scott Joplin tunes. Sonix `Play' is

Contents Scopedisk87

MV11 - This program is meant to be like the Unix mv command, I
    believe.  There are extensive docs giving the various commands and
    uses, but no simple description of the program.  It will rename, move,
    delete, etc. - a powerful directory utility.  It is NOT a mouse-driven

PACKER - Power Packer takes an executable file and crunches it down as
    much as 50% smaller, similar to the way Arc or Zoo does.  The
    difference is that the file remains an executable file and doesn't
    require Power Packer itself to "unpack" and run.  You can save a LOT
    of space on your Workbench disk by packing everything.

POWERPOKER - This is a game of poker, played onscreen.  The graphics
    are well -done, and the game seems to work well.  (Not exactly up on my
    poker.  Sorry.)

PRTPIC - This is a utility that will print your pictures and other IFF
    files.  Prtpic does not display the picture it is printing and
    therefore doesn't use up any CHIP memory.  It does however require the
    1.3 printer drivers.  It also accepts multiple filenames and/or
    wildcards for filenames.

QED14 - QED is a very fast, full featured text editor for the Amiga
    written in Manx C, and 68000 assembly language.  QED offers a variety
    of options which allow you to customize how each text editing window
    behaves.  For example, QED has a free -form text editing mode which
    allows you to place the cursor anywhere on a line, and spaces are
    automatically inserted as needed.  Or if you prefer, QED can behave
    like a sequential file editor limiting cursor positioning to the end
    of a line. QED can handle many fonts, can insert text from files, etc.

QUICPREF - Pop Prefs to the currently active screen, make your
    changes, and then move them out of the way.

ROGUE - This game is a classic adventure game that pits you against
    the forces of darkness and mystery.  You will have to wonder
    around in the maze of rooms to collect treasure and other
    items that will help you in your travels through the maze.
    There are many keys on the key board that will enable you to
    accomplish tasks and fight with the monsters that you
    encounter.  Press the F1 key and it will tell you all about
    the active keys.  This is a true hacker's game and you will
    have to figure it out as you go along.

RUNBACK4 - This version of RunBack has been changed to use the NULL -
    device supplied in this ZOO file. (NULL - device by Gunnar Nordmark).
    This is a "real" device, so it solve problems with previous versions
    of RunBack which used the Nil - "fake" device which caused Crashes....
    This is a revision of Dan Barrett's revision of Rob Peck's RunBack.

SCANNER10 - Scanner makes commented C code of all intuition structures
    in memory.  The structures will receive correct pointers towards each
    other.  Scanner starts looking at IntuitionBase, and follows all
    pointers, storing them in memory. When finished, scanner writes it all
    to stdout.  Since a structure may be referenced from more than one
    spot, I made sure it would never look at it more than once.  Stephan

SHOWIZ20 - ShoWiz combines the features of a display program with
    those of a slideshow program. This means you can show individual
    pictures or a whole disk full!
    ShoWiz has 26 different ways to display your pictures and it works
    with ALL resolutions, including Overscan. You can even display Text
    files, with your choice of colors for the background, text, and
    shadows. Type "ShoWiz ?" to see the various options you have.

SID2 - From Mike Berro.  SID (System Information Display) displays a
    list of Exec Tasks, Libraries, Devices, Ports, Interrupts or
    Resources; Intuition Screens and Windows; or DOS Devices, Directories
    or Volumes.  You can print or save a list to a file.  Menu driven, and
    useable from CLI or Workbench.  This version has added scroll bars and
    a few other new features.
Contents Scopedisk88

PALBOOT - This program installs a special bootblock which allows PAL
	programs to be seen fully on NTSC Amiga's fitted with the

Icon$ -  This is a small sample of the collection of icons I created to
	personalize my home budget in Gold Disk's "Desktop Budget".
	Included here are seven of the more generic and therefore more
	widely useful symbols

IconMaster  - For creating and modifying icons. You are able to utilise
	brushes from art programs for your icon creations.

IPP - IPP was written to take advantage of both sides of a piece
	of paper, cutting those long text file printouts in half
	and making your listings much easier to read. Because IPP uses
	your Preferences Printer specs for page length, varied and
	customized 'Book type' printouts are possible with YOUR printer.

M2Du_V4.03 - DirUtil in Modula-2 - handles up to 1000 files per directory
	CLI or WB

Mostra - A Universal IFF Viewer. There are many utilities for viewing IFF
	ILBM files, but none I'd seen until now met the goal of displaying every
	IFF picture; each had its idiosyncrasies.

Snap_V1.4 - Frame what you want to type and Snap will transfer the frame
	contents to your window. Saves typing. Useful

WebSpread_V1.6 - is a simple spreadsheet with fairly limited rows and
	columns but will do for simple requirements

XColorV1.2 - XColor is a program designed to change the colours of any screen.
	But it's more than a palette - You can also ADD and SUB bitplanes and
	you can change the screen. It also handles HAM and EHB screens
Contents ScopeDisk111

AIndex - will automatically create an index of selected words in a
	document.  It keeps track of the location of the selected words
 by chapters and/or pages of the document by inserting dot commands
 into the document.

ClickDOS II - is an AmigaDOS enhancement utility.  It allows you to
	do DOS-like  actions with the mouse instead of typing commands at
	a Command  Line  Interface  (CLI).    It  adds  a  great  deal of
	functionality for the "Click-n-Go" user which is not available in
	the Workbench environment.  It also makes some of the tasks which
	are very  cumbersome to  do at a CLI or Workbench, such as moving
	or deleting a large number  of  files,  much  easier  to perform.
	ClickDOS II is a dream for "cleaning up" floppy or hard drives or
	for browsing through disks of public domain software  sorting out
	what you  wish to keep.  These are, however, only two of the many
	uses for ClickDOS II.

DB - This is a very basic database program. It allows you to create a
	database with up to 5O fields. Each field can be from 1 to about
 3OOO	characters.	There can be a maximum of about 1.2 Million
 records to a	database. Each record can be a maximum of about
 3OOO characters long.	This means that if you create a field of
 1OOO characters that there are only about 2OOO	characters remaining
 for the other fields in the record.

DiskLabelV1.2 - A disk label prog. No docs

FileFind -  is a CLI utility which will search for files on filing
devices	using wildcards.  The MS-DOS wildcards "*" and "?" can
be used as well as	the AmigaDOS wildcard "#".  The drive specifier
is optional	and if not supplied the currently logged drive is used.
 An optional	directory specifier may also be used which limits
the search to the specified directory and all sub-directory levels
under it.  Multiple arguments may be supplied to search on more than
one drive for a particular file, or to	search for multiple files
on multiple devices.  Ctrl-C may be used to	immediately terminate
the search and return your CLI prompt to you.	Version	1.5 is pure
and as such can be made resident under AmigaDOS 1.3 or	under
AmigaDOS 1.2 using ARP.

Icons - Yet more but good icons for every purpose.

KeyBiz - Havn't tried it but connect up the stereo and type away!!!

'Liner -In essence, what 'Liner does is to let you type into an outline
 form,	allowing you rearrange blocks of text without having to
 renumber everything.	It does not have some of the features of
 commercial outliners, such as	showing only certain levels in the
 outline, or having more than one line of text per number.

SuperView3.O -SuperView is a program that will display IFF pictures of all
types on the Amiga.  The program supports the following features:
multiple files on one command line.	WorkBench  (icons) are supported.
All display modes supported.
Auto Overscan
Color Cycle ( DPaint and GraphiCraft types)  CRNG  CCRT
AmigaBasic  ACBM  type files Author chunk is supported
Displays the first cell in a ANIM file
Written in Assembly, PURE code that can be resident under 1.3
*NEW*   Display Animations.  (Type 5 - DPaintIII, VideoScape2.O)
Contents Scopedisk89

Wanderer22 - This is a game with nice graphics.  You must collect lots
	of treasures and then find your way out of the maze.  Not always easy.
	Can be played with cursor keys, kjhkl keys, etc.

UUT - Unix utilities.  Strings, head, lc - from Edgar Hoogerbeets.
	These are as much like the Unix utilities of the same name as was

Warp22x - Newer version of the program that compacts an entire disk,
	saving the directory structure, and making the new disk a bit-by-bit
	copy of the first.

VTime - Need a clock that talks to you?  Here it is.  There is extra
	software to make it work for you.  Have fun.

Watcher2 - A screen hack.  Reminds me of some ancient magazine ads:
	This is a watchbird watching a ........ ...and here is a watchbird
	watching YOU!"

TypeTut - Improve your typing skills with this tutor.  There are many
	practice exercises to help you improve.  Good luck.

Spy - Spy lets you examine the state of some other task on the system.
	It continuously displayes the tasks running state and its software
	context (the CPU registers' value for that task).

DMake - This is Matt Dillon's Make and Make-maker.  It has all sorts
	of switches, dependencies, macros, and other such goodies.  For those
	who are already familiar with MAKE.  There are extensive docs, but
	only to tell you how this MAKE compares with other MAKEs.

X10Ctrl - The X10 USA company manufactures a series of low cost
	devices which enable an electrically controlled device to be
	controlled remotely. The controller (CP290), is available from DAK,
	Sears, Radio Shack, Heathkit, and others, for about $30-40.  This
	software lets you manage that controller with your Amiga.

Amrtization - Prints out an amortization schedule.  Several options.
	The icon says you must use CLI, but the program will run if you just
	click on the icon.  Very nice schedules, and can go to the screen or
	to a printer.

ZapMap - ZapMap13 contains the equivalent of AmigaDos 1.3 .bmap files
	(accounting for it's size). Running the program is all that a BASIC
	programmer will need to use the Amiga's LIBRARY Functions. Programs
	written using ZapMap can be compiled with Absoft or HiSort compilers
	to create truly stand-alone programs.  Very nice addition to the BASIC
Contents ScopeDisk90

NzCron -  NazCron provides timed command processing similar to the Unix
	cron command and the Amiga AmiCron command.  As with these programs,
	NazCron reads events from an ASCII text file and, when the indicated
	time is reached, executes the program whose name and parameters you
	have supplied. It also allows for many manipulations of these items.

Sifi - Hi-res pictures from old Science fiction comic books. Superview
	is included in the c directory.

Snipit - this is a fixed version of Snipit.  It will now close the CLI
	that started it if you wish.

HDiskInfo  -  This is a set of text files giving the specifications for
	MFM, RLL, and SCSI drives.

Old36 - On behalf of the now defunked, PROVINCETOWN-BOSTON AIRLINE, INC.
	It is my privilege and honor to acquaint you with Old 36PB, as seen on
	NOVA the DC-3 having the highest documented flying time in history.

QED19 - QED is a very nice text editor.  It has many facilities for
	editing text such as cut, paste, insert, delete, undelete, search,
	replace, etc.  Very easy and intuitive to use.

ND - Here is a way to play the stock market without losing your shirt!  Of
	course, you won't get rich either.  It is a game you can play, using
	information from the stock market pages of the newspaper.  Neat.

Rock - This file contains two pictures; Guns$Roses and U2. Superview in the
	c directory is used to look at these two.

Tictoc - Animation of a metronome.  With sound. Uses the animation
	program Movie included in the directory.

PrepHeader - This program gives the information needed to mark bad cylinders
	on your harddrive using	Prep.
Contents Scopedisk91

Paccer - A Pacman game with various levels where you get prizes and where
	the ghosts and bad guys get quicker.

Find - A file and directory finder. Its quick and really noticeable when
	you have BIG partitions and dirs.

PLT - is a file-handler that accepts HP-GL commands, produces a
	raster image, then dumps it to your printer.  The handler
	inquires from Preferences your printer's current resolution in order
	to maximize your plot quality.  There is also an ability to preview
	a plot in order to see what it will look like on paper before
	you waste the time printing it.  When previewing a plot, a separate
	screen appears that illustrates your plot's layout relative to the
	size of the paper.

SkyPlay - is, very simply, a CLI command that will play one or more Skypix
	graphics files. You can stick it in your C directory and use it to display
	files that use the Skypix graphics protocol.

TFL - Huge amount of notes on American and International BBS. The Users and
	Developers Manual is eleven pages in length!

UHS - Here is the much touted and highly acclaimed Amiga Reader for the UHS
	hint files. Now you can have a quick hint for your favorite game at your
	fingertips (oh what sweet temptation!) just by having this Reader and the
	UHS hint file for that game.

UnComp16 - Source code but no supplied notes but it looks like a
	decompression prog for a Vax.

Yow - runs from cli but better in the startup-sequence. Something to do
	with Zippy the Pinhead. Gives quotes of some sort. Not tried.
Contents Scopedisk92

Flowers -These two icons are the result of digitizing and painstaking
	retouching! Linda is from a picture I took of a water lily in a pond at
	the Museo Anthropologico in Mexico City.  Barbara is from a picture of a
	gladiolus at the Constitution Square in Athens, Greece.

German 1A - A simple program to give a sense of the German language. The
	instructions are contained in the program.

