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                 WELCOM TO THE SNAG LIBRARY,


                 THESE DISKS DO AUTOBOOT.

   S.N.A.G. 1/1990

   This disk has one game, a screen hack, and several utilities
   which make running the Amiga easier and more enjoyable.

   For the benefit of you CLI users, this disk uses LS as a directory reader,
   and MuchMore as an ASCII file reader.

   For any of you that have a three-button mouse, such as My-T-Mouse, here
   is a little utility that lets you use the middle button the same as the
   shift key.  (For multi-selection of icons, etc.)

   This is the screen hack.  Run it for something different.

   DirMaster 1.1-
   This is probably the fastest and most versatile disk cataloger available.
   It has extensive documentation with it, which covers all of the multitude
   of features available in this program.

   LHarc 1.0-
   The latest version of yet another archiving program.  It makes smaller
   files than either ARC or ZOO.  Use this to un-archive those files ending
   in .lzh.  (You will need this to un-arc two of the files in VirusX 4.0.)

   This is for all of you that want a laptop Amiga.  Plans to build your own.

   MkDir 1.2-
   This is another program to create drawer icon and new directory at the
   same time.  However, this version let's you choose any of four drawer
   icons to use.  Read the docs for detailed instructions.  By the way,
   the drawers on this disk were made with this program.

   A new version of this board game.  For two to four players.  All human
   opponents.  This one is much better than the last version and its all
   but unbeatable computer opponents!

   A small file printing utility, written in assembly.  This one has some
   different features.

   S-View 3.0-
   The latest version of SuperView with improvements.

   Another IFF picture viewer.  This is usable ONLY from the CLI.  It is
   supposed to show all the various types of IFF picture files, including

   An updated version of UnZip, which is an un-archiving program to dissolve
   files ending in .zip.

   The latest official version of Steve Tibbetts great virus protection

   S.N.A.G. 2/1990

   This disk has one game, a screen hack, and several utilities
   which make running the Amiga easier and more enjoyable.

   For the benefit of you CLI users, this disk uses LS as a directory reader,
   and PPmore as an ASCII file reader, as PPmore will display both crunched
   and non-crunched ASCII text files.

   This, of course, is NOT a true C64 Emulator, but you can have some fun
   with it anyway.  It WILL make your screen LOOK like a 64 screen, and you
   can enter C 64 commands, (if you remember them).

   Version 1.2 of an outstanding disk utility.  Last month, you got LHarc,
   which compacted individual files, or groups of files.  This month, we
   present a utility which will compact the whole disk.  Of all the disk
   crunchers available, this one makes the smallest file.  Unfortunately,
   there is a price to pay for power--TIME.  It is slow, but you CAN
   let it work while you're out, or sleeping, or not using the Amiga for
   something else.  When I started putting this disk together, the latest
   version was 1.03, then 1.11 came out, now 1.2 is on the disk.  It also
   gives options for different level of compression.  See the docs!

   This is version 1.3 of a multi-purpose utility best explained in the docs.
   One of its best features, however, is a screen blanker.  Version 1.1 put
   a constantly changing pattern of lines on a black screen after a user-
   selected period of time.  1.2 had five patterns and some bugs.  1.3 has
   about ten different patterns of lines which change every minute.  Nice to
   just look at, besides the benefit of saving your picture tube.  It also
   does some of the things done by POPcli.

   Two absolutely outstanding by our own Rick Park!!  The Lion picture looks
   better than any digitized picture I've seen.  You MUST have the Half-
   Brite chip to see Rick's pix as they should be seen.

   No, this is not the game 'Yahtzee'!  Rather, the name is an acronym for
   "Yet Another Tetris Clone".  Docs are included.  Hope you enjoy.

   This is a little utility to help you un-archive modem-packed files.  If
   you have ARC, ZOO, and LHARC in your 'C' directory, this program will
   automatically un-archive any one of the three types of files.  (Files that
   end in ".zoo", ".arc", or ".lzh".

   Version 3.2 on NewZap, which is an excellent hex file reader/editor.  Now
   you can makes changes to files which you otherwise couldn't get into.

   A sound and graphics program just for enjoying.  It plays internally
   generated sound (that could be called music) along with a screen full of
   changing graphics something like a kalaidascope.

   Another disk copying program.  Docs included.  Enough said!

   Version 2.0 of an outstanding virus detection.  It recognizes all
   non-standard boot-blocks, and has the capability of learning new non-
   dangerous ones (on European demos, for example), or boot-sectors you make
   yourself with one of the available boot makers.  It will also scan files
   for viruses.  Quite a versatile program.

