Last update: 29 November 2000

The collection of decrunchers written by myself. Most of my own decrunchers are for the XFD library, also some standalone programs. Also on this page: Decruncher libraries by other authors.
Archive clients for the XAD de-archiving system.
FileSystem clients for the XAD de-archiving system.
A freeware game for the Amiga

I have created more Amiga programs, but they are either unfinished or unreleased.

I have also programmed on the PC in Assembly, Basic and C. These programs are mostly system-information programs that show for example information on the installed CPU or soundcard. These programs are quite low-level and run only in MS-DOS mode.
I've also written an Autorun (Startup) program for CD-ROMs made by Tulip Computers and NewLevel, which runs on Windows machines.

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