Flush2 - Flush out ramA nice & tiny "Flush" program to make Exec EXPUNGE all

HDNotes - Long notes on trials and tribulations with a hard disk. The
	language style is ULTRA American....weird

Hermit1.2 - Here is a new version of HERMiT.  It will SAVE and CYCLE your FRONT
	SCREEN by using HOT KEYS.  Very useful when you need a copy of a screen of
	a word processor, a game, a utility, etc.  It will cycle IFF pictures which
	have from 8 to 32 colors.  It will save OVERSCAN front screens too.

Hi-Res - Allows bigger than usual screen size up to 730 x 478 pixels. Also
	text to make changes to the standard Amiga monitor.

Most - Will display ASCII, crunched ASCII and crunched IFF files. i.e.
	is a combined text and graphics veiwer.

MandelVroom2.0 - Probably the best of the Mandel programs available on the
	Amiga. The Mandelbrot set is the set of all the complex numbers for
	which the value  of a  complex  function (usually Z*Z +/- C) is finite
	even after an indefinitely large number of iterations.

PopInfo3 - A WorkBench utility to show you the info that WorkBench doesn't!
	Time date, memory available etc etc.

UnZip - A utility for unzipping files that have previously been compressed
    with PKaZipp.

LLogger - this is a disk librarian:  a cataloging program that also offers
   you various ways to search and display the files after they are made.

LM - programmers' tool from the same people who wrote the excellent PD
	program, DEBUG.  lm is a tool to manipulate standard AmigaDos format
	libraries and object files.

Wow! - This is a demo with sound and graphics.  Try it and see for yourself!
	( What graphics?? )

Frenzy - limber up two fingers and play this arcade game!  You must catch
	the dripping blood yourself so the shark below does not get it!  The
	taste of the blood whips him into a feeding frenzy and he will EAT YOU!!

VirusX4.0 -  Almost the latest virus killer incarnation by Steve Tibbet &
	Dan James .

WBRes - This package contains the dream of many a Workbench user - resident
	commands with aliases available, from Workbench! Very useful.
Contents ScopeDisk94

BMP -  Background Music Player or BMP for short, plays digitized sampled
	sounds in the background of slideshows, animations, etc. It's perfect
	for playing some special sound you have in your startup-sequence or
	playing a disk full of sounds in some demo.

Finish - Hate that crunching noise your floppy drive makes when it
	multitasks? Ever wish you could stop drive multitasking in your
	startup-sequence and improve its performance?  Well, now there's an
	easy solution to the problem: the Finish command.

LabelBase - LabelBase is a mini database program.  It will also print out
	your records in label format, so it is useful for doing mailing lists
	(like for Xmas)! You should have AT LEAST 512K to use this.. since the
	records you enter are kept in RAM until you save the file to the disk.
	This makes the program very quick!  You can create files that will hold
	up to 3,000 records, but, of course, this depends on the amount of RAM
	you have.

LD - The purpose of the program is to quickly dial a phone number and wait
	just long enough for you to hear if the phone is busy or if it rings.
	In the case that it is busy, the program will hang up and re-dial.
	If the phone rings, it is your responsibility to first pick up the
	reciever of the phone (you do have one don't you?) and then click on the
	HOLD gadget to stop the program from re-dialing.  You can then talk to
	 the person (the D.J.) on the other end

UEdit2.5d - One of the most powerful editors for the Amiga. Totally
	programmable ( not the shareware version ) with a vast number of options
	and facilities.

Vid -   Video-Librarian is a specialized database program designed to keep
	track of video tape collections. It will allow you to view or print out
	information sorted by Title, Star, Subject, or a combination. It will
	also search for specified text and display any records in which it is
	found. Multiple libraries can be maintained as separate files, and it
	can also print up labels for the video tapes showing the tape number
	and the titles of up to five programs per tape.
	It will (currently) hold up to 999 records, with each record describing
	one program.
Contents SCOPEDISK 95

AirFoil - This program generates airfoils as well as their
	corresponding streamline and pressure distributions.  The equations
	used are described in airfoil.doc.

CalPal - you must have AREXX to use this one (but we will ALL have
	AREXX with 1.4!!). ( we do we do! ) It will display a calendar
	for any month of any year on the screen.  It is set up to use
	HyperHelp, too.

ATree - Atree is a disk utility designed to give you a graphical
	representation of the entire structure of a disk, and lets you
	move quickly through the whole structure for all kinds of file

ChrFnt - this is a beautiful colorfont.  It looks like shiny chrome
	plated letters glittering in the sunlight.
Contents ScopeDisk96

3d Images -  6 super images supposedly in 3d?? Superview in included in
    the c directory.
Contents ScopeDisk97

NewLook - NewLook changes the design of Workbench gadgets. It streamlines
	the	look of the screen. Double-click the program icon and the change is
	automatically made. This version of NewLook contains seven different
	styles. Double-click the NewLook.PIC icon to see all the styles.
	The program can be called from the CLI/Shell or WorkBench.

PassTheBucks - Pass-the-Bucks is a program that helps you keep track of
	where money comes from and where it goes. It can help you monitor
	budgets, reconcile bank and credit card statements, and watch the
	growth (or, ouch!, decline) of your financial net worth.

MedART - Some faily naff pics of what appears to be medical clipart.
    Superview is included in the c directory.

RGBEXchange - Welcome to RGBExchange, the Full Color Image conversion
	program for the Amiga. RGBExchange offers you the ability to
	convert RGB images between popular Amiga and IBM image formats.
	Some of its advantages are:
	- Easy to use interface
	- Fast conversion times
	- Scale size of image if needed
	- Support of 68020/030 included
	- Change the amount of colors in the image

 Conversions currently supported:

	- DigiView 2.0/3.0 Full Color 21 bitplane images
	- Turbo Silver 2.0/3.0 Full Color 12 bitplane images
	- Turbo Silver 2.0/3.0 Full Color 24 bitplane images
	- Targa Truevision full color ICB 16 bitplane image
	- Targa Truevision full color 16 bitplane image
	- Targa Truevision full color 24 bitplane image
	- Progressive Peripherals Frame Grabber full color 24 bitplane
	- Sculpt Animate 3D/4D full color 24 bitplane image

3DLook - This program changes the the close gadget, depth gadgets, and
	the	window sizing gadgets of all Hi-Res windows and screens to gadgets
	which have a 3D appearance.  You may have to change your WorkBench
	color scheme to get the full effect.  The windows drag bar is also
	changed to what I think is a better looking pattern on a hi-res screen.

VTime - This has been re-hacked mumble, ushow, beep, cls, and vtime
	(my talking	clock program), incorporating re-entrant/pure code
	in their design.

WBAssign -WBAssign is a small WorkBench program that creates AmigaDos
	assignments	without having to open a CLI. The assignments are made
	from entries in	the program-Icon's ToolType list.

Blocks - really neat screen display.  Reminds me of the falling
	dominoes, but much more colorful!

AutoMenu - must be properly installed by copying files to your s:
	and c: directories, but it gives you much of the power of the
	CLI by using the mouse.  Nice program!

Bench - Neat workbench icons. A whole collection which you can position
	and use on your utilities drawer.

NewDir - this can be used in place of the workbench Dir, and it
	makes neat directories in four columns, with files and
	directories in separate areas of the screen.

PathAssign - one of our better programs.  With this one you can
	make multiple assignments  such as assigning Fonts: to three
	or four places all at once.

Farside- lots of Farside cartoons. Superview in included in the
	c Directory to look at these.

Music - more music files, mostly self playing, and some with
	graphics to watch while you listen.

FileSplitter - yet another utility to split large files into smaller
	ones. There are no instructions.

PcToolsOnTap - A hotkey program to make it  easier to use a Bridgeboard.
	Current capabilities are to move the Bridgeboard screen to back or front
	and many other customizable features.

MyImag - Here is one of the new.dhr pictures from NewTek.
	Display it with DynaShow (included in the c: directory of this disk.)

VirtGIF - This viewer for GIF pictures is said to display more
	kinds of GIF pics than any other viewer available.

SimCity - Utilities for the SimCity game.  One is a print utility, to
	send a city to your printer; another converts cities to IFF
	files.  There are also several new cities for you to try.

Mermaid - a neat picture of The Little MerMaid. Can be seen on your screen
	with Superview in the c diretory.

Mx2Mid - Here is an update to the MusicX-to-MIDI conversion utility.  This
	version (V1.02) corrects several reported problems.

Sound - Sound will attempt to feed <SOUNDfilename>'s data to the audio
	device. It will 'sound' files containing ANY kind of data,
	(try 'Sound Sound' ) and of ANY length.

PacMan - PacMan game, converted from the C64 and only slightly

Icon3d - Some 3d icons in the NeXt tradition. Directory also contains some
	brush files from Digipaint?

Icon4d - More icons......but 4D ? These are disk icons and will need to be
	set up as such before use.

SidCed - Utilities to make Sid106 and CedPRO work together nicely. But you
	will need arrex to make them work.

PopUpMenu -  makes your menus pop up at the tip of your arrow
	pointer and other neat tricks with menus, as well.

ScreenClip - ScreenClip will copy an area of the active screen and
	convert it to ascii data statements.  The user can specify 'C'
	or 'Assembly' language format.  Data statements will be
	structured in BitMap format.

CanDoDks - Here is a browser that lets you use CanDo decks even if
	you don't have CanDo, and some decks with which to use it.
	One makes icons from brushes, one reads a text file for you,
	and one is a puzzle to solve.

LhWarp - This utility can archive an entire disk, like WARP, but using
	the much more efficient method as used in LHARC.

UEdit - This is probably the best of all the shareware text editors, almost
	completely customizable.  Now it even supports hypertext!  Try it.

Spacewar - space game.

BRef - BREF produces a Cross Reference Table for AmigaBASIC code.  This
	consists of a listing of the BASIC code with lines sequentially numbered
	plus a table showing all variables/labels (names) used in the code and
	the line numbers where used.

Cprint - Prints out C source code in special ways which you can control.
	Pretty print.

Breakup - takes a large text file and breaks it up into smaller files.
	You specify the size you want.

CType - nice little file reader (in assembler) that has word wrap,
	Uses your colors and settings, and supports whatever font you normally

ReqLib - this one is for programmers.  It is a library for requesters, and
	it has several examples, along with instructions and source for using this
	library with Lattice, Manx, or assembler.

DynHiRes - this directory contains several really outstanding pictures in
	NewTek's new Dynamic HiRes mode.

LVideo - LVideo is a driver that will let you run a Pioneer lazer disk from
	your Amiga.  Currently, it is the only such driver I know about.

UnitA - music you can play without a player, just run it.

AmyInfo - There is an excellent comparison of the various shells in one
	article here; a message from Steve Tibbet about a minor problem with
	VirusX4.0; and some others you will like to read.  Free online magazine.
Contents ScopeDisk102

DJCLock  - this clock program has almost all the features anyone could want
	in background program.  It will blank the screen, beep you, keep time, set
	hot keys - almost anything you might ask.  Oh yes - it does NOT lock up.

BMorph - BioMorph is a program which generates a graph of an eqauation in
	the complex plane.  The graph is 2-D, with real and complex axes.

Lire2.1 - This is a very tiny, but very nice, text reader.  Very small
	memory requirement, handles ansi codes, scrolls smoothly.  Nice. This
	prog does NOT display correctly under WB2.0

HamSharp -  This Amiga program converts GIF files to IFF files (using HAM if
	required).  It takes a while to run (typically 3 minutes) but produces HAM
	images with few colour errors. It is also useful for showing full PAL
	pictures when used in conjunction with PAL-capable IFF viewers.

FreeList - this is a small textfile that lists companies from whom you can
	get free, or nearly free, demo disks of commercial software.

LhWarp2.0  - new version of the WARP program (compresses entire disk) that
	uses the same compression techniques used in LHARC.

DSArt - if you use Dmouse, this is a program that will do string art instead
of just giving you a black screen.

KDLib  - Khalid Aldoseri's Klib is necessary if you use his file requester -
	a remarkably nice one.  It can be used in any program that currently
	requires the ARP requester, using this library.

Isolation - this is a two-player game, in which you try to isolate your
	opponent by blanking out squares around him.
Contents ScopeDisk103

FISHTANK  - animation of a fishtank, with many kinds of tropical fish.

TAXPRO - a program to figure your income tax for you - form 1040,
	Schedules A & B  - and will even print them for you. THIS IS NO GOOD

MISSILE COMMAND - nice game, to take your mind off the taxes!
Contents ScopeDisk104

QuickHelp  - make your own helpfiles for all your software.  Works with the
	Help key.

FixIcons - changes the type of any icon, easily, graphically.

MuchMore - a file reader that is better and has more features than MORE

ProDialer - holds your phone numbers and dials them for you.

PCopy   - disk copier.  Displays lots of information, and can recover bad

Sounds  - sound of an echoing groan and of a laughtrack

AddressBook  - keeps names and addresses, can print labels.

