Updated: 19-Aug-2010
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The English Wikipedia has an interesting article about the history and gameplay of SameGame.
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The website of the Gloucestershire Amiga Group used to run a highscore competition for some Amiga games including SameGame, but it's offline now.
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Here are some links we have found to versions of SameGame on other platforms:
Windows 3.1:
SameGame by Ikuo Hirohata
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT:
SameGame by Olof Tjerngren
Download SameGame 1.07 from the U-M Software Archives
BeSame by Michael Wulff Nielsen
Apple Newton, 3com Palm Pilot, and Windows CE:
SameGame by DejaVu Software
Pocket PC:
SameGame for Pocket PC targets ARM/MIPS/SH3
iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad:
SameGame for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by Steven Troughton-Smith & Tim Davies
iPhone and iPod touch:
reMovem for iPhone by Mundue LLC
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