   A very small utility to help you find your menus.  It will bring up the
   pull down menus whereever your pointer is.  The docs are not worth much,
   so just play with this.  It might even be useful.  Double-click on the
   icon to start the program, double-click on the same icon to remove it!

   Two programs:  One is a text file reader with the file bar at the bottom
   allowing you a FULLVIEW of all 80 columns.  It also reads text files that
   have been compressed with the FV Compress program (the 2nd prgm).

   S.N.A.G. 3/1990

   This music track is also on one of the Amigos disks,

   This breaks up an iff picture into several pieces as a puzzle and you have
   to put it together!

   A quiz on U.S. capitals,This can be viewed as a mini geography lesson.

   This demo must be run from your own workbench,

   LHarc 1.1--
   File compression utility,

   A disk compression utility this time,This is both quick and reliable,

   Just a calander utility something like "any month"

   S.N.A.G. 4/1990

   This is a revised version of the disk compression utility,

   A screen hack & I will divulge no secrets,

   Blocks 2--
   Quite an interesting little demo, I cant really say much more than that

   This produces a cycling kaleidascope of colours as a backdrop to ypour

   Basicaly a demo of the graphics ability of the Amiga!!

   Zero virus 2--
   A complete virus detection, removal and protection system,

   The electronic version of this popular school yard game,

   A puzzle game,

   ClockDJ V4.1--
   Clock,mouse,screen and window program,

   Provides a picture behind your workbench, This does not slow down the CPU
   as does dropshadow or dropcloth.

   S.N.A.G. 5/1990

   CBM Newsreleases--
   This is a bit dated to say the least, But includes press releases of that
   time from CBM concerning the release of the A3000,

   Level 4--
   Quite a neat demo, with nice music,

   Marks icons--
   These really are particularly brilliant, These are all animated!

   A very nice little game where 4 sprites represent viruses and you have to
   stop them,Good fun,

   LHWarp V1.4--
   Updated version!

   This uytility is designed to specificaly show picture files that have been
   crunched with powerpacker,

   S.N.A.G. 6/1990

   China challenge--
   A game similar to Shanghai or marjong, quite good,

   Two here,Pegasus which is particularly good, and the other one is Floral
   wonder which aint!!

   Juggette animation--
   Mr Schwartz strikes yet again,

   Marks icons--
   More superb icons, Includes some wonderful Garfield jobs,

   This is another nice little hack,

   A program that does both and is smaller than either original programs,
   This is very simple to use,

   This program will search for a file ( even on a hard disk ) and tell you
   the path you need to type to access that file,

   S.N.A.G. 7/1990

   The text file draw on this disk is stuffed full of American patriotism!

   Quite an interesting game,

   Again two on this disk, which are Panther and Boat,

   This is a demo by Scoopex, Its quite important that you read the docs first

   The complete icon editor (Interesting, but the one on a later disk is
   possibly better, try it and let me know what you think!)

   This is labeled by the author as a "screen sort of blanker"

   Also known as mouse mover, This puts the pointer out of sight during

   LHunarc 96--
   This is a lightning fast file extractor for Lharc, or thats what the
   author claims,

   Muchmore V2.5--
   Most people know this one,Its a subtle,smooth scrolling text reader fore
   none crunched files,

   S.N.A.G. 8/1990

   Utilimaster V0.69--
   A very interesting utility, A totaly different aproach than sid, Includes
   real time monitoring of chip and fast memory, Really quite good,

   JR Comm--
   Comms utility,

   JR Edit--
   Accompanying edit utility for the above,

   Supposedly the fastest archiver for the Amiga,

   For creating your own menus,

   S.N.A.G. 10/1990

   This month's disk contains the entire family of the Simpsons,
        as Icons.

    We have also included the Lottery Works for those of you that
        plan to become Millionaires.  Please remember that you got your
        start with S.N.A.G.

    The pictures this month are exceptionally good.  The one called
    Stage Coach was done by Mark Richey of  S.N.A.G.  It works well
        with SimGen.

    The Demo Section has two demos, which are very nicely done, but
        you will need to reboot the machine to get out of them.

    The music In Two Deep can be stopped by clicking on the bar at
    the top of the screen after you start it.

    We have used Startup for the multiple start up sequences.

    The pointer is from the S.N.A.G pointer disk.

    S.N.A.G. 14/1990

    Four high quality sound samples,

    Doctor Icon--
    Extremeley good icon manipulation program, Dead easy to use,

    This directory utility has been labeled as the best directory utility yet,
    ( by the author, anyway )