Music - Three selections, taken from European demos.  Really nice music,
	self playing.

CanDo - A Guess my number game, written in CANDO

AnyMonth  - puts a calendar of any month on your screen.

PkaZip101 - the ZIP archiving utility

Monitor1.24 - a machine language monitor for debugging programs.
Contents ScopeDisk105

DYNA-SHOW 1.1 - Dyna-Show is a easy to use viewer that supports the Dynamic
	HiRes and Dynamic HAM modes available with Digi-View 4.0 software.
	Dynamic HiRes can display 4096 colors in high resolution with overscan.
	Digi-View 4.0 is a software upgrade (disk & manual) for Digi-View Gold
	and the original Digi-View video digitizer.

Elements - An iteractive display of the Periodic Table of elements

Filer - A disk cataloguing system with menus and,  various choices.

LSL - Leisure suite larry. A walk thro of things to do, places to go and
	how to do it.

NewZAP - is a multi-purpose file sector editing utility. If you've ever
	had the need to alter just a few bytes within a file, examine its
	binary andASCII representations, or search for key sequences of digits
	or characters, NewZAP will make your hacking life a little bit easier.
	It does what text editors were not meant to do; precise position-oriented
	object modifications. NewZAP will run from CLI or Workbench under 1.1
	or 1.2 KickStart with or without FAST RAM.

PalEd - Palette Editor was written as an aid in creating palettes for use in
	graphics programming.

Plt13 - is a file-handler that emulates a plotter by accepting HP-GL commands,
	creating a raster image, and then dumping it to any Preferences supported
	graphics printer.  The current resolution set with preferences is used,
	allowing PLT: to make full use of a printer's capability. PLT: accepts
	virtually all of the standard HP-GL commands, including scaling
	and text.

SCTools - These are four utilities that make it easier to create "sprites"
	and "backgrounds" for "Shoot'Em Up Construction Kit" (published
	by Accolade on their Advantage label).  Although SEUCK is a very
	powerful program to let your create your own arcade games it's
	graphics editor is very basic.  These utilities let you create
	sprite (.SPR) and background (.BGD) files with Deluxe Paint or
	other paint programs.

Sizer - You can resize ANY window from ANY corner. Use the CONTROL KEY and
	the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, point at a window corner and TADAAA!!!

Stars - This is a nifty utility that will make your screen look like
	there are stars going by while you are on a spaceship

Sweep - SWEEP is a CLI program which takes CLI commands and executes them
	in the current directory and in all directories below the current directory.
	The directory tree can be traversed in a pre-order (top down) fashion,
	or in a post-order (bottom up) fashion.  The latter is the default.
	Multiple commands can be issued in the same manner as with the RUN
	command.Input and output can be redirected for SWEEP as well as for
	the commands it executes.

Virus-Control V1.3 - Covers just about every eventuality of virus

ZHow1.1 - The ILBM Glider. Another Show program will support overscan and
	pics up to 1k x 1k
Contents Scopedisk106

BBSindex -  is a utility for use with the BBS-PC! bulletin board package.
	It reads in the UDHEAD.DAT file database and allows you to list its
	contents in a wide variety of ways. It has its own script language
	which allows great control over the output produced.

BBSlist - an ascci file of very many US bulletin boards

BeepBeep2 - a sound sample.

F500 - instructions with a pic on how to build your own tower A500--Gasp!!

HPGL2PS1.2 - something to do with converting Superplan files into PostScipt
	compat files that can be sent to a ploter.

Pics - picture of an Aircraft carrier.

Plt V1.3a - PLT: is a file-handler that emulates a plotter by accepting
	HP-GL commands, creating a raster image, and then dumping it to any
	Preferences supported graphics printer.  The current resolution set with
	preferences is used, allowing PLT: to make full use of a printer's
	capability. Accepts virtually all of the standard HP-GL commands,
including scaling and text. The commands that were not implemented are
those which are generally contained in an extended graphics cartridge,
such as: circles, arcs, filled regions, etc.

Snag - a reminder prog that can be set to give you a kick at a predetermined
	time/day etc etc

ZAPv2.04 -   Zap is a binary file view/edit program. You can examine and
	modify the file in hexadecimal and ASCII mode. Zap keeps the file in
	memory, so moving in the file and searching is very fast, but available
	memory may limit the size of files that zap can handle.
Contents Scopedisk107

UUCP - 2 Zoo files of this Unix facility
Contents Scopedisk108

DEdit - is a Disk Editor that will edit sectors on any disk device
	that uses 512 byte sectors I've used it with my Floppy drives, RAD:,
	and my hard drive using the FastFileSystem. I've written and run
	DEdit on an Amiga 1000 with Kickstart 1.2+, 2.5megs, 2 floppies, and
	an 80 meg hard drive.

FRummy - A you versus the computer etc etc version of the card game Rummy

Key2C - This CanDo program will mount a little "vanity" window in the upper
	right corner of your screen, out of the way of your editor/compiler,
	I hope. Clicking in the window will activate pull-down reminders of
	C language keywords, specs, Amiga window structs, etc. The program
	looks for the logical device CanDo: as well as the directory Images
	within CanDo:  Copy the #?.br files into the Images directory and
	assign CanDo: appropriately. This archive includes the deck and
	images only. You need CanDo or the CanDo Browser program to make it

Mickey - animation of

Obsess-O-Matic -  is a real-time puzzle game. The object is to fit the
	falling pieces together to form complete horizontal rows, which will then
	is appear off the bottom of the board. Once the pieces fill in and reach
	the top, the game is over.

Unshar - is a utility which extracts files from the ubiquitous Unix shar
	archives. It has the following advantages over existing unshar utilities:
	Small and fast - Handles many cat and sed formats - Allows extraction of
	subdirectories - Understands ./file type filenames - Understands file
	continuation with >> - Sorts file list by Subject: line- Exits cleanly
	with CTRL-C

WordQuiz - This is a small program (or big one, depending on whether you
	have the CanDo.library installed or not) that I wrote using CanDo in
	order to drill myself on Russian vocabulary.

Zap -  is a binary file view/edit program. You can examine and modify
	the file in hexadecimal and ASCII mode. Zap keeps the file in memory,
	so moving in the file and searching is very fast, but available memory
	may limit the size of files that zap can handle.
Contents ScopeDisk109

Anims - KDaffyDuck, presumably related to Col Kadafii, The infamous
	juggling femme fatale juggling balls ( doesn't say whose ) and a fish
on a beach with the sneezes but no sound.

ChinaChallenge - is quite similar to the well known game Shanghai or
	Mahjong. Target of China Challenge is, to remove all parts of the pile,
	the so called Dragon, step by step. This dragon is composed out of 120
	different pieces. You can always find four chips displaying the same
	picture or chinese symbols. As the pile can't be removed indiscriminately,
	there are certain rules allowing the removal of tiles. And so on.

Ms-Dos - Similar to CrosDos but a fully functional version and source code.
Contents ScopeDisk110

DAction - Direct  Action  is  a  tool  for  creating  animations on the Amiga
computer.   It  uses  a  simple cell animation technique.  The animation is
edited  one Frame at a time, as a professional cartoonist would.  There are
no  3-D  or  ray tracing or filled polygon functions, just straight-forward
bit  blitting.   Each  Frame (in time) contains up to 100 Objects, and each
Object  can be one of up to 500 Shapes.  Direct Action has Sound capability
and  can  fade  to black or white.

DungeonMaster - Notes on how it was cracked and installation on a hard

LZComp - discussions on different compression algorithms with emphasis on
LHarc and Lz and their derivatives.

MrBackup3.4 - A system for backing up hard disks. This is a development
that has been going on for over a year. It needs AmigaDos 1.3 and ARP V34.1
or higher. This version has some important changes over earlier versions
and is not compatible with V2.

SVSham - a small SHAM picture displayer.

Temple - This is a picture done with TurboSilver in HAM mode.
The 'temple' came from a Antic disk, along with the
standard checkered landscape and mirrored balls

WheelofFortune - Based on a TV game.
Contents ScopeDisk111

AIndex - will automatically create an index of selected words in a
	document.  It keeps track of the location of the selected words by
	chapters and/or pages of the document by inserting dot commands into
	the document.

ClickDOS II - is an AmigaDOS enhancement utility.  It allows you to
	do DOS-like  actions with the mouse instead of typing commands at
	a Command  Line  Interface  (CLI).    It  adds  a  great  deal of
	functionality for the "Click-n-Go" user which is not available in
	the Workbench environment.  It also makes some of the tasks which
	are very  cumbersome to  do at a CLI or Workbench, such as moving
	or deleting a large number  of  files,  much  easier  to perform.
	ClickDOS II is a dream for "cleaning up" floppy or hard drives or
	for browsing through disks of public domain software  sorting out
	what you  wish to keep.  These are, however, only two of the many
	uses for ClickDOS II.

DB - This is a very basic database program. It allows you to create a
	database with up to 50 fields. Each field can be from 1 to about 3000
	characters.	There can be a maximum of about 1.2 Million records to a
	database. Each record can be a maximum of about 3000 characters long.
	This means that if you create a field of 1000 characters that there
	are only about 2000	characters remaining for the other fields in the

DiskLabelV1.2 - A disk label prog. No docs

FileFind -  is a CLI utility which will search for files on filing
	devices	using wildcards.  The MS-DOS wildcards "*" and "?" can be used
	as well as	the AmigaDOS wildcard "#".  The drive specifier is optional
	and if not supplied the currently logged drive is used.  An optional
	directory specifier may also be used which limits the search to the
	specified directory and all sub-directory levels under it.  Multiple
	arguments may be supplied to search on more than one drive for a particular
	file, or to	search for multiple files on multiple devices.  Ctrl-C may be
	used to	immediately terminate the search and return your CLI prompt to you.
	Version	1.5 is pure and as such can be made resident under AmigaDOS 1.3 or
	under AmigaDOS 1.2 using ARP.

Icons - Yet more but good icons for every purpose.

KeyBiz - Havn't tried it but connect up the stereo and type away!!!

'Liner -In essence, what 'Liner does is to let you type into an outline form,
	allowing you rearrange blocks of text without having to renumber everything.
	It does not have some of the features of commercial outliners, such as
	showing only certain levels in the outline, or having more than one line of
	text per number.

SuperView3.0 -SuperView is a program that will display IFF pictures of all
	types on the Amiga.  The program supports the following features:
	Multiple files on one command line.
	WorkBench  (icons) are supported.
	All display modes supported.
	Auto Overscan
	Color Cycle ( DPaint and GraphiCraft types)  CRNG  CCRT
	AmigaBasic  ACBM  type files
	Author chunk is supported
	Displays the first cell in a ANIM file
	Written in Assembly, PURE code that can be resident under 1.3
	*NEW*   Display Animations.  (Type 5 - DPaintIII, VideoScape2.0)


XIcon - this program is similar to IconX from your workbench, but it has
	some extra properties.  Update to the XIcon by PeteGoodeve,
 on which the	IconX program was modelled.

PS.Fonts - three new fonts to use with Page Stream

Samba! - self-playing music file with graphic display

Fusiad - self-playing music file

Music - Wayne Pace music made with Sonix

TitleGen - does not multitask, but it will let you create really
smooth-scrolling credits or other text, titles, etc.  Nice program.

Jtsonix - Sonix music created by John Thompson.

Conman - Gives you more control over the Amiga than the CLI or the
AmigaSHELL can give.  Nice replacement for CON:  This is a recent

EnvelopePrinter  - this program is designed to make it easy to print
addresses, including return address, on envelopes.  All kinds
 of neat helps to make things come out right.

Arexx - seven examples of useful arexx scripts.  Since AREXX is supposed to
be included with 1.4, we all need to learn how!

DTC2 - DTC is a utility providing a simple calendar on your desk which can
hold and show appointments and be useful in managing your time.
 Its chief goals were to provide Day, Week, and Month at a
 glance for any date between 1/1/OOO1 and 12/31/9999, defaulting to
 the current system date. It is menu driven and fairly easy to use.

Cpu_Speed  - When you run this program, it tells you how your cpu compares
     with that of a stock Amiga1OOO.

Empire - extensive game (can be played over the modem) written in DRACO by
Chris Gray.  You have to set this up on its own disk, following
instructions, before it can run.  Very popular game!!

DirWork - This can be used as a conventional dirutil - for copying,
deleting, and otherwise using files, but it has one major difference
from the others - it can read directories two or three times as fast.

AMGIF2.O - Converts Amiga IFF pictures to GIF.  Supports 32Ox2OO & 32Ox4OO
in up to 32 colors or HAM mode, and 64Ox2OO & 64Ox4OO in up to 16 colors.
HAM mode pictures are reduced to 256 colors.  Also supports Extra-
Halfbrite modes.

