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Index of Commodore technical documentation

This page contains an index for Commodore Technical Manuals, Commodore Service Manuals and Commodore Diagnostic Manuals.
A separate index is available for Commodore Techtopics.

Commodore Technical Manuals

Technical Manuals published by Commodore in the late 1970s and early 1980s

Part numberTitleOnline source
990436Commodore Super-Pet - Technical Manual - Model SP9000Internet Archive
990437Commodore Business Computer - Technical Manual - Model 8032none
990438Commodore 4000 Series - Technical Manual - Model 4016/4032none
990440The Friendly Computer - Technical Manual - Model VIC-20Internet Archive
990441Hard Disk Drive - Technical Manual - Model 9060/9090none
990445Single Disk Drive - Technical Manual - Model 1540/1541Internet Archive
990447Commodore 64K Add-On Memory - Technical ManualInternet Archive
990448Commodore Dot Matrix Printer - Technical Manual - Model 4022 Manualnone
990449Commodore Letter Quality Printer - Technical Manual - Model 8300Pnone
990450Commodore Graphic Printer - Technical Manual - Model 1515/1525Internet Archive
990451Commodore Letter Quality Printer - Technical Manual - Model 6400 Manualnone
990455Commodore Color Monitor - Technical Manual - Model 1701/1702none
990456Commodore Color Plotter - Technical Manual - Model 1520Internet Archive
990456Commodore Dot Matrix Printer - Technical Manual - Model 8023Pnone

Commodore Service Manuals

Service Manuals, System Schematics, Tech Data and Service Addendums published by Commodore between 1984 and Commodore's bankruptcy in 1994

