Updated: 20-May-2001
 · Requirements · 
An Amiga with OS 2.04 or higher.
For some features OS 2.1, OS 3.0 or higher is required.

SameGame can use its own screen, or open a window on any public screen.

For the sound to work, at least one audio channel of the audio.device must be available.

The only files used are the executable, the hiscores file and, when locale is used, files from the Catalogs drawer.
No libraries, fonts or graphics files have to be loaded from disk!
To be able to save the hiscore file, the program should be started from a write-enabled disk.

 · Features · 
  • Very small program (about 8k), written in assembly
  • Works on every Amiga with OS 2.04 or higher
  • System-friendly, does not freeze multitasking
  • GadTools user-interface
  • Font sensitive: the Screen font is used
  • Screenmode sensitive, supports graphics cards on OS 3.0
  • The window can open on the Workbench with OS 3.0, see Tooltypes
  • Optimized graphics for square-pixel graphics modes
  • Standard colours for menus are used on OS 3.0
  • Support for locale is included
  • Little sounds are played at certain actions
  • The hiscores are saved, to reset the hiscores just select Clear hiscores from the menu
  • The board number is shown in the hiscore window
  • It is possible to select a board number by hand or randomly
  • It is also possible to play the boards in sequence
  • There are 65536 different boards to play (numbered from 0 to 65535)
  • Can be started from CLI or Workbench
 · Tooltypes · 
Display options:
Note that these only work on OS 3.0 or higher.
When no display tool type is specified, auto mode is used: if a window on the default public screen is not possible, then a custom screen is opened.
SCREEN: SameGame opens its own screen.
PUBSCREEN: SameGame opens its window on a public screen which name is entered after the PUBSCREEN tool type. If no name is specified, the default public screen will be used.
Other options:
NOSOUND: To switch off the sounds.
SELECTBOARD: To select the new board number manually.
NEXTBOARD: To play the boards in sequence.
 · Rules · 
The rules of the game:

Pieces can be removed when there is a block of at least two pieces of the same colour. These pieces will be marked when you move the mousepointer over them. After a block is removed, the pieces above it drop down to fill the empty space. When a column is empty, all columns right of it are shifted to the left.
The points of a marked block of pieces are calculated by squaring the number of pieces minus two. So try to remove as many pieces at a time as possible to get a higher score.
When there are no pieces left at the end of the game, you'll get a 1000 points bonus.

 · Credits · 
Coding: Ronald van Dijk
Graphics and design: Jurgen van Dijk
Sounds: Jurgen van Dijk
Icon: Luca "Hexaä" Longone
Game idea: KSame for KDE (Linux) which is based on SameGame on the Macintosh
czech: Boleslav "AGASlayer" Kristen
deutsch: Nils Görs
français: Francis Labrie
italiano: Luca "Hexaä" Longone
nederlands: Ronald van Dijk

Thanks to Luca, Javier, Francis and Nils for some ideas.
Thanks to Camiel and Luca for beta-testing.

 · Copyrights · 

SameGame Copyright © 2000, 2001 Ronald van Dijk - Freeware

SameGame is freeware, but I do not allow the use of SameGame in a commercial product without my permission. This permission will be granted if the endproduct is made available to me for free or only the shipping costs (like the Aminet CDs) and I am credited properly.

To ask for permission please email Ronald van Dijk.

 · History · 
Release 2.7 (31.88)
Added features:
  • Little sounds are played when new balls are selected and when a block is removed
Release 2.6 (31.81)
  • The balls are reselected after a system-requester is displayed
  • Added a catalog for czech
Version 2.5 (31.78)
  • Exchanged the columns for board and score in the hiscore window
  • The 'game over' text is now displayed in the Screen Text font
Version 2.4 (31.72)
Added features:
  • The Hiscores window now highlights the hiscore you've just made
  • The Hiscores window shows the board number
  • A new hiscore file format is used
  • Old hiscore files are automatically converted
  • Added catalogs for deutsch and italiano
Version 2.3 (31.53)
Added features:
  • Locale support added
  • Included catalogs for français and nederlands
Version 2.2 (31.33)
Added features:
  • The boards can now be played in sequence
Version 2.1 (31.14)
Added features:
  • Tooltypes and menu items now comply to the Amiga Style Guide
  • Includes NewIcons icons
Bugs fixed:
  • The graphics were distorted when the screen had 256 or more colours
Version 2.0 (31.02)
Added features:
  • Startable from Workbench
  • Runs in a window on the Workbench
  • Includes icons
  • The Screen font is used
  • Clear hiscores
  • Restart game
Version 1.0 (30.32)
First released version
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