BYNERY - This project will allow you to construct a LOW COST  adapter that
	allows the interface of a PC-style hard disk to  the  Amiga  5OO.
	The adapter itself can be built for less than $2O.OO and consists
	of  only  3  integrated circuits that cost less than $1.OO total.
	The majority of the cost is for the two edge-board connectors.

CLIPS2 - a set of Professional Draw clips for PageStream or ProPage.  These
    clips cannot be viewed with a standard IFF viewer, but can be loaded
    into the DTP programs and resized, etc., with no distortion.  Nice

DGPLOT - "Darn Good Plotting Program," the author says.  It really does
   do outstanding plotting, with lots of features, and uses HPGL plotting
   language - great plotting on your dot matrix printer.

DISULF - Raytracing of a Disulfide Bond.  There are over 1O,OOO edges and
   over 7OOO triangles involved!  Pretty, too.

FASTMENU - these are two AREXX programs.  One gives you menus that will
   run your favorite programs by menu-selection rather than from CLI or
   from Workbench.  Much faster!  The other gives you ability to control
   your printer from a menu.  You must have AREXX to use these programs.

TRAIN - unusually nice toy!! You can draw your track layout as simply or
   as complex as you wish, and then you have two trains to run about on
   your layout.  Track layouts can be saved for future use, and can be
   edited.  You can control the trains with joystick or with keyboard.


CLIPS - this is a very extensive selection of clipart, done with
 Professional Draw.  Because of the nature of it, it can only be viewed
 with Professional Draw, Professional Page, PageSetterII, of PageStream.
   VERY nice work.

FSDIRS - gets the fastest possible directories from your floppies - several
   times as fast as usual.  Can be put in startup sequence, and speeds up
   all directories automatically.

FOODCONVERT - converts recipes to fit the size of the crowd - and also
   converts metric-English food measurements.  Tell it how much the
   printed recipe calls for, how many people you want to serve, and it gives
   you the amount to put in.

WAVE - This program is a sound-wave manipulator.  There are no docs, but
   everything is done with the mouse anyway.  It can handle IFF and non-IFF
  forms, and lets you flip, phase, slice, echo, and more.


CLOCKDJ - Versionb 4.12.  This program does almost everything a utility
    might need to do:  provide the time, and report on available memory,
    blank the screen, blank the pointer, cycle screens, accelerate the
    mouse, enable function keys with settable macros, and many more.

COURT - a game.  You can be the judge or the prosecutor, and can try a
   case.  Follow the rules to win - and several sample cases are
   provided in this game.

JPSHAM - 3 shamview pictures

MAGMAN - Magazine Manager - a database specially designed to keep track of
   all those magazine articles you want to recall.  You fill in the data
   but it makes it easy to re-locate the article when you need it.

MEMGUARD - This is a new version of an old favorite - guards low memory. If
   a program damages it, a requester pops up offering to let you fix it
   if you wish, and telling you which program is misbehaving.

PRINTFONT - This will print a line of every font in your fonts: directory,
   so you can see what it looks like.  Nice utility if you use fonts a
   great deal and have large numbers of them about.

PROWRITER - a printer driver for the CItoh 851OA Prowriter printer.

SUNSET - a very lovely picture of a remarkable sunset. Doesnt show
	correctly on an A3OOO under WB2.O

HDIcon - two animated icons for hard disks.  You have to copy these to the
   disk and then reboot in order to see them - or try them out on floppies.

DiskLabel - AREXX script to make labels for floppies used for hard disk

IFS14 - Iterated function set.  This program creates designs from iterated
    functions - reminiscent of the mandelbrots, but very different.  There
    are many controls you can make to the size, color, and forumlas.  Big
    program, but does lots.

AnsweringMachines - digitized voices of several famous people doing
    telephone answering machine messages.


CosmicQuest - This is a space game.  The object is for you to be the only
   remaining ship in the galaxy.  It can be played by four players, but
   any number of these can be played by the computer.

Stitchery - this program can take an IFF picture and turn it into a design
   suitable for cross-stitch embroidery, needlepoint, or other such
   needlework.  It will create color charts, mark the squares for correct
   color, etc.

Whap19 - latest version of the automated software for accessing CompuServe.
   With this package, you can sign on, collect mail messages, read the
   messages in various forums, download software you have selected, etc.,
   then be signed off to do all of your reading and answering offline.
   If you use CompuServe, this is THE way to do it! (Working demo.)
Please note.........

This disk is too full to have any utilities included in a C directory. All
ReadMe files need More in Sys:Utilities and a picture view prog such as
Superview or mostra. The icons here look for Mostra as that prog works on
an A3OOO whereas Superview and Show don't. Mostra is available on

TwoJugglers - Animated story of boy and girl juggler.

PSFonts - set of Postscript fonts.  These will work ONLY with programs
	that support Postscript, such as POST1O or POST1.1

Author - with this, you can easily add a small text file, your name, etc.
   to an IFF file.  This text becomes an integral part of the IFF file,
   available from a menu.  Up to 1K of text can include name, address,
   method of making the file - whatever you like.

AniPtrs - a collection of animated pointers to dress up your workbench,
   and provide a little variety to your pointing.

Contents Scopedisk12O

Cb  - Console Buffer, saves input/output in a buffer, which you can
scroll through as you would scroll the material in a word processor.

IconJ - this replacement for IconX has five or six enhancements, such
as the ability to send output to a file, interaction with user, and

MakeIcon - This program will make an icon (info file) using image data from
either an IFF picture file or another info file.  The image data is
drawn on the screen so you can see exactly what your icon will look like.

Memmet21 - This puts a gauge on the side of the console window and shows
you how much free memory you have at all times.

MiniBlast - Tiny game fills only 1/4 of the screen, but hads graphics
and sound - your plane must navigate carefully and shoot the enemy, too.

MrCat - concatenates files, especially made for Usenet files that must be
	joined together and then un-zooed, etc.

NewIcons - Set of very nice icons for a number of frequently used programs,
	and easily adapted to others.  Especially nice jet plane.

PPMore - File reader - fast, smooth scrolling, many nice features.

SeeHear  - makes a spectrogram of sounds.

SteveIcons - Icons especially for Steve Tibbett's programs, VirusX, DiskX,
	ScreenX, and others.

ZeroClear - Watches the lowest bytes of memory and keeps them set to zero -
	needed by those who have the A59O/2O91 hard disk controllers.


POST1.1- a very full featured version of Postscript that works
in your Amiga to produce postscript output on your printer - dot matrix
laser, etc.  It can handle color postcscript, and can use the postscript
fonts found on one of last month's disks.  This one WORKS

STOCKMARKET - a program that can manage a portfolio of various stocks
do analyses on them, etc.  Lots of features.

3D - this is a library of routines for 3D displays - designed for use with
Aztec C, but also usable with Lattice. This library represents an attempt
to provide the Amiga community with a high speed, easy to use 3d display
library for C programmers. The library uses the transformation matrix

ABFD  ABFD program moves an Amiga font to a HP LaserJet PLUS compatable
printer. Fonts are transfered as is, thus the actual printer font will
be considerably smaller on the laser printer.

Badger - Badger is a 'quick' reminder program.  The user can enter important
events via prompts, along with the number of days to pre-notify.  Badger
will display any important events that fall within the pre-notify date
from the menu.

BasSub - This is an excellent collection of subroutines for use in BASIC
programming.  There are routines for accessing most of the system libraries,
for displaying and using a file requester, and other more advanced things.

Bunny - This is a graphics game, put out by JumpDisk, and there is a contest
along with the game.  You could win $1OO!!  You have until August 31.

CheckMate  - with this program, you can manage your finances, keep upwith
where your money went, etc.  A financial manager - more than a checkbook

Extract - It will extract just printable characters from any binary
file, and optionally process them according to a de-cryption script that
you specify (see section on scripts). Any part of the file may be printed,
or the final output file (optional) may be loaded into any text editor.

Keyboard  this contains a schematic and instructions for building an adapter
that lets you use a 2OOO keyboard on an Amiga 1OOO.

PopUp - update.  PopUpMenus causes all menus to pop up at the mouse pointer
when you press the right mouse button.  Very handy!

PostScript - This is a version of the PostScript printer driver rewritten as
1.3 printer device. This driver allow graphics dumps to be performed and
support some of the other special printer functions.

PowerSupply - schematic and instructions for making a more robust power
supply for an Amiga 5OO.


3DMASTER - Contained in this directory is the DEMONSTRATION version of
3-D Master, a three-dimensional object editing, modeling and ray-tracing
program for the Amiga computer. Shareware - $25 for the real program.

FONTS - this is a collection of fonts that fills most of this disk.  There
are tiny 6 and 8 point fonts suitable for screen use or printing text,
and there are huge headline fonts, display fonts, drop caps, and many
other kinds.  Even a special font for DMCS stuff!  Nice collection, and
you can see the fonts with "showfont" which I have included in the c:
directory (run dfn:c/showfont).

MForce  - this is an extensive game, similar to BattleForce.  It uses
Mechs.  You must put it on its own disk in order to play.  All explained
in the directions.

Morning - musical composition.

OzSounds  - hear many of your favorite characters from the Wizard of Oz -
digitized from the soundtrack.

SA62  -  Dynashow pictures of Saturn

CbmIbm - front-end for use of Bridgeboard software.  Help for almost all
features of the bridgeboard.

NewZap3.25 - updated version of the best of the file editors.  Use NewZap to
edit a file - for example, to change df1: to df2: in a binary file - and
other reasons.

Race - Racing game, requires joystick.  Choice of ten tracks to race on -
all of them from Sweden.

SetMouse - Set your mouse events to be read from either left OR right

SmartIcon - will iconify any window in the machine.

TinyPrint - prints text files using superscript size print.

UsMap  - Lets you use odd shaped buttons for things.  This set of odd-shaped
buttons consists of a map of the US.

XObject1.O - converts objects from VideoScape3D format to Turbo Silver
Contents Scopedisk126

CPU2 v2.O - Displays CPU type and presence of a maths co-processor.
Also displays video type and wether system clocking is internal
or from a genlock. NOTE. This mprogram does not detect a 68O3O
cpu in an A3OOO - it says the cpu is a 68O2O with 68881 maths
co-pro - which it isn't.

MakeData - Turns any file into a series of data statements for 68OOO code.

ReSource - A demonstartion version of ReSourcean interactive disassembler
for the Amiga. Three functions are disabled in the demo version.
"Save.asm","Save, patial.asm", and "Save.RS".

CTutor - A tutorial of the 'C' language by Brian Kernighan. Many source
code example in a large tutorial. NOTE. On opening the file to read
a note saying ....`may contain binary'.. ignore all is ok.

ExtractFont -  Will take any standard Amiga font and create a C source
file so that the font may be used without having to appear in the users
Fonts: directory. Compile and link into your own program. An example
with code is included.

68O9XASM - An Alpha version of the 68O9 cross assembler for the Amiga.
Included is the source test file usewd to help debug the program.

Arexx - A set of Arexx example programs. NOTE these require Arexx support
library and the program.

Enough - Tests for the availablity of enough Ram to do the job. 2 example
are provided one of which is for Matt Dillons shell.

IncRev - Will automatically increment the revision number of a program
every time it is recompiled. Creates its own object module Rev.o. which
contains a global symbol called Revision which is a longword variable.
Get access to this in C by inserting "extern long revision;"in your code.

AToolsm2 - A collection of simple to use audio routines that enable the
user to queue up several sounds and have the audio device play them
sequentially while your program continues doing what it is doing,
without	going directly to the hardware.

Contents ScopeDisk127

Textra  - very nice text reader/editor, scrolls nicely, many editing features.

GWPrint2 - update to excellent print utility.  Many controls over printer
from intuition-type interface.

Xoper - tells you all about all the tasks operating in the system.

FractalLandscape - fascinating landscape done with fractals.

Flasher - color cycling makes beautiful patterns

GShell - Replacement for the AMiga Shell, more facilities

SnakePit - game - will test your skills, for sure!

ConsoleBuffer scroll back up the screen - even text that has scrolled off!

FmsDisk2 - simulate a floppy disk on your hard disk without making a

TODAY - Today in History.  Will print interesting events for each day of the
year. Can be in startup-sequence if you wish, or play on command.

FONTS - Adventure Font is a large, clear, easily read font, 28 points

M2DU522 - Directory utility, lets you do most CLI commands from mouse
interface. Revision 5.22

Ninfo - gives information about all mounted drives and thefree space on

MedMusic - a music player and some scores for playing.  music editoed with
the MED editor on a previous ScopeDisk.

CRobots23 - game that uses your C programming skills as part of the play.
Contents Scopedisk129

ViewAll - can view all kinds of IFF pictures, even mixed, if you have the
appropriate viewer available.

View1.7 - another file viewer, views most any kind of IFF on its own.

