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NZ1 NZ Disk #1
The first Amiga New Zealand User Group disk containing ray traced
pictures, newsletters, documents and utilities including ViewILBM,
DirUtil, FilePrint, Ty (Workbench Util) and ScreenDump.

NZ2 NZ Disk #2
Includes text and picture files via workbench, `Now you see it'
(workbench hack), `MusicBox', `Shaggy Dog Story' plus all the usual
utilities as in NZ Disk 1.

NZ3 NZ Disk #3
Contains a digitizes picture, `Juggler' Amiga, text files and
documents for you to read utilities and a colorful blocks program.

NZ4 NZ Disk #4
This disk contains a workbench hack, several pictures to look at,
documents and lists plus the usual utilities.

NZ5 NZ Disk #5
Contains `Tasmania Bay' - Mandlebrot, documentation plus `Bally
Dragon' and `Bally Spider' ray traced pictures.

NZ6 NZ Disk #6
Includes `galactic Fire' - a colour-cycled mandlebrot, the game of
Othello, `Set Fire Anim', usual documentary.

NZ7 NZ Disk #7
Contains news, articles and game reviews, two pictures plus utilities.

NZ8 NZ Disk #8
Includes a 3D picture (3D glasses needed), documents and utilities,
music, landscape pictures, `PI' program, workbench `Lander' (Hack).

NZ10 NZ Disk #10
Contains newsletters, documents and utilities, graphics (four
pictures), Syntheshape (mathematical drawing program),  Block?
(pattern anim).

NZ11 NZ Disk #11
Includes Polyscope (colour cycle patterns), pics, utils, documents,
Amiga 1000 emulator, MConvert and BootBack.

NZ12 NZ Disk #12
Contains `Chain Reaction', a one or two player game, Amoeba Space
Invaders game, Time Set.

NZ13 NZ Disk #13
Includes fractals picture, quickdraw (a workbench hack), guesser
(guess the word game with clues).

NZ14 NZ Disk #14
Contains Mandlebrot picture, Iconmaking facilities, `Henry' 3D
animation, DFC disk-copier plus all the usual stuff.

NZ15 NZ Disk #15
Includes pictures, newsletters, Tiles (game), DiskSalv 1.3.

NZ16 NZ Disk #16
Contains yet another Deluxe Paint inclding - colour cycles, digi-tips
- exposure and spectral sensitivity diagrams, from Photon Paint.

NZ17 NZ Disk #17
Includes A2Comm, Handshake, Keep (Utility), Protocols, conversations
plus other banter.

NZ18 NZ Disk #18
Contains `Weather' animation, super-breakout, resource demo, documents
are included.

NZ19 NZ Disk #19
This disk contains the game `Tetrix' (Tetris clone), pictures,
StarWreck, virus checker, The Beadle, Fast disk.

NZ20 NZ Disk #20
Contains - Cosmoroids, VirusX, IconLab 1.1, Icon+Ed, Label 2 plus
other utilities.

NZ21 NZ Disk #21
Contains - Gunship picture, fractal generator, ping!  Workbench hack,
VScreen, workbench program.  Plus other utilities.

NZ22 NZ Disk #22
Features - Sandbox (digitised picture0, Bally (arcade conversion of
Qix). Also includes things like Technoted and Programming.

NZ23 NZ Disk #23
Includes pictures, wanderer (similar to Boulderdash), Joyswitch,
Virus Checker, Caterpilla plus utilities.

NZ24A NZ Disk #24a
Contains Showpics, GIF to IFF converter, SHAM, VirusX, WBRes.

NZ24B NZ Disk #24b
This disk requires the above disk.  Pictures fill this disk and are
used in conjunction with the SHAM program.  ILBM files are contained
on this disk, ChromeApples, Frog, Leo, Zodiac, Toy Bird.

NZ25 NZ Disk #25
Includes loads of picuters plus utilites.

NZ26 NZ Disk #26
This disk contains Candleabra (3D mandlebrot image), games, plasma
(extra halfbrite plama cloud generator) a form of fractals.  Fractal
clouds, fractal contruction set, pandora plus news and utilities.

NZ27 NZ Disk #27
Includes Games, Animations, pictures and loads of utilities.

NZ29A NZ Disk #29a
Contains a really nice ray-traced 3D-image called `Woodland'.
Disk also contains games and other utilities.

NZ29B NZ Disk #29b
Includes XSpecs (3D glasses needed) plus other 3D images.  HamSharp -
optimises palettes for minimum colour error plus two examples of
Dynamic HiRes - digitised pictures using Digiview V4.0 in one of its
dynamic colour modes.