Part numberDateTitleOnline source
314001-02Feb. 1985Service manual model C64 computernone
314001-02March 1985Service manual model C64 computernone
314001-02September 1985Service manual model C64 computernone
314001-03November, 1987Service manual C64/C64Cnone
314001-03March, 1992Service manual C64/C64Cnone
314001-03Oct. 1984Service manual model C16 computernone
314001-04Oct. 1984Service manual model Plus 4 computernone
314001-05December, 1985SX 64 Portable Computer Schematicsnone
314001-07August 1985Service manual model C-128 computer Preliminarynone
314001-08November, 1987Service manual C-128/C128Dnone
314002-01April, 1985Service manual Model 1540/1541 disk drive Preliminarynone
314002-01November, 1985Service manual Model 1540/1541 disk drivenone
314002-02Oct. 1984Service manual Datasette model C2N/1530/1531none
314002-02Sept. 1985Service manual Datasette model C2N/1530/1531none
314002-04October 1986Service manual 1571 Disk drive Preliminarynone
314003-03April 1985Service manual 1526 · MPS 802 · 4023 Printersnone
314003-03Sept. 1985Service manual 1526 · MPS 802 · 4023 Printersnone
314003-04Jan. 1985Service manual Model MPS 801 Printer Preliminarynone
314003-04May, 1985Service manual Model MPS 801 Printer Preliminarynone
314003-05June 1987Service manual MPS-803none
314004-01Oct. 1984Service manual model 1701/1702 Monitor Preliminarynone
314004-01April, 1985Service manual model 1701/1702 Monitor Preliminarynone
314004-02July 1984Service manual CM-141none
314004-03August 1985Service manual model 1902 Monitornone
314004-04January, 1987Service manual model 1902A Monitornone
314010-06Jan. 1985Service manual B model computernone
314011-01Dec. 1985Service manual 2031 Disk drive high and low profile modelsnone
314011-03June 1985Service manual 8050 · 8250 Dual disk drivesnone
314033-01November, 1989System schematics A2630none
314034-01October, 1989Service manual PC 50-IInone
314036-01June, 1990Service manual 1950 Multiscan Color Monitornone
314038-011985Amiga computer model 1000 Assembly level repairnone
314038-021986Amiga computer model 1000 Preliminary Component level repairnone
314039-011986Amiga external drive model 1010 Assembly level repairnone
314041-011985Service manual model 1080 Monitornone
314041-021986Service manual model 1080 A Monitornone
314042-01August, 1990System schematics A2060/A2065/A2232none
314118-01May, 1990Service manual PC 30-IIInone
314118-02October, 1989Service manual Colt 286none
314134-01March, 1989Service manual PC 40-IIInone
314135-011987System schematics A2000 (includes A2052, A2088 and A2090)none
314135-01August, 1990System schematics A2000 (includes A2052, A2088 and A2090)none
314135-02August, 1989System schematics A2000 revision 6none
314135-02November, 1991System schematics A2000 revision 6none
314136-01February, 1988Tech data 1802/1802C Monitornone
314255-01August, 1990Service manual 1930 VGA Color Monitornone
314260-01November, 1990Service manual 1270 ink jetnone
314674-01December, 1989System schematics A2091none
314676-01January, 1990Service manual PC 60-IIInone
314677-01March, 1990System schematics A3000none
314677-02April, 1990System schematics A3000none
314688-01September, 1990Service manual 1084S-P1 PAL versionnone
314856-01November, 1987Service manual C64/C64C addendum
Included with Techtopic issue 18, nov 87
314859-01March, 1988Service manual PC 10-1/10-2/10-III addendum
Included with Techtopic issue 20, March 88
314862-01February, 1989Service manual 1541/1541-II disk drivenone
314871-01August, 1988A2300 Genlock Technical specifications (NTSC)none
314871-02August, 1988A2300 Genlock Technical specifications (NTSC including PAL)none
314880-01October, 1988Tech data A2090A Hard disk controllernone
314880-01August, 1990Tech data A2090A Hard disk controllernone
314881-01October, 1988Tech data A2058 RAM expansionnone
314882-01July, 1989Service manual 1403 Monitornone
314890-01July, 1988Service manual 1084P Monitor includes 1084P-S schematicnone
314890-01July, 1988Service manual 1084S-Pnone
314899-01August, 1989Service manual A590none
314970-01April, 1987Service manual PC 1901 Monochrome monitornone
314981-01June, 1987Service manual A500none
314981-02August, 1989System schematics A500 revisions 5, 6A, 7 Includes A501 rev 6Cnone
314981-04October, 1990Service manual A500none
314982-01June, 1987Service manual 1581 3.5 Disk drivenone
314983-01June, 1987Service manual Genlock (Amiga 1300)none
314986-011985Service manual model 2002 Monitornone
314996-01May, 1988Service manual model 1084S-D Monitor (NTSC)none
314996-01May, 1989Service manual model 1084S-D Monitor (NTSC)none
314998-01July, 1989Service manual MPS 1230none
319907-01November 1986Service manual MPS-1000none
319914March, 1987Service manual PC 10-1/10-2 Preliminarynone
371223-01July 1993Service addendum Amiga CD32none
380487-001986Technical Handbook PC 10 PC 20none
400400-01October, 1990Service manual C286-LTnone
400400-02January, 1992Service manual C386-LTnone
400400-03February, 1992Service manual C386SX-LT-Anone
400401-01November, 1990C64GS Tech Datanone
400402-01February, 1991Service manual A2024 Monitornone
400403-01May, 1991Service manual CDTVnone
400405-01April, 1991Service manual Slimline series 286-16/386SX-16/20 computersnone
400406-01December, 1991Service manual Desktop series model 386-25/386-25C/486-25Cnone
400406-02April, 1992Service manual Desktop series model 386DX-33/486SX-20/486DX-33Cnone
400407-01July, 1991Service manual A3000Tnone
400408-01May, 1991Service manual 1405none
400410-01November, 1991System schematics Amiga graphic devices 2320 and 2410none
400412-01August, 1991Service manual 1407none
400413-01September, 1991Service manual 1084S-D1 NTSC versionnone
400413-02September, 1991Service manual 1084S-D1 PAL versionnone
400419-01January, 1992Service manual 1960 Super VGA Color Monitornone
400420-01October, 1991Service manual A500 Plus Includes A501 Plus RAM expandernone
400421-01January, 1993Service manual Slimline seriesnone
400422-02April, 1992System schematics A600none
400424-01December 1992Service addendum A4000none
400429-01December, 1992Service manual 1936 Super VGA Color Monitornone
400432-01January, 1993Service addendum A1200none
601210-19April, 1987Service manual MPS1200 Printernone
602154-66October 1988Service manual model 1802 monitornone
602155-85September, 1986Service manual model 1802 Monitor (NTSC)none
602249-99June, 1989Service manual 1402none
602259-99June, 1989Service manual 1404none

Commodore Diagnostic Manuals

Diagnostic Manuals published by Commodore since 1984

Part numberDateTitleOnline source
314051-011985Commodore diskette diagnostic manual version 2.0Internet Archive
314052-011985Commodore disk diagnostic manual version 3.0 4040 format version 3.5 8050 formatnone
314055-011985Diagnostic manual 1571 Version 1.0 Preliminarynone
314139-02January 1988Diagnostic manual C-64 Dead TestInternet Archive
314854-04January 1988Diagnostic manual 1581 version 1.5Internet Archive
314855-03January 1988Diagnostic manual 1571/C128D Version 1.2none
314855-03October 1988Diagnostic manual 1571/C128D Version 1.2/1.3Internet Archive
314863-04December 1988Diagnostic manual PC10/Colt disk drivenone
314967-03October, 1989Amiga align operation and test proceduresInternet Archive
314984-04May 1988Diagnostic manual PC10Internet Archive

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