TrekCrew - high quality picture of two StarTrek crew members

Validate - force a disk to validate whenever you want it to

VCHMusic - music scores and player from V. Chin

XSize - makes your windows act like those in XWindows

VMKiller - virus killer

WonderSound - very nice sound editor w. envelope manipulator

View8O - text reader, 8O column, several ways to scroll.
Contents Scopedisk130

Docs & Kudos - another mega selection of icons. Quite good some of them

There isn't enough room for a file reader so this file is read by

Contents, ScopeDisk131

AMO - an Amortization schedule program.  Figures monthly payment, prints

BlackJackLab - an instructor and lab for teaching Casino BlackJack

Cards23 - update to the Klondike card game

DiskInfo - displays list of mounted drives and free space on each.

Extract - extracts ascii and encoded ascii from files - locate hints, etc.

SerSerial - CliBBS - log onto your computer by modem and do useful work on

ViewDir - This program (from Jim Butterfield) will give you extra
info on your directory listings - the size of the directory in
bytes or blocks, and the kind of file for each file.

AlgoRhythms - Let the Amiga compose music, algorhythmically! AlgoRhythms
plays music in real time while it makes choices of pitches, durations
and dynamics, and can run virtually indefinitely.

RoadRoute - Let RoadRoute pick out the best route for your next trip.
It knows most of the cities and towns of the United States and Canada
and can pick either the shortest trip, or the fastest route.  You can
add any cities that it lacks. Easy to convert to a British system.

ReDate - This will redate a directory (such as one on a copied disk, where
directories always get the current date) to agree with its most recent

Abridge - This program is designed to 'clean up' animations so that they will
load into any of the Amiga graphics/animation packages - to bridge the
gap between them.  Very helpful!

TextPlus - a very nice text editor, in both English and German.

ScanIFF - The assembly code here will search to any reasonable IFF depth,
recognizing the standard "wrapper" chunks within which other chunks
may be found.
Contents  SCOPEDISK133

Mostra1.3  Update to one of the most versatile of all IFF viewers.  Will
display almost any IFF picture except for SHAM and DynaShow.

MMGlass Nice picture of a Mickey Mouse glass.

FFormat1.3 will format your disks for you faster, and with easier syntax
than the standard FORMAT command.

Helmet - outstanding picture, made by Brad Schenck, with The Art Department.

Textra - A text editor/word processor

BasPrgHelp - various help for basic programmers, includes file requester
etc intuition type routines.

LogoDemo - demo of the Logo language for the Amiga

Cryoutil - set of utilities for working with animations - read info from
them, create them from frames, combine them, split them.
Contents ScopeDisk134

ShoppingList - this program does what it says - helps you make shopping

ThatsAll - sound file of Bugs' Bunny saying That's all.

CapeDemo  - demo of the Cape Assembler from Innovatronics (v. 2.O)

Subway  - neat demo with animation, music, and everything.

StillLife  - picture file,

RixPix  - set of three especially nice pictures

SceneGen  - Demo of a Scene Generator - fractacal landscapes, etc.  Demo
only, data file included.  Interactive demo.
Contents  ScopeDisk135

McCartney  - black and white picture of McCartney

FixDMCS  - patch for DMCS that fixes the problem of gurus when there are too
many items in the directory.  This substitutes the arp file requester,
which can take as many directory items as exist.

GIFMachine   - changes pictures stored in GIF format to IFF SHAM format

IntuiTracker - music - Smoke on the Water - and a player.

SnakePit - outstanding game, over 5O levels!

FastJet  - compresses graphics data for DeskJet printer, making for faster
printouts (less data to transmit) and less memory requirements.

FlashDisk  - disk optimiser.  Will reorganize the information on your disk
so that it will load at maximum speed.
Contents  ScopeDisk136

DeepThought - digitized sound file from Deep Thought

StarBlanker  - screen blanker that displays a pretty pattern of moving stars
during inactive times.

RRamDisk - Recoverable Ram Disk - similar to RAD, VDO:, VDK:, etc.

SetCPU16 - recent update to this program that will store your operating
system in fast ram (if you have an 'O2O or 'O3O chip), and do other
marvelous things for your operating system

MoveSys  - when you want a disk other than your boot disk to be the system
disk, use this program to 'movesys' to the new disk.  Single command.

TitanCrunch - Claims to make the smallest possible archives of whole disks,
in the manner of WARP, LHWARP, etc.

ImageLab  - image editor that will save your work as IFF, or as source code
in several computer languages, including C and assembler.

MenuC  - makes C source code for your menus; you only type the menus in a
simple script following the given format.

Tesselator - as tesselation is a set of geometric figures that completely
cover a plane surface - as tiles completely cover a floor.  Escher made
possibly the most imaginative tesselations known.  This program will help
you in designing your own tesselations - fun, and one of the topics
covered in math in current jr. and sr. high school curriculum.
Contents  ScopeDisk137

MinTest - This is a CanDo deck that shows how MinTerms work, and lets you
play with them.  Also tells what a MinTerm is (it tells the Blitter
how to move or Blit a brush.)

PowerPanel - A CanDo deck that lets you set up a menu from a file requester;
then launch your software from that menu.

Cantrix - A Tetris clone written entirely with CanDo

Cootie - Children's Cootie game, written in CanDo

Icons - a set of icons of various kinds

ATCP - This is a set of programs that will let you convert the PD MacFonts
and Postscript fonts to fonts that can be used in Professional Page,
Pagestream, etc.

AmiGraph21 - excellent program for mathematical graphs.

Welltrix - a game similar to Tetris, except that the blocks can be slid
around the sides of the 'well' for placement.  Very challenging!

WB2Look - This is a set of icons for everything on the workbench - 3D
icons to make your 1.3 workbench look like the nifty 2.O one.

PrintFonts - print out a list of all fonts in your directory, with echf
font printed in the font itself.

CGPatch - this is a patch for ProPage and PagesetterII to prevent some
of the unexplained lockups that are occurring

DiskUsage - learn more than you ever wanted to know about your disks
- including how much is used, how much is free.

ProtectOMatic - Set protection bits on all your files from a requester -
the easy way!!

LhArca - this is a 'front end' for LHARC.  Lets you unarc .LZH files
from a workbench-style requester.

Ruler  - this puts a marker on the CLI measuring off a length you set -
saves counting characters!

Playmaster  - a sound player that is said to play any kind of sound you
might need.

AntiFlicker -the docs are in German and I could not read them, but it
promised to reduce the flicker on regular monitors greatly.

EnvVariables  - this will print to screen or paper a list of all the
environment variables you have set in your system.

IconTools  - two neat tools for working with icons.  One removes the
set position, making the icons float; the other will change the
tooltype for you.

DFC  - this is my favorite disk copier/formatter, with new abilities and
a few old bugs fixed.  It can format or copy to four drives at a
time, after reading into memory the disk to be copied.

BasicPreProcessor  - lets you put your BASIC routines and subroutines
in a file. Then, just 'include' them in your program by name.
This will go through your library and take out the routines needed
for your program automatically.

PopUpMenu  - Makes the menus pop up at your mouse pointer, rather
than having to move to the top of the screen for them.


Whap - this is version 1.9B of the automated software for use on CompuServe
only.  With this program you can save many dollars of connect-time cost.

Gantt - update to one of our best PD programs for business.  With this
program, you can easily make Pert or Gantt charts for keeping track of
particuler projects.  Not even duplicated in commercial software!

FrqLibrary - Version 2.O of Khalid Aldoseri's File Requester Library.  This
is one of the nicest file requesters available, and there is an included
program that will bypass calls for other FRQ's, using this one instead.

Icons - another set of icons of various kinds.
Contents Scopedisk14O

Icons - a humongous amount of icons for every taste and need

JanusDiagnosis - there are two programs here, written by Jeff Rush of SCOPE,
that help in studying, communicating with, and diagnosing the BridgeBoard.

MS-DOS:  This program works almost exactly the same way as CrossDOS, the
commercial program.  It has a device that turns your Amiga drives into
MS-DOS drives.  When you call for the drive as dfO:, it responds with
AmigaDOS; when you call for it as MFO:, it responds to MS-DOS.

HamLabDemo - graphics program that translates GIF, Atari ST Spectrum 512,
and MTV ray tracer files to Ham format.  Other formats can be easily added.

JrComm1.O - major update to this very fine Comms program.  It supports many
protocols, and is a very, very nice program.  Shareware.


SetPrompt - With this one, you can have bold, italics, and underlined print
in your CLI's or workbenches.  Change the colors, too.

JBCalc - Very nice little monthly-payment calculator, fully intuitionized.

TaxMan - this is a game for the mathematically oriented - or for students
needing practice in working with factors of numbers.  VERY challenging.

LoadImage - Extremely capable IFF-ILBM loader/viewer/printer.  You can even
select the part of an image you want printed, and off it goes to the
printer!  Will load ANY kind of image, overscan, PAL, NTSC, etc.

PlayMaster - Sound player sound files.  Can load up to 36 sounds, and play
them in order, can have sounds set up in an icon as tooltypes.

XFer - helps greatly in transferring data from the Bridgeboard to the Amiga
and vice-versa.

MultiBinder - new CanDo utility that lets you bind all IFF files needed for
a Deck into the Deck itself.

ZeroVirusIII - updated Virus Killer

DeciGel1.O2 - Bryce Nesbit's updated code to correct some programs that
refuse to run on 68O1O/2O/3O.

Muff - Front end for Lattice C, making it MUCH easier to use.
Contents, ScopeDisk143 September 199O

CLIKDOS - a very fine disk utility - many many options, easy to use.

VLT - one of the best Terminal programs, excellent for VT1OO emulation and
CONTENTS  Scopedisk144

NoisePlayer2.4  - This is a sound player that will handle several
different formats.

Thoughts - You need AREXX to run this. It displays a "Thought for the Day"
each time you boot.

MCalc - Mortgage Calculator - a really nice one.

Pics - RoseCliff (a beautiful mansion); Snake (cobra stares in your eye);
V22 - in Dynamic HR

Bill&Ted - a collection of digitized phrases by Bill & Ted.

DiskMaster  - Disk Utility - two windows, many buttons.  Makes it easy
to tend your disks.

DCopy - a disk copier that can do regular copies, nibble copies, validate
disks, and many other things.  A really nice disk utility.
Contents ScopeDisk145

AMGFIL - an electronic phone book for your Amiga.  It makes extensive use of
gadgets, and requires very little typing.

AMITRANSFER - a utility that makes it easier to transfer (AREAD and AWRITE)
between the Amiga and the bridgeboard.

BUGVIR - BUG is a simple simulation of single-celled animal growth.  There
are two types of bugs, each of which has a behavior pattern determined
by you.

CHAOS3 - Plots Chaos screens using either the Lorenz or the Pickover
attractors. 2D projection of the three dimensional figure.
Look at front. (X goes right, Y goes up, Z comes toward you)
Color gradient along Z axis.  LoRes/NonInterlace.

CHIP_RIP - modified for the 1M Agnus - will search through memory even
after a reboot and let you save graphics found there.

COLORBARS - a set of color bars that give the official colors for NTSC.
The three files in this archive are a set for those of you who need
color bars.  The full-screen pic is the colorbar set we use on our tapes,
and is the correct layout for NTSC. The only difference is that most
test signal generators add a couple of extra patches (for black &
blanking) that aren't possible to generate out of the Amiga (at least
to my knowledge), and they exclude a stepped grey scale.

CRIBMASTER - a very fine Cribbage game from Michael Sinz. Only plays Human
- v Computer with full rules. If you don't know the rules of Cribbage
you will need to find a reference for that.

EUCHRE - a really neat card game - a form of solitaire.  Excellent graphics.
This program allows you and your computer partner to play euchre against
a pair of computer opponents.  Certain factors of the computer partners'
playing styles can be adjusted, and overall they play a pretty good game.

IFFMASTER V1.O  - a graphics utility that can load all IFF images, up to
1O24 x 1O24 and lets you manipulate them, save only part as brush, more.

KICKRE - lets you reboot a 3OOO into a different Kickstart image  without
powering down the system.

LINER - A utility to help you make an outline of your thoughts - organize
materials, plan papers, etc.

LS4O - another version of the Unix LS command - a directory command with far
more options and information than the AmigaDOS DIR has.

MANDELBLITZ - an extremely fast MandelBrot program otherwise it computes
the same sort of thing as other programs with palette variations, color
cycling etc etc, but it is very fast and works well on an A3OOO
Contents  SCOPEDISK146
Format  - this is a very friendly and fast disk formatter.

Cat&Mouse  - arcade type game.  The cat chases the mouse.
Mouse must eat to live, but too much food makes it slow and
fat - etc.

Blizzard - screen blanker, but with a beautiful snowfall during the
blank time.

City - Arcade type game - you must protect your city from bombs.
Can play from keyboard but needs joystick.

Bounce - neat little screen-hack game.  Play in a small square on
the Workbench - use the cursor keys to deflect the missile
into the crystals.  Avoid the holes!

Liner - Outliner, to help you organize your thinking for writing
speeches, papers, etc.

AutoCLI  - somewhat like POPCLI - blanks the screen and
pointer, and gives you a new CLI when you hit the keys for

FastFacts - get fast facts about any part of the universe.  Nice
graphics, too.

Curses - Unix utility, ported to the Amiga.

AnimatedPointers - Several cute pointers you can use by just
clicking on their icons.


WordHai  - Neat little word game.  You get groups of letters, from
which you may select only the first or last on each line.  Make
words, using every letter - come on  - I DARE you!

TrigMaster  -  will solve all of the normal Trig type problems.

Archivers  - copies of the latest version of Arc, Zoo, and LHARC,
along with a tutorial to teach you to use them.  A must for
everyone who uses a modem to transfer files!

MenuKey - access all of the pulldown menus from the keyboard.
No need to take your hand off the keys to use the mouse!

Sand  - this is a most unusual and beautiful display program.
You'll like it.  Full name is BlitterSand.

AnsiReader - Fully ANSI compatible reader that can read graphics
online as well as text, using the ANSI standards.

LabelPrint  - really fine label making program.  I use it for the
labels on the club disks.

Pics - only one pic, really =- a charming kitty

GameTips - tips from all over to help you win almost all of the
popular games.

KeyMapEditor  - edit the keymaps easily so your keys will print
the characters you WANT them to print.
Contents Scopedisk148

ESpell - Spelling game for children.

Puzzler - a collection of small puzzles/games - some old, some

Post - PostScript printer driver.  You must have a Postscript
capable printer to use this.

NewFont - This is a font called NewBlue.

Mem-Handler - Memory handler, especially for 2.O

Raps  - Workbench game, can be played in a fairly sort time,
making it a very good 'waiting game'.

PowerPlatform - This is a directory utility and much more - very
powerful program.  You must have AREXX to run this, and must
install it on your system following the instructions in the doc file.


AtariEmulator - This new version of the PD Atari emulator is
said to be so compatible that it will even run the Atari PC
software emulator!  Haven't tried it - don't have any Atari

FontManager  - This program will put a requester on the screen in
which it lists all of the fonts in your current fonts:
directory.  You can choose any font, any size, and it will
show you a sample in your choice of bold, plain, italicized, or
underlined.  Can change directories from this requester, too.

Streets&Alleys  - neat card game.  A form of solitaire, but not
easy to beat!  Two versions of the game included here.

NewPRT  - a long list of new printer drivers for Pagestream including Oki,
Nec CP7, Tek, Gemini and a colorpostscript driver. No notes.

Recover - this is an Intuitionized file recovery system.  A colorful
requester comes on the screen, it searches the device you
check, tells you where there might be recoverable (but
deleted) files, and will restore the one on which you click.
VERY nice!

PageStream.Fonts - Three PageStream fonts, suitable for headlines or for text.
Tyme, Freehand is script font and Kibo is a Sans font similar to


CONVERT - Convert almost anything in ASCII to almost anything else in ASCII.
Up to 8O conversions at one pass, and you can save the file setting up
the conversions for future use.

MUSIC - This directory contains a music player called IntuiTracker, an
excellent player for the kind of music used in the European demos.
There are also several music files to play with IntuiTracker in the

SPADES - a card game for 1 to 4 players. All 52 cards used and tricks made.
Not unlike Whist.

X1O - This is software for the Amiga to run the X1O household controllers
you can buy from Radio Shack, DAK, etc.  Using this software and the
various components of the controllers, you can control every electrical
switch or item in your house automatically.


BusyWarn - is a very simple little program designed to warn the kiddies - or
others that the computer has valuable work going on and should not be
re-booted.  Displays a full-screen picture to warn!

Calendar - click on its icon and it will display a calendar for the current
month with the current day highlighted.

LZ - really LZO91 - this is the fastest of all the programs that can make
and unpack LHARC files.  Easy to use.

MACROM2 - second version of a program that lets you read your MAC roms onto
disk for faster use with AmaX.  Illegal if you don't have the ROMS!!!!

MUSIC - a bunch more mods to play with the IntuiTracker program on Disk 15O.
7 masterpieces of what?

NewAlert - a new program that will interpret the Guru messages for you,
translating the numbers into plain English and telling you which program
caused the crash.

PladCalc - rather specialized program.  It will calculate the total cost
of a political ad campaign on any one radio station by asking you for
the station's rates and the amount of time you want to spend.  Kinda
cute - could make a very neat project for some classrooms!


SnoopDOS - can tell you just what all those programs and commands are doing
in your computer.  IT can snoop out all kinds of calls, locks, etc.

zoom  - mouse blanker, screen blanker, mouse accelerator, etc., all in
assembler, and very tiny.

a5OO This text and picture shows how to do the modification to let the A5OO
use the 1M Agnus.

find - A very fast file finder routine, especially useful on hard disks.
Can search a whole hard disk for a file in seconds!

float - Click on this, then on any other icon, and it makes that icon
'float' - that is, it finds the next available spot for itself instead
of having a fixed position.

since - will operate on all files on a disk or in a directory if they have
been changed SINCE a certain time.

spell - Spelling 'game' or drill that uses the computer's voice to dictate
the words.  Uses each word in a sentence.  Quite nice.

pyro - update to program that blanks the screen, but puts fireworks in
a random pattern instead of a black screen.

ansi - AnsiReader, lets you read the text with ANSI codes showing underline,
bold, italics, color, etc.

Cursor - This is a pd compiler for BASIC, and seems to be quite nice.

atree - a directory utility that helps you manage your diskettes.

JoplinRags  - Three Scott Joplin hits, DMCS or SMUS formats.

ResumeMaker - You are prompted for the needed information, and then this
program prints out your resume for you.  Several choices are offered.

Contents ScopeDisk153

BALL - an Arkenoid type game - arcade game.  You bounce things off paddles
 to try to stay alive and gain points.

DEK - disk editor.  With this, you can rescue bad disks, edit things that
are hard-coded into programs but which don't fit your own needs, and
all kinds of neat things that can ONLY be done with a disk editor

ICONIZE - one of the nicest things to come along in quite a while!  This
program will take any IFF picture you have and create an icon that
looks like the IFF picture itself.  It can then be used as any other
icon to display that picture, using the display program you have

MACH - this utility does so many things it is hard to categorize.  It blanks
the mouse and the screen, has hot keys to bring up the CLI, etc., lets
you set function keys to do things that save typing, and far more.  It
has a requester that lets you set all this up easily with the mouse, too.

TEXTCALC - a text editor/word processor that does all kinds of arithmetic
for you.  Suppose you have a number in the first paragraph, a price
in the third paragraph, and a need for the product of the two numbers in
yet a third.  Click on each number and on the multiply symbol and the
product appears at the cursor.  All kinds of arithmetic - folks, this
is really special.  I don't know of another program of its kind!

What'sUpDoc - Sound File Bugs Bunny. Includes a potted history of the late
Jim Henson of Muppets fame.

SpaceWar - V1.1 by Jeff Petkau.
SpaceWar is a two player game. One player controls the Enterprise, the
other the Klingon ship.  Why the little triangle is always called the
Klingon, I do not know.  The object is to shoot the other player (no
kidding).  One point is scored when you kill the other player.  The game
ends when a player reaches fifty points.

StockChart - V2.16 by David A. Wizda.
Stock Market Technical Analysis Program. StockChart is designed for
investors who want to perform technical analysis on stocks.

World - Alpha Version by Barry Walsh & Bruce Barrett.
A Revolving Globe, That You Can Change Any of The (X, Y or Z)
Axis of Rotation. Turn the world on its head.  Oh goody!!

Calendars - By Barbara Cramer
This file contains four full page calendar templates and two half page
templates for the months of September, October, November and December
of 199O	including holidays, moon phases and some graphics. It was created
using Pagestream 2.O and will only work correctly using PAGESTREAM 2.O

FlyingClock - By Chet Solace.
Screen Hack Old Bi-Plane pulling a Banner showing the time.

Music       - Bridge (Mod.Bridge) will need to go into your directory with
IntuiTracker. IntuiTracker1.1 is on ScopeDisk15O. Dead and EKG are
powerpacked and will run from the icon, I was unable to turn them off.

Pictures    - 2 HAM offerings: Alien  who has escaped from your worst
nightmare and The Batmobile.

Qed         - V1.O By Darren M. Greenwald.

SysPrefs    - WorkBench 2.O 8-color Icons. Unknown Author.

ZKick       - V2.1O By Daniel Zenchelsky.
   KickStart2.O kickfile loader.

FMSDisk - V3.O
Install an area on your HardDisk that will act as if it	were a
FloppyDisk, with out having to add a special partition. Author unknown.

ITrackerMusic - 8 tunes in this drawer along with IntuiTracker1.1. After
clicking on the IntuiTracker1.1 icon, a small window (Menu
Bar) opens. click on choose disk and then change "ST-OO:
modules" to the path of "ITrackerMusic" drawer.

MWTapeBackup  - Parts written Phillip Lindsay for Commodore and Markus
Wandel. SCSI driver for tape-backup unit, source included.


AnsiMaster - V1.O by James Davis & Joe Rattz, Jr.
ANSI Master was designed for the purpose of creating and editing
ANSI Messages.  If you operate a BBS or use a BBS that supports ANSI
codes, ANSI Master is ideal for creating displays and possibly menus
if the program will allow ANSI menus. There are a few features
we are using that have not yet been seen in other programs.

Append - by Oliver Enseling
An easier way to join 2 or more files without a lot of clean-up.
AmigaDos JOIN does not allow to append one file to another without some
roundabout ways. You have to JOIN the two files, delete the old ones
and rename the new file. APPEND serves to shorten this procedure.

DekIII - V1.11 by Christian Warren. An update to V1.1O on Scopedisk 153
DEKSID is a disk and file HEXADECIMAL editor. It gets useful when
you want to edit things other than readable texts. It might look
complicated for you beginners, but it's simply because beginners don't
see the use of these.

DevRename  - V1.5 by Stefan Rosewig.
Rename any Device, such as DF1: in an A2OOO when you have only 1
internal floppy plus external drive(s) you may rename the DF2: as DF1:.

Dr - V1.1 by Paul Kienitz.
CLI Directory with default setting of not listing .info files. Replaces
AmigaDos Dir with a some speed advatages and more options.

DSize - by Gregg A. Reno.
This command is designed to take an AmigaDOS disk or directory and
display it and its sub-directories to the screen.  It will also display
the	disk space used by each directory, including all of the files and
directories below it.

George - 3 sound files supposed to be George Bush....really? doesn't sound
likely. Uses sound file in C directory.

HunkFix - V1.4 by Arthur Hagen.
The  Amiga  computer  performs  what  is  called "scatter-loading"
of all programs  that  is  run.   This  means that programs most often
consists of several  small  parts that can be loaded anywhere in memory.
 These smaller parts  are  referred  to  as "hunks".  The different
hunks in a program are joined together with some special information
to form a loadable file.

Icon2C - V1.2 by Olaf 'Olsen' Barthel.
It is easy to read and to write Workbench icon files, but there aren't
any  tools  to  turn icons into 'C' source code yet.  Icon2C will read
any type of icon file and create 'C' source code ready to be used.

IP_Device  - by Pete Goodeve.
A pipe device that can make a bi-directional connection without a
buffered connection. "IP:" is a handler that may be mounted in your
system like any other AmigaDOS device, to provide you with both
standard "pipe" type facilities and a number of features not
available elsewhere.

JoyLib - by Oliver Wagner.
Joystick routine for "any" language. This is a new joystick routine with
a special algorithm. There are two versions of the routines: 1) standard
".o" linkage for any language able to call "_joyO/1" and compatible to
BLINK format, 2) a shared library (thanks to BLINK) for such nifty
things like Modula and all... A .fd for building interfaces to *any*
language is provided.

LockDevice - V1.O by Olaf 'Olsen' Barthel.
If  you have ever accidentally formatted your hard disk drive, you are
probably  searching for an equivalent to the small black write protect
tab used by floppy disks.  If locked, FastFileSystem rejects all write
requests, but that still is not enough since you can still go directly
to the device driver and ask to format a track.  'LockDevice' installs
a  patch  at  the  device driver level to reject all icoming write and
format  requests  thus  reducing the chance of accidentally formatting
the hereby protected data media.

LPatch - V3.O by John Toebes.
PTCH IFF Format as implemented by LCompare and LPatch programs. The
PTCH IFF format provides a standard method of describing patches
for arbitrary binary (and of course ASCII) data.  The patch format
allows for descriptive text to be included as part of the patch as
well as checksumming information to ensure the validity of the patch.

NoClick - Stop floppy's from clicking when there is no disk in the drive.
No docs so suppose it goes in your path and is included in the
startup-sequence. Dead hamburgers don't fit drives.

TAR - V1.2
"Media File Archiver", stores multiple files in a single archive.
Tar provides a way to store many files into a single archive, which
can be kept in another file, stored on an I/O device such as tape,
floppy, cartridge, or disk, or piped to another program. It is useful
for making backup copies, or for packaging up a set of files to move
them to another system.

DMouse - V1.24 by Matthew Dillion.
Mulitple Purpose Utility: Screen Blanker; Mouse Blanker; Mouse
Accelerator; Automatically will move the Window that pointer is over
to Front; Can also move a Window to the back of the stack.

DoctorIcon - V1.O by Ray Lambert.
Doctor Icon provides all the tools neccessary for the creation and
editing of all icon types.  Doctor Icon not only combines the features
of many of the CLI-based icon utilities but also integrates them into
a single omni-tool. Doctor Icon covers all the bases, offering nearly
every possible method for the import and export of icons and their
images.  Doctor Icon allows all components of an icon to be created
and/or modified.

Icon2Code - V1.3 by Terry Gintz.
Brush to Image "C" code generator. Will work with all IFF ILBM formats
except HAM. Use as a gadget image etc.  BI will display the image in
low or high resolution, hi-res interlaced, and 672X432 overscan mode.
BI 1.3 adds support for Basic programmers.

IconEditor3 - V2.O by Peter Kiem.
Can create icons up to 64Ox2OO pixels. Handles creation and editing
of dual-rendered icons. Uses scroll bars for ease of moving around
icon bitmap. Icon preview function allows you to see what your icon
will look like without leaving the program.  Any changes made to the
icon bitmap can be seen immediately in the preview. Detaches from CLI
for background running. Able  to  edit miscellaneous aspects of the
icon  including  the aspects edited by the WorkBench menu item "INFO"

MuchMore - V2.7 by Fridtjof Siebert.
You are reading this file due to the use of MuchMore ASCII file printer
to the screen. Many options, including printing to the printer.
Just press the "HELP" key now.

MuchPPacker - V2.7 by Fridtjof Siebert.
Can display ASCII files that were crunched by PowerPacker. Otherwise
same as MuchMore 2.7

AmigaQ - by Thomas Paul Shultz.
The `original' game of Solitaire where youjump pegs over other pegs and
hope to get 1 peg left in the middle hole. Instructions when you run the

MusicBox - V1.8 by Peter L. Dunlap.
Small Music Player, Filter Switch, and 1 song - MemoryDust. Uses
"SoundFX" song files for music output. Be sure to use both Amiga
audio outputs, as the music is in stereo!

ParM - V1.1 by Sylvain Rongier.
ParM allow you to build your own menus in order to run all the programs
you can have on one ore more disks. This is very usefull for hard disk
owners which have programs deeply enclosed in subdirectories. With ParM
you can	run them without going through directories under either
WorkBench or CLI.

PPMore - V1.7 by Nico Francois.
It is used to read normal ascii text files or text files crunched with
PowerPacker.  The program itself is about 1OK long and when you know
you save about 6O% when you crunch a text file, you can see that this
could save a lot of space on your disks.

PPShow - V1.2 by Nico Francois.
It is used to show normal IFF ILBM files or ILBM files crunched with
PowerPacker.  The decrunching is done automatically so the user doesn't
have to know if a file is crunched or not.

PPType - V1.1 by Nico Francois.
PPType will print a file (or files) to the printer or a file, it will
decrunch files crunched with PowerPacker before printing them.  A header
can	be printed at the top of each page.

Retalliation - by Rob Massey.
It's not easy being a prospector these days. You work your fingers to
the	bone mining an asteroid for the purest crystals you've ever seen
and along come a bunch of slimy aliens and make off with the whole lot.
Well this time the bug-eyed little creeps aren't going to get away with
it ! Your fighter and probe ship are both armed, fueled and ready to go.
It's time to retaliate !!

Slot - by Jeff Shi
The board is 8X8, and played by dropping pieces in to the slot. The
object of the game is to either have 4 pieces connected in any
directions or to get to the 8th(the last) square of any column, and
prevent your opponent to do the same.

Sounds - 5 different voice sound files. Sounds like a benefit from the
good 'ole cowboy movies.

SpreadSheet  - V1.O by Richard Krehbiel.
Small 36 column X 6O Row spreadsheet for the very basics. Based on a
simple spreadsheet from a PDP-11.

Flip2 - by Lars Eggert, Version 2.0, Would you like to be able to
	flip between Screens that do not use Front-Back gadgets, or
	those programs that do not respond as you want them to with
	Left-Amiga and "m" and "n", This may be just what you have
	been looking for. Lots of nice features.

Itracker.Mus - by various "Rippers", more Intuitracker music files:
	Mod.Bridge2 - by "Dr. Awesome"; Mod.UpFrontTune3;
	Mod.BackPopped; Mod.Push_(maxi_re-mix); "MOD.Little China".

LabelBase - by Laura M. Young, Version 3.1, A database program
	designed for output in label format (As in Mailing Lists, etc.),
	lots of bells and whistles.

RexxArpLib252 - by W.G.J. Langeveld, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center,
	Version 2.52, Updates of library files to solve AmigaDOS 2.0
	incompatibilities for screenshare.library and rexxarplib.library.
	Also included are some Macro samples.

Amorts - 2 worksheets for SpreadSheet programs for up to 72
	amortization periods. No ReadMe file attached, your on
	your own. "FixedRateAMORT.sht did come up in Analize!.
	neither wanted to come up in MaxiPlan-Plus1.9, however
	I did not try hard though. The "FxdsRtAmort.wks" may move
	over to Lotus 1-2-3 or etc., however.

Calc - by Bill Dimm, Version 2.0,Calc is a shell style calculator
	Calc does not have a fancy keypad display as many other
	calculator programs do.  Instead, it is capable of taking
	its input from a file, the keyboard (stdin), or a command
	line and outputting its results to a file or the screen.

CGNHlp - by Ned Kelly,this program is designed to take a .DOC file
	which documents a particular program and generate a C source
	file called HELP.C which is a routine which will display what
	was in the .DOC file. Ned Kelly was the 1990 President of MCCC.

Curses - by Simon John Raybould, Version 1.10,This package is mainly
	aimed at people who wish to port screen based UN*X applications
	to the Amiga. I have written a brief documentation file but I
	assume that such people have access to full curses documentation.

FixDisk1.2 - by Werner Guenther, Version 1.2, This program is designed
	to recover files from defective disks, and offers some
	features not found in DiskDoctor or DiskSalv. FixDisk will
	not replace DiskSalv, but can augment it. This one can be
	run from either CLI or WorkBench.

KeyMapEd - by Tim Friest, Version 1.1i, As the name implies KeyMapEd
	will modify the KeyMaps stored in there proper subdirectory, in
	the devs directory. Since most keys may have up to 8 possible
	different meanings, This might be very handy. Be Sure to select
	a Map before clicking on Load, or be ready to reboot!

MortCalc25 - by Michel Laliberte, Version 2.5 , Mortgage Calculator
	may be set up USA/Canada or French with parameters from CLI. Also
	with this file is a very small text reader, teks.

Northgate.Keyboard - by Greg Cunningham. When I got my new Northgate
	OmniKey Ultra keyboard and the Amiga keycap set, I was overjoyed.
	I loved the feel of the keyboard, and was pleased with the layout,
	except for the 13 PC keys that didn't have equivalent Amiga

PCopy - by Dirk Reisig, A disk copier that produces basic copies,
	does not copy copy-protected disks, but may salvage damaged
	disk. It also gives a lot of information aboout what is

Ripper - by Robin Hood/Fantasy & Jelly-Fish/Unit One Inc., (for PAL)
	and revised by Ron May, Version 2.0, A CLI based Ripper
	program, MULTI-RIPPER now works on music formats: FUTURE
	COMPOSER V 1.0 - V 1.4; Noisetracker V 1.0 - V 2.0; SoundTracker
	all versions; SoundMon v 2.0; and Sidmod/Bugmon.

Yawn! - by Lorenz Wiest, Numbered tiles that you slide around into
	the correct order, multitasking game to help you spend time
	while your machine is off doing its thing.

5Fonts - 5 Fonts generated by Fontographer 3.1, v1.0 (Shareware)
	AppleStandard Encoding FamilyName: BlackForest; CartWright
	InkaBod & UpperWestSide AdobeStandard Encoding FamilyName: Medici

Patches - by Douglas Bullard, A collection of five Space shuttle
	missions patches, for your viewing.

Pictures - Clipper, 320 x 400 HAM, Nicely done. Lion by Rick Parks 704 x
	480, 16 color. Vista1.iff, Vista2.iff and Vista3.iff are in
	768 x 484, 16 color mode.

BSIcons - by Brad Scheneck, Just a Huge Quantity of Icons, all kinds.
	 Brad said these were all made with paint programs and PD Icon
	conversion programs.

FixDoc - by Darren Jerrard , Version 1.1 , A utility to recover
	Professional Page v1.3 documents that cause the "Can't
	Understand Format String" requester to appear.

Pictures - Five Iff Pictures, 4 in 320 x 400 HAM and one 16 color 640
	x 400.The pictures of the Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23A
	Advanced Tactical Fighter prototype were digitized with
	Digi-View (of course!).

AIBB2 - by LaMonte Koop, Version 2.0, Amiga Intuition Based	Benchmarks.
	To aid in evaluating CPU performance, NOT Math-CoProcessor performance.

C64Emulator - by Cliff Dugan, Version 1.01, "A64 Package" requires a
	license agreement before the hardware part is shipped to you, and
	you use "As-Is". The author calls this an up-grade kit for C64
	users that allows one to still use most 8-bit software thru the
	old peripherals with an Amiga.

PrintFile - by Cliff Dugan, Version 1.0, A very nice tool to print out
	any file you may wish to have printed when the Icon is
	double-clicked. Within a project-icon use "PrintFile" as the
	default tool and "Name of File to be Printed" as the Tool-Type
	less the quote-marks of course.

PrintIcon - by Ethan, Under WorkBench 2.0 drop the icon of a text
	file on the opened PrintIcon and it will be copied to prt:. I
	do not have WorkBench 2.0, therefore I could not work this
	one out.

AmiGantt4.0 - by Donald R. Tolson, Version 4.00.00, A simple,(authors
	statement), Project Management Tool. To be used as an interactive
	outline by using the GANTT chart as the input format.

CLIScreen - by Robert Kesterson, Allows the use of a one-bitplane
	screen (only 2-colors) so you can have faster screen updates
	than are possible with 4 or 8 or 16 color-screens running for
	CLI's or Shell's. Very helpful for text	reading and/or editing.

Elements - by Paul Miller, Version 2.3, The Periodic Chart with loads
	of features. Compatible with WorkBench 1.3 and 2.0. Names can be
	changed to German with an enclosed file.

FileFind2 - by Ray Lambert, Version 2.0, A utility for searching for
	files on AmigaDOS devices. MS-DOS type wildcards can be used as
	well as Amiga wildcards. Multiple arguments are also possible, it
	can be made resident, and it is Pure.

FileSysInfo - by Ray Lambert, Version 1.0 , A File System Information
	utility for the Amiga. This is a tool to: 1) Aid in learning just
	how the Amiga file system works; 2) An aid in debugging
	3) To assist Programmers understand and	interface with AmigaDOS.

GMC9.2 - by Goetz Mueller, Version 9.2, A Console-Handler to replace
	CON, NewCON, ConMAN, etc. Along with History and Command Line
	Editing you may add Function Key assignments, have On-Line help
	for GMC functions, etc.

Merge - Kevin Kelm, A programmers tool for merging data files with
	executables with an option parameter to place in CHIP ram.

NTSC-PALboot - by Nico Francois , Version 1.0a, If you have the 1-Meg
	Agnus chip it is the same for NTSC and for PAL,	therefore these
	programs are designed to allow using the "other" version of the
	system (if the monitor can handle it), The author is from Belgium
	and says he can switch his PAL system to NTSC, but is not sure of
	the reverse.

PSFill - by Andre Page, An assortment of fill patterns in PostScript
	for use in such programs as ProDraw, ProPage and PageStream. These
	will work faster than ProDraw's Blends for screen redraws, and can
	be stretched and/or resized.

RexxGenLock - by Bob Dickow , Version 1.0, An AREXX interface to the
	Digital Creations SuperGen Genlock so you may control the SuperGen
	thru an AREXX port.

SplitFile - by Thomas C. DeVeau, A complement command to Join, great
	if you have a small amount of memory and need or can work on a part
	of a file at a time.

SysInfo - Just a Small Icon of a small drawer there is nothing in it
	at all - not even a read-me. just a plain empty drawer!!

Anarchy_v1.21 - by Tim Grooms (Sysop Fallen Angel), Version 1.21,
	Cheats for 118 different Amiga games.Anarchy Amiga is intended
	to be the ultimate guide to Amiga Cheats, and at the time it
	was by far the most complete compilation of its kind yet.

Downhill - by David Alves, Version 1.0, Downhill_Challenge is a game
	of skiing on "Skylar Mountain" with lots of obstacles to keep you
	from reaching the finish line.

Simpsons - by Marc Hart, Version 1, A game featuring the "Simpsons".
	You will need a Joy-stick to play. THE DARING AND EXCITING ESCAPE

TomGames - by Thom Robertson, Version 1, Three small games, use while
	Ami is doing something in the background, or you just need a break
	from it all.

WindMill - by Doug McIntyre, Version 1, A solitaire card game on the
	computer. The instructions and help files are built-in.

WindyDay - by Harvey Warwick, Version 1, You need your Joy-Stick to
	play this game. This game was created with the Shoot `Em Up
	Construction Kit from Accolade.  It was originally intended
	for the Amiga Plus Shoot `Em Up contest, but it was not
	completed in time, so I am distributing it instead.

3dMaster - by Martin F. Staley, Version 00.01, Demo version of a
	3-dimensional object - editing, modeling & ray-tracing
	program with 2 sample pictures. This is a shareware program
	with an upgrade path for a fee.

Julia - by Mike Danielsen, Version 1, Create exploding julia-set
	animations. There are 2 versions of the program, 1 for typical
	Amigas and a second that takes advantage of a Floating-Point-
	Processor. This would be great on a '30 machine. Included are
	2 sample 320 x 200, 32 color pictures. Source included.

Nawatobi - An animation of a person skipping rope. Author is unknown.
	Press space bar to hold animation and right button to exit.

Pics - by Jason Lowdermilk, "Thing" is a 320 x 400 HAM picture
	rendered with Racer v 0.54. Two Hi-Res pictures by Heifner
	Communications. Desk-Top_1 is 736 x 480 and Dish is 640 x 400,
	both are in 16 colors.

AsmMacros - by Ross Nelson, Version .02, Macros are compatible with
	Metacomco Macro Assembler and with C.A.P.E. Macro Assembler.
	These macros can be made Resident and are Pure.

CLIAnywhere - by Ray Lambert, Version 1, Designed to be best used
	with a program like PopCLI, MachIII, DMouse etc. By the use of
	a Hot-Key a new CLI or Shell can be installed on the top-most

DClock - by Olaf Barthel, Version 1.29, Gives you the time and date
	in your selected format, using between 1% and 5% of CPU time and
	only requires about 36K to operate. It has an Alarm feature, can
	speak the time, give your keyboard clicking (if you like) etc.

MegaD - by John L. Jones, Version 1.0, Must be on an unprotected disk
	and run from the CLI (or Shell). Read both the ReadMeFirst and
	the MegaD.Doc files first. Or double click on the enclosed
	Icon on the disk you wish to run from. What is it, that you
	would bother to go to this much trouble you ask? MEGAD is a
	directory utility that allow you to have more than two
	directories on the screen at one time.

Serial - by Ned Kelly, MCCC, Version 1, This program is designed to
	monitor three status lines (DTR, CTS, CD) on a serial port.
	In the event that any status line has changed, an event is
	sent to an ARexx task which will decide what to do with
	the event.

SerialREXX - by unknown, I am not into AREXX, however this reads as
	a monitoring program that probably works with the program
	"Serial" by Ned Kelly. It is a program to monitor a security
	system for various means of access into a house, such as the
	Front door, Kitchen door, Telephone, etc.

StopClick - by Ismo Suihko, Version 1.0, This was written on an A2000
	with A2620 using FASTROM, WB1.3, and SetCPU1.6.  It is intended to
	stop the clicking of empty floppy disk drives.

TinyTools - by Albert-Jan Brouwer, Version 1.0, Seven small tools that
	can	be made Resident and can ,with pure-protection-flags set, be
	operated Pure. There are good Docs with each tool, so go for
	it if you use the Shell a great deal in your time with Amy.

Itracker.Mus - More music "MOD.xxx" files to be played with the
	included Intuitracker1.1. Included are Mod.phantasmagoria.ntii
	and	Mod.popcorn.

NoiseTracker2 - by Mahoney & Kaktus, coded by Exolon of FairLight
	Version	2, This program allows you to "Play" your Amiga. Since
	this is an European development it comes up in a PAL size screen
	and is therefore in need of conversion by one of the programs
	that adapt PAL for use on a NTSC machine.

Sounds - This is a sample of a ITALIAN *grin* thunder during a storm.
	Recorded with a Superscope Professional Stereo portable	cassette
	recorder and digitized whith Audio Master II Stereo and Future Sound!

TEM - by Robert Slater, Version 1, "The Effects Machine", This is a
	compiled BASIC program that can be used to play around with
	sound files, there are no sound files on board for you to try.
	I tried to use the "Thunder" sound from this months disks and
	the "Sneeze" sound from ScopeDisk096 but with no luck. The
	"Piano" file mentioned was not with the program.

VirusCheck - by John Veldthuis, Version 5.08, Use from your
	startup.sequence to check all disks and memory for many	Viruses.
	Can also be started from it's own Icon, A nice program.

WayneSnd - Five digitized sounds, voices and a little music all of
	short duration.Turn up the volume and click on the icons to
	hear them.

WVKill2 - by Cataclysm of Subliminal, Version .2, A detection program
	for the "Centurions Virus". This program does not eliminate
	the virus, only detects it.

BPD - by Leo Schwab, Version 1.0, Another program for WorkBench 1.3
	to allow the use of PAL programs on a NTSC system. You must
	have an ECS Agnus however. Note that with WorkBench 2.0 this
	is a built-in feature.

PageStreamTools - by Gary Knight of Soft-Logik Publishing Corp.:
	GIF.Import Version 2.0.2, An updated GIF Import Module for
	PageStream v2.0; MacPaint.Import - Version 2.0.1, An Update
	note that the MacPaint files must be in MacBinary format.

PCX2IFF	 - by David Godshall, Version 1, This utility converts MS/PC-DOS
	.PCX files to IFF so that you can use with any appropriate
	viewer or paint program. You use after you have the .PCX file
	on Amiga turf, by typing in the following in a CLI or Shell,
	"PCXtoIFF <sourepcxfile> <destifffile>."

Plot5.1 - by Terry W. Gintz, Version 5.1,includes some enhancements
	and bug fixes to the previous version of Plot.
	Includes the Editor and 15 example plots.

PostScripFiles - by: Dragon.ps - Rick Watson from Univ. of Texas
	Computation Center; Escher2.ps - John M. Pratt;
	Spirofast.ps - Christopher Tate. Postscript artwork.

RemapIcon - by Olaf 'Olson' Barthel, Version 1, designed to swap the
	pixels colors so that Icons that are moved between (WB1.2 or
	WB1.3) and WB2.0 will have the right relative colors. Requires
	that the ARP.library be available, and runs only from the CLI
	or Shell.

StarBlankerII - by Randy Spencer, Version 1, Works only with WorkBench
	2.0. Very versatile screen blanker program.

StockAnalyst - by Software Advantage Consulting Corp. / Aggressive
	Communications, A crippled version that demos the in's and
	out's of the real thing. Stock Analyst is a technical
	analysis and securities tracking program.

STV - by Timm Martin, Version 1.00, "Simple Text Viewer", will NOT
	display ANSI codes, will work from the WorkBench as the tool
	for text reading and can have various switches set, and is
	only 14,252 bytes of code.

TextDisplay1.1 - by Roger Fischlin, Version 1.1, A very small
	(5748 Bytes) Text Reader with gadgets. It should be run as a
	tool for a text file. This program is in compiled BASIC.

XNum - by Oliver Enseling, Version 1, Converts from one numbering
	system (Decimal, Hex, Binary or Octal) to another. Read the
	.Doc file to learn the proper format.

Xoper - by Werner Gunther, Version 2.2,a freeware program to display
	and to control system activity, Tasks, CPU-useage, etc.

BioRhythms - by Peter Heinrich, Version 1.31, Shareware ($1.00 to
	register). For fun, check out your Hi's and Low's!!! Or of
	anyone else if you know their BirthDate.

DMS1.02 - by SDS Software, Version 1.02, "Disk Masher" is a utility to
	Compress and Archive floppy disks. SDS has stopped support of
	Warp/UnWarp, they hold the copyrights to all of these
	programs and are how supporting DMS in lieu of Warp/UnWarp.

MindAnim - Mentifex Systems, A flow chart of "Semantic Memory"."Animated
	text " click on the icon and see how long you can stand this.

NHostBBS - by Daniel Bloch and Nils-Arne Dahlberg,Version 2.10E, A Public
	Domain BBS program from Europe.

PatternBar - by Preben Nielsen, Version 1, If you would like to change
	the	pattern of your Drag-Bars at the top of your windows, well
	here is just the program for you. Included is an Editor plus
	some ready made samples. Works very nicely.

PCalendar - by Preben Nielsen, Version 1.0, A small calendar that can
	be dragged about the WorkBench, the arrow keys will change the
	months (Up & Down) and the years (Left & Right), Very clean,
	quick and only a very small amount of code.

PClock - by Preben Nielsen, Version 1, A small clock, in 24 hour time,
	that shows Chip and Fast RAM along with the time for only 1216
	bytes of code.

PFiler - by Preben Nielsen, Version 1, A File-Requester that can be
	attached to a programmer work and adapted for his needs.

Spell4 - by David Browder, Version 1.4, A spelling game/drill written
	in High-Soft Basic. There is a voice option.

TrackDisplay - by Olsen, MXM, Version 1, Places a small window at the
	top	of the WorkBench screen that shows the track that each drive
	is at for all drives that have been accessed since you booted  up.

AmyGen - by Melvin Duke, Version 1, This genealogy program was ported
	from MS-DOS, and is compiled BASIC. Source is not included.
	It is a good entry-level genealogy program, but is not
	Amigatized, and will not suit a heavy-duty genealogist. For
	instance, it does not have a GEDCOM facility - though there
	is one for the MS-DOS version.  It will make most of the
	forms that genealogists need, and is not difficult to use.

CWP - by Mike Epting, Version 1, This is a crossword puzzle game.
	It puts a crossword puzzle on the screen with the clues for
	'across' and 'down' for the words on which your cursor
	currently lies.  Several puzzles are included, and there
	are instructions for making more puzzles of your own.

Iize - by Rick Tillery, Version .90, ICON ICONIZE IFF PREVIEW WB 2.0
	BITPLANES. Iconize those IFF pics.  This will work with
	WorkBench hacks for more than 2 bitplanes, but more
	importantly this makes the 8 or 16 color WorkBench supported
	by 2.0 THE mode to use for viewing IFFs.  This is version
	.90 and is presented for gamma testing.  Let me know what
	problems you have.

Anniversary Clock - by Dennis P. Sutton, Version 1, This is a nice
	animation of an anniversary clock which was rendered in
	Sculpt-4D.  Requires the animation player MOVIE to view. Enjoy!

FarSide - by (from collection), This is a collection of five FarSide
	comics for your entertainment. The tab key will toggle the
	colour cycle. Exit with right mouse button.

Tiger - by (unknown), Flying Tiger Symbol (AVG Cira 1940. Drawn
	in DPaint 3. Remember this one? You do? Just how old are you?

APrint - by Terry Carroll, Version 1, This is a trivial MSDOS batch
	file that allows you to print a file from an MSDOS session onto
	the Amiga PRT: printer without running the LPT1 program	on the
	Amiga side.  Like I said, trivial, but I found it useful.

ATCopy - by Peter Vorwerk, Version 2, With ATCopy, you can copy a
	number of files from the Amiga side to the Bridgeboard, which
	is not allowed with the regular Janus software (It can do this
	from Bridge to Amiga, but not the reverse.) The program requires
	a bit of installation, but instructions are included, and are
	very clear.

Complex - by Dan Warns, Version 1, This is a short Basic program to
	solve a system of simultaneous equations which have complex

MusicPack - by David Gray, This is a self contained music program that
	can be launched from the WB or CLI. It was removed from one
	of the many European style demos in my collection.

XARead - by Terry Carroll, Version 1, This is a set of batch files
	that allow you to use AmigaDOS wildcards with AREAD to copy
	multiple files from the Amiga side of the Bridgeboard to the
	MS-DOS side.  Run XAREAD on the Amiga side to specify that
	you want transferred, and run XAREAD on the IBM side to
	transfer it.

Borders - by Barbara Cramer, Version 1,  This file contains the IFF
	images of four borders, all designed to work in ProPage,
	on 1/2 of a letter-size page.  The size can easily be
	changed in DPaint.  All are black-and-white only, since
	most printing is done in black and white.

Chalice - by (unknown), Ray-trace of a simple chalice & cone on a
	textured ground. This is an example of the new 3D Professional
	& its new Ray-trace module.

Chaos - by Jimbo Barber, Version 1, File contains maps for all
	levels of Chaos Strikes Back.  A very easy to read Spell
	Chart.  Super charactors from the premire issue of
	"Enchanted Realms" a freely distributable program.  And as
	a bonus a cheat that will make your charactors invincible!
	Note: There is a large archived file "Super_Characters.LHZ"
	file enclosed for your plesure. Also on this disk please
	find LHArc in the "C" directory.